July 17, 2024

Pan’s Top 20 Teacher Videos Part 2/2

10. MEYD-128

“This Female Teacher With A Big Ass Loves It Doggie Style


Kaori has done several teacher themed videos and this is easily the best imo.. When it comes to its premise it’s pretty basic. Kaori plays a school teacher who seduces her students into sex mostly by teasing them with her big ass. Always love seeing her play a more controlling and dominant role. Thankfully her performance mostly lives up to her role. My only slight complaint with the video as a whole is she sometimes lacks enthusiasm. However besides that she does a commendable job at playing her role and taking the lead during the scenes. The one area however this film doesn’t falter at is her appearance. Her wardrobe is fantastic consisting of the expected typical teacher garb that Kaori looks stunning in along with some sexy lingerie. And of course she’s in remarkable shape and looks as curvy and thick as ever. All this is bolstered by some terrific action. There’s some very nice outercourse type scenes to go along with the typical sex scenes and even a threesome scene at the end. Technical aspects across the board are all rock solid as well. Definitely one to watch if you’re an ass lover.

9. MIAA-105

“A Big Ass Teacher If You Can’t Solve These Issues, You’ll Be F***ed To Ejaculate My Grades Are Getting Worse And Worse Thanks To My Crouching Supplementary Lessons…”


Certainly an eye catching cover right? Here Yuu plays a lewd teacher who loves to give her lessons while shoving her ass in her student’s face and making him cum over and over. As a big fan of teacher themed videos I really enjoyed the plot here and seeing Yuu take control is always a treat. There’s no shortage of great action here with some excellent sex scenes and solid outercourse type scenes. In addition there’s some nice pov too. All of the scenes, for the most part, make excellent use of the theme as well. Also expect a lot of ass focus and face sitting here with terrific camerawork. Compounding all this stellar action is Yuu’s top-notch performance. She plays her role quite well and in convincing fashion. Her enthusiasm is decent as well and she’s not too whiny either. Plus she’s super engaging. Lastly regarding her appearance she looks pretty good all around. Her wardrobe consists of the usual teacher garb with skirts, high-heels and glasses. Each outfit highlights her ass quite nicely as a whole. Yuu playing a facesitting dominant teacher is genius and Moodyz absolutely delivers with MIAA-105.

8. REAL-679

“This Female Teacher Is Teasing And Toying With Her Male S*****ts In An Empty Classroom During Summer Vacation And R****g Them With Consecutive Rounds Of Compulsory Creampie Sex”


This happened to be one of the very first videos I watched of hers and it still manages to be one of her absolute best.  I don’t think I need to fully explain the premise too much as it’s pretty straightforward. Sakura plays a very lewd and slutty teacher who loves to seduce and tease her students eventually leading to creampie sex. Guess that’s a good segway into speaking about the action. As a whole there’s very little to complain about. My one slight gripe is that the position variety could’ve been better. Beyond that though the sex is fantastic. The two sex scenes are brilliant as they feature terrific lighting and camerawork and the intensity is superb. In addition there’s also a handjob and paizuri scene that are also great mostly due to her performance which I’ll get to shortly. Also one more thing is that in nearly every scene she makes the guy cum multiple times, sometimes inside her. Now her performance here is nothing short of extraordinary. Her enthusiasm is off the charts and her facial expressions are spot on to match. Plus she’s super engaging and just makes every scene extremely fun to watch. Lastly her appearance as well is just as good. She looks gorgeous in every scene. Her body especially is in optimal shape. Amazing figure with some of the best natural boobs around and just the right amount of meat on her. If you’ve been sleeping on Sakura Kirishima this is the video I recommend checking out.

7. HND-351

“I Gave The Teacher A Creampie While A Schoolgirl Was Watching”


Not only is this one of the best teacher videos ever imo but it’s also among her all time best work. Asahi Mizuno plays a teacher who humiliates the one male student in front of the girls in the class by fucking him in front of them. Not sure how that’s exactly humiliating by sign me up. It’s certainly a unique premise that is very memorable. Anyway that specific element of having them constantly there and watching certainly made the action much more entertaining. Which speaking of, the action is incredible overall. Loads of 100% real creampies and tons of sex. Not a whole of filler to be had either and even then it’s just a pov handjob scene that is pretty solid. Plus her enthusiastic performance and strong facial expressions make the scenes that much more fun to watch. She really nails her role here and knocks it out of the park with her devilish teasing and dominant expressions. And as far as her appearance goes it’s pretty good overall. As you can probably guess she mostly wears the typical teacher attire which looks fine. And physically she looks as good as always. If you’re a creampie lover and want a unique plot then look no further. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

6. HND-128

“Busty Female Teacher Slut Will Teaches Creampies


HND-128 puts a slightly unique spin on the teacher genre. Anri Okita indeed plays a teacher who is rather slutty and gives hands on lessons for giving creampies. Where do I sign up? Anyway this is a role that is perfect for Anri as she plays a convincing dominant role who takes the lead in every scene. She’s quite engaging throughout and boasts wonderful enthusiasm and energy. Exactly what you want to see from her. Moving onto the action which is absolutely fantastic thanks to multiple sex scenes all ending in creampies. Plus each one features a slightly varied setup from a tutor premise to even a femdom scene. And on top of that there’s even a solid paizuri scene. And I’d be remiss to not mention how sexy Anri looks here. She’s in flawless shape and wears some very sexy lingerie to boot. Combining creampies and slutty teachers is a brilliant move and it works out excellently.

5. MDS-493

“Teach Me! Ms. Boobs”


Wouldn’t we all have loved to have Rio Hamasaki as a teacher in high-school. That’s the central premise of this video as she plays a rather lewd school teacher who seduces and fucks her students. This leads to some entertaining and fun scenes. Such as when she prevents a student from jumping off the roof and killing himself by giving him a blowjob. Or when she rewards her class for getting good grades by giving them all tittyfucks. Nearly every scene features a unique setup and great action overall. Especially the last scene which is a gangbang with her getting creampied and coated in cum. In addition her performance is pretty spot on as well. She often takes the lead in every scene and brings great energy. She can play the lewd teacher role quite well. While she can be a little too whiny and submissive in the final scene it’s not enough to ruin it. The final point to mention is her appearance. Now this is fairly early on in her career so her teeth haven’t been fixed yet which some may find unappealing. Beyond that though her boobs are in perfect shape and her wardrobe consists of the usual teacher uniforms which look nice on her.

4. PPPD-618

“The Busty Teacher’s Allure


2017 for Hitomi was a mixed bag. Some great and some terrible videos along with a lot of average or “meh” ones in between. That being said she did have one real standout release for the year and it easily one of my favorite teacher films ever. The plot is as simple as it gets as Hitomi plays a schoolteacher who seduces her students with her big, round, lovely eyes. Oh and her giant boobs too I guess. Hitomi is no stranger to this seductive role and as a result she delivers a stunning performance. She’s very experienced in this area and it shows as she’s super engaging, expressive and just overall a lot of fun to watch. The action is equally as great with 3 full sex scenes and some fantastic paizuri which we all know Hitomi is a master at. Her appearance is perhaps the best aspect here though with a wardrobe consisting of the typical teacher uniforms that showcase her immaculate cleavage perfectly. Besides that Hitomi herself is in remarkable shape. Her figure is fantastic and of course her boobs look just as good. If I have any real complaints its that the lighting can be too bright and unnatural in some scenes.. Despite that nitpick it’s still a near 10/10.

3. STAR-905

“A Seductive Teacher Who Will Whisper Into The Ears Of Her S*****ts’ Boyfriends And Has Her Way With Them”


Having this on my list was a no brainer as this was actually my top video of  2018. The premise revolves around Marina playing your highschool teacher in various scenarios as she seduces you right behind your girlfriend’s back. And did I mention it’s all shot in pov as well? This video nails every single aspect starting of course with the excellent plot. There’s enough variety in the scenes and setup to keep things interesting plus seeing Marina take on a slutty and seductive role is always a treat. Which leads me to her incredible acting. I cannot stress enough when I say that Marina is hands down one of the best performers ever imo. Everything from her facial expressions to her enthusiasm and her engagement are just perfection. Another thing to note is that she feels very natural, not overly fake which is always great. Next up is the action and I gotta say this video knocks it out of the park. There’s several full sex scenes all ending in creampies and shot in glorious pov. In addition every scene features an element of risk involved due to the girlfriend. Such as when she takes you into the hallway and goes to town on you while the girlfriend is writing on the board in the room. Lastly I can’t forget to mention how gorgeous she is here. Her wardrobe is stunning consisting of typical teacher garb and a very sexy pair of glasses. But above all else she naturally is incredibly beautiful as ever. I still stand by my statement of her being the prettiest actress in jav ever. STAR-905 makes a flawless combination of pov and teacher seduction. Easy 10/10

2. MIAD-711

“Female Teacher In A Tight Skirt


Of course this video would end up here on my list in some way. The premise is simple as Kurea goes around and has sex with her students in a mostly dominating fashion. Such as when she catches a student peeping on her while she’s getting dresses and proceeds to tease the hell out of him and give him a footjob. Now what truly remarkable is that every single element of this video is honestly perfect. Starting with her outstanding appearance and wardrobe. She constantly wears skirts, high-heels, stockings and pantyhose all of which emphasize her super sexy legs and amazing ass. The sex is equally just as good with some intense action focusing on clothed sex. There’s some great facesitting as well and also one of the best footjob scenes I’ve ever seen. Also I gotta mention how on point the camerawork is at capturing the most amazing shots of her body. Truly remarkable. Finally there’s her perfect performance. Extremely dominant and slutty with fantastic energy and facial expressions. She makes even the mundane footjob scene very fun and exciting to watch. All in all MIAD-711 is an absolute must watch for any teacher fan out there and would have easily been my number one pick if it wasn’t for…

1. IPZ-559

“Tight Skirt Cram School Teacher


Definitely saved the best for last. Not only is this the best teacher video ever but it’s also my favorite film from Jessica too. At its core the plot is your typical seductive teacher premise. While that can be a tired idea, IdeaPocket does a great job with the scenarios here leading to some very memorable scenes. Whether she’s fucking a student that she’s tutoring at his house or blowing a group of students after accidentally showing a sex tape of herself during class. Watching Jessica seduce her students is incredible as she delivers a superb performance. She boasts wonderful enthusiasm and is very engaging overall. Not to mention she gets super sweaty throughout which is always a plus. Which leads me to her appearance which is maybe the best aspect of this video. Her entire wardrobe is top-notch consisting of the usual teacher attire that suits her perfectly. Expect lots of high-heels, pantyhose, stockings and skirts that show off her ridiculous legs and body in amazing fashion. Of course this would all be for nothing if the action wasn’t good but thankfully it is. You get a little bit of everything from several sex scenes to some outercourse scenes and even a nice group blowjob scene. I can’t say enough good things about this one. It’s perfection from start to finish and overall is a real masterpiece.


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