July 18, 2024

Pan’s Top 30 Most Disappointing Videos Part 1/3

We’ve all experienced disappointing videos before. You see a cover that looks like fire or maybe it features an exciting title/premise. You download it and watch it only to discover it’s a dud. For one reason or another it doesn’t live up to expectations and leaves you underwhelmed. Well that’s what this particular post is all about. This is my personal list of my most disappointing videos. Just to clarify most of the videos here aren’t complete trash and hell, a lot of them still are watchable. However they could have been much better and left a lot to be desired. Perhaps it was an entry in a highly regarded series or a actress collab that just didn’t pan out. I should also mention I’m trying to maintain a decent variety here so only 1-2 vids max for an individual actress. With that out of the way let’s begin..


30. ABP-664

“An Ultra High Class Secret Sexy Spa Salon 02 Sexy Dirty Talk x Ultra Exquisite Escort Sex”


This video just barely makes my list as it’s quite that egregious and features some ok action. However when this video came out I can remember a few members of the community praising the hell out of this so I gave it a watch and came away pretty disappointed. The overall theme is just something I’m not a huge fan of personally and it doesn’t really connect with me at all. Also I gotta mention that mud paizuri scene which you can see on the cover. Completely terrible. Her performance overall isn’t bad and as I mentioned there’s some enjoyable action here. But after a few people were saying this was amazing and oh so good I was expecting a lot more personally.

29. EKW-019

“Forced To Cum With Dirty Talk! Teasing Female Pervert Captures Cum”


The cover is nice and the title certainly catches your eye. Unfortunately beyond that this video is pretty terrible. First off there’s only one sex scene for the entire 2 hours. The rest of the action consists of handjobs and blowjobs with some spotty camerawork. What’s even worse is that her hairstyle in the sex scene is outright terrible. Her performance is fine but that’s far from enough to save this. Don’t waste your time with this. Great concept gone to waste.

28. SNIS-651

‘Traveling For Work On An Overnight Bus, Kirara Asuka Tempts An Amateur With An Offer He Can’t Refuse, And They Wind Up Fucking Nice And Slow So As Not To Wake Their Fellow Passengers.”


S1 with an actual original concept? Sounds good right? Well leave it to them to ruin it. It’s a neat and unique premise on paper but it’s executed pretty poorly imo. For one nothing happens till a half hour in with the setup taking that whole time leading a very boring start. The other big issue I have is that the action is very mediocre. The lighting and camerawork are quite poor which I understand why to a point as they try to convey the sense of voyeur but its hard to enjoy it when you can barely see anything. Also due to them trying to conceal themselves the action itself is pretty light and boring. All in all a great idea with some potential that was mishandled and led to a disappointing experience.

27. MIDD-988

“Maso Boy Pleasure Room


On paper a femdom style Ai Sayama film should be a no brainer right?  She’s a fantastic performer and excels at domination. I will say her performance is quite good still and she’s very expressive and engaging. So what’s the problem? Well my one main issue here is the lighting and setting. It’s nearly the same setup in every scene and its very uninspired and very drab as well. Also I wasn’t too impressed by he wardrobe either as it’s rather plain. The action is decent though I will say that. In closing I was hoping for more from this video given the premise but ultimately was let down and disappointed. Not a terrible video but could have been much more.

26. BBI-201

“Sticky Sperm Play With A Beautiful Young Woman


By far one of the most frustrating cum videos to ever be released imo. Now don’t get me wrong it’s still enjoyable to some extent. Her performance is really good, she looks terrific and the cum play is all around decent too. So what’ the issue here you might ask. She doesn’t swallow a single drop of cum here. Despite all her teasing, cumplay and frothing it around in her mouth she doesn’t actually gulp any of it down. So many great potential moments just ruined as she just lets it run out of her mouth. Had she swallowed this would have been one of the best cum-centric videos ever. But unfortunately it does not happen and leads to an overall underwhelming experience.

25. SOE-681

“Secret Woman Investigators – Special Edition – Undercover Mission”


Got a pretty decent cast here all wearing sexy catsuits. This has all the makings of a great video but instead imo falls flat and disappoints. One of those reasons is the rapey nature of the plot. This theme is so incredibly frustrating as the outfits are incredible and the girls playing secret agents is a fantastic plot but studios always ruin it by making it entirely rape focused. Just imagine how good this series could potentially be if the actresses were the ones in control for a change. Beyond that the action is too messy for my tastes with multiple scenes featuring multiple guys and at least 2 of the actresses as well. All this leads to way too much going at times making it hard to focus on what’s happening. I’m sure some of you will disagree with me on this entry but for me personally I just really wish it went in a different direction as it squandered some great potential.

24. CHAE-003

“Peach Ass


I just had to include Tomomi on my list somehow. This girls ass was legendary butt her career was very short-lived and overall was incredibly underwhelming. One of the biggest reasons was her lackluster acting. All of her performances were pretty disappointing with low energy, little effort and just next to no enthusiasm. And that rings true here especially. One other big reason is the mediocre action with only one sex scene that isn’t till the very end. The rest just consists of assjobs and facesitting which is fine but it gets old after-while, especially since her acting isn’t too hot. All in all Tomomi was easily one of the most disappointing actresses in jav.  Had a godlike ass but never got any mainstream work and delivered very mediocre performances. What could have been…


23. PLA-055

“Loving Hold


Nearly all videos under this “Platina” label aka PLA have been stellar such as PLA-041, 044 and 045 just to name a few. So seeing another Ai Uehara entry directed of course by Nao Masaki I thought this should be a home-run. Unfortunately it doesn’t live up to the precedent set by the rest of the series. The main reason being it all centers around just one position which is mainly missionary with her wrapping her arms around the guy. As a viewer its really not the best position as you can’t see shit at all. Also there’ a really weird scene where she gets creampie’d and another dude eats the cum out of her. Didn’t expect that. I will say though her performance is quite good at least, there’s real creampies here and there’s a fantastic strap-on scene with Nao as she fucks Ai’s brains out. Still though I remember being quite hyped for this video before its release only to be letdown. Not a complete dud but could have been something greater.

22. IPZ-435

“Home Invasion – Hot Stepsisters Get Ravished Kaho Kasumi Yui Hatano


A collab between Kaho Kasumi and Yui Hatano? Well don’t mind I do—oh, its a rape video. Here we have a great duo video completely gone to waste imo. The plot is pretty self-explanatory as they play stepsisters who get raped by their male friends or something along those lines. Honestly I didn’t pay too much attention to the actual story. Only positive I can say is that they both look fine and their acting fits the premise with being pretty submissive. But the rapey aspect of it completely turns me off and even if you do like rape the last scene is a messy group sex scene with the two of them featuring multiple guys. I would have loved to have seen a proper collab between them but what we got here doesn’t do them justice.

21. WNZ-389


The fan thanksgiving genre is a big favorite of mine and normally Rio Hamsaki’s entries are always home-runs. As the title states it’s all about Rio Hamasaki giving virgins their first sexual experience. On paper this should be gold but instead is more like copper. While Rio looks great as always and delivers a pretty solid performance the action is where it stumbles. Some of the action takes too long to get going, the actual sex is mostly average at best and 2 of the scenes use static camerawork which I personally can’t stand. WNZ-389 had some serious potential but ultimately falls short.

Stay tuned for part 2…


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