May 17, 2024

2017 In Review Part 2 – Top 10 Videos

Continuing 2017 in review we have a countdown of the top 10 videos. As you know, I watched over 300 videos this year, and there were a ton of great videos. Pan and I did this last year, but both of us took a while to go look through what came out and what we enjoyed. This time around, I had all the reviews done, and picking my top 10 was a piece of cake. This post will have the top 10, my honourable mentions, and the pick for AV Open video as well. It will feature my original reviews for the videos as well, with a new conclusion supporting some extra commentary. The videos selected feature a mix from a bunch of my favourites as well as some pleasant surprises from this year.


AV Open

AV Open is a yearly contest in Japan where studios release videos to compete with other studios. Studios try their best to make good content for the contest. Sometimes the videos come out really well, sometimes they’re awful. Regardless, I thought I’d jump in and make a pick for that as well.

Obviously I didn’t watch all the AV Open videos but I watched 12 different videos. Some of them contained small-breasted actresses, I just really watched anything from actresses I liked or looked interesting.

AVOP-371 – An Explosive Ass Exhibition Big Ass Mature Woman Babes In A Sexy Fuck Fest 4 Hours starring Aya Takashiro, Kaori, Reiko Kobayakawa, Ryoko Murakami, and Yuriko Shiomi


AVOP-371 was definitely the best of the bunch. It was a good movie for sure, a little shy of making my top 10 this year. It’s unsurprising to me it didn’t make my top 10 when I watched as much as I did, and that’s not a knock on this video but a testament to how many good videos came out this year and how high the bar gets set watching that many videos. Group videos like this tend to be a bit all over the place and this is no exception. Even though it was a bit all over the place, the video was still easily enjoyable. Coming into this, I really only had seen videos from Kaori, Reiko, and Ryoko, so Yuriko and Aya were new to me.


Big Ass Mature Woman Babes In A Sexy Fuck Fest starring Aya Takashiro, Kaori, Reiko Kobayakawa, Ryoko Murakami, and Yuriko Shiomi. The video features a bunch of group scenes in which the guy fucks multiple girls and a bunch of scenes with fewer actresses for as little as one. All of the scenes have a strong emphasis on their asses, which are all nice. None of the asses quite compare to Kaori’s, though that shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. The video itself is a whopping 4 hours long.

One thing I liked was how the director knew Kaori’s ass was the best. Kaori tended to be more of a focal point in her scenes as a result. vlcsnap-2018-01-21-00h03m51s473Kaori is in the only solo scene and both duo scenes. She’s missing from the trio scenes, and there’s one where she’s the only one not in it. But I think her having the solo scene really lets her show off her ass, and the solo scene is her in a bunny suit too. She’s also in the one scene that has lesbian content (it’s a threesome that first involves some lesbian action).


I really wasn’t a fan of the swimsuit scene, as they had pegging in it. Two girls were wearing dildos, and they fucked the guy in the ass and made him suck one too. Not my cup of tea that’s for sure. Still, it does outline that there’s a variety of content in the video.

I thought the performances were decent. Reiko stands out above the others, and Ryoko surprised me with how good she was compared to some of her other stuff I’ve seen. I wasn’t nearly as impressed by the others, and I wish Kaori had performed better. Sometimes actresses seem like they’re going a bit over the top, but I’d rather they overperform than underperform.

I thought the group scenes were a bit of a clusterfuck as they normally are. There’s usually too much going on and it’s hard to make it all work together. There’s a lot of times where a girl will bend over, then another will bend over on top of hervlcsnap-2018-01-21-00h01m41s944, essentially stacking their asses on top of each other. While it helps show all their asses at once, it looks kind of weird. At the end of the day though, I think there’s no way to not make them clusterfucks, but it was still better than a lot of other group scenes I’ve seen. Even comparing it to other group scenes in the AV Open contest, it was much better than the Asahi Mizuno + Erika Kitagawa one.


Ultimately, it’s just hard to go wrong with a video like this. When you get a bunch of good asses together and give us some good ass content, how can you say no? There are definitely ways it could have been better, but ultimately their asses are nice. A solo Kaori scene definitely goes a long way for me since she’s by far my favourite of the performers here and my favourite ass in JAV.


Honourable Mentions

In typical fashion we have a few honourable mentions first. Every honourable mention scored a 95. 95 is an incredible score, and the videos really were incredible. Not every video can be the best though, and these are the ones that were just shy.


JUFD-757 – Ultra Orgasmic Technique For Unlimited Ejaculations! A Reverse Creampie Threesome Club With Horny Slut Bitches starring Kaho Shibuya and Mizuna Wakatsuki


Reverse Creampie Threesome with Kaho Shibuya and Mizuna Wakatsuki. The video features a few scenes in which Mizuna and Kaho perform sexual actions with a guy, whether it’s a blowjob, showering, or intercourse. The video is around 3.5 hours long.


The video starts off extremely slow. The first couple of scenes are really tame and boring. There’s no intecourse until the third scene, to give an indication. That being said, the video does pick up quite a bit later on, and with a runtime as long as it has, it’s something I’m willing to overlook.


When the action picks up, it does get quite good. Kaho performs as she normally does, good energy and solid sex, I can’t complain. As the title indicates, there are some creampies as well. In fact, I thought vlcsnap-2018-01-21-00h40m36s486Kaho did a good job working with Mizuna. Kaho and Mizuna actually interact with each other, from kissing to playing with their breasts to eating creampies. Yes, you read that right, Kaho eats a creampie out of Mizuna and Mizuna from Kaho. Hell, Mizuna even lets Kaho squirt in her mouth. It’s really hard not to enjoy it once it gets started.


While the video certainly starts off slow, it’s hard not to enjoy it with how good it becomes. Kaho in a threesome that features lesbian content is everything I’ve ever wanted. Definitely one of the best videos this year, and definitely made me appreciate Mizuna Wakatsuki more.


MIAE-064 – Sister-in-Law Family Creampies Temptation starring Meguri


Sister-in-Law Family Creampies Temptation starring Meguri. Meguri’s brother-in-law visits and she can’t get enough of him. She’s immediately attracted to him and tries to get him enticed. The two start going progressively further until he’s creampieing her. The video is two hours long.


vlcsnap-2018-01-21-00h45m57s557.pngMeguri’s performance is very good here. She does a good job of seducing him, from putting his hand on her breasts under the table all the way to having sex with her husband while he watches (and she’s looking at her brother-in-law). She’s very good with her voice as well, not too much of that cutesy stuff she’s done this year, and she didn’t make a peep when they were doing it near her husband.

vlcsnap-2018-01-21-00h46m28s885.pngThe content was very good. Three different sex scenes, all with creampies. There’s a scene where she blows him, and Meguri’s husband comes back at the end and they scramble. There’s another scene where she’s sucking him off behind the counter when her husband comes and interrupts them in the middle, and they similarly scramble to not get caught. Meguri fucking him while her husband is a few feet away and in the scene is also great. It seems like kitchen scenes like this are just always good.


I feel like I’m beating a dead horse saying I enjoyed another risky sex video but that’s exactly what happened here. I guess this is what Meguri’s GES really should have been, because her GES wasn’t good but this was fantastic. Good risky sex and tons of creampies, what more could you ask for?


HUNTA-282 – My Super Serious, Stuffy Sister-in-Law Is Really A Beast Who Really Craves Sex! 2 Give In To Temptation And Surrender Your Body Once, And It’s Over! It Doesn’t Matter If Your Parents Are Nearby! She’ll Demand A Pounding Whenever She Pleases, No Matter The Time Or Place! starring Aimi Yoshikawa


* Full disclosure that I only watched the Aimi Yoshikawa portion that was posted, but at nearly 90 minutes long it feels like an entire video

vlcsnap-2018-01-21-01h00m21s178.pngMy Sister In Law Is A Sex Addict Who Will Fuck You Wherever She Wants No Matter Who Is Nearby starring Aimi Yoshikawa. Aimi catches her brother in law staring at her breasts one day at the table while she’s wearing a low cut top and no bra. She then decides to give him a better look while they’re still at the table. The video then continues in that theme where she fucks him all over the house, including at some very risky times/places, like underneath the table while someone is there, or underneath the cover while someone is talking to him. The video is just under 90 minutes and features a mix of scenes, including two sex scenes.

vlcsnap-2018-01-21-01h00m52s481.pngI thought the theme and scenes were done very well. The intro is very nice with her pulling down her top to give him a better look. The back and forth between her teasing him and having to join the conversation with her family (and thus put her top back on) is nice. There’s a scene where she starts sucking him off in his room when someone knocks on his door, and she’s then sucking him off under the covers. There’s also the scene where she’s sucking him off under the table, then she even starts fucking him in doggy under the table. Someone (I believe the mother) comes and sits at the table, and we’re treated to some really risky sex. They then move just around the corner to the kitchen when the mom gets up and when she comes back, even more risky sex.



Normally I’m not an Aimi fan, I find her performing is pretty bad, but she did very good in this one. She typically moans pretty loudly, but she did a rather good job when she had to. It wasn’t perfect by any means, but a couple of loud moans is something I can live with, especially when it’s Aimi. She put her hand over her mouth a lot to prevent herself from moaning loudly, which I did appreciate. I did find that as soon as she wasn’t forced to be super quiet, she let it out. It would have been better if she was still relatively quiet, since others were still around the house. I also didn’t think she had the best facial expressions either, but the fact she led everything was really good.

The sex itself was also very pleasing to watch. She gets creampied a bunch, and I really can’t complain about it. It all looks quite good, including the blowjob under the covers. That might just be the novelty upselling that scene, but I enjoyed it. I wish there was a bit more of it, and it felt like the intro was a bit long plus the video was short, but I guess with it being one of many scenes in the video you can’t be too upset about it.


Another time that I’m just going off on the same style of risky sex. With this one though, the difference between this and her GES performance is insane; Aimi’s GES is the worst GES by a country mile. I actually had no idea Aimi could even perform this well, and it was definitely a huge step up from how she normally performs. Maybe there’s hope for Aimi yet.


Top 10 Videos

With the honourable mentions out of the way, we can get down to business now. Every top 10 video here scored at least a 96 or better. Each of them I’d absolutely recommend to everyone, they’re all amazing videos and all worth the watch.



10. PPPD-547 – Married Wife is an Escort – Busty Wife Asked to Provide Escort Services… starring Julia


In this video Julia gets asked to become an escort. She’s hesitant at first, but they basically force themselves on her. As she starts doing it more, she becomes more open to the idea of it. By the end of it, she’s largely accepting of it all.


I thought Julia’s acting was quite good. She was very good at acting like she didn’t like it, whether it was making sounds, trying to escape, etc. Even her facial expressions were quite good as well, vlcsnap-2018-01-21-01h44m33s381and I really bought into the performance. As the video went on, she started to become less averse to it, and you could tell she wasn’t quite so reluctant (though she still was). At the end when she was accepting of it, I felt like she wasn’t quite some sort of prostitute, which was good. I wanted her to retain some of her former personality, that she was new to the business and inexperienced, but also for her to show that she was enjoying herself. I definitely felt like she was enjoying herself and was happy to fuck.


All of the scenes were also quite good. I think the mix of scenes, particularly that there was one where she hated it, one where she wasn’t quite sure what to make of it, and one where she enjoyed it helped a lot. It gave me a sense that all the scenes were different, and coupled with her acting, made each one enjoyable.

vlcsnap-2018-01-21-01h47m10s251I can’t really say anything bad about the sex either. There were lots of different positions and especially when it came to Julia being hesitant, there were a lot of weird positions that came about only because of her being reluctant that worked out well. For example, there were some doggy positions where she was lying flat on the couch or carpet because she wasn’t interested.


I know when the video was posted, it wasn’t a huge success. I think it mostly came down to me liking this theme more than others. I’ve seen Julia in a lot of rape themed videos, and this one definitely stood out. Her performance was excellent, which is usually the area she ends up lacking the most. Another big thing was that all the sex was good, and there wasn’t some type of bondage that dragged down the video. The video definitely just barely squeaked into 10th place, but it’s one of my favourite videos of the year and one of my favourite Julia videos as well.


9. WANZ-581 – The Best Way To Fuck A Hard Working Slut Office Lady Is To Creampie Her From Behind! starring Asahi Mizuno


The video is titled “The Best Way To Fuck A Hard Working Slut Office Lady Is To Creampie Her From Behind”, and stars Asahi Mizuno. The video focuses on Asahi being an office worker and having sex at work. There’s a lot of focus on her ass as a result, both as they’re getting into sex and during the sex itself, which I think everyone appreciates. It’s not just creampies from behind (which there are), there’s things like cumming on her ass as well. She takes multiple creampies in a single scene as well. It’s obviously fake when she takes so many from one guy in one scene, but I don’t really care all that much.


vlcsnap-2018-01-21-02h11m02s288.pngAsahi’s acting is quite good here. She takes the lead in starting the action in the scenes with things like a footjob under the table while they’re working. She doesn’t seem to miss a beat either, she’s very good about dictating the pace of the video and keeping the action flowing. She’s also very vocal and seems like she’s enjoying herself. The cover suggested she was going to be more raped than anything given the ripped pantyhose, but that definitely wasn’t the case. It’s not one of those videos where she just moans incessantly, she does a great job of acting like she’s having fun. Constantly being creampied allows her to interject any section of moaning with chatter, whether it’s telling him to creampie her or talking about things after being creampied. There are videos where the actress doesn’t want the guy to come quickly and tells him “dame” (no good), but in this video she goes the opposite way, moving herself when he tries to hold back to get him to come faster. I really get the sense that she’s an office slut who simply enjoys having sex and taking loads inside.


They really try to propel the office worker theme as well. There are lots of basic plot setups where she’s seen doing work things like giving a presentation or working on something with a coworker. There are lots of various office locations they do it in, including a filing room. Lastly, she has lots of different outfits that they make specific use of. vlcsnap-2018-01-21-02h07m45s004There’s one where the guy cums on her pantyhose and then she ties him up with it. There’s another where she simply makes a hole in her pants and then keeps all her clothes on while they have sex. Some might complain she’s not naked, but I like the variation. Especially for Asahi, it’s very easy to enjoy her ass, even while clothed. While she gets creampied mostly in that scene, they make a point for him to cum on her pants just to make sure they give us a bit of everything.


Asahi’s someone with really high highs and really low lows. In some cases the videos are really awful and I regret watching them, but in some cases they’re just absolutely fantastic like this one. Asahi does an incredible job the whole way and the theme is displayed nicely. The whole video was enjoyable the entire way though which is usually a rarity among videos. The small amount of plot to fill the ass-themed video was perfect.


8. MIGD-767 – Baby Making Sex With A Voluptuous Female Teacher! starring Chitose Saegusa


vlcsnap-2018-01-21-01h05m04s608.pngBaby-making sex with a voluptuous teacher, Chitose plays a naughty teacher who just wants to have sex with her students and take creampies. The video features a lot of the position on the cover, known as “chinguri” in Japan and “The Amazoness” in America. I’d say it’s an apt name as it’s a really dominating position for the female. That’s very much the theme of this video, Chitose being dominating towards students and taking creampies from them. The video clocks in at just under 2.5 hours.

vlcsnap-2018-01-21-01h03m13s992Anyway, the first scene has Chitose in a classroom with some students when she tells one of them to have sex with her. He doesn’t really need any convincing and they get into it, a couple other students standing around and watching. She dominates him the whole scene, dictating the page and using a lot of positions where she’s on top. As they go through it, she starts to whisper in his ear “Nakadashi” (which means creampie), which she eventually gets creampied. The second scene is her doing the same in the hallway with a student while she’s wearing gym clothes. In the third scene, she has a skimpy one-piece swimsuit on, and of course, does much of the same. She makes him chant along at one point as she says “one two three four creampie”. The fourth scene has her play with herself in the classroom fantasizing about a student. In the final scene, she invites a student to her house and then fucks him in her living room.

Chitose’s performance was incredible here. She was very good about coming on to the students and really acting like she knew what she wanted and didn’t want to accept no. She does a good job of using the chinguri position and just totally dominating the student. Especially in the last scene, she just suddenly comes onto him, and even as he protests she doesn’t care.


It’s really easy to forget you’re acting in sex videos, but Chitose does as good of a job as I’ve ever seen not forgetting. She might let herself go for a few seconds if he fucks her particularly hard or whatever, but I don’t think there’s even 20 seconds that go by where she isn’t smiling or saying something to the guy. She basically always keeps her moaning and facial expressions in check, which is perfect. She might show an expression that she’s feeling good when he’s fucking her just right, but she very quickly goes back to a nice big smile like she’s really enjoying herself.


All of the scenes are fantastic. Good outfits from her and a nice variety. Sure, maybe not all teacher-themed, but who’s ever said no to bloomers or a swimsuit? A lot of really good looking sex combined with the dominating theme. Even in the one non-sex scene where she touches herself, you can tell she’s fantasizing about the student, and she does a good job with it. She even squirts in it for all your squirt-lovers, and that’s not the only time she squirts.


This video epitomizes everything I love about Chitose. She’s a thick actress with a large ass and breasts, but also such a fantastic performer. In the first part of my 2017 review, I made a comment that Chitose is good about remembering to act, and this video is proof. She never misses a beat the entire video, always thinking about the act she’s portraying and remembering to be the dominating teacher. Smiles and whispers of nakadashi (creampie) just sell the video so well.


7. STAR-789 – Watch Her Scream, Spasm, And Cum In Creampie Raw Footage Fucking With Big Black Mega Sized Cocks starring Marina Shiraishi


Marina Shiraishi fucks some black guys. That’s the basic premise of the video, she has sex with black guys and gets creampied. There are two full 1-on-1 sex scenes ending in creampies before a final scene where she has sex with three guys and gets creampied. The video is just over 2 hours long.



It’s really rare for a video to just have only quality scenes with little to no filler. The scenes are often quite long with the filler sort of pushed into the scenes. I don’t mind a little bit and it’s good to see some non-intercourse portions. I think as their own scenes they might be long sometimes, but it was definitely a good amount here.

Marina put on a very good performance. She seemed genuinely excited to fuck some black guys and seemed like vlcsnap-2018-01-21-02h23m29s859she was having the time of her life. She tried to converse in English when she could, even though she clearly wasn’t very good at it. She also was very proactive about making gestures and trying to be the one initiating things. You could tell there was lots of enthusiasm on her part with lots of smile and laughter. For example, in one part she just sort of laid the cock on h her and they chuckled about it.


She did a great job at the sex as well. She didn’t overly moan like you might expect, and still found time to have fun while taking some big black cocks. She took creampies from them that looked really great, and also just sometimes squirted while they were fucking her, not even pulling out while she squirted.

vlcsnap-2018-01-21-02h22m36s736.pngThe ending was something as well, they gave her flowers and she had this heartfelt moment where she cried. I’m not sure if it’s good or bad, but it’s interesting to see her display a wider range of emotions.


Marina fucking black guys seems to always be a surefire thing. She always looks like she’s having a wonderful time, and not a lot of actresses can handle their large cocks the way she does. Marina just knows how to make the content look good, and with no filler and a stand up performance, it’s a no-brainer to be on this list.


6. PPPD-571 – Temptation of the Big Tits Shotacon Older Sister! Creampie Sex With Young Cock! starring Ai Sayama


Ai Sayama in a shota video. Like all of these for Oppai, she’s the babysitter for a guy while he has a friend over; they then engage in various sexual activities. It starts off slow with one of them groping her and then a bath scene. As the video goes on, it moves into them having sex. There’s some threesome scenes involving spitroasting and plenty of creampies. The video is two hours long with three sex scenes total.


vlcsnap-2018-01-21-02h28m52s295I must say, I thought the immersion was good. Both guys looked relatively young; I wouldn’t accuse either of them of being too young, but they don’t look like they’re 40 (as some guys have in shota videos, strangely enough). I felt like Ai Sayama played a good babysitter, she did a great job of being kind and entertaining the kids, and also a good job teaching them about sex. Similarly, the guys acted fairly well when it came to being naive.


Ai’s performance sexually was good too. She did a great job of leading the action but also giving them opportunities to lead. Her voice wasn’t too whiny and she interacted during sex. In particular, the final scene is a birthday party for one of the kids, where she pulls one of them aside and fucks him in the other room. Even with friends and family just in the other room, she manages to keep her voice down while fucking him.


This is definitely one of the best shota videos I’ve ever seen. I know they’re not for everyone, but the theme is done so well and Ai Sayama absolutely kills it here. Ending it with some risky sex was exactly what the video needed. Her performance is spectacular and caps off what was a great year from her.


5. ATID-279 – My Wife Was Fucked By My Ex-Wife starring Mako Oda and Misa Arisawa


Mako Oda gets raped by her husband’s ex wife. The story sets up that Mako’s husband proposes to her and she says yes. They show him divorcing his ex-wife in the intro as well. The video first picks up when the ex-wife visits Mako at her house. The ex-wife presents a divorce paper for Mako to sign, and when she doesn’t, she calls over her goon to help her out.



The first scene has Mako getting raped by the associate of the ex-wife. They do it on the couch where the ex-wife is sitting beside Mako, Mako often lying on top of her. The ex doesn’t do much other than hold her at various points, but the scene is still fine. Mako gets facefucked in the scene and does a surprisingly good job at it, plus she gets unwillingly creampied at the end. The second scene starts off with Mako tied up on the couch including some bondage tape. The ex-wife takes off the tape, puts on a strapon, and then proceeds to fuck Mako. It’s actually quite a good scene, the ex does a good job of playing an evil mastermind with her maniacal laughing or spanking Mako. In the third scene, the ex comes and visits the husband alone, where she proceeds to rape him.vlcsnap-2018-01-21-02h42m01s640 She doesn’t have sex, just sucks him off while looking crazy. She ties him up at the end which leads to the third scene where there are two guys fucking her. She gets creampied while the ex and husband watch from outside, but they eventually move inside the bedroom for a better view. By this point in the video, Mako seems to be enjoying herself. There’s a brief outro that I won’t spoil because it makes the plot fit nicely.

vlcsnap-2018-01-21-02h41m44s195I thought the ex-wife did a really good job of playing some psycho. She came off as someone who was truly crazy and a sadist. She took far too much pleasure in what was going on, but that seemed perfect for the video. Maybe some people might find it a bit too much, but I liked that it was over the top. She often sat there maniacally laughing or raising her voice, and it’s these markers I really like to see to sell that performance.

Mako’s acting was much less good. Very whiny and not enough resistance from her. She didn’t really sell it as if it were different from any other sort of video. There wasn’t much dialogue from her either despite that she’s getting raped by the ex-wife. I would have expected more dialogue given the common ground. Mako does look quite good here though. You can see she’s definitely aging now though, which fit really nicely in the video. The ex-wife looked quite old, but I thought that also sit nicely with the video.


The scenes were done well as was the sex. A lot of different scenarios, Mako getting raped, the ex raping both Mako and the husband. I felt the scenes really tied the plot together. The sex was quite good too, a lot of energy from the ex-wife. Sure, Mako sort of phoned it home a bit, but this type of video also lends itself more to that.


Even though Mako’s performance wasn’t the best, this video was easily one of my favourites. The video was able to take a very narrow idea (husband’s ex-wife raping his wife) and give us so much great content. Having someone rape Mako before Misa finally raping Mako herself was just incredible to watch, and the plot was different and refreshing without being overbearing. Risa Arisawa provides one of the best performances I’ve ever seen in a porno – it’s nothing short of spectacular. This is definitely what sparked me to go watch more of Mako and easily one of the best videos of the year.


4. WANZ-671 – Female Friend NTR I Love Fucking My Friend’s Husband starring Aki Sasaki


I Love Fucking My Friend’s Husband starring Aki Sasaki. Aki visits a friend of hers, and Aki and her friend’s husband instantly click. Aki catches him staring at her ass, and she just cuts straight to the chase. The video then features them sneakily getting busy around the house for two hours.


vlcsnap-2018-01-21-02h55m05s035.pngI thought Aki’s performance was good. She was sneaky and quiet and really did everything she was supposed to do. Her expressions were great, especially when she started blowing him from under the kotatsu (that’s the heated table covered with a futon). I really quite enjoyed everything she brought, and she was very quick to appear normal as soon as her friend came in the frame. Even later on, Aki was really good about keeping her voice down. Not only that, but Aki was constantly whispering to him in ways that were really hot in the bedroom scene. Honestly, Aki nailed this performance, and it would rival the best GES performances for sure.

The scenes were all quite good as well. The first scene was really something, she kept doing stuff with her friend right there and didn’t miss a beat. They were all sitting there around the kotatsu and Aki vlcsnap-2018-01-21-02h55m47s623.pngwould take every moment she could get to do something. Friend up getting drinks or preparing some food? That’s an opportunity to suck him off or something. The wife coming in and out of the forefront made the entire scene risky rather than just a few moments. The next scene had her fucking him with her friend about the house, and the last scene had her fucking him while his wife was sleeping beside them. All of the scenes showing the risky nature was a real treat.


When I decided to watch Aki this year, there were several reasons that eventually made me give in. One was the fetish work, one was that she seemed really attractive for a MILF, and the last was how many videos she was producing. I honestly never expected her to be this good of a performer, but as it turns out, she’s actually very good. The performance here is as good as any GES performance and she definitely shattered the expectations I had.


3. CJOD-089 – Suddenly Time Stopped At The Exciting Academy starring Meguri


Meguri stars in Suddenly Time Stop At The Exciting Academy. Meguri appears to be a sexually frustrated teacher who wants nothing more than to engage in lewd acts with the students of the academy. When she comes into possession of an app on her phone that lets her pause time, she uses it to have all sorts of fun with the students. She does all sorts of stuff with them whether it’s toying with them, getting herself off, or having sex. The video has five scenes in total plus the intro, and is 2.5 hours long.

vlcsnap-2018-01-21-00h49m36s574.pngFor a change, Meguri’s childish acting this year pays off. I think it perfectly fits the theme of the video. Meguri strikes me as one of those crazy types that you shouldn’t have sex with in this video. She reminds me a lot of Karen from Naruto, who goes crazy over Sasuke even though he couldn’t care less about her. Meguri just freezes time and has the time of her life, enjoying every moment of it. You can really see this aspect when she freezes time after they cum and takes pictures.

vlcsnap-2018-01-21-00h48m36s338.pngThe video does a good job of using the time stop aspect. They don’t just stop time, Meguri frequently unfreezes time while she’s doing things to the students. They’re typically responding very flustered and confused, wondering what’s going on and trying to get away. Based on their responses and the intro, it seems like they think she’s crazy and are trying to avoid her. Meguri’s generally trying to tell them to stay and not run away, then she just freezes back time before they get away to have some more fun. They also have the foresight to wake the guy up before he creampies her, which was a nice touch.

I thought Meguri generally did a good job of keeping things interesting. It’s not just sex that she does, she does other things like give blowjobs, or gets them to eat her out. And you’re probably thinking “how does she get them to eat her out while time is frozen?”, but you’d be surprised. She even goes as far as to pull their tongue out and then rub her pussy over it. It turns out surprisingly better than you’d expect. She’s often moving them around into positions for her own amusement, then just unfreezing time and watching them squirm.


The sex looks really good in this one as well. The various positions she gets herself into while they’re coming in and out of time freeze gives some very nice variation. She does a lot of normal positions, but when someone gets frozen again in a bit of a strange position, Meguri generally plays with it and has sex in whatever that weird position might be.


This video absolutely epitomized the year Meguri had. Not just it being a fantastic video, but really highlighting everything about her. Meguri’s exceptional at reverse rape, and that’s exactly what you get here. Meguri also had this very childish persona this year, often coming across overbearing and not serious enough, but it was exactly what was called for here. Meguri really got to have fun with this one, and the freedom they gave her worked out oh so well.


2. HND-351 – I Gave The Teacher A Creampie While A Schoolgirl Was Watching starring Asahi Mizuno


Asahi Mizuno is your teacher who humiliates the sole male student in front of the girls in the class. The video mixes between a normal view point and POV.


In the first scene, Asahi spanks the guy but he likes it. She calls him perverted and then plays around with him and his cock. All the girls in the class are watching and laughing at him being teased by her. There’s a lot of different things she does, like tape something to his cock that probably says he’s a pervert. She eventually gets him off with a handjob.

vlcsnap-2018-01-21-02h13m52s563.pngIn scene two the guy is with her in her office and she’s a little bit nicer to him. She’s still teasing him but she at least has sex with him this time She wears her clothes the whole time, but lifts up the skirt so you can see her ass and opens up her jacket and blouse so you can see her breasts.

vlcsnap-2018-01-21-02h13m59s752.pngIn the third scene the girls are in gym class and are changing into their gym uniforms in the gymnasium. The guy is peeping on them when he gets caught. Asahi brings him in and finds this is the perfect opportunity to continue teasing him in front of the class. She’s wearing a tracksuit and teases the hell out of him, rubbing up against him, touching his nipples, etc. She finally fucks him in front of the class and even lets him creampie her.

vlcsnap-2018-01-21-02h16m30s799.pngIn the final scene, Asahi shows up at his house while he’s naked waiting for her. She proceeds to get busy with him when the girls from the class show up to get after-school lessons. Another good sex scene that once again ends in a creampie. The video ends with the girls all huddled around him while he’s still naked.


Asahi’s enthusiasm and performance as a whole was exceptional here. She really came across exactly like I expected her to. In all the moments where she’s teasing him, she has a lot of enthusiasm and her facial expressions really show how much she seems to be enjoying the situation. If there was one good moment, it was when she was fucking him in track suit in doggy. She felt he wasn’t doing a good job so she started moving herself very aggressively to show him what she wanted. That moment was so incredible to watch.


One thing I really liked about the video was the public nature of it. I’m sure most of us have seen enough hentai to have seen scenarios like this, but it’s not as common in JAV from what I’ve personally seen. I think most of us would also love to be teased by Asahi in any capacity, and being humiliated in front of the class is really quite something. I very much enjoyed that theme vlcsnap-2018-01-21-02h16m13s310.pngand thought they executed it well. The girls were constantly standing around and watching, often moving around to get better views. They also laughed and commented on things a bunch to keep reminding everyone they were still there. Perhaps they could have been a bit more engaged in it rather than just idly watching, but it was still very much a good thing.

This is easily one of Asahi’s best videos ever. I really like her in videos where she gets to be dominating because she’s just so good at it. She has really good facial expressions that when you see them you know you’re in for a treat. Asahi humiliates this boy without missing a beat. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to get teased by the hot teacher at school, well, this is it.


1. HMPD-10017 – The Perverted Creampie Elder Sister Next Door Is Cumming For You starring Wakaba Onoue


Wakaba Onoue is your next door neighbour that can’t help herself. She gets drunk and has sexual desires for people other than her boyfriend.

vlcsnap-2018-01-21-03h00m04s989.pngThe premise is that the guy finds Wakaba coming home to her apartment drunk and you help her to yours. She passes out drunk and leaves at some point. She leaves her phone there and the guy finds a video of her sucking off her boyfriend, which he jerks off to. He then can’t help but be interested in Wakaba. She comes over the next day asking for her phone, and stays a bit to chat with him. She ends up finding his porn stash, including a Hitachi. Anyway, she comes home drunk the next day again, but this time she’s interested in him and starts sucking him off in her drunken stupor. She doesn’t stop there, and it finishes with her getting fucked. She eats his cum and passes out. The guy awakes the next morning only to find a note that says “thank you <3”.

vlcsnap-2018-01-21-03h00m58s826.pngThe next day she comes over after a shower in a tank top and yoga pants wanting more action. They use the Hitachi to make her squirt while wearing the yoga pants, and she sucks him off, once again swallowing. The next scene has him spying on her outside her apartment when she’s with her boyfriend, and as she notices him spying, she starts opening up sexually whilst looking at him.

The final scene has her come home from work and go over to the guy’s place. She just can’t get enough of him and fucks him. He eventually creampies her, which she swallows the cum afterward.


First off, the outfits are good. She’s in different outfits, yoga pants are great, the work clothes are nice, vlcsnap-2018-01-21-03h02m03s798.pngand so is her night time outfit. Not just that, but they mix up how they use the clothing. She always starts off clothed and starts revealing more. She wears the yoga pants the entire scene, or slowly takes off articles of her work clothes.

Secondly, my god does Wakaba do some nice things. She deepthroats a few times, and it’s pretty good. She also squirts like crazy in her yoga pants, and it’s absolutely fantastic. It looks really hot seeing some amount shoot out and her pants getting soaked.


I also felt like her acting was good. She did a good job convincing me she was drunk, a good mix of effort towards the video while managing her drunkenness. She’s also not drunk the entire time, and it’s pretty good to see the mix. Even the portion where we’re watching the blowjob on the phone, I thought it was some quality acting. She was laughing and joking around with her boyfriend and it was all quite enjoyable.

Lastly, I thought she looked pretty good here. I was harshly critical of her GES video for her looks, suggesting she’s looked much better before. This cover has her look much nicer, and while it’s a good photo that might be shopped, she was still much better than in GES here.


When I first watched the video, I didn’t really pay attention to the fact it was Wakaba Onoue and who she was; the cover looked great and that was enough for me. When I came back to review it and recognized, I was stunned. Wakaba’s GES was so bad for so many reasons, and this video was just everything you could want. I think the theme easily resonates with people, the drunken lewd neighbour just sits so well. This video has single-handedly turned me into a Wakaba fan, and a video has to be pretty special to do that.



Looking back at the videos, there are some common trends. There are definitely certain things that make videos stand out, and one common theme was all these videos had little to no filler. A video being good start to finish is always a big plus; it doesn’t matter if the video is 90 minutes or 300 minutes, it’s always better to be good the entire time. There were also a couple of themes that stood out: risky sex and dominating teachers. I love the idea of “hold the moan”, and well done videos always come with some phenomenal acting. GES is obviously my favourite series, but the risky sex videos on this list definitely compare to some of the best GES performances. I also think most people have fantasized about a teacher before, and having them dominate you is always enjoyable. As for the actresses in the videos, a bunch of the actresses on it surprise me being here, and a bunch of them don’t surprise me at all.

Actresses like Asahi Mizuno, Chitose Saegusa, Kaho Shibuya, Marina Shiraishi and Meguri are ones I expect to make a top 10 list. Kaho, Asahi, and Marina made appearances on my top 10 last year, Kaho even appearing three times! With Chitose and Meguri being my top two rated actresses last year and Marina the MILF of the year, these actresses are all expected to be on this list.

On the other hand, Wakaba Onoue, Mako Oda, Aki Sasaki, and Aimi Yoshikawa being here are quite surprising to me. For Wakaba and Mako, these two videos are what prompted me to watch more of them. Both videos came out in February giving me plenty of time to watch them, and while those strong early videos proved to be outliers, I still ended up enjoying watching more of them. Aki Sasaki was someone I never expected to enjoy, but she proved to be really good, even when she wasn’t doing fetish work that I came to love from her. And Aimi for sure surprised me the most, this is definitely one of her best performances ever, and both Aimi’s and Aki’s could rival the top 10 GES videos.

Comparing specifically to 2016’s top videos, there’s a few interesting things to note. For one, Hitomi didn’t show up at all on my 2017 list whereas in 2016, she had two of my top videos including the number 1 video. I watched every video from Hitomi both last year and this year, and I can safely say this year was far worse than last for her. Similarly, Yumi Kazama did not make my list either this year, even though I watched more Yumi Kazama, and that was from her poor performing this year. As for a trend that did continue, Kaho Shibuya and lesbian videos are always good, even if it’s only an honourable mention this year. Last year’s list was also comprised entirely of actresses I like, so expanding my horizons this year turned out to be a good idea.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my top 10 list and my review of 2017. It’s been a pretty insane year of watching JAV. I’m definitely not doing this again in 2018, but there will be plenty of content throughout the year for everyone to enjoy.



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