May 16, 2024

New To Me Week 6

Alright, we’re back for yet another New To Me Week. New To Me is probably the most fun I have with any of the discussion posts. It’s so refreshing watching new actresses and it’s such a great opportunity to find gems I’ve been missing out on. I do think that I’m getting to a point where I’m less likely to find great actresses I’m missing, but at the same time you can never really know. Anyway, here’s this time’s batch of actresses

Momo Sakura

Momo is someone I’ve low key wanted to watch since I made the EBOJ gifs. Making gifs for her, I realized she actually was pretty nice. She had some videos that looked really appealing and I knew the next New To Me was going to be the perfect opportunity.

Physically Momo is solid. I found her face more attractive than I had initially anticipated when I started watching. She has a fairly cute appearance and is fairly endearing. While I did enjoy her breasts they weren’t as big or shapely as I tend to prefer. Again, I’m not saying they were bad or anything, but my preferences are not for breasts like hers. Her ass was quite nice though and looked amazing in doggy.

From a performance perspective I quite enjoyed Momo. Lots of great expressions and good understanding of her role. It felt like she knew what to do and never really missed a beat. Obviously she moaned a good amount during sex, but her awareness really helped curtail that and fit the theme quite well. I’d like to think that she could do well in a variety of roles just because she really understood what she was supposed to do.

Overall – A

I’m certainly interested in watching more of Momo. She’s relatively new but her performance was quite good and she’s prettier than I expected. There’s a few videos from Idea Pocket that look interesting and I’m sure I’ll give Momo a second chance with one of them.


Ayaka Makimura

Ayaka was someone I wound up watching on a whim feeling like watching a thicc milf. I know I enjoy that type of actress more than most do and I’d seen a number of her covers in passing. I think what stood out to me with Ayaka was her large areola.

Physically Ayaka was not that great. She’s clearly older and clearly her looks are starting to deteriorate. I wouldn’t call her unattractive but she’s not particularly attractive. Her breasts are big but I found they were largely big because she was. That meant that the shape of them wasn’t particularly great. I found her large areola weren’t as nice as a result of her breast shape. I generally don’t like large areola that much but I do find myself interested in it from time to time. Her ass was unremarkable and her body in general just showed a lot of signs of aging.

Ayaka’s performance was pretty bad. She had no idea how to vary her moaning or expressions so she was doing the same thing the entire time. Considering that the content ranged from her being raped to having sex with her husband, it’s pretty bad that there was no variation. It seems to me like she just doesn’t know what she’s doing and doesn’t like doing porn either. It is a little hard to tell whether she just went with the theme and ignored whether it was a good or bad moment but it was bad regardless.

Overall Grade – D

I doubt I will watch Ayaka again, I was so underwhelmed on so many levels. If some really enticing video comes along I might find her breasts unique enough to watch again, but I feel like I’d rather just watch others like Iori Yuki instead.


Emiri Okazaki

Emiri is someone I’ve wanted to watch for a while now. Especially after watching Ayaka Tomoda, I think Emiri looks a lot like her (it’s probably the light hair) and I had a renewed energy to watch her. I wound up really debating the initial video but wound up with a bukkake video.

Physically Emiri is alright. She is quite pretty and her light hair does set her apart from most actresses. I do very much compare her to Ayaka Tomoda as a result. Emiri’s breasts are decent but they’re definitely not the size I typically like. I think the focus of the video made them less important than they might otherwise be, so I generally didn’t really care that much they weren’t my kind of size. I felt very similarly about her ass. Emiri does have a nice body though, very toned and in great shape.

Emiri’s performing skills were hard to judge in the video. She didn’t strike me as being anything special but she also didn’t strike me as being bad. You could at least see some of the normal signs you like to see in bukkake with her chatting at times but it also felt like she wanted to just kind of tune out and let the content carry. I kind of admit I didn’t expect to be able to get a good read on her performing with this video I picked.

Overall Grade – B

I feel like I do want to go check her out at least once more with a non-bukkake video. I’m not convinced that I will end up actually watching that much considering she’s retired but I’ll at least give her a shot.


Iori Kogawa

Iori’s someone who fans seem to enjoy a lot, and I’ve known about her for a while. I’ve never been particularly keen on Iori, mostly because I don’t find her as attractive as others do. But as New To Me goes, it’s all about exploring actresses I’m not watching to find hidden gems. So Iori was a perfect example of someone who I felt was worth giving a shot.

I found I didn’t enjoy her all that much physically. I think her face was the biggest reason I didn’t want to watch her and I would say that largely remained the case. While I think I ultimately didn’t dislike it as much as I generally had been, I think I wasn’t much of a fan either. It’s hard to pinpoint what it is but I just don’t find her all that attractive. Her curves are mostly pretty minimal as well and that just isn’t my cup of tea.

From a performance perspective I thought she was solid. While ultimately she lacked what would put her among the best, I would say it was still solid. Iori was up for a variety of personalities as the scenes dictated, which they dictated more subtly than they did forcefully as a video with plot might do. I found she generally knew what she was doing and how to compose herself. Ultimately it was a little hard to grasp her performing capabilities without any real semblance of a plot but I suspect she’s a solid performer from what I could tell.

Overall – C

I wasn’t a huge fan of hers but I didn’t end up hating her. I feel like I’m not particularly interested in watching more, and I would lean more toward a D than I would a B. That being said, Iori’s starred in some multi-actress videos (like this one, for example) that would make me be open to watching her. I do suspect that I won’t be interested in watching any solo videos, so she would mostly be the beneficiary of being paired with other actresses I like.


Mayuki Itou

Mayuki Itou was one of the people that got recommended to me. With New To Me, I like to have others recommend actresses to make I’m looking at actresses I might otherwise not. While Mayuki was someone I knew about before, I had just never given her a chance. New To Me is always the perfect opportunity to do so, and I was more than happy to jump on that opportunity.

Physically Mayuki was quite enjoyable. I thought she was decently attractive, though I don’t find her as facially attractive as others might. My preferences tend to be for someone a little older than her (she was listed as 21 during the video’s release) so I’m sure that factored in. Mayuki’s breasts were nice and reminded me of Touka Rinne’s a lot in terms of shape and size. I do wish they were bigger and a little less firm, but that’s just my preference and I’m not actually complaining. I also quite enjoyed Mayuki’s ass, a good size and shape to it. In general, I found I enjoyed Mayuki’s curves.

Mayuki’s performance had some good and bad qualities to it. On one hand, she understood how to approach the theme and did a solid job of tempting the guy and looking like she enjoyed it. These sort of risky themes are so much more enjoyable when the actress understands to have fun with it. On the flip side, she wasn’t good during intercourse. A good amount of unpleasant facial expressions where you may have thought she wasn’t enjoying herself. It was quite unfortunate to see her have such a huge contrast and spoiled the video a little. Mayuki only had a couple dozen releases at most before this so it wasn’t exactly surprising her performance wasn’t good. That being said, I feel like she’ll continue to have that problem as she continues on. In that regard, she reminds me a lot of Aika Yumeno: great during everything except intercourse.

Overall – C

While she was enjoyable in some aspects she was not in others. There are always plenty of good actresses to explore and many favourites to watch. I ultimately feel like she didn’t impress me enough to be someone I want to continue watching. I’m not going to say never to her, that would be a disservice to her, but I’m not chomping at the bits. I’m more than willing to watch more content if she winds up having good content, but I feel like with where her performing skills are, it needs to be the perfect video to be enjoyable.


Shou Nishino

Shou was someone who had been recommended to me for a while. Having an entry in Wanz Factory’s 10 Minute series (spoiler, that’s what I watched) was something that kept me interested. I think she was the beneficiary of me enjoying more MILFs lately, especially some that aren’t as busty as I typically prefer.

Physically Shou was just okay. I could appreciate her mature look, although she didn’t stand out compared to all the others that I watch. Her breasts weren’t very big which was a disappointment. Her ass was solid but still nothing that I’d write home about. As a whole, I just wasn’t super impressed by her on a physical level. I tend to want the actress to have some stand out quality and Shou had none.

Shou’s performance was a little underwhelming. You could tell she knew what she was doing and had the experience, but she didn’t seem to utilize all the skills she had. Her performance felt like she was holding back and not really fully buying in to what she was doing. It’s hard to suggest exactly why she was like that, but you could tell she wasn’t as enthusiastic as compared to her peers. It struck me as something you see a lot in MILFs who just lost their youthful vibrancy. That being said, I did enjoy that she seemed to know what to do in terms of her technique and variety. It showed that she was smart about what she was doing and actually thought about how to approach it. While every actress who stars in that series shows some surprise to the challenge, I’m sure they all know ahead of time what they’re in store for. And I felt like Shou actually prepped for how to do it.

Overall – C

I feel like I probably don’t want to watch her again. MILFs like Shou seem a dime a dozen, and I can find ones that are a little curvier, or even a bit more mature if that’s what I’m feeling.


Moe Amatsuka

Moe was someone who was picked for me to watch. She’s fairly popular within Japan, which is unsurprising since she works for S1. They have a lot of decent actresses and I’ve watched a good number of them over the years.

Physically Moe was okay but just not for me. Moe came off on the cuter side of things, which isn’t bad but is generally not what I find myself watching. She was still pretty but I would think I’d say that about everyone in S1. Moe wasn’t curvy the way I like. Her ass wasn’t bad but her breasts were fairly small compared to who I usually watch. I found myself enjoying the other parts of her body more, like how she was slim or had nice thighs. Ultimately her physical proportions just didn’t really do much for me.

From a performance standpoint, Moe reminded me exactly of the average S1 actress. They usually don’t have good performing skills because they are never really required to. Moe struck me as missing qualities for the particular video she was in. She just didn’t really act the way the theme calls for and I felt like there was just a void left behind. I would wager that’s partly because she’s part of S1 where it’s common for actresses just to forgo acting in many cases. I wouldn’t say that it was bad nor that I was let down, but I guess not being let down was more of a factor of my expectations from an S1 actress (even someone like Moe who’s been there a few years).

Overall – C

I think it’s actually quite likely I don’t ever watch Moe again, and that C is probably more like a D. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t about Moe being bad or anything like that, it’s more about my personal preferences. When I look at S1, there are just so many other actresses I’m more likely to watch, like RION, Yua Mikami, Aika Yumeno, Saki Okuda, even Arina Hashimoto or former S1 actresses like Shunka Ayami and Aoi. The group S1 videos give Moe some hope that I’ll watch her again, but for a solo video it’s just super unlikely.


Most Attractive (pretty) Emiri Okazaki
Best Tits Mayuki Itou
Best Ass Mayuki Itou
Best Body Mayuki Itou
Best Video IPX-306 (Momo Sakura)
Best Performer Momo Sakura
Most likely to watch again Momo Sakura
Least likely to watch again Ayaka Makimura

I found Emiri to be the most attractive. She has a very pretty face and I quite enjoy the lighter hair she has.

Mayuki Itou was by far the best physically, in all categories aside from face. She has a pretty rocking body, good proportions and curves. I think maybe I’m biased on her ass a little bit because of the facesitting scene but I’ll be damned if I didn’t enjoy the hell out of it.

Momo Sakura’s video was by far the best. It was really quite good on so many levels, from her performing to the theme being done extremely well.

Momo was also the best performer, and by a good margin as well. I was surprised at how she handled herself, able to identify the personality she needed for the theme and make sure she kept up that personality.

Momo is also the actress I’m most likely to watch again. She’s pretty solid all around, I must say. I’m not clawing at the bits to watch her again which is why she wound up with only an A rating. That being said, I’ve been recommended a few videos and they do look good. If Momo performs equally as good in those, I’m sure to enjoy them quite a bit as well. I realistically see myself watching her a couple more times this year.

Ayaka is the actress I think I’m least likely to watch again. While MILFs and big tits are two things I very much like, Ayaka just wasn’t great. Her performance was so bad I don’t want to see how bad other performances can be. I’m also generally not a huge fan of large areola like that, and I think other actresses like Iori Yuki fill that void. It wouldn’t surprise me if I never watched most of this batch again though considering only Momo and Emiri scored a B or higher.


With that we have another week of New To Me Week in the books. It’s interesting seeing myself not enjoy this cast as much as past entries and perhaps next time I’ll have to do a better job of finding actresses for it. I’m sure I’ll get plenty of recommendations for next time and have a ton of options.


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