July 20, 2024

Pan’s Top 20 Least Favorite Videos Part 2/2

If you missed part 1 check it out right here. With that out of the way its time to count down my worst of the worst starting with…

10. WANZ-750

“Totally Anal Twitching Sex All The Time


Oh, anal and Yuu Shinoda this should be a winning combination right? Well you’d be completely wrong. This video is downright awful. There’s next to no plot here as it just focuses on Yuu’s asshole and anal. One of the biggest issues with this video is the fact that there’s no actual sex until over 70 min in. They literally spend an hour just examining her ass and asshole. And when the sex does finally happen its nothing special. That can partially be attributed to her weak performance as she can be quite whiny. I will say that Yuu looks pretty good at least but that’s not nearly enough to save this film. It gets off to one of the slowest starts I’ve ever seen and features mediocre action and acting from her. Unless you’re a super anal/asshole fanatic you should skip this entirely.

9. PPPD-519

“What If It Was OK To Rape And Creampie Big Breasted Girls…


Now I know I don’t typically enjoy rape themed releases but once in awhile I find one I really like. This one seemed interesting enough and its Hitomi so I gave it a solid chance. But sadly I came away massively disappointed and it stands as one of her worst videos ever imo. Here Hitomi works as a news anchor for a news station. One of her co-workers discovers she has huge tits and starts to grope her and eventually fucks her. This leads to several rape scenes between her and her fellow co-workers. The only real positive I can give is that she looks pretty decent. Everything else here is awful for the most part. One reason is the dumb and nonsensical plot. Literally everyone(even the females) joins in on the rape because…she has big tits. That’s it. If there’s a legit good reason for the rape in a video then I can enjoy it but here its dumb as fuck. Also each scene feels exactly the same. They reuse the same location, room and even setup. Its so unbelievable repetitive and feels like the movie, Groundhog Day, watching the same thing over and over. Her acting isn’t too great either but that’s the least of this videos issues. Don’t bother with this one. Even if you’re a diehard Hitomi fan there’s virtually no reason to watch PPPD-519.

8. LID-057

“Men’s Nipple Pleasure Salon


Mika Sumire. She has quite possibly the most stone-cold, dead inside glares I’ve ever seen. This particular video is a basic massage themed release with an emphasis on nipple play. So expect lots of her kissing and licking the guy’s nipples. Where to start with this one. Well for one there’s only one sex scene throughout the whole video with the other scenes being handjobs, blowjobs and outercourse. In addition the scenes are very slow paced and the use of nipple play gets incredibly stale. Lastly is her awful performance. Mika Sumire is easily one of the worst performers I’ve ever seen in jav. She has next to no emotion or energy here at all. Most times just looking completely dead inside. While she’s not super whiny or anything she’s just very, very boring to watch. Which is a bit of a shame because I do like her fake boobs and her body. But nothing can save this terrible film. Awful premise, horrible acting and very mediocre action.

7. RCT-792

“Dark Type – Rough Sex Devils


Ropes, restraints and rape. These are a few of my least favorite things. The premise centers around Chitose playing a cosplayer who gets raped after being setup on a phony photo-shoot by a young group of admirers. Each scene consists of her getting tied up and restrained while forcefully having sex. While her performance isn’t quite bad and the sex itself is decent I just can’t enjoy the video at all due to the overly rapey plot and the ropes. It’s a look I just can’t get behind. There’s really not much else to say really. I’m sure some out there will be a fan of this video but definitely not me.

6. BDA-045

“Bermuda 5th Anniversary Variety Special The Bald Woman


One look at the cover will probably tell you why this video is her on my list. I’m not gonna lie I barely watched this at all and just lightly skimmed through it. As such I really don’t know the exact plot but all I know is that she seemingly plays a married woman who ends up getting all her hair cut and shaved off. Afterwards she of course gets raped. It’s really just all around unpleasant to watch. There’s one sex scene here that is okay and not bad. But everything else is unwatchable imo. Whether it be the first scene with her fingering the guy’s asshole or the sex scene in which her “hair” is cut while getting fucked. Then of course there’s the few scenes with her bald look which I can’t stand to watch. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone who actually liked his video. If you’re out there lemme know. I guess if you’re into heavy humiliation type plots and…bald/shaved heads you may like it. Otherwise stay the fuck away. And yes I realize she has just a cap on but still. She looks like a damn alien.

5. BBZA-003

“Perverted Marine Sports Naked Scuba Diving


This video very easily could have been on my most disappointing picks list but I decided to include it here instead. It features one hell of an enticing cover for sure. But that’s as far as the highlights go I’m afraid. The video’s premise centers around scuba diving and underwater action. And you may be thinking “oh well that could be fun”. I’m here to say absolutely not. The scenes here are all flat out awful with nothing redeeming at about them at all. Such as a scene featuring the cover outfit but it quickly goes to shit as she puts on scuba gear covering it up and even then its just a bland handjob scene…underwater. There’s a few sex scenes but they’re so incredibly boring, slow paced and uninteresting. Her performance is pretty forgettable as well but to be fair it’s hard to act when you’re underwater with scuba gear on. This film is just a complete waste of time. Terrible sex and terrible execution amounts to a complete snooze-fest.

4. VICD-348

“V 10th Anniversary A Godly Ass Anal Shredding Rape Yuki Jin


Anal in jav is almost always bad and this particular video may be the worst offender of them all. It’s to the point where its flat out difficult to even watch. There’s no real premise here as the entire focus is on “butt stuff” with Yuki Jin’s ass all with a heavy bondage theme to it. So expect lots of anal sex, dp, enemas and anal squirting. By enemas I mean they fill her ass up with liquid and she then squirts it out. Now in actuality there’s only 2 sex scenes out the entire video. The rest is filled with them toying with her ass in various ways and dripping hot candle wax all over her. Even if you happen to be into all this it’s very hard to watch as she’s incredibly whiny here and often looks like she’s on the verge of tears. It’s really just impossible to enjoy from any angle. This is always my main gripe with anal videos in jav. They’re often rapey, dark and the actress never looks to be enjoying herself whatsoever. Its completely awful, painful to watch and is a great example of why anal in jav is usually complete dogshit.

3. MIDE-245

“Breaking In A Busty Married Woman With S&M ~Hot Wife Cheats With Her Bondage Instructor”


I am a massive fan of Hitomi(shocker I know) but this cover is perhaps of the all time worst covers I have ever seen. I’m sure some of you out there may disagree but to me it’s just so off-putting. Anyway the actual plot to this is that Hitomi hires a “bondage coach” so she can learn how to handle bondage better…idk it doesn’t really make any sense and to be fair I didn’t really pay too much attention to it. I just cannot stand the whole ropes look and seeing the actress restrained in them. Top it off with a rapey overtone and a submissive performance and you’ve got a Hitomi video that even I don’t wanna watch. I will say the last sex scene isn’t so bad as the ropes aren’t that much of a turn off there and she starts to become more lively but its nowhere near enough to save the rest of the film. If you happen to really enjoy bondage and ropes then honestly you’ll probably like this one. But I think I speak for most Hitomi fans when I say this isn’t what we want from her.

2. EIKI-018

“Silver Fox Diner – Miss Kaori – “Moaning From Just A Little Nipple Play?” This Skillful MILF’s Food And Sex Are Both Delicious”


Easily one of the most pointless videos I’ve ever seen. I really don’t know the exact plot but to be fair it really doesn’t matter too much. There’s only three scenes in the entire video and one of them features Kaori cooking a dish for over HALF of the runtime. And it’s not like she wears anything sexy during it at least which could save the scene a bit. It’s incredibly boring, dull and a complete waste of time. Beyond that there’s a blowjob scene and a sex scene. Granted they are both shot in pov which is nice but still they’re pretty average across the board. One positive note is that her performance during these scenes is actually pretty good. But with that awful and pointless cooking scene taking up over 50% of the runtime it’s difficult to make a case for anyone to watch this, even the most dedicated Kaori fans.

1. RCT-080

“Rio Hamasaki Has Her Hymen Repaired -And Loses Her Virginity Again For The Second Time”


A Rio Hamasaki video as my least favorite video? Yes that is correct. RCT-080 features one of the most strange and hard to watch plots I’ve ever seen. The title explains it perfectly honestly. She literally gets her pussy hymen stitched back together and then loses her virginity all over again. It’s to the point where they actually show the operation as it happens. She even cries several times throughout culminating in this being one of the most difficult videos to just flat out watch, let alone try to fap to. The sex scenes are average at best but with the whole awful premise looming over it’s not too enjoyable. And sure Rio Hamasaki looks fine but that could be said about every other video from her lol. The only real reason why anyone may wanna watch this is just out of sheer curiosity. Beyond that it’s completely unwatchable with really nothing redeeming about it all. Rocket often hits some home-runs with their wacky premises but this one is not the case.


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