June 18, 2024

New To Me Week 4

I can’t believe I’m doing a fourth New To Me Week! This series started out as a way for me to watch actresses people kept recommending to me as well as actresses in my backlog. I may never want to watch them on my own but when I can get a nice discussion post out of it then I’m all for it. I’ll probably keep doing this until I run out of actresses to watch, and that’ll probably never happen. Anyway without further ado here’s the actresses and videos from this time around:


Saeko Matsushita


Cum Inside Me Until I Get Pregnant…

Saeko’s one of those MILFs that I just somehow never ended up watching. There’s always plenty that come around and seem decent enough but I can only watch so much. When the opportunity came around to watch her, especially with some people recommending her, she was a natural choice.

Saeko is kind of interesting physically for me because I do and don’t like her at the same time. Her face seems pretty average to me and yet somehow I like it more than I think I should. She reminds me a lot of Rena Fukiishi, where I’m just somehow more attracted to her than I can make sense of. She’s physically otherwise a typical semi-curvy MILF. The performance was pretty average for MILFs as well.

The video itself I did enjoy. I’ve seen this series before and I knew it’d be solid enough. The theme has her spying on her son-in-law fucking her daughter and getting horny as a result, whether it’s her touching herself while watching or getting off to their used condoms. Transition that into her getting creampied by him and it’s definitely enjoyable.

Rating – B

Ultimately I think I do like Saeko and I think I will watch her again. She gives off a lot of Rena vibes and with Rena retiring someone needs to take that helm. I’m not entirely sure what I think of her but I have a feeling I’ll come to enjoy her.


Kokoa Aisu


I’ve Been Getting Too Much Love From My Girlfriend’s Little Sister And Having Baby Making Sex


Kokoa isn’t someone I really had much appeal for. However, in the spirit of New to Me, I open it up to suggestions from others. Kokoa came highly recommended and if there’s one thing I’ve come to realize it’s that I should listen to others on recommendations. So here I am checking out Kokoa.

Physically I had mixed opinions about Kokoa. She’s tiny by all standards and looks fairly young, but she’s actually quite meaty. It’s a bit of an interesting mix and I’m not really sure what to think. She isn’t my usually cup of tea and I think she probably still isn’t. That being said, I didn’t totally hate her so I’ll chalk that up as a win I guess.

The video itself was great, easily one of the best I’ve seen for New to Me. Everyone knows I like this kind of risky sex and it was done very well. Watching them run around the house to not get caught among other things was awesome. Good performance to boot really sold this one well.

Rating – C

Ultimately I’m not convinced I want to keep watching Kokoa. I think this video is more of an outlier and that the theme is what sold it.


Shouko Takahashi


This Is The Aphrodisiac Of Legend Big Tits Agent

Shouko is someone I’ve been meaning to watch for a while and was actually supposed to be in my last New to Me. She was insanely popular in Japan for quite some time and with her being reasonably pretty and curvy I figured it couldn’t hurt to watch her.

Physically she’s nice. Nice breasts and a pretty enough face. I’m not crazy about her like I suspect many are but I do see the appeal in her. Performance-wise she doesn’t strike me as good. She comes off as someone low-effort who just relies on her body to do most of the talking. That certainly works for many but I don’t tend to enjoy actresses like that all that much.

The video itself was just decent. She’s not particularly great here but her body does in fact do a lot of the talking. Seeing her breasts sway nicely in that outfit is hard to say no to. Add in the fact the video is three hours and now we’re talking. Yeah the action isn’t particularly amazing but with as much content as there is, there’s plenty of enjoyable content.

Rating – D

I think overall I’m not going to watch Shouko again. I wasn’t impressed enough for her to contend with my favourites. I may watch something if an amazing video turns up but I’d otherwise pass on her.


Eimi Fukada


If You Can Resist Eimi Fukada And Her Amazing Techniques You’ll Win Raw Creampie Sex!

Eimi isn’t someone I particularly wanted to watch but I noticed she was becoming super popular. Combined with her having an entry in this series I figured it couldn’t be that bad. Basically, I wanted to see what the hype was about Eimi.

Eimi I did not enjoy at all. I didn’t find her all that pretty relative to others, I think she uses a lot of makeup, for example. I also really disliked her breasts. Not only are they fake but that boobjob is the worst I’ve ever seen. Her performing was alright but ultimately paled in comparison to how much I disliked her physically.

The video itself was fine. It’s about average for this series. I found she spent a lot of time aggressively giving handjobs, which included her giving them after the scene ended. While that can be hot as the guy’s screaming to stop when she doesn’t care, the plethora of handjob action just doesn’t seem great. Eimi laughed a lot and seemed to be having a ton of fun but I just couldn’t enjoy the action.

Rating – F

Eimi is really not someone I want to watch again. She just doesn’t do anything for me and I think unless she stars in actual GES I won’t be watching her.


Matsuri Kiritani


My Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits Saying It’s OK To Creampie Her

Matsuri was someone who got lucky with a Girlfriend’s Elder Sister entry. I knew of her but I didn’t pay too much attention to her. When I noticed she had a GES it was pretty clear she was going to be in this series.

Physically Matsuri is great. She’s pretty and seems to be a bit on the cute side of things. She’s busty and has fairly nice breasts so certainly enough to enjoy there. Her performance was generally positive though I felt like she missed the mark a tad.

The video itself was great. GES is my favourite series though the individual entries can be a bit hit or miss. Matsuri’s was great though, she performed fairly well and the content was good. A solid amount of risky sex with some good variety among how they accomplished it. Matsuri also came through with a very positive and leading performance. She definitely had trouble mixing up her expressions but when it was a great expression I ultimately still enjoyed it.

Rating – A

Matsuri I will undoubtedly be checking out more of. She isn’t a slam dunk that I’ll keep watching regularly but I’ll be keeping my eye out for good videos. I know she has an entry in Wanz Factory’s 10 Min series that I will be watching sometime soon.


Aya Sazanami


Seed Pouring For Ejaculation Until Morning Comes

Aya was one of the actresses others recommended to me. I tried to specifically be open to suggestions this time and she was one others picked. I’ve found great success in taking recommendations from others in the past so I could take my chances on one video.

Aya was pretty nice physically. I think most of that was her ass though. She isn’t busty and her face didn’t stand out more than the average actress, but man her ass was something. I think especially with the video focusing on it and her performance really selling it, her as stood out really nicely. She also performed rather well.

The video itself was quite nice. I enjoy multiple creampie stuff so this was right up my alley. Seeing Aya be the one initiating things scene after scene and also being the one to continue the scenes after he blew his load was great. She was great at keeping up an enticing personality really making him want it but showing that she wanted it too. With three creampie scenes it was a no-brainer.

Rating – C

Aya is someone I could see myself watching again. She’s nice enough even if she isn’t busty. It may have just been the video though but I’d watch a second to find out if that was the case.


Shiori Kamisaki


My Girlfriend’s Older Sister Stealthily Seduces Me

Shiori was actually someone I planned to watch last time, but circumstances led me not to. Shiori’s also one of those actresses that came recommended but I also kind of wanted to watch myself. She really is the perfect candidate for New To Me Week.

Physically Shiori was nice. She didn’t blow me away but she was also solid all-around. Decent breasts, decent ass, decent body, decent face. I think it says a lot for an actress when they have no bad qualities. Even her performing was decent. Most actresses tend to be lacking in some department so I was pleasantly surprised to see she was good at all aspects.

The video itself was good as well. Sneaky stuff like this is something I love and this was no exception. I found the individual video to be worse than typical ones of this nature only because there was no creampie like Oppai’s series has. Still, watching them fuck all over the place trying to be sneaky only to get caught in the end is still hot no matter how you slice it.

Rating – B

Shiori was solid. I’ll probably watch her again at some point but her not standing out at all means that probably won’t be any time soon. I did enjoy her but I’m not going to go crazy to watch her right away.


Most Attractive (pretty) Matsuri Kiritani
Best Tits Shouko Takahashi
Best Ass Aya Sazanami
Best Body Shiori Kamisaki
Best Video HND-283
Best Performer Kokoa Aisu
Most likely to watch again Saeko Matsushita
Least likely to watch again Eimi Fukada

I found Matsuri to be the prettiest of the bunch. She’s got this cute vibe going and I dug it. I didn’t find her to be significantly more attractive than the others, and nobody really stood out as being pretty like there have been in past ones like Aika Yamagishi or Hibiki Ootsuki.

Shouko had my favourite tits of the bunch. For once there wasn’t super busty actresses that I’m known for. Her tits were certainly nice though.

Best ass goes to Aya Sazanami. Kokoa had a pretty nice ass too but I definitely enjoyed Aya’s more. Maybe it was the video selling her ass with a lot of good positions but it definitely made me a buyer. She’s clearly got one of the better asses around.

The best body went to Shiori Kamisaki. I had a hard time deciding this but I think Shiori being solid in every way was big for this. When I look at Shiori I don’t see someone stunning in any way, but I also see someone I can enjoy every aspect. Her body had a good amount of thiccness, skinniness, definition, etc. Overall just a solid body.

Kokoa was the best performer of the bunch and I think the video proves why as it was my favourite as well. It was a GES style video done extremely well, from her being cute and bubbly to them running around. She just seemed to understand exactly what she needed to do and convinced me she has some skills.

Eimi is legitimately the first actress I straight up don’t want to watch again. Usually it’s the one I least want to watch and there’s still some chance I would. I flat out plan to never watch her again. It would take a miracle for me to watch her, like her getting a better boobjob or her starring in GES.

Saeko Matsushita is the one I’m most interested in watching again. She gives off a Rena Fukiishi vibe that I’m really into and I have a feeling she’ll be someone I enjoy. Interestingly though, I’m almost for sure going to watch Kokoa and Matsuri’s 10 Min series videos before I watch another of Saeko, but I do think long term Saeko is the one I will enjoy the most. Something about busty MILFs just does it for me.


So there we have the fourth New To Me Week in the books. An interesting one as the best were evenly spread out this time. No actress stood above the rest and it’ll be interesting to see how things go as I do or don’t watch them in the future.


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