April 20, 2024

New To Me Week 3

So here we are at the third New To Me Week! Looks like this series turned out to be great. It’s been fun for me to explore new actresses whether they’re someone I’ve wanted to check out for a while, someone recommended to me, or someone new to the industry. It also seems like others have enjoyed it as well. A look at actresses who aren’t posted all the time or from someone who isn’t already a big fan creates an interesting perspective that can be fun.

For those that haven’t seen the other posts the idea is simple. I pick seven actresses I’ve never seen before and watch one video each. I then post what I thought of the actress and the video. Think of it as me intentionally discovering new actresses. Some are actresses I’ve been wanting to watch and never gotten around to, some are from recommendations.

Anyway without further ado here’s the videos from this time around:


Jessica Kizaki


Female Negotiator Gets Raped

Jessica is someone I’ve basically never seen much appeal in but is really popular. I know a lot of people online are big fans and I figured it was eventually time to see what the buzz was about. I’ve been super wrong in the past about some actresses like Hibiki Ootsuki and Kaho Kasumi so I had no problem checking out Jessica.

Physically Jessica wasn’t the greatest. She lacks curves that I tend to like which is unfortunate. She also isn’t that attractive, though there’s something about her that makes me not mind that. Like I could tell I didn’t find her attractive yet strangely I seemed to enjoy her – maybe I do find her attractive? Performance-wise Jessica seems like she’s got some skills. She struck me as someone who has a lot of experience and knows what she’s doing.

The video itself turned out to be fantastic. I really got into the huge production value that Attackers provided. The outfits, the props, just the sheer number of people involved – it all came together to make the video feel great. I thought Jessica performed it well and the theme was done well.

Rating – B

Jessica is someone I never really cared for but this video makes me think otherwise. She may not be the best physically but somehow that didn’t matter. I’m not sure if the video being this good was the sole reason and conflates how interested I am in Jessica. I figure it won’t hurt to watch another so I’ll probably do that at some point.


Rei Mizuna and Ai Uehara


Schoolgirl Lesbians

Rei was someone I never really knew about for a while until she started gaining traction on the sub. I never really paid much attention to her but when I started to see how much fetish stuff she did I was on board. I like lots of stuff so actresses with a lot of variety tend to stand out to me.

Rei didn’t really stand out to me here. Facially she’s alright but that’s about as far as it goes; she’s not curvy and basically not what I prefer. The performance was alright here but I think I had other expectations based on what I know about her. I actually think this was an awful choice of a video. Rei just strikes me as someone you want to watch a fetish video of, whether she’s swallowing, fucking a BBC, or taking it up the ass.

The video itself just didn’t seem to be what I had hoped. It looked decent from the preview and cover, Rei and Ai doing lesbian stuff sounds great. What I found was that a lot of things were lacking. The content just didn’t come together all that well, whether it was them not really going that hardcore or sensual or the scenes ending too early. It is, however, hard to have abysmal lesbian content, so I found the video was still alright.

Rating – B

Rei is someone I definitely wanted to watch myself and this video leaves me with a mixed opinion. I think I will watch another video in the future and that I’m going to be more picky about what that actually is. I don’t think this is representative of her and I think it would do her a disservice to take this as such.


Yuka Minase


OPPAI Angle: Scold Me Gently – The Defenseless Huge Titted Wife Next Door who Doesn’t Wear a Bra

Yuka Minase’s someone I missed in the days I wasn’t actively watching JAV. You see, I first watched JAV back when Anna Ohura was still active but the amount of JAV I watched back then was almost nothing. For a long time the only JAV I watched was Hitomi, and Yuka is one of the unfortunate casualties of me not watching JAV. With others recommending her and this cover well, it was hard to say no.

Yuka is pretty great physically. She reminds me a lot of Julia: slim, busty, and pretty. It’s really not hard to see why people like her with those qualities because she really does have a lot going for her. Her breasts actually reminded me a lot of Rio Hamasaki’s with the shape and firmness they have. As far as her performing goes she was just okay. She has the same sort of issues a lot of actresses do where they’re good up until intercourse starts. The kind of constant, light moaning she does isn’t very enjoyable. Still, looks are definitely important and Yuka is great there.

The video itself was quite solid. A variety of scenes with Yuka whether it’s her waking up someone with her boobs or fucking some guy who was spying on her. While I felt like Yuka’s performance was a bit lacking during sex it was otherwise quite enjoyable. And of course, Yuka did look fantastic the entire time. It’s hard to argue with someone like her and how attractive she is. I did find the content to be a bit repetitive as well, there were scenes that were too similar to each other and it felt a bit lazy of them.

Rating – B

What can I say, Yuka is hot. This particular video left a bit to be desired but I think it’s enough to make me interested. I’m not going to go crazy over watching another Yuka video right away but colour me interested.


Aika Yamagishi


Celebration! A 1 Year Anniversary Since Her Debut A Cum Swallowing Special

Aika Yamagishi wasn’t someone I really knew about, she’s fairly new and isn’t exactly curvy. I think me watching this video was just a perfect mix of wanting to watch some gokkun combined with the cover looking nice. From time to time I will run into videos that I don’t have any plans to watch but it just fits perfectly given my mood, and this was definitely one of them.

Physically I think what stood out was how pretty she is. There’s just something about her that makes me find her super attractive. Yeah she’s not curvy but she’s a good reminder that this isn’t everything. Performing was also quite solid out of her. She certainly struggled at times to be as cheery but she generally was pretty enjoyable.

The video itself was actually very good. Between sex and gokkun it was hard not to enjoy the content. They also had a full intercourse scene with the outfit on the cover for once. Yes, her in white lingerie with a veil on (mimicking a wedding dress) was hot as hell. The rest of the content was hot too though including most of her outfits (that black dress was also nice). A variety of hairstyles was also nice as well. I do think that maybe how attractive I wound up finding her factored into how much I enjoyed the gokkun / blowjob stuff, but it was still a good performance.

Rating – A

I think I definitely will be watching another Aika video. I think her attractiveness said a lot about how I feel and I think she’ll have other good content. No clue when that will be, I’ll probably run into some theme I’m interested in seeing her do or a particularly hot cover. I’m guessing I’ll hold out for something particularly good.


Akari Mitani


If You Can Endure Akari Mitani’s Techniques You Can Have Creampie SEX With Her!

I must say, Akari isn’t someone I would have watched if she hadn’t done a series I liked so much. I quite enjoy this series and I figured I’d check her entry out. The cover looks alright and at worst I get to see another entry in a series I’m trying to catch up on. So here I am watching Akari Mitani.

Honestly, I didn’t find her particularly attractive. She wasn’t curvy and we all know my thoughts on that, but also facially she just didn’t do it for me. That all being said, I found she made up for it with wonderful performing. She actually really understood what’s supposed to happen here and I was pleasantly impressed by her performing with all the smiles and laughter going on.

The video was solid overall, in the top half for videos I’ve seen from this series. I think most of that was a factor of her performing. This video is meant to be fun and lighthearted and she absolutely made it feel that way. She was almost always laughing, even when trying to get the guy off she could barely contain her laughter. It was pretty infectious and everyone on screen laughing made it all the more enjoyable. Seeing her continue to tug the guy after he came was reminiscent of another series I really like as well and was totally awesome.

Rating – C

As good as the video was I’m not particularly interested in more of her. Simply put I don’t find her all that attractive. I might be inclined to watch another one where her acting could shine through, especially if she does DAS’s “The Moment I Met This Pornstar She Demanded Raw Creampie Sex”, but I think I’d otherwise pass on her.


Jin Yuki and Yui Hatano


Lesbian Partners

Jin Yuki’s actually someone I’ve been meaning to watch for a while. While she may not be busty she’s got a really nice ass and everyone knows it. I’ve seen photos and gifs and I always knew I’d watch her eventually. This particular video was also something that kept getting recommended to me and I knew it would be the video of hers I watched. So when the next New To Me came around this was definitely on the list.

Physically I think the only thing that really stands out about Jin is her ass. I don’t find her as attractive as others might and her breasts aren’t that nice. I wouldn’t say she’s unattractive but she’s certainly not wowing me, except for that ass of course. From a performance standpoint it was really difficult to tell with this one. Jin seemed to get how this video was supposed to go but the type of personality she played just didn’t really give her an opportunity to display a range of emotions or expressions.

As far as the video goes I was let down a little. The video was very sensual in nature and spent a lot of time focusing on them making out. Considering I don’t find either of them all that pretty (relatively speaking of course) it’s hard to really enjoy them constantly making out. Jin’s best quality is her ass and it was the part of her they made use of the least. I get that not every video is going to be an ass-focused one but I definitely would have preferred one. It’s definitely a good video if you want to just watch two girls having sex while making out a ton.

Rating – B

I think that I probably will watch another Jin video at some point, mostly because I think this was the wrong video to watch. I need something with her being fucked in cowgirl and doggy to really see what her ass has to offer. I think because I only really enjoyed her ass that it’ll probably be a while before I watch such a video.


Rina Onkai


Fondle Them… Pinch Them… Grab Them! Tight And Plump H-Cup Colossal Tits

Rina was someone I meant to watch last year but I passed on. In fact, she was someone I had planned for my 2018 debut new to me post but just narrowly ended up missing out. I figured this was the perfect opportunity to finally watch her.

Physically I think she was solid but a bit of a letdown. I think the cover really embellished and she came off being less pretty and less curvy in the actual video. That isn’t to say she isn’t thicc but that it’s a tale of caution about how much you should trust covers. I also thought giving her more experience would help her performance but I found it just wasn’t good. She definitely needs more experience so she can look like she’s enjoying herself.

The video itself wasn’t that good. I found there were a couple of scenes in the middle that I just couldn’t enjoy. On top of that Rina’s performance was pretty poor so the two sex scenes weren’t that enjoyable either. I found whilst watching it I just didn’t like her as much physically as I anticipated I would. This is one of those cases where I simply picked a poor video because I didn’t really take the time to check it was good beforehand. Wanting to watch Rina and this being an AVOP video from this year were big reasons to watch it.

Rating – D

Ultimately I’m not interested in more. If the right video comes along then sure, but that’s also generally the case with anyone I watch. She reminded me of Yua from the last time around, just nothing special about her. Considering I haven’t watched any more Yua and have no plans I’d be surprised if I watched more of Rina.


Most Attractive (pretty) Aika Yamagishi
Best Tits Yuka Minase
Best Ass Jin Yuki
Best Body Rina Onkai
Best Video SHKD-824
Best Performer Jessica Kizaki
Most likely to watch again Jessica Kizaki
Least likely to watch again Rina Onkai


I found Aika Yamagishi to be the most attractive. Despite her not having as nice of a body as some others she was quite pretty. I’m really not sure what it is about her but I found myself just enjoying her face a lot, which was especially relevant given the gokkun theme.

Yuka Minase had the best tits. A lot of the entrants this time weren’t as busty as I prefer and it was really only a competition between Yuka and Rina. Yuka’s are a good size with great firmness to them.

Jin Yuki definitely had the best ass here. I’d say some others had nice asses but Jin’s someone who could make a top 5 or 10 list for asses and nobody else comes quite that close. It’s unfortunate the video didn’t have her ass on display but that’s also more reason to watch more of her.

I’d say Rina Onkai had the best body but it wasn’t an easy decision to come to. I think overall it just came down to her thiccness. She’s thiccer than Yuka and is the only other candidate with large breasts. Certainly a lot of these girls are slim/toned but I enjoyed Rina’s thiccness even if the video wasn’t good.

Rina is also the actress I’m least likely to watch again. I think the video was bad and I didn’t find myself enjoying her nearly as much as I thought I would. I highly doubt I’ll watch more of her, she just didn’t really give me enough reason to be interested.

Jessica Kizaki was the best performer and had the best video. I’d say Aika Yamagishi came close and is second in both categories, but Jessica was still just a little better. Something about that video just did it for me and I found it super enjoyable across the board. Jessica just getting certain aspects of the performance, the overall quality of the video, it just all came together so nicely.


So the third New To Me is in the books now. I hope you all enjoyed learning about some new actresses or perhaps getting a different perspective on some. I’ll most likely be doing this once or twice more this year so be sure to check back!


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