July 20, 2024

Oppaira’s Favourite AV Open 2018 Videos

In 2017 when I watched a ton of videos, I decided to watch a fair share of AVOP videos; this year I decided to do the same thing. I didn’t quite get through everything I wanted to but I still got through a good amount of videos.

For those that don’t know what the event is, AV Open is basically a JAV maker competition. Studios submit a video and then the videos are put head to head in a competition with there being prizes for the best selections. The AV Open was meant to be a competitor to the western AVN Awards. The 2018 AV Open got pushed back and the videos were released in 2019 but all the videos still say AV Open 2018 on the spine.

After all was said and done I actually wound up with a five way tie for first place. It seemed pretty rare but it also gave me an easy top 5 post. So here’s my top 5 in no particular order:



Huge Tits That You Have To Get On Tape

Arisa Hanyu, Marina Yuzuki, Natsuko Mishima, Yuri Oshikawa


The video is just a smattering of scenes starring these lovely, busty actresses. It’s pretty hard to argue with four actresses I enjoy. Each actress has a solo scene, there’s some duo content, and a finale that’s a group creampie harem scene.

Let’s be real, who can argue with four nice actresses in one video? Yuri’s one of my favourites and Marina keeps growing on me. Natsuko and Arisa are both nice in their own right too. Put them all together and of course I’m going to enjoy it. The content all had some amount of clothed aspect to it that I thought was enjoyable – I mean just look at that cover. The performances weren’t the greatest but if they’ll give us a creampie harem at the end then it’s still good in my books.

Four lovely, busty babes. I think almost everyone would find something about this one to enjoy.



Craziest Pussy And Ass Nine Holes

Rino Takanashi, Ririka, Yuri Momose


Say what you want about the content but as far as this type of content goes it was quite good. I tend to like a bit of everything so I was more than okay with the content. Anal, DP, deepthroat, squirting – you name it they did it here. Anal and DP tend to not be done well in JAV but I found adding in deepthroat put an extra level of roughness here that worked out well. Having too many things on screen at once is sometimes a problem but I think that was just enough to make it all enjoyable.

Finding a video with three actresses getting deepthroated who can actually all deepthroat is a rarity. I found they all did well with the content and there was plenty of it with it being a whopping four hours long. Even with the squirting there was a good amount of that as well and it was solid squirting too.

Sure, most people won’t enjoy this content but if you do then it’s certainly worth watching.



An Apprentice Mechanic (20 Years Old) Fucked My Wife (30 Years Old)… I’m Mortified So I Want The Video To Be Sold As Porn. Featuring A Dashcam Cuckolding Video

Hana Haruna


Hana gets busy with the mechanic and before you know it the two are just getting busy all the time. The video has an interesting NTR approach where they have the screen partially covered at times to show it’s a camera in the background, or even just have camera angles that really show off this type of content.

The content and performance are actually quite good here. Hana’s usually not the greatest during intercourse but having her husband call her multiple times while she’s being fucked worked out extremely well, not just because that’s hot but also because she performed it well and stopped moaning. Even the scene where they fucked in the car was solid. Even if the angles are sometimes a bit awkward I think they managed to make it work and create this nice amateurish vibe out of it.

I must say Hana’s becoming a lot more enjoyable as she becomes more attractive and this video has a good performance out of her to really aid.



We’ll Give You The Key To A Maso Man’s Apartment Double The Trouble, Double The Fun We Secretly Gave Out 2 Keys Without Telling Applicants

Aki Sasaki, Tsubasa Hachino


The theme of the video is Aki and Tsubasa showing up at a house together to have fun with a guy. The content starts with one showing up and then the other surprising out of nowhere for a threesome.

The performances are great and they had fun with the concept. You got to see the second actress laughing about going to join in later and then just having fun as she shows up unannounced and joins in. I also liked that they had a proper threesome that included some lesbian content.

A silly video with good content and two nice actresses. Need I say more?



Huge Tits In Cramped Mixed Bath

Iori Yuki


Iori ends up in a mixed bath in the nude and, well, with tits that big of course you’re not getting out without some action happening. The video’s then a bunch of scenes in the bath or her room while wearing a yukata being fucked.

I’d be lying if Iori’s tits weren’t a big star here. One of the scenes had a worker tell them to scramble but instead of it just ending the scene follows up with Iori playing with herself. Watching her suck on her tits is pretty awesome. There’s also some lengthy paizuri and let me just say, paizuri with tits that big looks great. She’s one of the few with Hitomi-sized tits and it’s really enjoyable. Seeing her tits soaped up or fucked in a gangbang is all nice as well. Even her performance shows a bit of life as she seemed to enjoy as things became sexual.

I know I’m also in a small camp that likes Iori but for those that do this is the best I’ve seen of her yet.


So there you have my top 5 from AVOP this year. I’d love to hear what videos others thought were great.


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  1. I’m absolutely loving AVOP-447, probably one of my top faves all year. I’m sure some people wouldn’t want to see stuff like that on every list but personally I’d really enjoy seeing more recc’s of that nature. Thanks for all the hard work


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