July 14, 2024

Pan Takes: WANZ-929

WANZ-929(Jan 2020)

“A Shared Room Big Ass Cuckold Fuck Fest, Engineered By My Lady Boss She Pounded Me With Spectacular Cowgirl Sex Until The Break Of Dawn And Made Me Creampie Her…”


Honestly I’m not 100% sure on the specifics of the plot here but the main jist is that Maria Nagai plays a flirty and lewd boss who is on a business trip with one of her employees. Now I don’t know for certain if the guy is supposed to be married or not. But anyways she proceeds to come on to him and fuck his brains out throughout the length of the film. Hell at one point she “drugs” him with a male enhancement pill to keep him going. This sort of premise seems to be the new fad at the moment and it’s handled quite well here.


The film is pretty meaty, in more ways than one, with a runtime of nearly 3 hours encompassing just 4 scenes. In total there’s 3 sex scenes and 1 outercourse scene. My only real gripes with the action as a whole is that the outercourse scene is very much filler and is quite underwhelming. Also there’s a setup for a great potential thigh-fucking scene that goes to waste. Beyond that the action is fantastic. There’s plenty of creampies, squirting, some amazing face sitting and great positions. Plus the lighting and camerawork are on point.


All around this is easily one of Maria’s best performances to date. She’s full of lust here as she fucks with incredible enthusiasm and energy to the point where she’s glistening with sweat. She takes the lead in every scene in convincing fashion. She’s such a natural with this type of dominant role. Her appearance is just as good too with some super sexy lingerie, pantyhose, stocking and full body fishnets. All the typical OL outfits pretty much.


Maria Nagai is starting 2019 out strong with this stellar release. The plot is well suited for her and she delivers. Its a simple plot really but gives Maria the opportunity to shine as a performer. Her enthusiasm is on point and the action matches that intensity. Couple that with her super sexy OL wardrobe and you’ve got a real winner.












  • Sexy OL wardrobe
  • Intense action with great lighting and camerawork
  • Flirty and dominant performance


  • Missed thigh-fucking opportunity šŸ™
  • Forgettable outercourse shower scene

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