July 18, 2024

Pan Takes: PPPD-818

PPPD-818(Jan 2020)

“Time-Stopping Titty-Fondling Academy – The Stimulation She Feels While Time Is Stopped Hits Her All At Once When Time Is Restarted, Giving Her A Powerful Orgasm!”



Oppai sometimes gets a lot of hate for their uninspired plots. Hell sometimes for Hitomi its literally just “BIG BOOBIES WOW” with no substance at all. However I gotta hand it to Oppai this time as this is a rather creative plot. Hitomi plays a teacher who scolds a student for spying on her changing clothes. He meets up with a doctor who has a device capable of freezing time. So of course they use it and have fun with Hitomi throughout the rest of the film as they grope, finger and fuck her. The one twist though is that whenever time is unfrozen she feels all the pleasure from when she was frozen all unleashed in a single moment. It’s certainly a niche premise but as someone whose a big fan of the timestop genre and of course teachers I greatly enjoyed this setup.


This film is rather meaty with a 3 hour runtime and boasting 5 scenes in all. Now with the timestop genre a common issue is that the action can be underwhelming due to the absence of interaction from the actress. This film does suffer a bit from that unfortunately. For example the paizuri scene at the start where the guys just shove their dicks into her cleavage. Without Hitomi engaging with the actor it’s very disappointing and lackluster. The rest of the scenes fair better though and are quite solid. They feature a nice range of positions and setups. In addition there’s a surprising amount of squirting from Hitomi too. Overall the action is pretty standard fare for what you’d expect from the genre.


Now you may say how can you grade her acting if she spends majority of the time frozen? Well that’s just it. How well does she manage to contain her facial expressions and remain still. To that she does a splendid job. Whether she’s getting groped, fingered or fucked hard she stays completely still for the most part. Even when she’s squirting she remains frozen. She’s very convincing in her role here. Now as far as her appearance goes she wear several standout outfits. Some examples include the typical teacher garb, a swimsuit and sexy lingerie that  showcase her tits very well.


In closing PPPD-818 is a refreshing plot that is wacky and entertaining. While the action could’ve been better there’s still some great scenes here and her spot-on performance bolsters the plot and really helps sell the premise. Plus her wardrobe is pretty spectacular all around. Overall a pretty niche plot but for anyone that’s a fan of  the timestop genre you’ll definitely wanna check it out. If not you can safely skip it.













  • Great, convincing performance
  • Wacky and entertaining timestop plot
  • Stunning wardrobe


  • Underwhelming action at times
  • Mediocre first scene
  • Some scenes a bit too dragged out

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