May 16, 2024

Pan’s Top 20 POV Videos Part 1

Short for “point of view” which specializes in first person camera view. This can a very effective tool in making the viewer feel more involved and connected to the action and plot. Sometimes it’s handled very clumsily and in other cases, such as in this list, they’re executed to near perfection. So I thought I’d give my opinion on what’s the greatest pov videos in jav. Now I haven’t seen every pov video obviously as that task is impossible so there could be a video I’ve missed. Also I’ll be splitting this into two parts so it’s not overly long. That being said here’s my list in order starting with…


20.  IPZ-602

“The Super Sweet Life With Jessica And Arisu Under One Roof”


Kicking off my list with what is certainly one of the all time greatest pov series ever in jav. The premise is pretty simple as it revolves around you being roommates with two good friends in Jessica and Arisu. This video is definitely an experience which is what pov should provide. Overall it really draws you into the premise and greatly enhances even the usually mundane foreplay. It starts out innocent enough but once Jessica catches you watching porn early on it quickly escalates from just her fucking you into full on threesomes. Which leads me to the action and as a whole it’s entertaining from start to finish. Several great one-on-one sex scenes and threesomes. Also the camerawork is on point and the frequent interactions between the two are great as they grope and play with each other constantly. And their performances are equally amazing. Very engaging which is vital for pov and there’s little whining to be had. They’re super bubbly and upbeat here. Lastly they both look top notch. They definitely make a good pair as they have similar body types and look stunning next to each other. All this makes for a standout entry in this pov centric series. And don’t be surprised to see another entry or two from this series on my list.



19. ATHH-009

“I Have Eyes For Only You – Reverse Sexual Harassment Life Filled With Love – G Cup Wives Edition”



Pov? Erika Kitagawa? Great plot? Sounds like a winner to me. I’m not completely certain on the plot but I assume Erika plays your best friend’s wife or something like that. Of course the pov enhances the whole experience. The action is easily one of the biggest highlights with some great creampie sex scenes and excellent technical aspects. One really nice sex scene occurs at the end when you’re having dinner with a friend and he falls asleep. Afterwards you two proceed to have sex during which she removes the condom and craves a creampie. To compliment all this Erika delivers a terrific performance. She nails her facial expressions which is always a key factor in pov shot videos. Pretty engaging too with minimal whining. Not to mention her appearance is very exuberant and vibrant. She’s in great shape and her wardrobe is solid as well. All this combined makes for one of the best pov videos of recent memory and a true top pick for Erika.


18. T28-480

“On Days When Our Parents Aren’t Home, My Big Tits Sister And I Fuck Each Other’s Brains Out”


Kaho Shibuya playing your horny older sister? Yes please. As the title states the plot revolves around you and Kaho Shibuya, who plays your older sister, sneaking around and having sex without your parents noticing. She does a wonderful job at playing this role and if you’re like me and enjoy incest plots then no doubt you’ll love this one. I absolutely love the combo of pov and incest. Overall there’s 5 scenes in all. One is a paizuri scene that is pretty entertaining as the mom comes into the room while Kaho is giving a blowjob underneath the covers. The rest of the scenes are all full sex scenes ending in creampies. All of them are quite good with nice location variety, excellent pov use and great positions. My favorite would be the 1st sex scene that takes place in the kitchen while the mom is nearby. Some of the shots of Kaho in that scene are absolutely amazing. Also there’s loads of squirting too. When it comes to her performance she delivers excellently. Her facial expression are in check and she’s very lively and energetic. In addition she’s quite dominant and isn’t too whiny. Finally Kaho looks really stunning here. She wears a few nice outfits here and she herself is in good shape. Especially in the kitchen sex scene where she and her boobs both look absolutely incredible. By far one of Kaho’s best videos and a very unique and memorable pov experience.

17. PGD-709

“Lovey-Dovey Creampie Cohabitation Life With Anri Okita”


Videos such as these are what makes pov so great. Giving you(the viewer) a truly unique and memorable experience. The premise is very straightforward as it’s just you and Anri Okita as she plays your girlfriend while you two have creampie sex countless times throughout. This sort of premise works perfectly for pov making you feel more connected to the action and the actress herself. This video nails every key aspect of pov starting with her excellent acting. She really commits herself to the girlfriend role here and delivers a standout performance. Anri is very engaging which is vital along with just being energetic and fun to watch with very little whining. Moving onto to the action that is as a whole very well done. As expected there’s several creampie sex scenes along with a nice blowjob scene and an outercourse type scene. In addition there’s little filler to get in the way and what is there is used to make you feel more connected to the scenes. Last but certainly not least is her appearance which is absolutely incredible. While she doesn’t wear any special or sexy outfits per say she herself is in top shape and her boobs especially look amazing. All in all this is a fantastic pov video that excels in every key area for pov and delivers the goods. What could be better than getting to experience Anri Okita as your girlfriend? Also a small spoiler this won’t be the last time you’ll see Anri on this list…


16. PPPD-368

“Trying to Make a Baby With A Big-Titted Bride on Her Day Most Likely to Conceive”


Want to make a baby with Julia. Get to experience just that is this fantastic video. The plot features her as your girlfriend as she is currently ovulating and wants to have a baby. So with that she and you have sex constantly trying to strike gold. It’s a pretty enjoyable premise that is certainly made better with the pov aspect. First off the action is superb with multiple creampie sex scenes and some good paizuri to boot. What’s really nice is that it all takes place in a day starting off in the morning with her waking up you for some early sex and ending the day with some bedtime action. Each scene also features some really memorable scenarios such as when she wants to fuck but for whatever reason you don’t want to so she pouts and ends up playing with herself in front you till you give in. In addition her performance is quite solid. She’s not 100% flawless but she’s relatively engaging, active and plays her role well. Beyond that what could be the best part of this video is Julia’s stunning appearance. She was in her physical prime in this one with her body, face and boobs all in immaculate shape. Also her wardrobe is decent too with a few nice outfits but nothing truly remarkable. You just can’t go wrong with this video. Excellent premise, great pov camerawork, fantastic sex and Julia looking super sexy. What’s not to love?

15. IPTD-651

“Sweet Lifestyle of Minori and Me”


It’s no secret that I’m a huge, huge fan of Minori Hatsune so me including this on my list somewhere shouldn’t be a surprise. Much like the previous few entries the plot revolves around you and her being in a relationship essentially giving you the girlfriend experience. One unique facet of this is that she works as a dentist so expect some scenes to take place in a dentist office and some cute bits of her brushing your teeth. Which leads me to one of the nicer elements of this video which are all the “filler” bits. Moments such as her brushing your teeth or playing in the bathtub really help draw you in. That extends to her performance which is exceptional. She’s really bubbly, energetic and expressive. Honestly her acting is nearly flawless. Of course I can’t forget to mention the action which again is incredible. The video itself is 3 hours long containing multiple sex scenes and blowjob scenes that are all handled very well with great camerawork and lighting. But perhaps my favorite aspect is just how utterly gorgeous Minori looks. She’s without a doubt the cutest actress ever imo. So adorable and pretty with a sexy body. And in the case of this video she’s in impeccable shape and her wardrobe is very nice. I could go on and on about her but I’ll stop there. If you’re like me and love Minori Hatsune this is absolutely one to watch. Hell even if you’re not a fan(which is impossible) then maybe this will change your mind.

14. STAR-665

“12 Ejaculations During A Flirtatious And Lustful Day Trip To The Hot Spring”


STAR-665 stands as one of my personal favorite Marina videos and is one that everyone should watch. Featuring a decent plot that’s handled extremely well with great use of pov. Basically it’s you and her going on a trip to a hot springs for some fun. The action is definitely a highlight here as the sex is plentiful and the location variety helps keep things interesting. Yes most of the scenes take place at the resort but some happen in the hallway, bedroom and in the hot springs themselves. The video flows really nicely as well never spending too much time on one scene. While there is a good bit of setup in between the scenes with her flirting with you its still great to watch due to her flawless performance. Flirtatious, lively, energetic and incredibly bubbly. Marina has risen to become one of the best performers in jav right now and this is a perfect example of her work. She turns even the average handjob scene into something deeply engaging and amazing. Her facial expressions are also some of the best mainly due to her incredible eyes and smile. And of course she looks utterly gorgeous and vibrant here. Easily one of the most beautiful actresses in jav right now. All this makes for a standout pov experience that easily makes my list.


13. CJOD-017

“Living With a Slut, 24-Hour-Creampies”


Aika over the years has gone through a series of changes, mostly on her face. Some good and some…not so good to put it lightly. One thing that’s always been constant however is her acting and this is a shining example of her talent. The premise here is very simple. Its just you and Aika living together having non-stop sex. I think that’s a concept we all can enjoy, right? Now despite the title every sex scene doesn’t end with a creampie as condoms are used in some parts. However its still pretty hot because in the scene she makes the guy cum multiple times in a row using the same condom. Which leads me to her performance which is easily one of her best. The best word to describe her here is relentless. She doesn’t stop and often makes the dude cum several times throughout each scene. Hell at one part she handcuffs herself and you together so you can’t get away. Also she is just super slutty and really enjoys herself here. And some of you may disagree with me on this part but I believe Aika is her prime here, at least physically. Her hair, body and mainly her face are on point and look terrific. Comparing this to current Aika is a real tragedy. Anyway in addition her wardrobe is excellent as she wears some stunning lingerie that really sell her slutty appearance and personality here. This is without a doubt one of Aika’s all time greatest videos and is an easy recommendation for pov enthusiasts.

12. PPSD-050

“OPPAI Polygamy Special. The Bigamous Creampie Life With 2 Wives With Big Tits”


I’ve noticed when it comes to this video some people really love it and some really hate it. I however fall in the former camp as I absolutely loved this. The plot presents you with the ultimate fantasy of being married to both Anri Okita and Kaho Shibuya. And in typical jav fashion they each want your dick and creampie very badly. The one main reason folks often cite as a weakness with this video is the lack of girl-on-girl action between the two. I understand the criticism but the plot is meant to focus on your pleasure and fantasy. Also the premise really ever promises any sort of action like that. Anyway speaking of the sex it’s very good with several threesome scenes along with a few one-on-one scenes. Overall the film balances out the action quite well and handles the pov aspect nicely. Compounding this is their fantastic performances. Their chemistry together is terrific and both are incredibly engaging and expressive. They really pull you into the fantasy. And of course they both look absolutely stunning. Anri in particular looks super sexy but Kaho is no slouch either. This is a perfect example of quality pov. Giving the viewer a unique experience and indulging in a fantasy that I’m sure most of us would love to have. Everything from the plot to the action to the performances are on point. A definite must watch for pov lovers.


11. ABP-566

“Absolute Classic Situation”


Shunka Ayami for me personally is hit or miss. A lot of her work with Prestige feels and looks the same, especially the covers. But this one really surprised me and managed to earn a spot in my top 10. The premise here revolves around several different scenarios all shot of course in pov. There’s 4 in all but one is largely forgettable as it’s just a blowjob scene in a library. But thankfully the other scenes are fantastic. Starting out with you eating at a ramen bar and her pulling you into the bathroom to fuck her. Then in another scene you’re in the hospital with her playing your girlfriend. While she’s there visiting you end up having sex right in the bed. During all this the doctor comes into the room a few times so there’s a great risk element to it. The last scene is a bit strange as it has you watching Shunka getting fucked by your friend, at least I assume. But then after that he falls asleep and she turns her attention towards you and proceeds to have her way with you. It’s no doubt a little  but honestly it may be the best scene of the bunch. Her performance throughout is quite good as well. From seductive to submissive and even a little dominant she plays it all. Can’t forget to mention how utterly amazing she looks here. Shunka Ayami’s body is incredible and she’s in top form here. Slender, beautiful and great boobs. Whether you’re a diehard fan or new to her I can’t recommend this enough. Superb action, varied scenarios and Shunka looking stunning. What’s better than that?


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