July 19, 2024

Panking’s Top 10 Videos of 2017

2017 saw the release of plenty of great stuff. I’m here to discuss and countdown my top ten favorite videos of the year. There were several new actresses that I really enjoyed this year such as Mika Sumire and Aya Sazanami. Unfortunately though some decided to retire with the main casualty being Meguri.  Anyway you’ll seen plenty of variety on my list from big asses to big tits and even a little bukkake. So without further ado I’ll kickoff my list with some honorable mentions.

Honorable mentions

XRW-262 Kaori

“This Dirty Old Man Was Being Rented By A Horny Lady With The Perfect Body She’s Working So Hard To Work Off Her Sexual Frustrations, It’s Making His Dick Feel Like It’s Being Scraped Off”


2017 was an excellent year for Kaori. She had several grade A videos with not only this but also GVG-535, TEM-051 and NAKA-011. But this one was one of my favorites for sure from her.To be honest I’m not 100% on the plot but basically its just Kaori playing the seductive milf type role that she’s done before. This video nails every single aspect. Her dominant performance is spectacular and the sex is equally incredible with terrific camerawork and just great action. She also looks absolutely amazing and so very thick. Definitely one of her best films of 2017 but there’s still more to come from her for my list…


“Moments Before Ejaculation! Big Tits High Pressure Pull Out Dirty Talk”


Of course Hitomi would be on my list somewhere and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that it’s perhaps not the only one. PPPD-602 is fairly straightforward(like most of her Oppai releases in 2017) as it centers around her being controlling and heavily teasing the poor guys here. My only critique is that the lighting is a little off in some scenes but beyond that this is a very good release from her. The action is intense, she looks terrific and she delivers a dominant and memorable performance. Definitely one of her best of the year.


“Bouncy Soft Titty Fuck”


Never would’ve thought that a paizuri video with Marina would make my list but here we are. A testament to just how great of a performer she is because that’s the main reason this video is so good. Adding to that is the sheer variety in the scenes. Typically a paizuri focused video can get very boring and stale quite fast but all the scenes feature a unique scenario and keep things fresh. Not to mention Marina looks super sexy here as well. Anyone into paizuri should absolutely give this a shot.


“I Gave The Teacher A Creampie While A Schoolgirl Was Watching”


Asahi Mizuno had a solid 2017 and I consider this to be her best work of the year. Asahi Mizuno plays a teacher who humiliates the one male student in front of the girls in the class by fucking him in front of them. That element of having them constantly there and watching certainly made the action more entertaining. Plus her enthusiastic performance and strong facial expressions make the scenes that much more fun to watch. Also every scene ends in a creampie too. If you like Asahi and want a unique premise then this is right up your alley.


“Suddenly Time Stop At The Exciting Academy”


I’m personally a big fan of timestop and seeing this reverse take on the genre is pretty rare. Meguri plays a school teacher who uses an app on her phone to freeze time and have sex with her students. Her performance really carries this premise as she plays the role convincingly and brings a wealth of high energy. In addition she looks stunning in her various teacher uniforms and there are loads of creampies. All this combined makes for one of my favorite videos from her and a standout of 2017.

Now without further ado let’s begin the countdown…

10. AVOP-372

“Mature Facial!! W SEX, Sperm Lesbians and Beautiful Mature Women”


Kicking off my list with a staple of jav that has sort of fallen off as of late, bukkake. The AV Open was largely unimpressive aside from a few standout releases with this being one of them. This video is styled like a traditional Dream Shower video featuring the pair of Kaho and Yumi getting absolutely covered in cum in various scenes. There’s some nice sex scenes as well and even some light girl-on-girl action to be had. They each look terrific and they’re performances are just as good. Not much else to say really. It’s very straightforward. While it’s definitely one of the more niche videos on my list if you’re a fan of the genre like myself I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


9. STAR-789

“Watch Her Scream, Spasm, And Cum In Creampie Raw Footage Fucking With Big Black Mega Sized Cocks”


2017 was a pretty solid year for the wonderful Marina Shiraishi. She had a couple great videos but none better imo than this one right here. STAR-789 centers around creampies and interracial sex. There’s no plot whatsoever as it features 3 sex scenes with one being a foursome. Marina is no stranger to interracial sex as this is her third outing and she really handles herself very well. At times she can get a little whiny but for the most part she’s her usual bubbly self and a joy to watch. Just fantastic enthusiasm from start to finish. Plus watching her speak English is too adorable. The action is fairly intense and features very little filler to get in the way. Also the creampies are excellent here. Her appearance is another huge positive as her wardrobe is super sexy. The main example being her cover outfit which looks amazing on her. All in all this is by far one of the best interracial videos I’ve personally seen and the addition of creampies makes it a huge favorite.


8. GESU-032

“Sports Cosplay Lesbian”


I’m normally not one for loli type actresses but Azuki is one exception as she’s cute and has a big ass for a petite girl like herself. To my surprise this ended up being not only one of Kurea’s best videos but also one of the greatest videos of 2017 imo. It’s entirely girl on girl focused with the general theme based around school and sports. Now honestly lesbian videos can sometimes be very hit and miss depending on their chemistry and the action. Thankfully this one boasts terrific action as it features tons of strap-on sex and lots of kissing and groping. Seeing Kurea fuck Azuki relentlessly is a sight to be had. Performances from both are great as they each play their respective role well. Azuki is much more submissive while Kurea is very dominant and controlling. Their chemistry together is solid too. Their wardrobe is another strong point as they both wear plenty of light and sporty clothes. Especially in Azuki’s case as she wears some sexy thigh high socks. And at the same Kurea wears a sports bra and super tight shorts. Anyone that’s a fan of lesbian action and of course Kurea or Azuki can’t afford to miss this. Kurea Hasumi may not have had a great 2017 but GESU-032 is definitely one to remember.



7. MIGD-767

Baby Making Sex With A Voluptuous Female Teacher!!


Some things are guarantees. Death, taxes and Chitose nailing dominant roles. Here we have another leading role for Chitose and yet again she delivers. This time she plays an aggressive and slutty school teacher who seduces and fucks her students. Oh and there’s plenty of creampies to boot. So speaking of the sex its fantastic here. Featuring several full creampie sex scenes, some unique and memorable positions and excellent technical aspects. Compounding all of this is Chitose’s acting which is near perfection. She’s her trademark self here as she’s expressive, controlling and super energetic. Last but not least is her wardrobe which is chock full of sexy teacher uniforms and lingerie. Anyone with a liking to teachers, creampies and dominant performances should absolutely add this to their watch list. You won’t be disappointed.


6. PPPD-571

“Temptation of the Big Tits Shotacon Older Sister! Creampie Sex With Young Cock!”


Shotacon. A genre that is certainly pretty niche but as a big fan of the it I though this was surely one of the best in recent memory. As par the course with this series from Oppai the premise tasks Ai Sayama with babysitting a young guy while his friend is over. Soon enough she starts coming onto him. Starting out slow with some groping and foreplay before eventually moving onto full on sex. No doubt one of the best elements here is the acting, from both sides actually. I’m not one to point out the actor’s acting but the guys here do a good job at being naive. Anyway Ai’s performance here is outstanding as her enthusiasm and energy are superb. Not to mention she’s believable in this role and her facial expressions are just amazing. The action is also very good. While it does take a little while to get going the actual sex is terrific. One noteworthy highlight being a scene taking place a birthday party where she brings one of the guys into the kitchen while the family in nearby and fucks him for a creampie. Last but not least Ai Sayama looks great as well. Very beautiful and voluptuous. There’s really no weaknesses here besides a slow start. Every aspect here is on point and Oppai delivers a standout video in the shotacon genre.


5. ABP-566

“Absolute Classic Situation 2”


Shunka Ayami for me personally is hit or miss. A lot of her work with Prestige feels and looks the same, especially the covers. But this one really surprised and managed to earn a spot in my top 5. The premise here revolves around several different scenarios all shot in pov. There’s 4 in all but one is largely forgettable as it’s just a blowjob scene in a library. But thankfully the other scenes are fantastic. Starting out you eating at a ramen bar and her pulling you into the bathroom to fuck her. Then in another scene you’re in the hospital while she visits you and end up having sex right in the bed. During all this the doctor comes into the room a few times so there’s a great risk element to it. The last scene is a bit strange as it has you watching Shunka getting fucked by your friend, at least I assume. But then after that he falls asleep and she turns her attention towards you and proceeds to have her way with you. It’s no doubt weird but honestly it may be the best scene of the bunch. Her performance throughout is quite good as well. From seductive to submissive and even a little dominant she plays it all. Can’t forget to mention how utterly amazing she looks here. Shunka Ayami’s body is incredible and she’s in top form here. Slender, beautiful and great boobs. Whether you’re a diehard fan or new to her I can’t recommend this enough. Superb action, varied scenarios and Shunka looking stunning. What’s better than that?


4. CJOD-124

“She’ll Bring You To An Amazing Ejaculation With Her Ass In This Furious Big Ass Oil Massage Parlor”


I never really paid very much attention to Yuu Shinoda until 2017. However once I did I realized how much I’ve been missing. This video plays to several of her strengths and as a result manages to be one of the best releases of 2017. The plot is pretty simple as it’s just a basic massage themed video with Yuu playing the role of a slutty masseuse. There are many reasons why is a near massterpiece but one of the big ones is the incredible action. First off the camerawork is amazing as it captures some insane angles of her body and the addition of pov in 3/5 scenes is fantastic. Plus the lighting is very nice. The positions used are brilliant and really do a terrific job of highlighting her ridiculous figure. Oh and I can’t forget to mention the abundance of creampies. Next up is her performance is which is near perfection. Wonderfully seductive, on point facial expressions and great energy with a nice subtle slutty touch to her overall acting. Last but certainly not least is her appearance which is another home run. Her wardrobe is what you’d expect from a massage themed video with the typical masseuse smock and stockings. Her physical appearance is superb as she’s in the best shape of her career imo. And when she’s on all fours and arching her back, its beyond words. No one looks better than her in doggystyle. If you ever wondered what the hype is about for Yuu Shinoda then you can do no better than this. Watch this immediately and be amazed. Also be sure to read Yunahayashi’s review  too.


3. PPPD-618

“The Busty Teacher’s Allure”


2017 for Hitomi was a mixed bag. Some great and terrible videos along with a lot of average or “meh” ones. However I believe this is the highlight of her releases this year. Now I will say I have a bias towards Hitomi and teacher themed videos so that does inflate my feelings towards this a bit but it’s still an amazing video on its own merit. The plot is as simple as it gets as Hitomi plays a schoolteacher who seduces her students with her big, round, lovely eyes. Oh and her giant boobs too I guess. Hitomi is no stranger to this seductive and in control role and as a result she delivers a stunning performance. She’s very experienced in this area and it shows as she’s super engaging, expressive and just overall a lot of fun to watch. The action is equally as great with 3 full sex scenes and some fantastic paizuri which we all know Hitomi is a master at. Her appearance is perhaps the best aspect here though. Her wardrobe is very sexy as it consists of the typical teacher uniforms that showcase her immaculate cleavage. Besides that Hitomi herself is in remarkable shape. Her figure is fantastic and of course her boobs are as big as ever. Oppai’s 2017 as a whole is largely average at best but this is easily among the standouts and shouldn’t be missed by any Hitomi fan.


2. HUNTA-282

“My Super Serious, Stuffy Sister-in-Law Is Really A Beast Who Really Craves Sex! 2 Give In To Temptation And Surrender Your Body Once, And It’s Over! It Doesn’t Matter If Your Parents Are Nearby! She’ll Demand A Pounding Whenever She Pleases, No Matter The Time Or Place!”


Hands down this may be the single best scene of Aimi Yoshikawa’s career to date. It nails every single aspect starting with the terrific plot. The title pretty much explains it all but basically the sister-in-law visits this guy and his mother to discuss something. During which she relentlessly teases and seduces him until he eventually gives in. It leads to tons of sex as they sneak around the house avoiding the mother. Risk plays a major part in the action as they fuck everywhere from the living room with her right next to them to even having sex underneath the kitchen table. In addition there are loads of creampies(although likely to be fake). Another major positive is her perfect appearance. Nothing too special in terms of wardrobe besides a pair of glasses and some shirts that make her cleavage look absolutely stunning. More than that though her physical appearance is flawless. She’s put on a bit of weight which makes her look 10 times better and as a result her boobs are even bigger. Last but not least she actually delivers a worthwhile performance. She’s super seductive as well as flirty and she even takes the lead throughout. Even her usual weak spots such as moaning and facial expressions aren’t too bad here. All this makes for one of the greatest scenes of the year and a must watch for fans of Aimi Yoshikawa.


1. AVOP-371

“An Explosive Ass Exhibition Big Ass Mature Woman Babes In A Sexy Fuck Fest”


When I initially saw the trailer for this I knew it was gonna be amazing. The premise is very simple. 5 milfs with 5 big asses casting Kaori as the center focus. Featuring 4 hours of juicy goodness. What’s really special here is the action and scene variety. You’d think the premise may wear thin and scenes may starting feeling a little stale but not so. Marrion does an outstanding job with every aspect. The camerawork is superb and the variety is excellent here too. Some of the highlights include:

  • Lesbian scene with Kaori involving double ended dildo
  • Swimsuit scene with pegging
  • Threesome massage with Kaori and Ryoko Murakimi
  • Group sex scene with a maid theme

Not only that but all the actresses look super sexy and wear some phenomenal outfits. Each one accentuates their amazing asses and bodies. My personal favorite being Kaori’s outfit in her solo sex scene which is a bunnygirl/maid outfit. Lastly performances from all of them are top-notch as they’re intense, dominant, engaging and very enthusiastic. Sometimes they overdo it but its  not a big deal. Whether you’re a Kaori fan, enjoy milfs or an ass lover you absolutely cannot miss this video. I can easily say that this was the best video I saw across all of 2017 and one I will never forget. A true massterpiece.



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