April 17, 2024

Pan’s Top 25 Videos of 2019 Part 2/2

This is in continuation from part 1 of my top 25 videos of 2019, which can be found here, Before I dive into my top 10 I’d like to list a few on the most disappointing videos of the year imo starting with…


“Instructions For How To Deal With A Bitchy Wife – My Wife’s Sensuality Was Still Underdeveloped”


This easily ranks as her worst video for the year. For an AV Open entry I’d expect much more. It’s an NTR based film with Hitomi playing a young housewife who ultimately gets blackmailed into having sex with her younger neighbor to protect her husband’s job. The positives here are that Hitomi looks very good actually with some nice loose-fitting clothes. And its well shot with excellent lighting and camerawork. But I’m definitely not a big fan of ntr/cuckold type plots so I didn’t enjoy this theme too much. However the biggest issue is the action. There’s only 2 sex scenes and the first doesn’t even happen till over halfway through. Further more both scenes are the exact same as they take place in the same room, same setting and same premise pretty much. Oh and there’s no real cumshots here as its all fake cumshots and fake creampies. There’s a few good moments here and there but overall unless you’re a big ntr fan you can skip this. It’s terrible.


“My Bitchy Female Boss Is A Slave To My Big Cock. Living Sex Sleeve


By far this was one of the worst Kaori videos I’ve ever seen. The plot mainly revolves around her becoming a sex slave to her boss. Not gonna lie I didn’t spend too much time worry about the details of the plot as this video is honestly garbage. Where do I even begin? For starters her performance is very lackluster as she’s incredibly submissive, which is expected, but she’s very low energy throughout the whole film. Her appearance isn’t very good either as not only is her wardrobe underwhelming but physically Kaori is getting out of shape by this video. She definitely started to let herself go by the end of her career. But worst of all here is the absolutely terrible action. The settings for the scenes are drab and dull, the lighting is awful and worst of all the camerawork is trash. It’s all shot via static cameras so at times you’re stuck watching the action from an off angle 10 feet away. And overall it’s a super slow paced video too. Don’t waste your time with this. There’s absolutely nothing redeeming here.


“Today We’re Gonna Tweak Your Nipples To Oblivion!! We’re Kneading And Groping These Slut Babes To Orgasmic Ecstasy! Pull Out Teasing! Perpetual Pussy Pounding”



“Fans Of The J-Cup Titty Cosplayer Only!! A Colossal Tits BUKKAKE Titty Fuck Orgy Offline Meetup Nanami Matsumoto”

That’s a pretty great cover right? Well unfortunately the video doesn’t even come close to matching that cover. There’s really not much to the plot beyond her playing a big titty cosplayer who meets up with “fans” and has sex with them. Personally I’ve never really been a fan of this type of cosplay film. It just kinda feels uninspired to me imo. Anyway this film mainly falters in its action. There’s only 3 scenes with 2 being sex scenes and other being a group paizuri/blowjob scene. Each scene is dragged out and severely bloats the runtime. In addition the lighting is mediocre in the last scene too. And just as a whole the action is bland and forgettable. Her appearance is fine but I really didn’t like the wig in the second scene. Stands out like a sore thumb. Her performance is at least solid for the most part but that’s nowhere near enough to save this film. There’s far better Nanami videos to check out. Save your time.

And now for my top 10 of 2019…

10. MIAA-105

“A Big Ass Teacher If You Can’t Solve These Issues, You’ll Be Fucked To Ejaculate My Grades Are Getting Worse And Worse Thanks To My Crouching Supplementary Lessons…”


While Yuu Shinoda has had several standout releases for 2019 I ultimately chose this as her overall best. Here she plays a lewd teacher who loves to give her lessons while shoving her ass in her student’s face and making him cum over and over. As a big fan of teacher themed videos I really enjoyed the plot here and seeing Yuu take control is always a treat. There’s no shortage of great action here with some excellent sex scenes and solid outercourse type scenes. In addition there’s some nice pov too. All of the scenes, for the most part, make excellent use of the theme as well. Also expect a lot of ass focus and face sitting here with terrific camerawork. Compounding all this stellar action is Yuu’s top-notch performance. She plays her role quite well and in convincing fashion. Her enthusiasm is decent as well and she’s not too whiny either. Plus she’s super engaging. Lastly regarding her appearance she looks pretty good all around. Her wardrobe consists of the usual teacher garb with skirts, high-heels and glasses. Each outfit highlights her ass quite nicely as a whole. Yuu playing a facesitting dominant teacher is genius and Moodyz absolutely delivers with MIAA-105.

9. SSNI-432

“I’m That Scumbag Who Gives Into Temptation When My Girlfriend’s Busty Little Sister Provokes Me With Her Bra-Less F-Cup Tits”


Gotta admit that Yua had a pretty solid year in 2019 with some standout releases and none are better imo than SSNI-432. All of you know this plot already so I don’t think I really need to explain it too much. Yua seduces her older sister’s boyfriend, that’s all you need to know. Where to start with this one. Well for starters her performance is exceptional. She can be quite devilish here and very lewd overall in convincing fashion. She manages to stifle her moans well enough too which is important Plus I loved seeing her teasing the guy over and over. All of that is made better by the pov aspect as most of the scenes all feature pov which is terrific. The pov is only enhanced by the risk factor in many of the scenes. With a 3 hour runtime there’s plenty of great action to be had. There’s several sex scenes that are all memorable such as when Yua fucks you in a cafe while your girlfriend is right nearby. Finally I gotta mention her stunning appearance. Yua looks better than ever here sporting some pigtails and overall is in peak physical shape. She looks amazing in every single scene and while her wardrobe isn’t anything too fancy it gets the job done. In summary this may be my favorite Yua video to date. Exciting action, solid performance, pov and Yua looking stunning. Doesn’t get much better than this.

8. HND-773


Kurea.is.back. I’ll admit its been quite awhile since I’ve been genuinely impressed by a Kurea release but goddamn this video is perhaps one of her all time best. It features a relatively simple premise in that Kurea just fucks the shit out of some guys. That’s really it. You get treated to two and a half hours of Kurea going into her signature sex crazed nympho mode. That leads me to the first and best element of this film, her acting. This is what makes Kurea Hasumi so spectacular. Her raw energy and enthusiasm here is just unmatched. She’s dominant, takes the lead in every scene and boasts amazing facial expressions. Easily an absolutely perfect performance from start to finish.  Complimenting all this is her stunning appearance. Her wardrobe is pretty simple with just a few lingerie pieces really but physically her body is in as great of shape as ever. But how’s the real meat of this video, the action? Well I’m happy to report its pretty damn good. While I’m not a big fan of the basic hotel room setting, the intensity of the sex makes up for it. There’s multiple sex scenes with multiple creampies(possibly fake) and the one non-sex scene is great on its own too. It features Kurea teasing the fuck out of a guy with her pussy and making him cum several times in a row.  Hands down this is the best solo release from Kurea Hasumi in a LONG time. This video undoubtedly proves that she’s still got it.

7. CJOD-205

During My Business Trip, To My Surprise, I Was Stuck With My 2 Lady Bosses In The Same Room, And They Assaulted Me With Double Cowgirl Creampie Sex Until The Break Of Dawn…


Back to back Kurea in my top 10. Yeah you can definitely say Kurea, along with Yuu, had a very strong year. The plot seems to revolve around all 3 here working for a lingerie company who go out on a business trip. Kurea and Yuu get a little tipsy and before you know it they’re fucking the guy like crazy. The whole video takes place inside the hotel room with just these 3 going at it constantly. While that could get stale, CJOD-205 rises above and beyond and delivers a knockout. For starters their acting here is flawless. Easily some of their best acting. They make a great pair and work well with each other. I do wish there could have been a bit more interaction between them but its not a huge deal. Their energy and enthusiasm is second to none and they’re incredibly engaging and fun to watch. Kurea though is just on another level. Some of her best acting to date. The action is another strong highlight with 3 intense threesome sex scenes, one even being shot in pov. Both Kurea and Yuu get equal spotlight in the scenes and the position variety in terrific. Plus the camerawork is exceptional as well. And of course I can’t forget to mention their appearances. Wardrobe wise its pretty good as they each sport some sexy lingerie that suit them very well. And physically they both look gorgeous. They really do look fantastic together. I really can’t praise this video enough. The pairing of Kurea and Yuu has a lot of potential and CJOD-205 fully delivered.

6. PRED-156

“Bookish And Big Titted Girl Whispers Dirty Talk Into Your Ear While She Rides Your Cock”


As can tell Nanami really made an impression on me in 2019. PRED-156 features a real fun premise with Nanami playing a somewhat nerdy girl who seduces random men for the thrill of it and snaps pictures to commemorate the moment. Such as when she pulls in a package delivery man and gives him an intense thigh-job. It’s a really entertaining premise that allows for Nanami to flex her acting skills. She does a fantastic job at playing her role here and makes it believable. Her facial expressions are spot-on and her enthusiasm is terrific as well. Nanami Matsumoto is really becoming one of the better performers around right now and this video shows off her skill in wonderful fashion. Adding to this is her gorgeous appearance. She looks amazing here in her glasses and her wardrobe compliments her very well. None of her outfits are super memorable per say but they get the job done and look great on her. And physically she’s in top-notch shape. And all around the action is superb. Now while there’s only two sex scenes here but are fantastic, especially the first one. However even the filler scenes are incredible such as the paizuri scene and thigh-fucking scene which hands down features one of the best finishes  I’ve ever seen. Hell there’s even a scene of her dry humping a stuffed animal. Plus the camerawork is flawless and captures some amazing shots of her. The time is now to check into Nanami if you haven’t already. You won’t be disappointed.


5. PPPD-729


That is one hell of a cover I should say. And the video actually lives up to the cover for once too.  It’s got a fantastic setup too as it revolves around Hitomi catching her brother-in-law sneaking a peek at her while she’s playing with herself. In typical jav fashion she punishes him by fucking his brains out pretty much throughout the rest of the video. I think I speak for most Hitomi fans when I say we all prefer to see her dominant side as that’s what she’s best at and you get a video full of that here. She delivers a superb dominant performance with great energy and matching facial expressions. It’s amazing to see her take complete control from beginning to end as she essentially turns this guy into her pet. It’s truly what she’s best at. To compliment that her acting is matched by her sexy and top-notch appearance. Whether she’s wearing some sexy lingerie or suspenders and a t-shirt she looks phenomenal. This is peak Hitomi for sure. Lastly the action is just as good all around with several sex scenes that all feature multiple cumshots and creampies. And there’s a nice sneaky paizuri scene where she makes him cum twice in a row. Only reason this isn’t higher is due to the last scene being a big underwhelming. That being said this is still a can’t miss video that EVERY Hitomi fan should watch.

4. HND-698

‘My Girlfriend’s Older Sister Has Incredibly Big Tits!! She Secretly Lured Me To Temptation, And Then I Had To Keep My Voice Down As She Made Me Creampie Fuck Her”


Yes its pretty clear to see that this is surely one of my favorite series in jav and Nanami Matsumoto absolutely delivers a near flawless video here. Once again the premise is the typical “seduced by girlfriend’s older sister” plot. So as per usual expect lots of risky sex which is easily one of the very best elements of this film. Nearly every scene incorporates some form of risk and its executed brilliantly. Such as when you and Nanami have sex with the sister asleep in bed or getting a blowjob underneath the table. And the added pov aspect in some of the scenes greatly enhances the experience as well. The last sex scene could have been a bit better but that’s just a minor nitpick. Now what may just be the best element here is Nanami’s acting. Hands down her best performance to date imo. She generally takes the lead in all the scenes and boasts incredibly energy. She’s so expressive here and plays her role to near perfection as she’s super seductive. Oh and there’s some nice facesitting from her too which I always love. Of course her appearance is another highlight as she looks amazing. Much of her wardrobe shows off her cleavage which is very nice and overall she’s in top-notch shape. Go watch this now if you haven’t. It’s an easy 10/10 for me and one of the very best releases of 2019.

3. PPPD-766

“1 Week of Living Together With the Cold but Big-titted Girl Next Door”


Another Hitomi video on my list, imagine that lol. This one features a nice plot casting Hitomi as well, the girl next door. She ends up watching over you for a week and discovers you’re a virgin so she decides to have some fun with you. Gradually over the course of the film she warns up to you after starting out very cold. She’s basically a tsundere here. Part of the reason why this plot is so effective is her terrific performance. She plays the role very well with excellent progression from beginning to end with great engagement and energy. Her acting fits the scene whether she’s cold and distant or lusty and loving it. Next up is the top-notch action which features 6 scenes across 2 and a half hours so there’s plenty to enjoy here. There’s multiple sex scenes and some very good paizuri scenes as well all shot in lovely pov. They’re all well paced and handled near perfectly. Finally we have her appearance which is another highlight. Not only does she wear a few nice outfits but physically she looks pretty great too. Without a doubt this is one of her most unique and best videos of the year. Great plot, great acting, great sex and of course all shot in pov. What more could you ask for?

2. SSNI-424


Before I finalized my list I knew which two videos would be at the top. It was a no brainer for me. I don’t think I need to explain the premise here. You all know this sort of series by now. Aoi plays the lewd and slutty sister who seduces her sister’s boyfriend via flashing him and showing him her panties. This entry does feel a bit different thanks to the different element of seduction being pantyshots and not her boobs or cleavage. Also it’s all shot in pov which is always a plus. There’s many reason why this is my 2nd favorite video of the year. I guess I’ll start with the action which is a whopping 3 hours long and features some truly amazing scenes. Plenty of sex scenes that are all amazing and even the filler scenes are incredible such as the outercourse and handjob scene. Mostly due in part to the pov aspect but also the risk factor involved. Such as when she fucks in bed while your gf is asleep. Acting is always key in this series and Aoi overall delivers a superb performance. She’s not that whiny and she engages pretty well. Plus her enthusiasm is solid. Last but not least is her appearance which is absolute perfection. She looks amazing here. One nice aspect is that she’s constantly showing off her ass. By far my favorite look from her is in the 2nd sex scene in which she wears a nurse uniform complete with some sexy stockings. By far the best Aoi film to date. A must watch.

1. PPPD-796

“Fainting In Agony From Huge Tits Pressure! Pulling Out! Choking Ejaculation! Titty Torture Masochist Sexual Club”


Femdom and Hitomi make for a masterful combination and the result is my personal favorite video of 2019. There’s really not much to the central plot here besides Hitomi playing a dominatrix role and having her way with the guys here in controlling fashion. Such as making them cum multiple times, smothering them with her tits and even some pegging. Now a film such as this really depends on the quality of acting from the performer and thankfully Hitomi delivers in full. She’s very dominant here and really seems to enjoy herself as she teases these guys over and over. And her facial expressions are absolutely spot-on too. All in all she nails her role and has a ton of fun with it. Next up is the action which is excellent. Now yes there is a pegging scene but it’s handled pretty well and does end with the guy cumming twice in a row. Beyond that the sex scenes are intense and feature some really sexy positions allowing for some great titty smothering from Hitomi. And while the creampies are fake I do appreciate that afterwards the guy cums for real, usually on her chest. And finally I gotta mention her outstanding wardrobe. There’s some really standout outfits here such as full-body fishnets, a corset and the cover outfit with the catsuit. They’re all very sexy and suit her wonderfully. I personally love this side of Hitomi and she absolutely delivers making for one of the best femdom videos I’ve ever seen.


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