July 14, 2024

New To Me Week 2018 Debut Edition

Three months ago I decided to do a week event where I posted videos from actresses I had never seen before. At the end of the week, there was a post like this where people got to see what I thought of everyone. I’ve decided to do it again, except this time with actresses that debuted in 2018. I try and watch some amount of newcomers every year because with actresses retiring, you need to find new actresses to replace old favourites. Last year, Marina Yuzuki was the standout newcomer, and she is actually a favourite of mine now.

Due to release timings, there’s some actresses who unfortunately get missed. Some actresses debut really late into the year, meaning they get skipped on best newcomer of the year, but also don’t get to be part of next year’s newcomers. I thought I’d mention them, and they are Nanami Matsumoto and Iori Yuki. I’ve been enjoying the pair and they’d certainly be on here if they had debuted this year. While I don’t enjoy either of them as much as my 2018 newcomer choice (Marina Yuzuki), still worth shouting them out here. Now let’s get into the actresses from this week.


Monami Takarada

It’s Practically Torture … I Have To Sleep Between Busty Defenseless Sisters That I Absolutely Cannot Touch

Monami is someone people have been recommending to me, and it’s no surprise why they were. She’s clearly busty and attractive, but also she has a surprising amount of good content. I had plenty of options to pick from with her, which is usually something you don’t get. It was definitely a no-brainer to watch her when it came time to pick actresses. I decided to pick her duo video with Mio Kimijima because I’ve been enjoying Mio lately and it just looked so good.

Monami didn’t quite live up to my hopes unfortunately. I had really high expectations from her knowing that there were all these awesome videos. Sure, she was plenty attractive, which is always a good thing, but that only goes so far. Her performing just paled in comparison to Mio’s, which I guess I kind of expected. I had hoped Mio would make her perform a bit better, but I wouldn’t really say that happened. Even though she didn’t live up to expectations, they were so high that it was basically never going to happen.

The video itself was fantastic. I think largely the theme was quite good and came across well. The idea of sleeping beside women you can’t fuck, even when they’re nude, is all sorts of hot. And then watching him fuck one of his sisters while the other is sleeping right beside them is even hotter. Especially having Monami realize and masturbating was the icing on the cake. By the time the two of them fucked him together (which was pretty obviously coming up), the video had already won me over.

Rating – S

Monami is easily someone I’ll be watching again. She has a handful of videos out that I’m interested in seeing, which is a really good sign this early on. A lot of newcomers ease themselves into the scene, but Monami jumped right off the deep end and I’m super excited about it.


Yua Housaki (Yua Aisaki)

This J-Cup Ultra Colossal Titties Hostess Bar Girl Got Seduced And Quietly Fucked With Slow Piston Pumping Action So That Nobody In The Club Would Know As We Filmed Her Enjoying These Raw Fucking Creampies!

Yua’s someone I watched pretty much entirely because of that cover. Pretty with huge tits, how could I say no? As it turns out, she’s a little less attractive in other covers, but by then I had already seen this video. She also goes by Yua Aisaki, which I think they used Housaki just to try and create an amateur theme here.

Yua definitely didn’t live up to my hype from the cover. She wasn’t as attractive in basically every way. That’s not to say she isn’t attractive, but that I had higher expectations. Her performing was pretty poor as well, and she got by largely on her attractiveness than anything. She seems exactly like the typical E-Body scouted girl, where they just find someone attractive who has no heart to do porn, despite her debuting at Fitch. I don’t see her just fizzling out, but she definitely doesn’t strike me as anything special.

The video itself was also not very good. It had a large focus on this amateur aspect that I don’t think worked out very well. A lot of the scenes were mediocre, particularly because of camera angles and her performance falling flat. I really honestly didn’t have expectations of anything, and her being attractive on the cover was the selling point.

Rating – D

I probably won’t watch Yua again unless something really good comes around. There’s certainly things she’s released that look okay, but considering the mediocrity of this video, I’d want to find something that looks amazing before I watch her again.


Mikuru Shiiba

Get Some Impregnation Sex With This Sure Thing Amateur Colossal Tits Underground Gravure Idol

Mikuru is the actress on this list I had been meaning to watch for the longest time. Mikuru debuted way back in February and I had just been preoccupied and never got around to watching her.

Mikuru is pretty close to what I expected from her – busty, thicc, attractive. I’d say she reminds me a lot of Mion Hazuki, especially from that cover. I quite enjoyed her in the purple lingerie she had on. I had hoped she’d be a better performer than she turned out to be, though I’m not convinced it was her performing ability so much as the video just wasn’t well-suited for her to perform.

The video itself was rather mediocre. The cover made it seem like she’d take a more proactive role, which she didn’t. She really did take a back seat and let the guys do all the work. She had one group scene which her performance didn’t matter much in, but unfortunately it did drag down the rest of the video. I think that one group scene was the saving grace, because the variety in content coupled with a scene where her performance was irrelevant made a decent chunk enjoyable.

Rating – C

Ultimately Mikuru was a let down for me. I came in with way higher expectations, and I think I over-hyped her in my head. I’m sure I’ll watch another video because I’m not convinced this is representative of her. That being said, I think I’ll be a bit picky with the one I do watch, and I’m totally willing to wait for a good video to come around.


Mia Masuzaka

Follow-Up Piston Pounding Fucking After A Spasmic Orgasm Watch Her J-Cup 100cm Titties Wiggle And Jiggle, Up And Down And Side To Side In Furious Earth-Shaking Ecstasy!!

Mia Masuzaka got strongly recommended to me, and it’s no surprise why. Pretty face, large breasts – I’m in!

Mia was largely what I expected – cute and busty. She’s got a pretty face, though that cover is shopped a little bit. But certainly she’s got it going on physically enough to make me enjoy her. The performance wasn’t particularly anything, which I’m not surprised with. I think largely the video itself is to blame since it doesn’t present her with performing opportunities.

The video itself was surprisingly enjoyable, I think mostly because it had a lot of intercourse. With the theme simply being “fuck her, make her orgasm, then keep fucking her”, they managed lots of solid content. Yeah, her performance didn’t offer up much, but when you’re attractive and new, you get a bit of a pass.

Rating – B

I think I am interested in watching more, but I wouldn’t watch more until there was something that stood out. Her releases right now all seem quite mediocre, so I’ll be waiting until something intriguing comes out.


Kaho Aizawa (Mirei Morishita)

My Girlfriend’s Little Sister Tempts Me With No Bra Tits Outline. And Her Tits Are Huge.

Kaho Aizawa is the actress I was least excited about on the list. I think I don’t find her as attractive as others, but she was a recommendation, partially because of the video’s theme. Asking others for recommendations also helped make sure I didn’t skip anyone I should have watched. She actually also recently changed her name to Mirei Morishita.

Kaho was my least favourite physically, but her performing was rather good. She’s actually got a decent amount of videos under her belt, and she was in like a couple dozen before this one. I thought her performing wasn’t quite all the way there, but it showed a lot of promise. I think one day she might actually turn out to be a very good performer. She definitely has a more younger/cute appeal to her, but that’s personally a little less what I enjoy (as you’ll see further down) so I just wasn’t fully into her physically. I suppose her breasts being my least favourite is also a thing.

The video itself was solid. It was very similar to GES, which is also probably why I so easily agreed to watch it. It’s not quite the same, and misses out in some key ways (particularly that they don’t do anything special for the ending). The added clothed aspect was good, though I can’t help but feel that it’d be more enjoyable if she was a bit bustier/thiccer. Still, the video was enjoyable.

Rating – C

Kaho’s a really interesting actress to talk about whether I’d watch her again. I think she has a lot of potential and upside to her that makes me think I will watch her. I feel like unless she’s doing GES, I’m probably skipping out on her until I think she’s had time to blossom into a good performer. At the rate she’s going though, that might be next year.


Touka Rinne

The Married Woman Who Lives Across From Me

Touka is someone a friend of mine shilled a long time ago, and I think a lot of people were hyped on her. I mean, just look at her. It was definitely only a matter of time, and when I realized she debuted this year, she just had to be on this list.

My word, Touka was everything I hoped for physically. She’s really, really attractive. I definitely can’t overstate how attractive she is. Nice body, great breasts, smoking hot face. I tend to prefer actresses who are a bit older than younger (ie late 20s to early 30s), and she just perfectly hits the mark I like. Performance-wise I wasn’t impressed, but she’s new and I can give her a pass. She debuted for S1 so I really had no expectations on the performance, but I’m really glad she left because she seems way better at a studio like Madonna that’s designed for MILFs.

The video itself was good but nothing special. I think more so than anything, I just appreciated her physically. The performance didn’t impress me, but it wasn’t terrible. I appreciated her getting nice and sweaty in the final scene though, that was very enjoyable to watch.

Rating – S

You better believe I’m watching more of her. There’s no way that you can be that attractive without me wanting to watch more. Her current releases don’t look particularly impressive, though I’m sure something good will come along soon.


Hotaru Mori

My Girlfriend’s Mom Who Has Huge Tits And Loves Creampies Is Trying To Seduce Me

Hotaru got on the list by releasing a video in my favourite series, GES. If she hadn’t had a GES, I’m not convinced I would have watched her, though that isn’t to say she’s not any good or unattractive. I’m actually really glad she had a GES because she’s got some good points to her.

I actually have mixed opinions on how attractive she is. Sometimes I’ll be super interested, other times I just won’t care that much. I’ve skimmed a few other things from her as a result, so she’s actually someone I can kind of say I’ve seen other things from. The performance pleasantly surprised me. She definitely performed better than my expectations, often being the one engaging the guy and being proactive.

The video itself was quite good. Solid directing, as they presented a good amount of risky content. With her solid performing as well, she ended up doing a great job. For GES standards, it ended up placing in my top 10, which is a difficult task to do. I would definitely recommend this one if she seems attractive to you or you like this series.

Rating – A

For the future, well, I’ve already skimmed stuff so I’ll be checking her out. Since she’s been freelancing, I’m hoping something truly great will pop up. For now, most of her stuff doesn’t seem that amazing – maybe it’s just paling in comparison to my favourite series. Either way, count me in for another Hotaru video sometime.


Most Attractive Touka Rinne
Best Tits Touka Rinne
Best Body Touka Rinne
Best Ass Mia Masuzaka
Best Video PPPD-697 (Hotaru Mori)
Best Performer Hotaru Mori
Least likely to watch again Yua Housaki
Most likely to make it big Monami Takarada
Most likely to watch again Monami Takarada / Touka Rinne

Touka Rinne was the most attractive no question about it. She’s got such an amazing body, but her face, damn is she pretty. She reminds me of an older Meguri, having a bit of a milf look going on but not looking too old, as well as nice firm breasts. Speaking of which, I liked her breasts the most as well. While they weren’t the biggest, size isn’t all that matters. Hers had a very nice shape and very nice motion to them. She also had the best body of anyone. Let’s just say that physically speaking, she blew the competition out of the water. Sure, some others were attractive, had great brests, etc., but Touka stole the show for sure.

I think Mia Masuzaka had the best ass, but it wasn’t easy to pick. Nobody from this week had an ass that genuinely stuck me as being amazing. Compared to last time when I watched both Nami Hoshino and Haruki Sato, this week paled in comparison. I guess it’s a good thing I prefer tits to ass.

The best video was PPPD-697, Hotaru Mori’s GES. GES is by far my favourite series, and I’ve seen all the entries. Hotaru’s is actually in my top 10, which is a crazy feat considering all the actresses that are in that series and how good some of those videos are (3 of them are in my top 10 all-time videos). The video was just well done and with a pretty good performance to boot. It’s almost not fair to others she had a GES, and Monami’s video was a very close second.

Hotaru Mori narrowly beat out Kaho Aizawa as my favourite performer. I’d say it’s probably due to GES giving her slightly better opportunities to showcase her abilities. I wouldn’t say anyone stood out as a great performer, but they’re all new to the scene and it’s difficult to start off really good. Hotaru and Kaho definitely felt like they had room to grow into good performers, which is a good sign.

Yua Housaki is the actress I’m least likely to watch again. I found she just wasn’t as attractive as the cover indicated (probably makeup and Photoshop did a lot). She didn’t really stand out to me as much as I had hoped for. I think also her breasts seemed a lot nicer on the cover than they turned out to be (not that I disliked them, but more to the cover pic looking really good). I wouldn’t say I’ll never watch something, but unless something really good comes around, I’ll probably pass.

Monami Takarada is definitely my pick for most likely to make it big. Looking through her content, she has a lot of content that looks good. She’s got lesbian co-starring Asahi Mizuno (one of my favourites), BBC, a group teacher one that also stars Yui Hatano, as well as a group video co-starring two other actresses I follow (Honoka Mihara and Mio Kimijima) plus the fourth is Mikuru Shiiba, another I watched. She’s going the way of Marina Yuzuki for sure, and I’m excited to see where she goes.

I actually couldn’t decide between Monami Takarada and Touka Rinne for who I would most likely watch again, the reason being that I’m definitely watching both of them again. Monami and Touka interestingly had very different qualities that make me interested in them. Monami has a lot of videos that look good and make me interested on a variety aspect. When actresses, especially new actresses, release a lot of content that hits a lot of themes, they tend to pan out very well. Some recent examples that come to mind are Marina Yuzuki, Rena Fukiishi, and Mio Kimijima, all of whom I ended up enjoying. Touka, on the other hand, is fucking hot. While she didn’t stand out to me as a performer, she’s so incredibly attractive that I know I’ll watch more videos. She’s certainly got some stuff out now that, when coupled with her attractiveness, makes me interested, and I’m sure the content will only get better.


There you have my 2018 Debut Edition of New To Me Week. I hope everyone enjoyed discovering some new actresses with me! I’d love to hear who everyone’s favourites from the year.


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