June 14, 2024

Pan Picks: Top 10 Aimi Yoshikawa Videos



  • Born : 03/20/1994(24 years old)aimi-yoshikawa-02224269
  • Career Status: 2013 – present
  • Measurements: JP 95-58-85 (US 37-23-33)
  • Cup Size: H
  • Height : 152 cm(5 Feet)
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown
Metric Score
Breasts 10/10
Face 8.5/10
Body 8/10
Ass 5/10
Acting 6/10


Aimi Yoshikawa made her debut way back in 2012 starring in gravure to start. Soon after she transitioned to AV(Adult Video) and by the end of 2013 she won the best actress award at the SOD Awards.  She’s worked for many different studios such as Oppai, Moodyz, Gloryquest, Fitch, S1…etc. Aimi has made a name for herself thanks to her adorable face, petite body and obviously her top tier natural boobs. If you’re a fan of the busty and petite look than you’ll find no one better than Aimi Yoshikawa. Without further ado I’ll kick off my list with some videos that barely missed the cut.

Honorable Mentions


“Naughty Nurse”


I’m normally not a fan of these genre but I was quite surprised by this one. Aimi looks incredible throughout and the action is pretty great too. Her performance isn’t half bad either. Certainly a little more niche than others on this list but if old men are your thing then go for it.


“Erotic Cute Lady With Big Tits”


While this is a very vanilla video taking place only in a hotel room I really enjoyed it. The video quality being one of the best aspects as the lighting and camerawork are top-notch. On top of that the action is terrific and Aimi looks exceptional. However her acting isn’t too hot but what else is new?


“Narcotics Investigation Squad Drugged Addicted Ecstasy”


Here’s another genre that I’m not a big fan of however shockingly enough I liked this one a lot. The action is entertaining, Aimi looks stunning and I enjoyed the plot. Especially with her being shot up with drugs and losing her mind near the end. Performance wise she’s very whiny but at least it fits within the premise here.

Best Videos


“My Super Serious, Stuffy Sister-in-Law Is Really A Beast Who Really Craves Sex! 2 Give In To Temptation And Surrender Your Body Once, And It’s Over! It Doesn’t Matter If Your Parents Are Nearby! She’ll Demand A Pounding Whenever She Pleases, No Matter The Time Or Place!”


This is one of Aimi’s more recent releases and at the same time one of her absolute best. It nails every single aspect starting with the terrific plot. The title pretty much explains it all but basically your sister-in-law visits the guy and his mother to discuss something. During which she relentlessly teases and seduces him until he eventually gives in. It leads to tons of sex as they sneak around the house avoiding the mother. Risk plays a major part in the action as they fuck everywhere from the living room with her right next to them to even having sex underneath the kitchen table. In addition there are loads of creampies(although likely to be fake). Another major positive is her perfect appearance. Nothing too special in terms of wardrobe besides a pair of glasses and some shirts that make her cleavage look absolutely stunning. More than that though her physical appearance is flawless. Seems like she’s put on a bit of weight which makes her look 10 times better and as a result her boobs are even fuller. Last but not least she actually delivers a worthwhile performance. She’s super seductive as well as flirty and she even takes the lead throughout. Even her usual weakspots such as moaning and facial expressions aren’t too bad here. She manages to stifle her moans rather well. In closing this is hands down one of her all time best scenes ever. Hell even if you’re not a fan I suggest giving this a shot. You won’t regret it.



“The Girl Who Wants Molester Action Special”


This is a bit of an unexpected video for me personally to make this list as I don’t typically enjoy molester/groping type plots. However this is an exception as its hands down one of her most unusual and best videos to date. The general theme here is her getting groped, molested and of course fucked in public areas such as on board a train and inside a gym. Now what really shines here is the action. The video is 4 hours long featuring several full sex scenes but also a scene where she swallows upwards of 10 loads of cum. And also a scene taking place a gym where she gets groped by a girl at the gym leading to some intense girl on girl action. Of course she looks amazing throughout the whole video with a few nice outfits and besides that she’s in top-notch shape. The only glaring weakness is of course her lackluster performance but I’m sure we’ve all come to expect that. If you’re looking for some more variety from Aimi then this is the way to go.



“Ultra Hard Sex Unleashed! Big Black Cock Fucking”


Here we have Aimi’s very first interracial video and easily one of her more memorable ones. There’s no real premise besides her just fucking black guys, that’s it. So if the focus is on sex it better be good right? Thankfully it is with a few full sex scenes(one being a 3p scene) and a superb paizuri scene. There is a very mediocre masturbation scene that’s extremely forgettable. Beyond that though the action is fantastic thanks to excellent technical aspects such as lighting and camerawork and some overall intense fucking. Also another nice thing is that the guys all have big dicks which makes it all much more fun to watch. The other big positive is just how damn good Aimi looks. Besides wearing a few stunning outfits her body is in incredible shape from her boobs to her face. Especially those boobs. Now her acting however is not that great but I can say its a slight step up from her usual self. Notably during the paizuri scene she’s actually quite expressive but during the sex scenes you’ll be wanting to hit that mute button. Still though if enjoy interracial sex this is definitely a must watch.



“I Love My Father-in-Law More Than My Husband…”


Featuring a great plot and fantastic action choosing to include this was easy. Also it was one of my first videos of Aimi. Anyway the premise boils down to Aimi falling in love with her father-in-law and having a sexual relationship with him behind her husband’s back. Its handles very well and makes for some great sex scenes. Speaking of the action its incredible. The sex scenes are fantastic and shot beautifully capturing some really nice angles and there’s even some risk involved in the other scenes making them much more exciting. Aimi looks stunning as always too as she’s in great shape. Her performance is even a minor step up. She’s very devilish and teases the guy frequently and takes control throughout the scenes. However she still can be very loud and whiny. Despite that this is definitely one of her best and if you’re in the mood for a video with a nice plot and great action then you’ll definitely enjoy it.



“The Greatest Virginity Loss Experience in History!! In My Motherless Family, My Older Sister Always Worries About Me And Lectures Me About Everything! But She’s So Kind! One Day I Skipped School and She Bugged Me About Why!!”




“Bright Smile! Soft Tits! Happy Endings! The Girl From The Public Bath Will Take Care Of You”


The premise revolves around Aimi playing a bathhouse worker who loves to wash up her customers and even offer up some “extra” services from time to time. Seeing Aimi take on a different role is refreshing and enjoyable. In addition the action is terrific with some creampies, nice clothed sex and paizuri. Her performance is even a minor step up. Sure she’s still whiny and unpleasant at times but she often takes the lead in most scenes and is full of confidence. But by far perhaps the best aspect is just how utterly gorgeous Aimi is here. She herself looks amazing but her outfits are especially noteworthy. For instance that bikini from the cover. This is one that should be enjoyed by any Aimi Yoshikawa fan. Great plot, great action and great looks.



“Spoiled Cowgirl”


This is a pretty straightforward video focusing entirely on sex and more specifically the cowgirl position. With all the attention being on sex it better be good right? While yes its pretty much all just one position, cowgirl, its done very well and me personally its one of my favorite positions. There is an exception as there’s a pov paizuri scene that features some nice facesitting. But beyond that its all cowgirl. Now what really helps this video standout is Aimi’s acting. It’s certainly one of her most memorable performances for sure. She’s very slutty and dominant as she takes the lead throughout. Not to mention even her facial expressions are above average for her. Aimi’s appearance is another huge plus here. Besides looking great as always her wardrobe is superb with some very sexy outfits helping the scenes standout from one another. So in closing if cowgirl and slutty acting is your thing this is a must watch.



Exclusive NO.1STYLE Living With Aimi”


Ever wanted to know what its like to have Aimi as your girlfriend? Well then this is for you. From giving you a titty fuck and a blowjob to make you feel awake and fresh in the morning to some cosplay fucking with her dressed as a maid. Also there’s scene where she fucks you while your friend is asleep. It’s all shot entirely in pov further enhancing the experience. Adding to this is her solid performance. On one hand she’s still kinda whiny and facial expressions can be less than desired bur her bubbly personality shines here and she plays her role well enough. She looks amazing here too. Very cute and adorable but also sexy at the same time. If you love pov videos and “girlfriend experience” type plots then this is a no brainer.



“Baby Making Sex At The Erotic Sensual Festival In The Village Of Big Tits”


A cast filled with not only Aimi Yoshikawa but also Erika Kitagawa and Asahi Mizuno? How could this NOT make the list. The premise is pretty standard fare from this studio. Its based around these 4 girls wanting to make babies with you and constantly wanting sex. Seems fine to me. Anyway much like the previous video on this list its shot entirely in pov which is always a plus even if the guy here does the annoying “jazz hands” quite frequently. Still the sex is very good with loads of group sex and creampies with next to no filler scenes at all. Plus all the actresses look fantastic with Aimi in particular being the standout. And when it comes to performances everyone is on point and even Aimi herself is solid. She’s pretty engaging, facial expressions are great and her enthusiasm is superb. Definitely one of the best harem style videos out there. Thanks in part to its amazing action and pov group sex along with an awesome cast and solid acting.



“The Lady Boss Serves Titty Fuck Punishment ~ Bad Employees Will Be Forced To Cum Clean”


I had a tough time choosing the last film to make my top list but I went with this for a couple of reasons. The main one being I really enjoyed seeing Aimi take on a new role that she’s never played before. Here she’s cast as a slutty and dominant boss of an office who gets off on fucking her employees and making them cum. Now I must admit she’s not perfect in her acting as she’s still her typical whiny self but during the foreplay sections she’s not half bad. The action is pretty solid with Aimi taking the lead in most scenes and featuring plenty of paizuri and overall great sex scenes. Last not but least Aimi looks quite sexy in her office wardrobe consisting of pantyhose, stockings and skirts. If office themed videos and slutty roles are your thing I definitely recommend giving it a watch.


Most Disappointing Videos


“Her Elder Sister Uses Her Big Tits To Seduce Me, Telling Me I Can Cum Inside Her!”


Aimi starring in one of my all time favorite series should be a no brainer but alas this was a big disappointment. While she certainly looks the part her acting is very underwhelming which is always a key factor in this series. She’s too whiny especially in the most critical scene where the whole goal is to stay quite. Plus another key element which is risk is barely featured. Only one scene has any real sense of danger while the rest feel like plain vanilla scenes. A massive disappointment all around.


“I Normally Can’t Cum But She Made Me Blow 10 Loads – The Soapland Hooker With Incredible Technique SPECIAL”


It’s definitely not her worst video but the combination of these two could have been much more. I personally was hoping the addition of Ai would have elevated her performance but sadly not as she’s still her typical whiny self. To make matters worse they barely interact with each at all. No groping, kissing or fingering. They just have no chemistry whatsoever and are too different. Ai is one of the best performers in jav ever along with having an incredible ass and thick thighs. Meanwhile Aimi is a terrible performer with no ass but boasts huge boobs. There’s still some value here and it provides some fappable scenes but still you’ll be left wondering what could have been.

Worst Videos


“A Gathering Of Men Who Love To Cum In Tight Spaces In A Titty Fuck Offline Session”



Now I should preface this by saying this isn’t absolutely terrible or “unfapworthy”. However its by far her most dull and repetitive video. It’s all just paizuri for 2 whole hours besides one mediocre sex scene at the end. They don’t even try to come up with some interesting scenarios for the paizuri. It’s just her in a plain room with a bunch of guys and she proceeds to tittyfuck each and every one of them. And while she has her moments here and there her acting and technique aren’t strong enough to carry the video like say Hitomi. One positive note is that Aimi does look good and she even wears a bunnygirl outfit which is amazing. Even with that though I can’t recommend this to anyone unless you’re an EXTREMELY big fan of paizuri. Even then you may be put to sleep.


“Rope Sickness Married Meat Slave Contract”


Aimi doing a rape video is almost never good but one where she’s tied up in ropes constantly and has candlewax dripped on her is no doubt the bottom of the barrel. There’s nothing redeeming here unless you’re super into restraints and bondage. Not much else left to say.


“I Was Raped In Competitive Swimsuit By Students… Big-Titted Swimming Coach At Boy’s School”


Yet again another rape video this time having swimsuits as the center theme. Now if you happen to have a big fetish for swimsuits then perhaps there may be some value here for you but overall this is a terrible video made even worse by Aimi’s shrieking and painful facial expressions. Just avoid at all costs.

Aimi Yoshikawa is personally one of my favorite actresses due to her petite stature, perfect and perky natural boobs and cute face. She has a wide range of videos and has done many different fetishes and genres. Hopefully after reading this you’ll know what videos to watch and what ones to avoid. 


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