June 14, 2024

Pan Picks: Top 10 Yuma Asami Videos



  • Born : 3/24/87 (31 years old)
  • Career Status: 2005-2013
  • Measurements: JP 96-58-88  (US 38-23-35)
  • Cup Size: H
  • Height : 158 cm (5 ft 2 in)
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown




Yuma Asami has had a very interesting career and post career to say the least. She made her debut in 2005 at the age of 18 with two major studios in Alice Japan and S1. During her career she regularly was one of the most popular actresses frequently placing at the top in terms of sales and in face she made #1 in both 2006 and 2007 according to DMM. In addition she was also a member of the Ebisu Muscats and worked in some televisions shows and erotic horror films.

In June of 2013 she announced she had undergone treatment for Ovarian cancer and as a result had her uterus and ovaries removed thus eliminating any chance of her ever having children. She underwent chemotherapy as well and since has been doing much better. In 2014 she wrote an autobiography detailing her early life and struggle with cancer.

Currently she is pursuing a career in music as a singer and actually released her debut mini album “SCAR Light EP” in January of 2017. Here’s a link to a song of hers for anyone curious and wants to give her a listen. It’s great to see her overcome her battle with cancer and be able to pursue her goal of singing.

Honorable Mentions


“Teasing A Girl While She’s on the Phone


Getting things started with an easy and straightforward video whose plot is exactly what  the title states. It’s all about Yuma engaging in sex while speaking on the phone. Now I don’t know exactly who she’s talking to but anyone able to understand Japanese can probably figure it out. Anyway the action is fun, her performance is solid and Yuma looks gorgeous. Can’t go wrong with this one.


“Score Yuma’s Fine Body!


As you’ll soon see from this list Yuma Asami is no stranger to wacky plots and this easily ranks at the top in terms of weirdness. Through the use of this magical orb this guy is able to swap bodies with his teacher, Yuma. It takes a few unexpected turns and Yuma really sells the premise here thanks to her spot on performance. For anyone into the more bizarre videos this is right up your alley.


“Master of Sex


Here she teaches guys about sex through some first hand experience. I’m not sure if the guys here are virgins or just super inexperienced but it doesn’t matter too much. The main focus is on Yuma taking the lead and playing the teacher-esque role. The sex is pretty great here and even features a pov scene. Beyond that her acting and appearance is amazing.


“First Experiences”


Losing your virginity to Yuma Asami sounds like quite the first time experience right? Well that’s exactly what happens here to 3 lucky guys. Yuma visits them at home and allows them to fuck her for their first time. As you can guess her performance is excellent as she’s very warm and inviting with these guys. Plus her enthusiasm is top-notch and she looks beautiful as always.


“Busty Private Tutor Yuma Asami Teases and Seduces Her Young Students


Here Yuma plays a lewd and devilish tutor who relentlessly teases this young man while she makes him watch her fuck other guys that she’s tutoring. It’s not till the end when he finally gets his chance and fuck her himself. The action is very well paced throughout and Yuma delivers a terrific performance as she takes the lead from start to finish.

Best Videos


“Rubbers Cosplay”


Calling all latex/rubber fan. This is made for you. I’m kicking off my list with a relatively simple and straightforward video. DV-1022 doesn’t contain any real premise as its entire focus is on latex outfits and of course sex. That being said rest assured the action is fantastic. There are plenty of sex scenes that are all terrific as well as a great handjob and blowjob scene. All the technical aspects such as camerawork and lighting are solid too. Making all this action even better is how damn good Yuma looks. All of her outfits are unique, memorable and super sexy. Her wardrobe here definitely ranks among her best ever. And it should go without saying that Yuma is in perfect shape. So bright and bubbly. On the acting side of things Yuma delivers a fine performance overall. In some scenes she takes the lead while in others she’s a bit more submissive. The range is nice and she never overdoes it. In closing if you’ve got a fetish for latex then I can’t recommend this enough. And hell even if you don’t you’ll still have a good time.


“Beautiful Teacher with No Bra


Combining two of my favorite themes into one makes for what is easily one of Yuma’s best. The premise tasks Yuma with playing a teacher/instructor who goes bra-less and seduces her students into sex. It’s a premise that allow for her to show her seductive side and have fun. She plays a variety of roles here such as an instructor, school teacher and a workout instructor. The action is solid with 3 sex scenes and a blowjob scene. It’s pretty standard but it’s shot well. When it comes to her acting she’s just what you’d expect. Super flirty and bubbly with lots of energy to boot. As always she’s a lot of fun to watch. Lastly regarding her appearance she looks as good as ever. Her wardrobe is on point with plenty of great outfits that highlight her boobs quite well. And of course she herself looks fantastic. She’s just got this bright natural glow about her that shines in every video she’s in. All around this is easily among my top favorites of Yuma Asami. If you wanna see her seductive side then look no further.


“English Lesson in Bed


No doubt the most famous and memorable Yuma Asami video out there. Anyone that’s familiar with her knows of this one and for good reason. The premise here centers around the lovely and adorable Yuma Asami having sex with white guys while learning the English language. It’s all very entertaining and leads to some genuine funny moments. Mainly thanks to Yuma’s bubbly and energetic performance. Yuma is her usual self here as she’s overflowing with enthusiasm and is just a ton of fun to watch. I can’t stress enough just how unbelievable bubbly she is. Her interactions with the actors here are very funny and entertaining. Also helps that Yuma is looking fantastic. Not much in terms of wardrobe but it doesn’t matter much when you look as good as Yuma. The action is just as good too with plenty of sex scenes. This is quintessential Yuma at her finest. Hands down this is THE video to watch whether you’re brand new to her or a seasoned fan.


“My Precocious Classmate


Yuma Asami is a bit of an early bloomer in this fun school themed video. Here she plays a lewd schoolgirl who loves teasing and seducing the male students and faculty into sex. This leads to plenty of fun scenarios. Such as when she climbs a ladder to help the maintenance guy and lets him peek up her skirt and eventually fucks him. Or when she catches 2 guys looking at a porn magazine and decides to give them some first hand experience instead. Every scene presents a unique and fun scenario. Also there’s few pov scenes as well which is always a plus. Adding to this is her spectacular performance. She plays the lewd schoolgirl role very well and her enthusiasm is incredible. Not to mention her trademark bubbly personality really shines here and her facial expressions are on point. And I can’t forget to mention how damn good Yuma looks here. Her wardrobe consists mostly of schoolgirl type outfits which looks great on her. And she herself is just as gorgeous as ever. Nothing to complain about here. All in all this is a flawless video that is a must watch for any Yuma fan and definitely those into schoolgirls.


“Porn Idol Photoshoot


This was one of the earliest Yuma videos I ever watched and it still remains a top favorite of mine. The setup for this revolves around Yuma who plays herself essentially hosting photoshoots and giving the fans a more “hands on” experience. It’s a unique plot that gives Yuma a lot of freedom when it comes to her acting as can be her natural bubbly self. Her personality really shines here. While she’s not perfect all the way through, her facial expressions are terrific as usual and she’s pretty engaging. The action here for the most part is fantastic. Each scene makes excellent use of its theme. Such as in the first scene when she’s meeting fans and giving them a quick handjob. Or in the last scene when she’s posing for a photoshoot and proceeds to have sex with a few of the lucky photographers while the rest take pictures. Also it features one of the best pov blowjob scenes I’ve seen in  a long time. And lastly Yuma is in prime shape here. She looks positively vibrant and her wardrobe is stunning as well. Just look at that cover outfit. Yuma Asami has quite the variety in her library and this a great example of that. A pretty distinctive premise with equally great action to match.


“Tit-Staring Temptation: Older Sister


Despite having “older sister” in the title I don’t believe this is incest based but I could be wrong. It’s a pretty straightforward plot anyway that focuses on Yuma seducing and leading men on via showing off her cleavage and tits. She plays a variety of roles such as a fitness instructor and a teacher. Another nice thing is that 2/4 scenes are pov. And while there are indeed only four scenes at least three are full sex scenes with the other being a pretty solid blowjob scene. Adding to all this is Yuma’s impeccable performance. She’s of course wonderfully engaging and full of energy. Not to mention seeing her flex her seductive side is always a plus. Last but certainly not least is Yuma’s brilliant appearance. For one she wears some very sexy outfits such as a leotard and a typical teacher’s outfit alongside some nice lingerie. And not to sound like a broken record at this point but Yuma physically looks as always top-notch. All this makes for what is easily one of Yuma’s all time best videos especially if you’re into female seduction.


“Minimal Mosaic – Squirting, Hot Nurses


Yuma Asami as a sexy nurse? Sign me up! This video doesn’t need a whole lot of explaining. Yuma plays a nurse who does her best to help make her patients and fellow doctors feel better. So while it is fairly basic it features a surprising variety in terms of scene scenarios. Nearly all the scenes contain their own unique setup with the nurse theme. Like in one scene when one resistant patient refuses to take his meds. So she decides to flash him, sit on his face and fuck him to get him to take his pills. As a whole the action is outstanding as even the usually mundane handjob scenes are fun to watch thanks to the interesting setup and her acting. Most of the scenes have her taking the lead with only 1 or 2 casting in the more submissive role. Which leads me to her performance. Once again she really delivers on all fronts. Her dominant side is energetic, lewd and just very fun to watch. An those scenes featuring her submissive side are solid as well as she doesn’t overdo it. Rounding up all this is Yuma’s stunning appearance and wardrobe. Expect to see the usual nurse attire which looks great on her. SOE-250 is for sure one of the better nurse themed videos I’ve seen and thanks to some fun and interesting themes, superb action and a fine performance it easily cracks my list.


“Totally Filthy Body


What a nice cover right? SOE-735 is pretty devoid of any real plot. It mainly focuses on intense and lustful sex with all the scenes shot entirely in a hotel. Normally I find these sort of videos to be uninspired and boring but I was quite surprised by this one for a few reasons. One of those is the stellar action featuring several superb sex scenes and some nice paizuri. Overall the sex has an intense and intimate feeling to it which is pretty nice. Also I can’t forget to mention one of the scenes which has her getting fucked in the hallway of the hotel while trying to avoid people and the cameras. The other main reason why SOE-735 is so good is Yuma’s stunning appearance. Not only does she wear a few standout outfits that look amazing on her but she herself looks particularly noteworthy. So beautiful and gorgeous. Now I gotta be honest and say that her performance is decent but not her best. At times she’s great and full of bubbly energy while other times she’s a little submissive and whiny. Definitely not bad overall but don’t expect a 10/10 performance. That slight negative isn’t enough to bring down this otherwise fantastic sex filled video.



“My Mother Can’t Stay Away From My Cock


What a title huh? Incest is a staple of jav and it’s no surprise that Yuma has a video in the genre. It’s relatively straightforward as it centers around you and your mom’s(Yuma) sexual relationship. Also it’s shot entirely in pov. There’s a lot of great sex scenes here with plenty of paizuri to boot. One of most memorable scenes involves you fantasizing about having a threesome with her and your father. And the addition of pov makes it much more engaging. Yuma’s bubbly and lively personality really make for a great fit here. That leads me to one of the best aspects of this film which is her stellar acting. She plays her role very well as she’s incredible engaging, boasts great energy and her facial expressions are on point. Not to mention she’s insanely adorable but yet sexy too at the same time. That also extends to her appearance. Now when it comes to her wardrobe it’s rather minimal as it mainly consists of the typical “mother” attire but it suits her well and looks good on her. But what’s more impressive is how flawless Yuma looks. She’s so naturally vibrant here and is just in superb shape. SOE-326 isn’t for everyone due to its incest premise but for all those that are a fan of this fetish you will definitely wanna check this out.


“Slut Doctor


You saw Yuma Asami earlier playing a slutty nurse well now this time she’s moved up and is a slutty doctor this time. The premise here is pretty wild as Yuma of course plays a lewd and horny school doctor who purposefully leads guys into temptation and has sex with them. Such as when she takes a students phone, records a video of herself masturbating and gives it back to him. As he’s jerking off watching it she surprises him and you can guess the rest. Or in another instance when she literally attacks 2 students with a baseball bat and a taser, proceeds to tie them up and has a threesome.  Very entertaining from start to finish. Each scene is memorable and distinct. It should come as no surprise that Yuma’s performance is another highlight. As expected she’s super slutty, passionate and dominant. Shes’ full of energy as well and her bubbly personality shines brightly. Last but not least is her appearance. Her wardrobe is terrific featuring lots of sexy lingerie and some nice nurse/doctor outfits. Yuma looks fantastic as well but you already know that. SOE-674 easily ranks among her best and definitely most memorable and unique videos of her library.

Worst Videos

What are Yuma Asami’s worst videos? Well to be honest I haven’t seen any. Out of all the videos I’ve watched I wouldn’t call any of them outright bad despite a few being average and unremarkable. I could easily pick some of her rape themed videos but I can’t for a couple of reasons. For one I don’t watch those and I’m only picking videos I’ve actually seen. And also that’s too easy as it’s already a genre I personally don’t enjoy.

If there was ever a “JAV hall of fame” Yuma would certainly be a first ballot. Imo she is definitely one of the most “un-hateable” actresses ever. I mean what’s not to love? Her body is spectacular as everything from her cute face to her superb tits and her nice round ass are very proportional. Of course I can’t forget to mention what is perhaps her best aspect which is her bubbly and cheerful personality. It’s a damn shame what happened to her but at least she’s doing much better now and is happy with her life as she pursues her dream.


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