May 16, 2024

New To Me – 2019 Debut Edition Part 3

So here we are, the final New To Me of 2019. 2019 has been a fun year for debuts because I was extremely proactive about looking out for them. I spent all year looking out for debuts and wound up watching a total of 21. It’s been really fun trying to find all the best debuts from this year and I’m excited to share the last of them with everyone. I’m also really excited to see how next year turns out. Anyway, without further ado here are the last seven actresses.


Amina Nanjou

Amina Nanjou was the final debut actress I decided to watch. I definitely spent some time debating who the final actress would be. Amina was someone that caught my eye and went onto a short list of actresses to watch. I think she was a beneficiary of the surge in MILF actresses I’ve been watching in recent months. The video itself looked incredibly hot so I was excited to watch when I finally decided on it.

Amina herself was fairly nice. I found she had this great MILF vibe going on without looking too old. Very reminiscent of someone like Aki Sasaki who looks great for her age. She wasn’t really that curvy but despite that I found myself enjoying her breasts. Being small doesn’t mean they’re bad and they had nice shape and form. Her body as a whole was nice. I do think that the cover was shopped quite a bit, particularly that her boobs aren’t that big, though her face actually was pretty much exactly as the cover depicted.

Amina’s performaning was solid. I found myself enjoying her moaning, even when it felt like it was getting too much she would calm down for a second to keep herself from going overboard. I also liked that she kept looking up at the guy to keep engaged as opposed to just always being off on her own. She did have some mediocre expressions as she was trying to deepthroat, but when she kept looking back up it mitigated that a lot. I definitely felt like there were plenty of ways she could have improved, like if she had simply looked at him for more than a second or two at once. Not a performance that I was amazed by but considering I watched her second video I really can’t complain.

Overall – A

I actually quite enjoyed Amina, certainly more than I anticipated I would. I will definitely be checking out more of her.


Remu Suzumori

Remu is someone I watched after being told how popular she was. Prestige is an interesting studio because of how many different labels they have. Their main label, Absolutely Perfect, tends to have all their best talent on it. For example, they have Asuna Kawai and Minamo Nagase from last year, and before there was Mion Sonoda (who recently retired) and Shunka Ayami (who switched to S1 before retiring). Big new actresses on this label are worth checking out, which is kind of how I landed on watching her.

Physically I didn’t find myself enjoying Remu. She simply isn’t my type for more than one reason. Obviously her curves are a little bit lacking compared to others I enjoy, and she’s certainly on the less curvy side when compared to other Prestige actresses I’ve seen like Minamo and Asuna. I think more so one of the main reasons I disliked her physically was her face. I just simply found myself not all that attracted to her. I’m not really sure what it was about her eyes that didn’t do it for me but I just didn’t find myself attracted much to her. I can certainly see why people would be interested in her, but she just isn’t for me. I might have been willing to look past it a little bit if her other qualities had made up for it but alas they do not.

Remu’s performance was also below average. She became a mess during intercourse just moaning incoherently. I always greatly prefer it when the actress can still perform during intercourse and Remu was worse than the average actress here. I found myself not at all enjoying her performance as a result. Sure, she was okay during the other parts, but you have to be much better than okay to compensate for it. For example, Aika Yumeno is usually quite bad during intercourse but is amazing during other portions. Remu definitely seemed like she was just going through the motions and didn’t set herself apart from any other debut I’ve seen this year.

Overall – D

While I’m sure that Remu is doing quite well for herself and is fairly popular (ranked 64th on DMM’s top 100 as of writing this), she just isn’t an actress for me. A lot of people will probably think she’s not busty and assume that’s the reason why but that’s only part of why I wasn’t a fan; I simply didn’t find her that pretty. I feel like I would much rather watch Minamo or Asuna instead of Remu and as a result I find it extremely unlikely I ever watch Remu again.


Kana Kusakabe

Kana was someone who was also recommended to me. She seemed to be nice enough all around to take a look at her. She reminded me a lot of Mizuna (Miina) Wakatsuki so I figured there was no harm in watching her. With 21 debuts reviewed this year I could be a little less picky about who I watched.

Physically Kana was okay. I never felt like any particular aspect of her jumped out at me but I also didn’t think any aspect was bad. Her breasts are nice, her ass isn’t half bad, she’s decently attractive. She strikes me as the kind of actress that would do well in those large group videos for studios like K.M. Produce, Hunter, and Buoy and Earl Produce. Oddly enough, Miina Wakatsuki does a lot of work with studios like that too, and maybe we could see them together one day. Anyway, I think there’s a lot to be said about an actress like this who is well rounded physically.

From a performance standpoint she was actually solid. There was certainly some amount of moaning that felt a bit much but I was surprised at her being able to compose herself at times. Watching her ride and smile was actually quite nice. I find that in newcomers I’m more looking for small positives that make it seem like they could turn out better down the road and that seemed to be the case here. There’s certainly a lot of room for improvement but I see her having a lot of potential. Kana is currently contracted to a big studio so it seems like she has the opportunity ahead of her if she wants to.

Overall – C

Despite the fact that I think there’s hope for her I’m not sure how much I enjoyed her. She didn’t quite jump out at me like others have and that doesn’t bode well for her. Kana might just as easily not pan out as a good actress so I’d really like to wait and see what happens.


Nao Nakano

Nao is someone I was interested in as soon as I saw her fifth video cover (spoiler: this is the one I watched). Her name is often romanized as Nanao Nakano despite covers clearly showing Nao. Regardless, she looked really nice on the covers and as a Tameike Goro exclusive I was definitely interested in her.

Physically she wasn’t what I had hoped. While she certainly was pretty you could also see her age showing. I was hoping she’d look a little bit younger than she did. I think there were a few things contributing to that, a few wrinkles on her face, some slight stomach flab, as well as aging around her neck. I’m not saying she isn’t pretty but she was certainly older than I anticipated, I think perhaps covers being a bit of a bamboozle. Her ass wasn’t really nice at all which was also disappointing. I had mixed opinions about her breasts, which seemed like they were fake but also looked really nice in some positions. I do feel like I’m being a little overly critical here, she certainly isn’t as bad as I make her out to be.

Performance-wise she was rather underwhelming but showed some promise. I think a lot of her expressions felt wrong and that she was trying really hard to make them very expressive. A lot of wide-mouthed expressions and in general just really overdone. At times you could see her wincing and it felt like she was trying too hard to do what people expected of her. I do appreciate that she tried rather than not trying but unfortunately it was a bit much. She obviously has a long way to go but doing something rather than nothing is nice.

Overall – C

Nao had some good and bad qualities to her. I think that right now I wouldn’t want to watch her again. I feel like in another year or two I may actually come to enjoy her. I think giving her body a bit more time to mature could really put her into a nice niche category of pretty MILF. I think just her appearance being older than I anticipated was a let down, but if she grows into her age a little more that could turn out well. I also think the time to get better at performing would benefit her a lot. If I was leaning toward a direction for her, I would certainly lead more toward a B (which means I would watch her again).


Ruka Inaba

Ruka was someone I knew I wanted to watch right off the bat. Cute, busty, thicc, what’s not to love? With the amount of content she was pumping out I definitely made a point to wait for a good video to come out. Ruka’s been kind of all over the place but she’s worked with a good amount of top studios including Oppai, Hon Naka, E-Body, Moodyz, and Fitch to name a few.

Physically Ruka is nice. Some good thiccness to her with nice curves. Ruka’s breasts were nice, though I can’t help but feel like her breasts are shopped a little bit on covers. Her ass was quite nice too, nothing amazing but definitely good. Ruka also came off on the cute side of things really showing her young age (she’s born in 2000!). All in all I think physically she ended up being this cute ball of thiccness.  Very reminiscent of someone like Aika Yumeno, although a little bit thiccer.

From a performance standpoint Ruka was actually solid. There was obviously some room for improvement but for a debut year actress I can’t really complain too much. She showed an ability to hide her moaning and to use visual cues to aid the performance. Some varied facial expressions at times though ultimately not nearly expressive enough or a big enough change in the expression. I think she was definitely better before intercourse which oddly enough is also how I feel about Aika Yumeno.

Overall – S

Ruka is certainly someone I’ll be watching again. Definitely enjoyable and someone who I think shows a lot of potential. I’m super interested in seeing how her performing improves because it’s actually fairly solid right now. I do think I’ll probably catch another video before the year ends.

Current note: I’ve now seen three videos of Ruka. Ruka’s thiccness relative to her size has really shined in her videos. Ruka is reportedly 19 and I think her being young contrasts nice compared to the plenty of MILFs I watch (there are even three in this post alone). I do still think that her performing needs to improve but it’s not half bad for a debut actress. Definitely count me a fan.


Ayumi Miura

Ayumi was someone I came across when doing my sweep for debuts to watch. She seemed like a rather nice, pretty MILF. I think she reminded me of Aki Sasaki, someone you could tell was clearly older but was still young. Anyway, when she left SOD to join Madonna as an exclusive I figured she was worth watching.

Ayumi is alright physically. She’s in that niche group where she looks like she’s a MILF but also doesn’t look too old and instead looks almost kind of cute. I find that MILFs often don’t look cute like this, they usually look more distinguished and older, especially at Ayumi’s reported age. She did remind me a lot of Aki Sasaki in that regard, and I think she kind of looks a little like an older Yuka Minase. Her curves were very minimal, enough that there was substance but nothing particularly noteworthy. Her body might actually compare well to someone like Aki Sasaki. I wouldn’t say it was bad or anything but if you came looking for a curvy MILF I wouldn’t be saying she’s curvy.

Ayumi’s performance didn’t really leave much for me to judge. The video I saw really didn’t have much going on. Her moaning was okay and she looked hot while fucking but I really don’t have a strong grasp of her performing capabilities. I can at least say I wasn’t super impressed with her and that she wasn’t the best performer I saw, for sure.

Overall – B

Ayumi reminding me a lot of Aki Sasaki is a good thing as Aki is one of my favourites. She’s no Aki Sasaki but maybe with some time she could blossom into someone enjoyable. I’d say I’d be interested in watching another, but definitely one where her acting skills can be at the forefront of the content. I want to see her be forced to act, not have her acting skills get pushed aside by the content.


Rui Hiiragi

Rui was someone who was recommended to me for a debut to watch. When checking her out she reminded me a lot about another debut this year, Ruka Inaba, who turned out to be one of my favourites. I figured that I would definitely check out Rui given that as well as the fact she had been working for a variety of good studios including Wanz Factory, Hon Naka, and Fitch.

Physically Rui was mostly what I suspected. She’s one of those small thicc type actresses. You can definitely tell there’s a bit of fat on her but she doesn’t look fat. Her curves are decent though I think she unfortunately doesn’t stack up quite nice enough compared to competition she has. I’d compare her quite closely to Ruka, who I think is nicer, or perhaps even someone like Kokoa Aisu who I think is a bit more meaty. I liked Rui’s thighs quite a lot and her ass was nice though her breasts were unfortunately smaller than I had hoped. As far as her face is concerned she was okay; I wouldn’t say she was someone I’d watch again because she was pretty but I wouldn’t say it was bad or would turn me away from her.

Performance wise I was rather unimpressed by her, though she did have a glimmer of hope. I found that Rui was very typical of newcomers in her performance in basically all aspects. Her moaning, facial expressions, and engagement were basically all very low effort here. It really did feel very underwhelming for most of the video. The glimmer of hope came from her not moaning in the first section when she was trying to act like she didn’t care about the guy fucking her. This is something I’ve seen in a number of other videos (particularly for a sub-label of Venus) and Rui does it as well as anyone I’ve seen. Her uninterested facial expression actually worked out well.

Overall – C

Honestly I’m not particularly interested in Rui. When I think about her I’m just always reminded that Ruka Inaba exists. If someone liked this particular type of actress then you might enjoy a bit of variety there. Rui might have the ability to become a much better performer down the line and change my opinion, but I’d want to wait a while to watch. Even if her videos now seem okay, I just don’t see them outweighing the mediocrity for a while. I don’t think I disliked her so much to give her a D, but if I was betting on whether I’m more inclined to watch her or not, I think I’m more inclined not to.


Most Attractive (Most Beautiful) Riho Agatsuma
Best Tits Yuria Yoshine
Best Ass Akari Neo
Best Body Ruka Inaba, Chiharu Minagawa
Best Video JUL-039 (Amina Nanjou)
Best Performer Chikako Maru
Most likely to watch again Ruka Inaba, Kaho Imai
Least likely to watch again Remu Suzumori (Satoshi Ichinose/Riho Agatsuma)


I thought Riho was the most attractive. It goes without saying but I’m someone who enjoys actresses who look the part for both younger and older roles. Riho was definitely in that sweet spot of being able to play both. She was incredibly attractive and that’s certainly what stood out to me. It’s a shame she’s retired and with so few videos but if I ever do watch her again it will be because of that attractiveness.

Yuria Yoshine absolutely had the best tits of anyone I watched. Her tits are spectacular and exactly the kind I like. They are humongous and kind of saggy but I don’t mind saggy breasts when they’re as big and lovely as hers. It’s so rare to find actresses that are slim and busty and when you can be in the same conversation as actresses like Hitomi and Kaho Shibuya you’re doing well for yourself.

Akari Neo had the best ass. I think there were some others with nice asses but certainly Akari stood above the rest. Her ass was big and round and if I’m comparing her to Kaori you know it’s a nice ass.

I think I’d call a tie between Ruka and Chiharu for the best body this time around. Both of them had some really great aspects to their body that I enjoyed. For Ruka I really found myself enjoying her thiccness. That amount of baby fat on her was excellent and served her really well. For Chiharu I found her body had some nice tone to it and I found myself enjoying every aspect of her.

JUL-039 was my favourite video. It was super interesting to me that my favourite video wound up being from someone that almost didn’t even make the cut. I’m quite happy that I did end up watching her considering how much I enjoyed the video. A mix of passion, great content, and an awesome theme. Seeing Amina covered in sweat having the fuck of her life was insanely hot. Seeing her go from not wanting it to letting herself go was awesome.

This year’s performers were rather underwhelming as a whole, but I think Chikako Maru was the best performer. She showed some solid expressions and her ability to take a BBC was rather impressive. I think her being able to stay composed was what sold me on her performing capabilities.

Most likely to watch again was an interesting choice this year. There were four actresses that I watched three videos of each: Ruka Inaba, Kaho Imai, Yuria Yoshine, and Kanna Shinozaki. The first three were all S rank actresses for me which posed an interesting choice between who was the best. Ruka and Kaho stood a little bit above Yuria. I think Yuria’s S tier rating was largely due to her breast size if I’m being honest. While I often do mention that breasts aren’t everything, breasts certainly can play a huge factor and that’s certainly the case for Yuria. I think I’m the least excited about her among the S tier actresses. From review ratings, Ruka and Kaho actually tied after three videos. I was hoping the ratings would let me pick a clear winner but I guess I’ll have to settle for a draw. I think both of them have a lot of good things going for them. They’re both solid performers, attractive, and have a good amount of content. With Ruka currently 19th on DMM and Kaho 31st, I think the majority agree with me that they’re both great.

I think Remu Suzumori is the actress I’m least likely to watch again. I think I can comfortably say I liked her the least of any actress I watched. She was one of three I gave a D rating to, the others being Sachiko and Maho Kanno. While certainly I did not enjoy Sachiko or Maho, I feel like I just didn’t find Remu’s face attractive and it’s kind of a deal breaker for me. I also noticed Satoshi and Riho in brackets because they might actually turn out to be the ones I watch the least. I find one-and-done type actresses aren’t actresses I’m interested in because I’ll be disappointed if I come to enjoy them and there isn’t anything to watch. There’s certainly an outside chance of me watching them again but I really wouldn’t be surprised if I never watch them again.


With that I now conclude 2019’s Debut Actress New To Me posts. I hope everyone enjoyed seeing the debut actresses and I esepcially hoped everyone enjoyed seeing this many debuts. Feel free to let me know if you agree or disagree with my thoughts or if there are debuts I missed I need to watch. I’m interested to see how they turn out and can’t wait to see what next year holds.


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