July 18, 2024

Pan Picks: Top 10 Jessica Kizaki Videos



    • Born : 6/10/89 (29 years old)
    • Career Status:  2008 – present
    • Measurements: JP 86-60-87 (US 34-24-34)
    • Cup Size: Djessica-kisaki-04855709
    • Height : 160 cm (5 ft 3 in)
    • Hair Color: Brown
    • Eye Color:  Brown



Jessica Kizaki made her debut in the industry back in 2008 with her first gravure release titled “Active high school student physical examination“. Just a few months later she debuted in AV under Ideapocket becoming an exclusive actress for them. 10 years later and she’s still with Ideapocket which is quite remarkable. Besides that she had a short stint with S1 which didn’t last very long. Also she was a member of the original Ebisu Muscats which is a jpop group consisting of gravure and av idols. Some of Jessica’s key selling points are her incredibly good looks and gorgeous long legs . She has a great face that goes from innocent to sultry in the blink of an eye. Not to mention her acting ability is impeccable.

Honorable Mentions


“The Ultimate Fan Service At A New Release Party… Sex With The Fans?! You Must Come To This Unprecedented Event!”


Just barely missing the cut is IPZ-784. It features a fun premise that casts her as herself essentially as she “pleases” her fans at a new release party. Such as when she’s posing for a photoshoot and sucks off a few lucky “fans”. Or when she gets fucked in front of a crowd in a theater. Each scene is memorable and entertaining.


“Call Girl SEX Jessica Kizaki Delivered to Your House


I’m a big fan of this theme so I had to include this on my list somewhere. I’m sure most of you know how this goes already. The plot revolves around Jessica visiting lucky fan in their homes and having sex with them. Performance is always important in this type of video and Jessica really nails it here. She’s quite engaging and boasts great energy. Besides that there’s plenty of scenes and they’re all fun to watch.


“Dick Throbbing Pleasure Guaranteed! A Lucky Horny Situation This Dick Sucking Horny Elder Sister Is Getting Her Panties Wet And Sucking Your Rock Hard Cock For A Hard Quickie”


This here is the most recent video to make my list. It features a great premise that allows for Jessica to show off her seductive side as she seduces random men by flashing her wet panties. There’s an excellent variety in the scene scenarios and her appearance is stunning. Not to mention her performance is solid as well. If you want something more recent this is definitely one to watch.




Pretty simple title huh? Well to be fair it’s a simple and straightforward video. Most of the focus is indeed on semen and facials. However there are some sex scenes as well. The facials here are very nice and there’s a fantastic bukkake scene at the end. I definitely say this is worth a watch for any cum/facial enthusiast out there.


“180 Mins of Real High Quality Brothel and Pink Salon Sex


I really enjoy this series from Ideapocket and Jessica delivers a solid entry in it. The premise is based around Jessica playing a sex worker with various scenes involving soapland and massages just to name a few. Not only are all the scenes surprisingly varied but so is her acting going from submissive to dominant and everything in between.

Best Videos


“Tight Skirt Cram School Teacher”


Sometimes you save the best for last but now is not that time. Hands down this is the best Jessica Kizaki video imo and may just be a top 10 favorite of mine across any actress. At its core the plot is your typical seductive teacher premise. IdeaPocket does a great job with the scenarios here leading to some very memorable scenes. Whether she’s fucking a student that she’s tutoring at his house or blowing a group of students after accidentally showing a sex tape of herself during class. Watching Jessica seduce her students is incredible as she delivers a superb performance. She boasts wonderful enthusiasm and is very engaging overall. Not to mention she gets super sweaty throughout which is always a plus. Which leads me to her appearance which is maybe the best aspect of this video. Her entire wardrobe is top-notch consisting of the usual teacher attire that suits her perfectly. Expect lots of high-heels, pantyhose, stockings and skirts that show off her ridiculous legs and body in amazing fashion. Of course this would all be for nothing if the action wasn’t good but thankfully it is. You get a little bit of everything from several sex scenes to some outercourse scenes and even a nice group blowjob scene. I can’t say enough good things about this one. This ranks as one the best videos I’ve ever seen and is an easy 10/10.


“Honey Trap”


IPZ-001 features quite possibly my favorite premise of any of her videos. Jessica Kizaki plays a sexy, female spy who uses her “feminine ways” to seduce her targets into sex to accomplish her mission. What a brilliant plot. It certainly makes for some very entertaining scenes. That leads me to my first point which is the outstanding action. First off each scene contains its own unique scenario making each scene standout such as one where she sucks off a security guard from under his desk just so she can get his keys. Then there’s my favorite scene and also imo one of her all time best. In this she plays a pizza delivery girl and fucks the shit out of her target just so she can get into his apartment. It’s quite intense and she gets very, very sweaty. In addition her acting throughout is flawless. She really nails her role here and does so with exuberant energy and enthusiasm. Truly one of her best performances to date. I can’t forget to mention how utterly amazing she looks here. She’s in perfect shape with those long, slender legs and gorgeous overall body. And as I mentioned before she gets super sweaty which just makes it her look so much better. Without a doubt this is one of her greatest videos and boasts a very memorable and entertaining plot. This is what jav is all about.


“Supreme Butt Fetish Maniacs”


This series has always been a favorite of mine from Ideapocket and Jessica is a perfect fit. The premise here is very simple. All the focus is on her ass and the sex with no real plot of any sort. Speaking of the action it’s terrific with several sex scenes and some solid outercourse type stuff. None of the scenes feel repetitive and are all varied enough to keep things interesting. The camerawork here also is fantastic as it really captures some mesmerizing angles of her ass. Her appearance is another big reason why this video is on my list. She wears a variety of super sexy outfits that really compliment her body well and showcase it in stunning fashion. Besides that she’s in remarkable shape. I mean one look at the cover should tell you that. She’s easily got some of the absolute best legs around and of course her ass is great too. Now when it comes to her acting she’s solid and gets the job done. But honestly that’s about it. Her performance isn’t all that memorable but that’s fine as everything else here more than makes up for it. So to summarize if you’re an ass lover and want some good action then definitely give this a watch.


“This is Paradise! The Infamous “Adult-Only” Nursery


Gotta love old IdeaPocket and their quirky, bizarre plots. This holds up as a personal favorite of mine. Here Jessica plays a caretaker at a daycare for adults only. All of the scenes make use of this daycare theme for both its setting and scenarios. Such as one scene where she engages in a show and tell of sorts with the guys ultimately leading to her having sex with a few of them. Or another scene where she aids a guy trying to pee and notices he’s hard so she takes care of him. They’re all fun plots and definitely make the action much more interesting. Which speaking of, the action all around is fantastic. Plenty of sex scenes including a pov one along with a few nice filler scenes containing blowjobs and handjobs. Enhancing all this is her immaculate performance. She plays her role to near perfection here as she’s incredibly engaging and active to the point where she gets very sweaty in several scenes. In addition her facial expressions are terrific too. Rounding this out is her stunning appearance. Her wardrobe consists entirely of the typical nursery caretaker which looks good on her. And physically Jessica is looking gorgeous as ever. While IPTD-826 boasts a certainly weird premise it’s for sure worth a watch for any avid Jessica Kizaki fan and anyone looking for something a bit different.


“Four Fucks! Female Anchors Submit Their Bodies to Strenuous Fucking”


IPZ-138 features a unique premise that ultimately leads to some very interesting scenes and exciting action. Most of the scenes consist of her playing a news anchor who goes out on interviews and ends up having sex with her guests. Such as when she’s getting a massage from a masseuse live on camera and well you can guess what happens. Or when she’s interviewing a guy about sex toys and decides to try them out herself. Each scene is varied and does a fine job at standing out and feeling memorable. No repetitive scenes here. The action itself is very good as well. Featuring multiple sex scenes and a fantastic group blowjob scene ending in a messy facial. All this while she’s playing her news reporter role which definitely helps makes all the scenes much more entertaining. When it comes to her acting she delivers a very solid performance overall. She commits herself to her character and plays it pretty well for the most part with excellent enthusiasm and engagement. Finally we have her appearance in which she looks terrific. Her wardrobe is nice too containing a few sexy and professional outfits that suit her quite well. Ideapocket once again knocks it out of the park with a unique premise, great action and solid acting courtesy of Jessica.


“My Very Own Housekeeper


Having Jessica Kizaki as your own personal maid that you can freely fuck whenever you want? Add in the fact that it’s shot in pov and you’ve got a winner. The premise is relatively simple as it casts Jessica with being your new maid that does all your cooking and cleaning for you along with taking care of some more “personal” needs. This leads to some fun and interesting scenes such as when you have her fuck your two co-workers/bosses just to get a raise. Then of course you join in as well. The action here is handled quite well as each scene makes excellent use of the maid theme and there’s plenty of sex too. Jessica’s appearance also ties in well to the premise in that she wears the typical “housemaid” attire which looks great on her. Plus it should go without saying that she’s in top physical shape too. Lastly that brings me to her performance which is solid for the most part. While I’ll admit she’s not perfect and she could have been more energetic she still does a good job overall at playing her role. Whether you’ve got a fetish for maids or love pov you’ll wanna check this one out thanks to its terrific setup and superb action.


“The Beautiful Dental Assistant’s Perverted Treatment”


IPZ-628 boasts quite the unique premise. In it Jessica plays a slutty…dental assistant. After all the videos I’ve seen I don’t recall ever really seeing this plot done before. I gotta say though it’s pretty great. The premise of course revolves around her playing a lewd dental assistant who fucks both her patients and fellow co-workers. It’s certainly a unique plot that allows for some varied and interesting scenarios such as her giving the dentist a blowjob while he’s working on a patient. Now while there are only 4 scenes they are all terrific and memorable in their own way. The best scene is easily though the sex scene at the end which is shot entirely in pov. The next highlight is her standout performance. She definitely delivers here as she’s incredibly engaging and active along with being very slutty. Also love the fact that she gets super sweaty throughout. Overall she is very fun to watch as she brings this premise to life. Helping bring that premise to life also is her spot on appearance. One look at the cover should give you an idea. Those dental assistant uniforms are incredibly sexy on her combined with those stockings which highlight her gorgeous legs. No doubt this is one of her best videos ever and also most memorable. A must watch for sure.


“Cum Facial Princess


Since I’m a massive fan of bukkake I just had to include her entry into the genre on my list. I don’t think I need to explain the premise here too much. All you really need to know is that Jessica gets covered in copious amounts of cum with tons of facials and cumplay. Now of course one of the most crucial elements of a bukkake flick is how are the facials. Well I’m happy to report they’re pretty well done for the most part with one minor gripe. In a few scenes she’s got a big mouthful of cum but instead of swallowing it she just lets it spill out into her hands as the screen fades to black. A little frustrating but it’s not enough to ruin the film. Along with the cumplay there’s a few solid sex scenes. Moving onto her performance which is honestly pretty average. She’s middle of the road when it comes to receiving the facials but mostly not too bad. This is probably the most niche video on my list but if you’re a big fan of bukkake like myself then no doubt this is worth checking out.


“The Super Sweet Life With Jessica And Arisu Under One Roof”


This video is courtesy of one of my favorite all time series from Ideapocket. The premise is pretty simple as it revolves around you being roommates with two good friends in Jessica and Arisu. This video is definitely an experience which is what pov should provide. Overall it really draws you into the premise and greatly enhances even the usually mundane foreplay. It starts out innocent enough but once Jessica catches you watching porn early on it quickly escalates from just her fucking you into full on threesomes. Which leads me to the action and as a whole it’s entertaining from start to finish. Several great one-on-one sex scenes and threesomes. Also the camerawork is on point and the frequent interactions between the two are great as they grope and play with each other constantly. And their performances are equally amazing. Very engaging which is vital for pov and there’s little whining to be had. They’re super bubbly and upbeat here. Lastly they both look top-notch. They definitely make a good pair as they have similar body types and look stunning next to each other. All this makes for a standout entry in this pov centric series that will not let you down.


“Naughty Service by a Cabin Attendant”


Rounding out my list is one that I actually just recently discovered. The premise is what you’d expect really with Jessica playing a sultry and seductive cabin attendant who “takes care” of her customers and clients. It’s certainly an interesting theme that makes for some varied scenes and fun scenarios. Such as when she pulls a lucky guy from a plane ride and fucks him in the back. Or when she services a few random guys onboard by giving them a blowjob. Plenty of great action to be had here. Complimenting all that is her terrific performance. She plays her role excellently with lots of enthusiasm as always. She’s one of the most consistent performers and here is no different. Finally when it comes to her wardrobe it’s about what you’d expect. It mostly consists of the typical flight attendant attire which does look pretty good on her. In closing this is yet another unique film from Jessica from the golden era of Ideapocket with an interesting plot, solid acting and some terrific action.

Worst Videos


“Jessica Kizaki Has Her Guard Up Strong And Won’t Drink Any Alcohol, So We Took Her Out Drinking All Night And She Transformed Into An Instant Whore And Committed Her First Ever Life Changing Mistake”


What a snoozefest. There’s only 2 sex scenes of any sort in this entire video and the first doesn’t occur till 90 min in. Yes the whole first half is just talking and setup. And even the action is pretty bland and vanilla with some mediocre camerawork. Avoid this one unless you wanna fall asleep.


“While I Was Away On Business…” Adultery NTR My Wife’s Ex-Boyfriend Had Bad Intentions When He Filmed Himself Fucking Her And Streamed It Without Permission As An “Adultery Sex Video”


NTR is just not my thing whatsoever. From a technical standpoint it’s shot and handled pretty well. However I just cannot stand this genre for the most part. If you happen to enjoy this sorta thing then you’ll definitely like it. But if you’re like me then skip it for sure.


“Gorgeous Technician In A Private Suite


While it’s not the worst video out there per say it’s easily one of the most basic and forgettable ones out there. It’s nearly 2 and a half hours of just one-on-one hotel room sex. All around the action is painfully average along with her acting. Just avoid this video as you won’t miss anything.

Jessica is one of the oldest remaining members from the golden age of IdeaPocket. 10 years in the business and still going strong. Imo Jessica seems to fly under a lot of people’s radars but I feel like she deserves more recognition for sure. For anyone unfamiliar with her and needs a good launching off point this post will hopefully guide you in the right direction.


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