June 14, 2024

Hitomi’s 2019 in Review

Seeing as how Hitomi Tanaka is currently my favorite active actress at the moment I thought it’d be fun to rank all 12 films of hers from 2019. All in all I think Hitomi had a very strong year and it was one of her best in recent memory. While there were certainly a few lackluster videos to be had, most were very solid and even a few come close to being some of my overall favorites. With that introduction out the way lets begin with…

12. AVOP-418

“Instructions For How To Deal With A Bitchy Wife – My Wife’s Sensuality Was Still Underdeveloped”


This easily comes in last place for the year. For an AV Open entry I’d expect much more. It’s an NTR based film with Hitomi playing a young housewife who is annoyed at her neighbor who is very loud during sex. She goes to talk to him about it but it turns out he’s her husband’s boss and and is thinking about firing him. So she is forced to into sex to keep her husband’s job. Soon though she realizes what she’s missing and starts to enjoy it. All the while the husband can see all this through a spy cam. The positives here are that Hitomi looks very good actually with some nice loose-fitting clothes. And its well shot with excellent lighting and camerawork. But I’m definitely not a big fan of ntr/cuckold type plots so I didn’t enjoy this theme too much. However the biggest issue is the action. There’s only 2 sex scenes and the first doesn’t even happen till over halfway through. Further more both scenes are the exact same as they take place in the same room, same setting and same premise pretty much. Oh and there’s no real cumshots here as its all fake cumshots and fake creampies. There’s a few good moments here and there but overall unless you’re a big ntr fan you can skip this.

11. PPPD-752

“I Turned My Friend’s Education Mama Into A Titty Sex S***e Hitomi – As Part Of My Revenge, She Was Turned Into A Creampie Specialty Titty Cum Bucket For The DQN Bad Boys”


Normally I’m a big fan of shota releases but this was a major letdown. The plot involves a young man who is staying at his friend’s house. His mom of course is Hitomi and the boy finds a bra of hers and gets busted by Hitomi after finding him with it. Soon after he ends up raping her and takes pics so he can use them to blackmail her. The rest of the video features him and his friend fucking her over and over. On the plus side the action is solid with several sex scenes and even a nice risky scene in the kitchen with the boys getting a blowjob while she’s got a vibrator in her panties and her son’s right nearby. But that’s about it. There’s numerous fake creampies here that don’t really look convincing at all. Also I don’t think Hitomi looks that great here. Not a fan of those glasses and her wardrobe is very drab. Lastly she delivers a pretty underwhelming performance. She does an okay job at playing her role but nothing more than that really. While it may boast a very sexy cover, the actual video doesn’t come close to matching it sadly.

10. PPPD-774

“Erotic Oil Massage. Relentless Pleasure And Endless Orgasms


Don’t let this cover fool you as this is an all around mediocre video. The plot features Hitomi going in for a massage but getting a bit more than she expected as its a very hands-on massage. So in typical jav fashion she gets fucked by the masseuse. The rest of the film is about the same as she gets oiled up and either gives a tittyfuck or gets fucked herself. I usually enjoy massage videos but this one is just underwhelming in its premise. The best praise I can give this video is her appearance. She looks absolutely amazing here with several stunning outfits like a sexy one-piece and physically she’s in remarkable shape. Plus seeing her all oiled up just makes it even better. And there’s a fantastic paizuri scene too where she makes the cum twice in a row and her acting is rather solid there. However the rest of the action is a bit disappointing. While there are multiple sex scenes, one of them features just one position. And her performance leaves something to be desired. She’s not terrible but at best is just okay. To be fair though she;s not given much to work with. So in summary Hitomi does look killer and there’s some very nice paizuri here. But the rest of the action is a bit mixed, the plot is weak and her performance is average. It’s a fine film but won’t blow you away that’s for sure.

9. PPPD-745

“Her Boyfriend Made Her Abstain From Sex For 30 Days, Turning Her Into A Horny Monster. So I Fucked The Busty Girl Before Her Boyfriend Could”


For an ntr based film, this isn’t too bad. Hitomi plays a married woman who abstains from sex for a month with her husband. The neighbor is over at her place and she notices his erection. He in turn notices how wet she is and voila, they fuck. The rest of the video features them fucking all the time. Eventually by the end she and her husband have sex but she realizes she craves her neighbor more now. On the positive side the lighting is very good and fits perfectly. The action is pretty solid with multiple sex scenes including one where she’s talking on the phone to her husband and trying to stay quiet. Plus she even has a huge squirt in the final scene. And her performance as a whole is decent too. Can be a bit hit or miss at times though. Now one negative I have is the phone element where the guy will record her with his phone during the action and we view through it’s lens. Its fine at first but the switching perspectives between the phone and the actual camera is jarring after while. Speaking of camerawork I gotta mention one part where they record the action from the damn doorway nearly 10 feet away. It’s ridiculous but thankfully doesn’t last too long. It’s a nicely shot and directed video for the most part that will surely please any hardcore ntr fans.

8. PPPD-781

“After You Creampie Her, She’ll Take Your Cum And Pussy Juice-Stained Cock And Bring It Back To Life With A Titty Fuck For Some More Follow-Up P-To-O Sex”


Here we have one of Oppai’s laziest outings of the year. While a somewhat decent concept, its unfortunately wasted. The central theme is “Pussy to Oppai”(hence the P to O on the cover). So nearly every scene features her fucking the guy and then jumping off and tittyfucking him. Sometimes even after a creampie.  This could have been a fun gimmick but ultimately the video is uninspired and repetitive. Oppai occasionally produces a vanilla video like this devoid of plot, like PPPD-688, but at least each scene features a unique scenario. Not so much here. The action as a whole is okay but nothing special. The first scene incorporates pov and is easily the best here. The others are bland and are average at best.  In addition her performance is lacking quite a bit. She’s pretty great in the first scene but beyond that she’s rather lackluster. Appearance wise she looks fine but when it comes to her wardrobe nothing really stands out too much.  All in all this video is very forgettable and at best is just an average outing from Hitomi, although not entirely her fault.

7. PPPD-809

“Big Titted Private Tutor Uses Her Tits To The Max To Manage Both Schoolwork And Ejaculation”


Hitomi had several pov driven releases this year and this is the first to make my list. The central premise revolves around a guy jerking off to actual Hitomi in the beginning only to have his father hire a tutor for him who turns out to be her of course. She soon starts teaching him about sex and eventually they end up fucking. Plot wise I thought it was well done as they made adequate use of the tutor theme. Hitomi’s performance here is rather solid. She boasts terrific facial expressions and is quite engaging. Plus she frequently takes control throughout which is always fun to watch. Regarding her appearance there’s not too much to say as her wardrobe is rather minimal. Most of the time she’s just nude, for better or worse. And of course I can’t forget to mention the action. Overall it’s great with several full sex scenes with creampies(albeit fake) and a few excellent paizuri scenes. The main criticism towards this film that I have is that it doesn’t really stand out too much. Its’ a fine release but nothing stood out to me in particular.

6. PPPD-759

“The O-Cup Girl From The Colossal-Titty Pub Lets You Have Creampie Sex With Her”


Admittedly I’m not the biggest fan of this specific theme in general. However I was pleasantly surprised here by how great this video was. The central premise is quite simple as it features Hitomi playing a hostess girl who engages in various sex acts with her customers, mostly creampie sex. Sometimes this theme can get a bit stale but there’s a fair variety in the scenarios here to keep things interesting. Such as a nice outercourse/tittyfuck scene and a pov scene with Hitomi in pigtails as she shows up and takes over from two other girls. There’s only 4 scenes here but 3/4 are fantastic with the exception being the final sex scene. It’s not terrible but just mediocre as it feels like an afterthought and isn’t really tied in to the theme. Can’t forget to mention there’s a ton of breast play here which is always a plus. One of the best aspects is of this film is her appearance. Her wardrobe is stunning with her wearing some super sexy lingerie to start and to a cat cosplay with cat ears and a tail. Topping all this off is her strong performance. She’s quite sultry here and is very engaging overall with terrific facial expressions. She falters a bit in the last scene but its not too bad. In summary whether you’re a fan of this hostess theme or not I can’t recommend this enough as its backed by a solid performance, great action and Hitomi looking gorgeous.

5. PPPD-805

“While My Big Brother Was Away For 6 Days, I Got Fucked By My Big Sister-In-Law With Those Colossal Tits”


Hitomi really went pov heavy at the end of 2019, which I’m not complaining about as I love pov. The plot follows a young man whose older brother is going away for a week and leaves his wife(Hitomi) alone with him. She subtly starts teasing him and ultimately leads to them fucking. The rest of the video plays out like you’d expect with the two of em engaging in various sex acts. The one caveat to this is that this film has a “JOI”(Jerk Off Instructions) twist to it. What this means is that during the video Hitomi will often be speaking directly to the viewer and giving various commands like “stroke your cock” or “cum for me”. Certainly makes it more engaging especially with subs. The action as a whole is quite good with several full sex scenes and a nice paizuri scene. There is a scene where she is wearing a red dress and rubbing her tits on a window that is very forgettable and is a complete waste. Thankfully the rest of the scenes are much better and feature a nice use of pov and solid technical aspects. Hitomi’s appearance here is mostly great. Her wardrobe is mostly simple. I did appreciate that she keeps her bra for most of the sex which helps gives her breasts some lift, as opposed to the one scene where she’s nude and well…her boobs definitely need some support lol. Finally she delivers a terrific performance. Her enthusiasm is amazing and her facial expressions are great too. Really engaging as a whole too. The combination of pov, joi and Hitomi make for a memorable and fun video for sure.

4. PPPD-788

“I Summoned A Succubus And Then She Possessed My Big Tits Big Sister-In-Law And From There, She Creampie Fucked Me Every Single Day In A Life Of Semen-Milking Sex Slavery”


Easily one of the best covers of the year hands down. What an attention grabber. PPPD-788 features a very unique plot with a spin on the traditional succubus theme. Here the guy summons the spirit of a succubus which then possesses his sister-in-law(Hitomi) and well you can guess the rest. It puts an interesting twist on the suc theme for a fun and entertaining premise although the theme could have been utilized a bit better in some areas. Helping sell the plot though is Hitomi’s remarkable acting. She is very seductive here with incredible enthusiasm and superb facial expressions making for a convincing performance overall. She can be absolutely relentless here.  The action is incredible too with 3/4 scenes incorporating pov to great effect. The sex itself is mostly pretty great however two scenes really just uses one position which is a bummer admittedly. However the last scene features a heavy element of risk and there’s also a fantastic paizuri scene. Rounding this out is her stunning appearance. Her succubus makeover looks amazing for the most part. Makeup could have been a bit better but still great nonetheless. While yes it wasn’t perfect and had a few flaws its still a fantastic video overall thanks to Hitomi’s immaculate performance and incredible final scene.

3. PPPD-729

“Popping The World’s Most Pathetic Boner While My Sister-In-Law’s Monster Titties And Vicious Tongue-Lashings Make Me Cum Again And Again…”


That is one hell of a cover I should say. And the video actually lives up to the cover for once too.  It’s got a fantastic setup too as it revolves around Hitomi catching her brother-in-law sneaking a peek at her while she’s playing with herself. In typical jav fashion she punishes him by fucking his brains out pretty much throughout the rest of the video. I think I speak for most Hitomi fans when I say we all prefer to see her dominant side as that’s what she’s best at and you get a video full of that here. She delivers a superb dominant performance with great energy and matching facial expressions. It’s amazing to see her take complete control from beginning to end as she essentially turns this guy into her pet. It’s truly what she’s best at. To compliment that her acting is matched by her sexy and top-notch appearance. Whether she’s wearing some sexy lingerie or suspenders and a t-shirt she looks phenomenal. This is peak Hitomi for sure. Lastly the action is just as good all around with several sex scenes that all feature multiple cumshots and creampies. And there’s a nice sneaky paizuri scene where she makes him cum twice in a row. Only reason this isn’t higher is due to the last scene being a big underwhelming. That being said this is still a can’t miss video that EVERY Hitomi fan should watch.

2. PPPD-766

“1 Week of Living Together With the Cold but Big-titted Girl Next Door”


Easily one of my favorite all time pov videos. This one features a nice plot casting Hitomi as well, the girl next door. She ends up watching over you for a week and discovers you’re a virgin so she decides to have some fun with you. Gradually over the course of the film she warns up to you after starting out very cold. She’s basically a tsundere here. Part of the reason why this plot is so effective is her terrific performance. She plays the role very well with excellent progression from beginning to end with great engagement and energy. Her acting fits the scene whether she’s cold and distant or lusty and loving it. Next up is the top-notch action which features 6 scenes across 2 and a half hours so there’s plenty to enjoy here. There’s multiple sex scenes and some very good paizuri scenes as well all shot in lovely pov. They’re all well paced and handled near perfectly. Finally we have her appearance which is another highlight. Not only does she wear a few nice outfits but physically she looks pretty great too. Without a doubt this is one of her most unique and best videos of the year. Great plot, great acting, great sex and of course all shot in pov. What more could you ask for?

1. PPPD-796

“Fainting In Agony From Huge Tits Pressure! Pulling Out! Choking Ejaculation! Titty T*****e Masochist Sexual Club Hitomi”


Femdom and Hitomi make for a masterful combination and the result is my personal favorite video of 2019. There’s really not much to the central plot here besides Hitomi playing a dominatrix role and having her way with the guys here in controlling fashion. Such as making them cum multiple times, smothering them with her tits and even some pegging. Now a film such as this really depends on the quality of acting from the performer and thankfully Hitomi delivers in full. She’s very dominant here and really seems to enjoy herself as she teases these guys over and over. And her facial expressions are absolutely spot-on too. All in all she nails her role and has a ton of fun with it. Next up is the action which is excellent. Now yes there is a pegging scene but it’s handled pretty well and does end with the guy cumming twice in a row. Beyond that the sex scenes are intense and feature some really sexy positions allowing for some great titty smothering from Hitomi. And while the creampies are fake I do appreciate that afterwards the guy cums for real, usually on her chest. And finally I gotta mention her outstanding wardrobe. There’s some really standout outfits here such as full-body fishnets, a corset and the cover outfit with the catsuit. They’re all very sexy and suit her wonderfully. I personally love this side of Hitomi and she absolutely delivers making for one of the best femdom videos I’ve ever seen.



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