June 15, 2024

Oppaira’s Top 10 Actresses

Ah yes, time for another top 10 list. I love top 10 lists and none are better than the top 10 actress list. I love seeing who else everyone’s big on or if there are others who enjoy my favourites. It’s also fun to see when my list changes and how my preferences change. Let’s first start with some honourable mentions who didn’t make the cut and then go to my top 10.


Honourable Mentions


Asahi Mizuno

Asahi is someone who has made my top 10 for a while but finally that spot has been taken. She’s got a really nice ass plus I’ve seen quite a few of her videos. One of the things I’ve noticed with Asahi is that I’m often disappointed with her videos. Whether it’s her ass not properly on display, her mediocre paizuris, or missing the mark on a performance, I found myself often let down. Maybe I just had bad luck with the videos I was watching but ultimately I always had this sense that she was better than her movies suggested. That isn’t to say that I don’t still enjoy her a ton because I definitely do. Asahi is still one of my favourites and easily in my top 20, but she’s just not top 10 material anymore.


Ayumi Shinoda

Ayumi’s someone I enjoy a lot and she’s made my top 10 list more than once. That being said, Ayumi has been falling further and further down my list. To me the big thing about Ayumi is that she just isn’t as good as I remember her. She has lots of great content especially with her being so willing to do everything, but her performance often struggles. There’s just so many videos where I had higher hopes for her and was disappointed. Most of my favourite Ayumi videos involve some lesbian action and I think it’s more so how hot the content is than how much I actually enjoy Ayumi. I love lesbian action especially when it’s a threesome with a guy and the girls are interacting, something that’s happened in a number of Ayumi flicks. Ayumi was one of my early favourites when I came back to JAV and she’s simply become someone who is out-shined by others. She’s still a favourite of mine but not quite top 10 material anymore.


Hibiki Otsuki

Hibiki is the newest entry on my honourable mentions. I went from having not watched Hibiki at all to watching more than one video per month. I find her best quality is how pretty she is, and boy do I find her pretty. Sure, she isn’t thicc or busty (and that certainly does matter) but how pretty she is offsets that a lot. I also find myself just enjoying her videos, she’s a wonderful performer and works a lot with other actresses I like. I especially like watching her with Yui because their chemistry is easily the best around with them being best friends. Let’s also not forget how awesome she is on social media, often having quirky clips or surprisingly hot photos. Ultimately she didn’t make my top 10 largely because I haven’t seen enough of her, but I really wouldn’t be surprised if one day she did. In fact, I think with the pace she’s going I’d be surprised if she didn’t make my top 10 next year or the year after. There’s just so much good content of hers I want to watch plus she’s still got great content coming out. I’ve definitely got my eye on Hibiki.


Yui Hatano

Yui’s someone I watch a lot of just because there’s so much content. Yui does a lot of porn and I have by far the most Yui in my collection as a result. She also works a lot with actresses I like, whether it’s Hibiki Otsuki, Yuri Oshikawa, Ai Uehara, Yuu Shinoda… the list really just goes on and on. She also has a lot of diversity in her videos whether she’s doing uncensored, bukkake, or even drilling Yuri’s ass with a strap-on. That being said, there are some qualities I don’t enjoy. I find she’s not as attractive as others, whether it’s her face I don’t find that pretty or her breasts not being quite as large as I typically like. Especially when compared with Hibiki as I find Hibiki way prettier. Yui also manages to have a large amount of mediocre content which I think is mostly due to how much volume she outputs. As a result, Yui ends up with a high variance on quality the same way Julia does. Don’t take this criticism to be entirely negative, she’s still good enough to make my honourable mentions in a world where I’ve seen videos from over 250 different actresses. I would probably put my money on her always being an honourable mention but she’s so close to making my top 10 that it wouldn’t surprise me.


Yuri Oshikawa

Yuri is someone I can’t quite put my finger on. She’s got some curves but nothing insane, she’s pretty but not quite at the top. And yet, I find myself just watching her again and again. She just has some sort of intangible quality to her that makes me want to keep watching her. Maybe it’s that she’s good in every category or maybe I find her much prettier than I realize, I don’t know. All I know is that I’m rarely super impressed by her but I keep watching her all the time. I think Yuri would have to become a really good performer for her to make my top 10 list but I don’t think it’s out of the question. She’s taking some time off in America right now and I can only hope she comes back with some newfound passion and kills it.



Top 10

10. Aki Sasaki


Previous Ranking: Unranked

If you had told me six months ago I’d put Aki on my top 10 I would believe it, but if you had told me two years ago I’d call you crazy. It’s insane to think just how much I came to enjoy Aki. She’s definitely not the typical actress I enjoy – she isn’t particularly thicc or busty. That being said, she does highlight a lot of other qualities I enjoy. I do enjoy MILFs a lot, probably more than the average person. That’s probably because I seem to enjoy older female themes, like teacher on student, MILF neighbour, etc. I think her performing combined with a lot of videos of the right themes does a lot. She was so great in a lot of those MILF themes and with so many videos available there was always tons of great stuff to watch. I also find her incredibly pretty even if she is a bit older. I think there’s just something about women at her age being that attractive that’s hot. Aki retired this year but she’s a gem that I hope I can convince others to watch.


9. Julia


Previous Rank: 6
Change: -3

Julia is always really difficult to evaluate. On one hand she’s really pretty and has nice breasts but on the other hand her performing is all over the place. Some performances are great while others are pretty mediocre. That variance really contributes to not wanting to watch her because you just can’t always enjoy her videos. Julia has one of my all-time top 5 videos so at her peak she’s great, but unfortunately she just doesn’t peak enough. I’ve been down on Julia lately, largely because I’ve accepted her videos just don’t hold up to others. I still enjoy her and she still manages to have some good content here and there, but others are just better. Julia’s age is also starting to show and when her looks were a major factor on how much I liked her that definitely sucked. I still very much enjoy her though and her wanting to stay in the industry for a long time is great. She’ll be coming up on 10 years next year so hopefully she continues for another 10 and starts making a big dent in the MILF category.


8. Ai Uehara


Previous Rank: 7
Change: -1

Ai Uehara is truly a name that needs no introduction. When I think about Ai there’s always one sentiment that comes to mind: Ai’s done it and done it better. Ai had a ton of content in her career and she was ready to do everything whether it was BBC, anal, lesbian, uncensored, bukkake, etc. When you couple that with Ai’s amazing performing it was always a treat to watch. Ai’s easily the best performer I’ve seen and perhaps the best performer JAV has ever seen. You could always count on Ai to have a great video in whatever theme or fetish you wanted. I can’t say enough about how good of a quality that is to have. Add to the fact she had a nice body, I found the amount of thiccness she had was just right. Ai’s truly one of the all-time greats and definitely one of my favourites.


7. Ai Sayama

ai sayama

Previous Rank: Unranked

Ai Sayama is someone I honestly overlooked for a long time. I knew about her and had even seen some stuff but I had never realized just how amazing she was. As I started watching more and more of her I finally realized I was actually a huge fan. Ai’s awesome from how pretty she is to how good of a performer she is. I think Ai is a seriously underrated performer and she has a ton of great performances. Ai’s been around for over a decade and it’s impressive how long she’s been great. I can watch videos from 2010 and enjoy them just as much as videos from 2019 which is not an easy task for any actress. I think she’s only gotten better and prettier as the years go on and I can only hope there are many more to come.


6. Anri Okita

anri okita2

Previous Rank: 8
Change: +2

I like Anri and I’ve always liked Anri. She’s good in basically every department whether it’s her breasts, ass, face, performing, etc. I think being good in every way is a truly underrated aspect. She may not be my favourite performer or most attractive actress but going into a video ready to enjoy everything is great. Speaking of which, Anri had a lot of great videos. Anri never really did all that much fetish work and yet her career was filled with so much great content. It speaks volumes to how good her performing was as well as how good she was at nailing themes. Even with how much I’ve enjoyed Anri over the years the more I’ve watched her stuff the more she’s impressed me. A good portion of her content I’ve seen was before I started reviewing so going back and reviewing has really shown me how great she was. Anri’s definitely one of the best and one of my favourites.


5. Chitose Saegusa



Previous Rank: 5
Change: None

Chitose has long since been a favourite of mine. I love Chitose’s thiccness from her large breasts to her huge ass. Chitose may not be the prettiest but she makes up for it with some awesome performing skills. She’s really great at giving paizuri and can compete with the best. I think a large reason why she’s good at paizuri is how good she is at looking like she’s loving every minute. The one aspect to her performing you always remember is how good she is at being upbeat and enjoyable. Chitose’s so good at remembering she’s performing. What that means is she never succumbs to pleasure and always continues the act whether it’s smiling, laughing, not moaning too much, etc. Her dominant performances are just so memorable because the performance is top notch. Chitose unfortunately retired but her rank remaining unchanged means I’m still just as big of a fan as ever.


4. Rena Fukiishi


Previous Rank: 4
Change: None

Rena is one actress that really baffles me how much I enjoy her kind of like how Yuri Oshikawa does. Simply put, she’s an actress I can’t accurately describe why I like her so much. I find her incredibly attractive and I think I just happen to enjoy MILFs more than I think I do. I think a lot of why I enjoy Rena is just how much content she put out while I was getting back into JAV. She produced over 150 videos in 2016 and there was so much good content. I tend to enjoy a lot of MILF-themed JAV and Rena producing so many good looking videos was a treat to watch. Even as her content died down she managed to keep me enjoying her with content like BBC, anal, and uncensored. Another great aspect was that she was consistently solid and her videos were rarely bad. Her moaning was always on point and it’s nice to see an actress showing she enjoys it but not overly moaning too much. Rena’s actually the actress I’ve seen the second most of and she’s been ranking high on my top 10 for a while. Only time will tell if Rena continues to keep her high spot but she definitely deserves it.


3. Kaho Shibuya


Previous Rank: 3
Change: None

Kaho is a gem; there’s no other way to say that. From her time as an JAV actress to her becoming an awesome cosplayer Kaho has always been a favourite of mine. Kaho is cute and busty and it’s an awesome combination when paired with her bubbly personality. One thing that sets Kaho apart is just how awesome she is as a person. Kaho has one of the best social media presences and watching her speak English on Instagram Live is every bit as amazing as it sounds. As a performer I know her for two main things, how amazing she was at squirting and paizuri. Kaho squirted in many of her videos and was practically a fountain which was quite awesome to see. For paizuri she was one of the best I’ve ever seen with all the different ways she managed to use her breasts. Those two factors really went a long way, providing just a little something extra to make the video all the more enjoyable. While Kaho certainly wasn’t perfect she definitely had a ton going for her and she’s still one of my all-time favourites.


2. Meguri


Previous Rank: 2
Change: None

I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it over and over: Meguri is the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. It’s crazy to think I can say that so freely and yet I have absolutely no problem saying it about her. She’s just so pretty and that goes a long way for me. Meguri’s someone I actively enjoy watching generic blowjob content from just because I get to see more of her face. She’s made my top 10 for as long as I can recall having a top 10. I’ve really come to enjoy her body from her nice breasts to her body being just on the line between slim and thicc. The other reason she’s so high up is because she became a pretty good performer. In 2017 she really knocked it out of the park and was my favourite actress that year. One of the biggest factors to that was how good her performing was, in fact half of my top 10 Meguri videos are from 2017.  One thing Meguri’s really good at is rape themes whether it’s her raping someone or her being raped and there’s plenty of good examples of it. Meguri definitely earned this high spot and she’ll remain a favourite of mine for years to come.


1. Hitomi


Previous Rank: 1
Change: None

At this point everyone knows Hitomi is by far my favourite. There really isn’t anything I can say that I haven’t already. I think most Hitomi fans, myself included, enjoy her breasts the most, and boy do I ever. It isn’t just the size of her breasts it’s also how they move during sex or how she can use them for some of the best paizuri around. That isn’t the only thing I enjoy though, she’s also very beautiful. She was actually listed as the second most beautiful actress in an earlier top 10 list of mine. Hitomi’s also a wonderful performer. Oppai tends to do a bad job of giving her good acting opportunities but she’s still got a lot of good videos in her catalog. I think the fact that I’ve seen all her videos speaks volumes to how much I enjoy her and it’s just never close competition. I highly doubt this will ever change and I just hope Hitomi produces videos for as long as she can.


With that I conclude my top 10 list. Finally some changes to the list though my top 5 remain unchanged. I’m curious to see how some of the contenders shape up, especially Hibiki since I think she’ll make my list eventually and even rank quite highly. Also curious to see everyone else’s top 10 and how they’ve changed as well!


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