May 17, 2024

Pan’s Top 20 POV Videos Part 2

This is continuing my top 20 all time greatest pov videos. If you missed part 1 feel free to check it out here. Without further ado it’s time to countdown my top 10 beginning with…

10. T28-434

“When My Parents Were Out, I Had A 5-Way With My Sisters”


Cracking my top 10 is this wonderful incest filled creampie fest with one of the best casts ever assembled. The plot puts you in the shoes of a younger sibling with five very hot older sisters who apparently can’t wait to fuck him. Wouldn’t we all love to be in situation like that? Anyway the scenes are a little over the top in classic jav style. One example being you getting caught spying on Yui in the bathroom and gradually one by one all the other sisters come in and join in a group tittyfuck. What’s nice is they do a fantastic job at giving all the girls an equal amount of screen time so no one feels left out. As a whole the action is amazing with loads of group sex and creampies(albeit fake). The camerawork too is especially nice. One annoying thing however is the actor does the “jazz hands” routine of waving his hands in protest of these girls fucking him. Moving onto to performances which across the board are all superb. They’re everything you want out of a pov video. Expressive, engaging and enthusiastic which really helps draw you into the experience even more. They all get along with each other rather well too and have a lot of fun. Hell there’s even a part where they play rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to fuck you next. And I don’t think I really need to say much about appearances. I mean with a cast like this it kinda speaks for itself. T28-434 is easily an all time favorite pov video and if you’re a big fan of group sex especially then no doubt this is right up your alley.




“Tempting Nurse Panties”


Not only is this one of the best pov videos imo but it’s also a top all time greatest video for Yui Hatano. The premise is very simple but incredible effective as it casts Yui into the role of a seductive and slutty nurse who tempts her patients into sex. She does this mostly by flashing her panties and bra. As a huge fan of nurses and of course pov I fell in love with this video. By far one of the best aspects here is the action which is phenomenal. The video does an excellent job at making each scene standout and feel unique in its setup. Such as one scene where she gives you a blowjob in the waiting room or in another when she comes into your room at night and fucks you. They all play up the nurse and hospital theme well. I will say at times the camerawork is a little wonky as its occasionally shifts away from 100% pov but it doesn’t happen too often. In addition her wardrobe is very sexy and fits the theme perfectly. Mostly composed of nurse uniforms with some stunning lingerie underneath. It all makes for a really great look that Yui nails completely. Last not but least is her performance which is flawless. She really shows off her slutty and seductive side here to perfection. She’s very lewd and engaging with exceptional facial expressions. The combination of pov, nurses, lingerie and slutty acting results in a home run here. No doubt one of her best all time videos.



8. BLK-268

“The 3 Older, Creampie-Loving Gals In The Office Are Educating Me!!”


Personally office themes are a big favorite of mine and imo this is among the best of the genre. The premise is straightforward enough with you working in an office with the 3 actresses here acting as your co-workers. Over the course of the video they relentlessly tease you and fuck you silly. Combining the office setting with this slutty acting style hits the spot. Which leads me to their performances with all 3 absolutely nailing it. Unfortunately there’s very little girl on girl action between them here but that’s a very minor issue imo. They’re incredibly engaging, lively and expressive as they really bring these scenes to life. Thankfully those scenes are all outstanding for the most part. With the exception of just one every single scene is a group sex scene. There’s very little filler to slow down the action too which is a huge plus. The last scene in particular is my favorite as it stars all 3 actresses as they fight over who gets to fuck you next. A fantasy for just about any guy, right? Of course it’s all bolstered by their amazing wardrobe consisting of sexy office wear such as pantyhose, skirts and high-heels. The stellar cast of Aika, Karen and Yuki Jin is one hell of a lineup and they all look superb. By far one of the greatest “gal” type videos I’ve personally seen.



7. MIDD-913

“Busty Babe Ai Sayama Can Barely Fit into Her Tight Dresses”


Imo this is prime era Ai Sayama and is without a doubt one of her best videos to date. Now when it comes to the plot I’m not 100% sure but I believe the general premise centers around her playing your best friend’s sister and seduces you into sex. It’s of course all shot pov style which greatly enhances the overall experience. Every single element of this video is flawless starting with the action. Featuring plenty of great sex scenes and excellent use of pov. In addition each scene features a unique setup such as when she’s showing off her new dress to you and proceeds to give you a tittyfuck. Or when she catches you spying on her when she’s fucking her boyfriend and invites to you to join. Every scene is memorable. Compounding all this is her performance which will blow you away. Very lewd, slutty and wonderfully inviting. Also her facial expressions are incredible and on point. Delivering a strong performance is always vital for pov and she absolutely nails it. And her wardrobe is nothing short of spectacular. As the title states she wears some very sexy and tight dresses that show off her voluptuous body perfectly. Not to mention she’s physically in her prime here as her body and face look amazing. Definitely check this out if you’re a big fan of Ai Sayama and of course pov. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.



6. JUFD-593

“A Slut Who Tempts With Dirty Talk And Teases With Pull Out Sex ~ My Business Partner Who Enjoys Torturing Me To Death”


Hands down one of my favorite plot focused videos from Kaori and leave it to Fitch studio to knock it out of the park. Here she plays your slutty co-worker who endlessly teases you. The use of pov really brings the premise to life and does a great job at drawing you in. What’s especially remarkable is how expertly paced the scenes are. Starting out with her just flashing her ass at you and teasing your dick by “air stroking” it. Then moving onto a blowjob scene followed by you watching her fuck another co-worker through the doorway as she taunts you. Finally though it ends with 2 full sex scenes. Another huge reason this videos excels is due to Kaori’s impeccable  acting. No doubt one of her best performances to date. She’s very slutty, devilish and lewd. Pretty engaging too and her facial expressions for the most part are spot on. Such as when she’s riding the co-worker and looking at you from afar while winking. She really nails the role very well. Last but certainly not least is her appearance. She wears some super sexy office wear along with some stunning lingerie that fit her body perfectly. And Kaori herself looks terrific along with dat ass. This is an absolute must watch thanks to its expertly paced action full of devilish teasing and foreplay with some incredible sex scenes to boot. A top pov video and series for sure.



5. ZUKO-114

“Baby Making Sex At The Erotic Sensual Festival In The Village Of Big Tits”


A pov video with a cast of Aimi Yoshikawa, Erika Kitagawa and Asahi Mizuno? How could this NOT make the list. The premise is pretty standard fare from this studio. Its based around these 4 girls wanting to make babies with you and constantly wanting sex. Sounds good to me. Lemme get my one minor gripe out of the way and that is “jazz hands”. Yes the actor here often waves his hands in protest as these girls fuck the life out of him.  Still the sex is very good with loads of group sex and creampies with next to no filler scenes at all. What’s also nice is that the spotlight is shared equally among the actresses so no one feels left out. Plus all the actresses look fantastic as this is easily one of the best casts ever assembled for a group video imo. They all wear really skimpy outfits too such as tight shorts and revealing tops. And when it comes to performances everyone is on point and even Aimi herself is solid. Everyone is pretty engaging, expressive and boasts solid enthusiasm.  Definitely one of the best harem style videos out there. Thanks in part to its amazing action and pov group sex along with an all time greatest cast and solid acting.



4. STAR-604

“Enjoy A Loving, Incestuous Life With The Incredibly Dirty And Beautiful Marina Shiraishi As Your Stepmom”


Incest and pov. Two of my personal favorite themes and the combining them together results in one of all time favorite pov videos and an absolute masterpiece. The premise is pretty typical as it starts out with you spying on your stepmom(Marina) while she’s cleaning. Then while she’s asleep you jerk off to her. Afterwards she discovers you’re porn dvd stash and gets a little turned on. Eventually you two get down to business and proceed to fuck throughout the rest of the video. Now speaking of the action it’s incredible. There’s several sex scenes of course but in between are a blowjob and paizuri scene and even those are superb. The plot and pov use certainly enhances those scenes and makes them so much better. Also gotta love that you’re treated to several nice shots of her ass as she rides you. Perhaps though the best aspect here and what really makes these scenes standout is her flawless performance. There is no one and I mean NO ONE that is a better fit for this role than Marina. Her naturally bubbly and inviting personality shine here and really make each scene worth watching. She has such a warm and motherly tone to her acting that doesn’t feel fake or put on. Her facial expressions are second to none and her gorgeous smile is irresistible. As a whole she really draws you into the experience.  Lastly I gotta mention her stunning appearance. Her wardrobe is subtle but matches her perfectly. And physically she’s in top-notch shape.  I can’t say enough about this one. Every single element of this video is perfect. If you’re like me and love incest and pov then stop right now and go download this immediately.



3. IPZ-059


I’ll admit I kinda glossed over this one initially as I’m not really a fan of Kokomi Sakura but once I gave it a chance I was absolutely blown away. I firmly believe this is one of the best pov series ever in jav. Now I think the premise revolves you and the girls, who are your friends, moving in together and sharing a house. I could be wrong but it honestly doesn’t matter too much in the end. It’s all pretty straightforward. Anyway there’s loads of action here as the runtime is nearly 4 hours long with numerous solo and threesome sex scenes. And if you’re looking for a little girl on girl then you’ll find a touch of it here too as the girls frequently grope and play with each other. Also the filler bits in between the sex scenes really help draw you into the premise and the pov aspect helps keep you engaged. Performances from both are outstanding as well. Little whining, very expressive and full of energy. A good performance is always key for pov and they absolutely nail it here. They’re chemistry with one another is great too and they both look super sexy to boot. Of course Minori is the highlight as she looks incredibly cute but can be devilishly sexy at the drop of a hat. Overall there’s pov, threesomes, little girl on girl and great performances. What’s not to love?

2. IPZ-127

“My Super Sweet Cohabitation Life”


Deciding between this and the overall top spot was very difficult. They’re nearly interchangeable to be honest as both are easily some of the greatest pov videos ever produced. The plot is pretty much the same as the previous entry with you moving in with two good friends in Aino Kishi and Rio/Tina Yuzuki. They certainly make a great pair and work very well together. I’d even say their chemistry is better than Minori and Kokomi from IPZ-059. This series really makes expert use of pov and takes full advantage of it. Such as all the filler of you and the girls goofing around and playing games which really enhances the whole premise. Now moving onto to the action which as you can probably guess is fantastic. There’s plenty of amazing threesomes along with a really nice “holdthemoan” type scene of you fucking Rio while Aino Kishi is in dining room and you’re trying to stay quiet. Oh and she squirts several times during this scene which is a huge plus. Another nice aspect is that the girls aren’t afraid to engage with each other throughout as they grope and kiss several times. And when it comes to their performances they’re equally terrific as they play their parts very well and are super engaging which is critical with a plot like this. They’re also very bubbly and expressive. Finally they each look gorgeous here. So cute and adorable but sexy at the same time. All this combined makes for what is easily one of the greatest pov masterpieces ever created.



1. MIDE-213

“A Date With a Slut With Amazing Technique and Huge Tits Who Makes Me Cum Over and Over”


MIDE-213 is not only my all time favorite pov video ever but it’s also one of Anri Okita’s all time best. This video gives you the pov experience of having Anri Okita as your girlfriend as you go on a few dates together and fuck…a lot. After all the runtime is 4 hours long loaded with tons of sex scenes mixed in with some nice shots of you two hanging out and talking, like a real date. Now despite having a simple plot the action contains a great amount of variety in the scenes and is a huge selling point for this one. There’s of course the typical hotel room sex scenes but beyond that there’s plenty of paizuri, a scene where she jerks you off in the car, a bathroom handjob scene and another scene taking place inside the car but this time she fucks you while people are walking by on the street. There’s never a dull moment and you’ll be entertained from start to finish. Not to mention the pov element is used to great effect in these scenes helping them feel more engaging. Of course enhancing all this action is her outstanding performance. She seems very natural here and plays the flirty girlfriend role quite well. Her enthusiasm is also second to none and she really delivers one of her best performances of her career. And do I need to mention how gorgeous she looks here. Because she is absolutely stunning and has never looked better. Everything from her boobs to her face and body are on point. She is utter perfection. With all that said I can firmly say this is my all time personal favorite pov video ever and I honestly don’t think anything can ever top it.



And that brings to a close my countdown of the best pov videos. Pov is easily one of my favorite genres and hopefully after reading this you’ll find some new videos to check out. Feel free to let me know if you agree or disagree with any of my choices. Also you can list some of your pov favorites as well.






















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