July 19, 2024

New To Me – 2019 Debut Edition Part 2

Alright everyone we’re back for week two of 2019 debuts. I hope you’re all ready for some more debuts to take a look at. Before we get to that I want to take an opportunity to look at some previous debuts that I’ve seen and how they’ve shaped up. I think one of the more interesting aspects about reviewing debuts like this is that it gives me an opportunity to reflect on them. I’ll be doing something much more in depth than this next year but for now I’ll go over some previous picks. There are three categories for actresses here: 2017 debuts, 2018 debuts, and actresses that slipped through the cracks.


In 2017 I didn’t do New To Me but I did select Marina Yuzuki as newcomer of the year. This is a pick I’m very pleased with. Marina has cemented herself as one of my favourite actresses. She’s cute, busty, and is turning into a great performer. I originally had reservations about her breasts, and while I’m still not a huge fan, I’ve largely become indifferent to them. I’d say the 20 videos I’ve seen of hers really shows just how big a fan I am now. Considering I even run a subreddit for her I’d call that a great pick. The second place finisher was Rika Goto, who definitely hasn’t shaped up to be as good as Marina. I wouldn’t say Rika is bad but she’s probably my least favourite of the bunch. If I were rating them I’d give Marina an A and Rika an A or maybe a B, based on how I reviewed them before. While I certainly enjoyed Marina more than Rika by the end of the year, I do remember having strong reservations about her tits and having the decision be a lot more difficult than it would be today. I think variety of theme was a huge reason why Marina edged out Rika and that seems to still be true today.

In 2018 I couldn’t decide between Touka Rinne and Monami Takarada as my favourite, so those were the two big picks. On top of that Hotaru Mori impressed me, so let’s put her down as my third place finisher. To put it bluntly, all three of them are great and I’m a fan of each. Despite them still having tendencies that newcomers have and not being the best performers, I’m loving them all.  I’ve seen around two dozen videos between the three, Touka being the most and Hotaru being the least. I definitely saw more potential in Monami at the get go, but I specifically pointed out how hot Touka was. I think that speaks volumes to attractiveness being a strong factor for potential, because you can grow into a good performer or increase variety but it’s difficult to change your appearance. All three have surprised me with their variety, Touka and Hotaru have each done BBC and Monami did anal. For Hotaru I think she was the best performer initially and I think that kind of still reigns true. Touka has been steadily improving and I’ve been glad to see her improving her craft. Monami hasn’t really improved in my opinion and it’s a real shame. I’d certainly be rating Monami the lowest of the three today and I’d probably put Touka as first.

There’s also the class of actresses that debuted in 2017 or 2018 that missed the debut New To Me Week. While I try to watch debuts it’s hard to get everyone, and that’s part of why I’m doing three weeks this year. The two major highlights there are Iori Yuki and Nanami Matsumoto. Iori is certainly an Oppaira actress with breasts that massive, and I found myself really enjoying her. Even if her breasts weren’t the nicest I do enjoy some absolutely massive ones from time to time. What’s more, I found Iori quite pretty and she was starring in some decent stuff. It’s unfortunate that Iori seemingly retired because I was actually quite enjoying her, having even made a subreddit for her. Then there’s Nanami who’s shattered all my expectations. While it’s still a little bit early to make bold claims about her she’s been extremely impressive. She’s definitely better than the 2018 debuts and I’d probably say she’s better than Marina Yuzuki as well. I’ve been absolutely loving her, I’ve been watching quite a bit of her since she started freelancing as she’s had a number of great videos. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if one day Nanami found herself on my top 10 actress list.

I think also looking back I’d also point out Akari Mitani as one of the “missed debut week” actresses. She made a New To Me post but not the debut one. While initially I wasn’t a fan she’s steadily won me over. She’s actually an incredible performer, easily one of the best around. I often don’t find myself enjoying her physical qualities as much as I do others but her performing makes up for it. I do concede that her ass is nicer than I initially thought, though I don’t prefer asses shaped the way hers is. Anyway, she takes seemingly average videos and elevates them so much. She’s also freelancing a ton and really doing such a good job with that. I may not ever end up with Akari Mitani at the top of my favourites but considering I didn’t like Rena Fukiishi initially either, stranger things have certainly happened.

Looking back at my debut choices it seems I’ve largely been making good choices. Even just looking at 2018 there were three that I’ve absolutely enjoyed. There will always be some bad picks or actresses that fall through the cracks, but as long as I’m finding replacements I can be happy. A lot of my favourites have retired in recent years so I’m always glad to find good new actresses to take up the helm.

Anyway, without further ado let’s get into this week’s picks.


Karen Mifune

Karen was someone I identified rather early on that I was interested in watching. She seemed decent all around to me: nice face, decent tits, freelancing. While there wasn’t any great content floating around I figured she would be worth the watch.

Physically I was actually a bit underwhelmed by Karen. She turned out to not be as nice as I thought she would be. Her breasts were smaller than I anticipated, and while still nice not as nice as I had hoped. She was pretty though, about what I expected so I was quite pleased there. Her body in general was decent, and as a whole I’d say she was alright. I had higher expectations from her than “alright” though which makes her feel underwhelming to me.

Karen’s performance was much more underwhelming than her body. The video lacked good acting prompts which led Karen to really not perform. I felt like she just didn’t even try to do much of anything. There was no clear direction and she just let the guy do everything. She also moaned a ton which was really annoying at times. She really lacked any sort of expressiveness that would make me think she’s got more she could provide. I totally felt like her inexperience was showing and that this was likely very representative of her.

Overall – C

I was underwhelmed by Karen and just am not that interested in her. I’d have to see some major improvements from her to be interested in watching her again. She just simply wasn’t as nice as I had hoped she would be, even physically. I’m not saying I’ll never watch her, but I suspect she won’t improve to the level I’m hoping to see. Maybe if the right video comes around I’ll give her a second chance, but I’m also hoping that comes a year from now, or even longer perhaps, so she can get some more experience under her belt.


Akari Neo

Akari is someone who got highly recommended to me, not because I would specifically enjoy her but because she was fairly popular. I figured that I could give her a chance, she had some solid videos as a freelancer and some enjoyable qualities.

Physically I think by far her best quality is her ass. She has a very nice ass, big and round. It reminds me a lot of an ass like Kaori’s (and Kaori’s is my favourite). Akari’s face is okay but I think nothing to write home about. I’d put her in a category where I don’t particularly enjoy it but I also don’t dislike it. The same can be said about her breasts, they’re not particularly big or nice and I found myself wishing they were nicer. Ultimately I found I just wanted to see more and more of her ass, which is exactly how I feel watching Kaori videos.

From a performance standpoint I wasn’t a fan. Akari didn’t really do much other than show up and moan. I certainly do think the video presented less opportunities than usual but that doesn’t really give her a pass. So much of the video focused on her ass that you didn’t get to see her face all that much. Her moaning largely let you in on the performance though, which again I think was lacking. In the opportunities she did have I didn’t really see her doing anything more than going through the motions. She never had good facial expressions or really even any expression, instead being blank.

Overall – B

While her performance was extremely unsatisfying her ass is amazing. I can definitely see myself watching her again just because of how nice her ass is. I did appreciate an ass themed video but I’d like to see something with more opportunity for acting, or even just her face in general. That might amount to something more like a video for Fitch in one of their series.

Ena Koume

Ena Koume was someone who was recommended to me. With tits like hers, even from just the covers, it was a no brainer to want to watch her.

Physically Ena was mostly just her breasts. Gosh were they nice in just about every way I can think of. They’re big, they have a nice shape, they have a great amount of firmness while still jiggling nicely – honestly they’re just so nice. Her face is okay but it isn’t something I would mention to others as a highlight of her. It does come across as being quite amateurish in that she probably hasn’t done and plastic surgery. I can appreciate that natural look she has. She does have a decent enough body, though I’d say her ass certainly comes off as underwhelming. She reminds me a lot of Monami Takarada from a physical perspective.

From a performance perspective there were some really good and really bad aspects. I thought her facial expressions were basically all over the place. In one moment you might have her laughing about the action, in the next she might look like she’s wincing in pain. It’s very awkward seeing her go back and forth between the two, especially given they’re so polarizing. The wincing reminded me a lot of the faces Kaho Shibuya makes that nobody enjoys. I think I’d still call it mostly a good performance. Just the general amount of her enjoyment was great.

Overall – B

I enjoyed Ena. She’s certainly not the best but she brought a lot of good aspects to the table. Only time will tell whether she gets better so I’m definitely going to wait. All of her current stuff are relatively bland so I’ll be waiting for something just a bit nicer to come out. She definitely reminds me a lot of Kaho Shibuya though: large breasts, solid paizuri skills, good and bad facial expressions. Since I’m such a huge Kaho fan I think someone similar shows some good potential.

Satoshi Ichinose (Sumire Ichinose)

Satoshi is someone I picked out when going through debut actresses as one of the better ones. She looked like she had a lot going for her with some young MILF vibes and a nice body. Once I found out she was going to switch from Prestige to Oppai I knew she’d be someone to watch. Ironically I’d end up watching her debut video actually forgetting that I was supposed to wait to see her at Oppai.

Physically Satoshi is nice. I thought she was quite pretty, even if she is 30. 30 is really just a nice age for actresses as they’re in that range where they start looking like a MILF but still look young. Satoshi is probably a bit older than that but whatever, still nice. Definitely thought the cover had no bamboozle of any sort, she looks exactly like that. Her breasts are also quite nice, G cup with some great pink nipples. I was a huge fan of how they jiggled in the video. Her ass was also decent as well, I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was amazing or anything but watching the video I wasn’t upset seeing POV from behind.

On the performance I wasn’t nearly so impressed. She’s new and the performances from newcomers are never good, which I accept. She at least came off as genuine in a way that I could enjoy. Seeing her smile and blush as they ask if she’s embarrassed while sucking on a dildo is the kind of endearing look I like to see in debuts. I found her moaning wasn’t that bad and she generally seemed like she was being receptive.

Overall Grade – B (D)

Satoshi is someone I’ll be interested in watching for sure. I definitely do want to wait until she gets some more experience so I think it’s a matter of when not if. I’m really not interested in a second video like this where her being new is a talking point but with the right theme like teacher, tutor, or mom I could be persuaded to watch. With Satoshi switching to Oppai I think I’ll be able to find something.

Current Note: Satoshi has skipped two months of releases now and I’m wagering that she decided to leave. It was interesting considering she was working for Oppai after her initial contract of three videos, plus she did more than one video for them. I had much higher expectations from her given that. If Satoshi has just up and quit then I am almost for sure just not going to watch her again. I absolutely wanted to wait for better content and there’s plenty more actresses I would prefer to watch over her. This would reduce her rating down to a D.


Kaho Imai

When I first saw Kaho Imai my initial thought was she’s a younger version of Rena Fukiishi. I knew for sure I wanted to watch her and it was just a matter of when. I decided that because she was freelancing I’d have a ton of time to find a good video, which is how I ended up on the video I did.

Physically she was largely what I expected – a younger Rena. Facially she does look a bit like a younger Rena though she kind of has more of a gal look than the simple suntan look Rena has. I don’t find her nearly as pretty but she’s still nice to look at. I thought her breasts were nice but not nearly as nice as I had hoped. I think covers have a bit of photoshop going on, especially to make them appear a bit bigger. Her ass was quite nice, I definitely enjoyed that. Hard to tell if I enjoyed her ass more so because of the theme and the focus, and perhaps that’s also why I found myself thinking her breasts were smaller or less enjoyable. Still, physically I was enjoying myself with her.

From a performance she was alright. There were certain aspects that were done decently and others that were largely a let down. Kaho was just ready to let the guy do all the work the first opportunity she got which kind of ruined the mood a little bit. I liked that she was able to come off a bit bratty and her moaning was good, but the majority of it was nothing more than a fairly typical performance.

Overall Grade – S

I think I’ll be watching another Kaho Imai. From the covers she has a few videos with different hairstyles and I’d love to see her with long hair or with short but disheveled hair. She’s had a ton of videos this year so far and I expect her to keep it up. I certainly do feel like giving her an S ranking is a little bit much for her but considering how popular she is and how many releases she’s had it’s hard for me to see myself not enjoying her. I think the rating is more of a concession that I have really high expectations.

Current Note: I’ve seen a second of Kaho and I was equally as impressed with that one. I think she’s great and I’m so far happy with giving her an S rank. The videos are all just quality stuff and I see a lot of potential from her.

Chiharu Minagawa

Chiharu is someone that was recommended to me by multiple people. She’s clearly attractive with some good curves to her and definitely seemed up my alley. She actually reminded me a lot of Honoka Mihara (minus the fetish stuff) so she was certainly someone to check out. I ended up waiting until a good video came around and annoying some people while I waited.

Physically Chiharu is great. She’s pretty, has big breasts, nice body, and a surprisingly nice ass. She really does remind me a lot of Honoka Mihara with her proportions and even has a little bit of a uniboob going on. Chiharu’s breasts jiggled nicely during missionary but during other positions not so much. I was definitely underwhelmed by her paizuri where I think the uniboob factor hurt her ability to give a good paizuri. In doggy it was her ass I was looking at, which between the ripples as she got fucked and her arching her back looked fantastic.

Performance-wise I actually found myself enjoying her. Her moaning was quite good, never too much but also mixing it up. She had moments where she had to keep herself quiet and nailed it. I found her facial expressions lacking at times but that wasn’t unexpected. I never thought her expressions were bad, just that she underutilized them or failed to be as expressive as she could. Definitely feels like it was because she was new and it felt like she’ll improve quite fast.

Overall Grade – A

Chiharu is certainly someone to watch more of. While I wish her breasts were nicer there’s still a lot of good qualities she brings to the table. I would have to say I didn’t like her enough to go crazy and watch more, and I’m glad I waited for this video. Definitely someone to wait and watch good videos as they happen rather than forcing myself to watch her.


Kanna Shinozaki

Kanna was actually someone where I didn’t realize who they were until after I saw the video. Kanna had a GES video that I knew I was going to watch but I kept putting it off in favor of other things. When I watched my first video of hers it was actually for her co-star Shizuka Oomori. When I later realized who it was I had a chuckle about this being what happened. I actually didn’t even realize she was a 2019 debut either until I looked. Due to her GES appearance I certainly would have watched her at some point but I honestly would never have guessed this would be the video given that there’s a GES.

Physically Kanna is alright. Her face is okay but I wasn’t a huge fan of it. I think her face falls in that category where you’re okay with it but not impressed. Her body has some good thiccness to it, even if it’s at the cost of her being a little more toward the heavy side. Her breasts weren’t all that large relative to her size so they felt a lot smaller than I think they actually are. Her breasts definitely were too small to give a proper paizuri though and didn’t jiggle nearly as nicely as I had hoped (though that might have been a factor of her co-star’s breasts stealing the show). I think they actually kind of reminded me of Kaori’s. Her ass was alright though and fit that whole thicc MILF with a big butt stereotype.

From a performance standpoint Kanna was extremely mixed. She had a lot going for her when it came to being upbeat. She actually struck me as someone who acted well and I found myself enjoying her expressions in non-intercourse scenarios. That being said, I found she was terrible during intercourse. She was extremely loud and had one of the worst moans I’ve ever heard. I actually would recommend muting her during it, it’s really that bad. For people who know my thoughts on how loud Aimi Yoshikawa is, Kanna might be worse. One other thing I liked about her was how she interacted with her co-star. I know it was probably a decision from the director to have them interact but she seemed to enjoy it. I thought she came across as someone legitimately having fun with theme especially when she had an opportunity to hold the phone that was recording.

Overall – A

It’s a bit of a weird situation with respect to watching her again. I know for sure I’ll be watching her GES, but that’s kind of a cheaty answer here because I watch every GES video. Kanna has been freelancing and has a lot of range of content, so definitely there’s content that’s interesting enough to watch. I think whether I watch more of her will be based on the GES video. If it winds up good then there’s probably a good chance, if it’s bad then I’ll probably pass.

Current note: I’ve now seen three Kanna videos. Her GES was solid and while it wasn’t one of my favourites I managed to enjoy her thiccness. I think Kanna shows some good potential and could turn into a great actress, even if right now she’s still not quite there with her performing skills. I think there’s a lot of potential for good videos from her with the way she’s been pumping out videos. While I think it’ll take a while for her performing to get there, her body certainly offers something to enjoy in the meantime. I definitely wish she was more attractive in general and I find it’s mostly her thighs and ass that I enjoy. Still, if you want someone thicc she’s certainly a good choice.


With that we now have two weeks of New To Me 2019 Debut Edition done. Remember to come back in another couple of weeks to see the third and final week. As usual with New To Me, I’ll be posting a summary of who was the best in each category as well as my favourite.


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