July 20, 2024

Ohura’s Top 10 Scenes

Today we’re counting down my top 10 scenes. I’m doing this in a new format, where I’m starting today but not finishing right away. I’ll be starting with scenes 10-7, and then for the next week, I’ll post the next video on the list each day until we finish the entire list. You’ll see a new addition to this post each day, with the review of the scene. I’ve also specially prepared gifs for all the scenes to show you just why they’re my favourite scenes. So sit back and enjoy as I count down my top 10 scenes.

10. HMPD-10017 The Perverted Creampie Elder Sister Next Door Is Cumming For You starring Wakaba Onoue, Scene 3


This video ended up being my favourite video from 2017, which is quite a feat considering I reviewed over 300 videos that year. So it’s unsurprising to me that the best scene from that video is one of my favourites. Wakaba delivers a surprisingly good performance in a POV scene that just looks like a fun time.

HMD-10017_1Leading up to the scene, Wakaba is your neighbour and you helped her into your apartment when she stumbled home drunk. She left her phone and you found a video of her giving her boyfriend a blowjob, then later when she came to get her phone she found your porn. As this scene starts, Wakaba comes over to your apartment drunk. Before you know it, she decides she wants you. She drunkenly starts sucking you off before you start fucking her.

HMD-10017_2My favourite part of this scene is Wakaba’s performance. Believable drunk is hard to pull off, but somehow she manages to do an incredible job. She looks like her inhibition is out the window, and she’s just having a fun time. Wakaba stumbles in drunk and you can see her haphazardly moving around your apartment. She won’t take no for an answer, and besides, you’re already hot for her after that video on her phone. She’s smiling a lot throughout the scene and just generally enjoying herself. I really like how the sex manages to look good even though she’s not particularly enthusiastic (intentionally so). She’s just lazily moving around a lot to show off that she’s drunk, and it works well.


I think this is one fantasy everyone can get behind. Everyone’s had a hot neighbour before that they’ve fantasized about, and for this lucky guy, it comes true. To top it off, Wakaba even leaves you a note at the end: Thank You <3





9. PPPD-506 My Girlfriend’s Mother Tempts Me With Her Big Tits, Saying It’s OK To Creampie Her starring Rena Fukiishi, Scene 4

PPPD-506_1We all know GES is by far my favourite series, and that Rena is one of my favourite actresses. Turns out Rena’s GES is not only one of her best, it’s one of my all-time favourite videos. No scene in that video is better than the little kitchen interlude. Rena is working in there when her daughter is on the phone. She takes this opportunity to have some fun with the boyfriend.

PPPD-506_3My absolute favourite part about this scene is how risky it is. Rena’s literally just a few feet back, if the daughter turned around at any moment they’d get caught in the act. In fact, the daughter does call for her mom at some point, and they do almost get caught. The scene also does an outstanding job switching between close ups and shots that include the girlfriend in the foreground. Watching Rena with the girlfriend in the scene makes it that much hotter.



Rena’s performance is also great. She has good facial expressions and puts forth a really good effort. She’s great about getting him to shut up and giving the best paizuri of her live, not to mention how much she’s enjoying it since she’s not really getting any action (her husband is away).

This scene is just a perfect storm for a GES interlude scene, and I’ve always been a huge fan of the scene.




8. JUFD-570 Ecstatic Ass Trembling Dripping Wet Big Assed Fucking starring Kaori, Scene 2


This scene has always been my go to scene for anyone looking for an ass. Kaori has my favourite ass in all of JAV, and this scene promotes her ass better than any other scene. Any time someone asks for Kaori recommendations or ass recommendations, I send them a gif of this scene, so you better believe it’s in my top 10.

JUFD-570_1Fitch really knocks it out of the park here. They really get that they’re supposed to promote her ass. They start it off with her tight dress and some nice positions that make her ass look super juicy. As the scene continues, they really show her ass off in every way possible. Thigh fucking, rubbing her ass against his cock, even blowjobs from an angle showing off her ass, it’s all incredible.

Once JUFD-570_2they start fucking and you see Kaori’s ass pounded from behind, it’s hard not to blow your load. Tons of different variations of it, all giving you exactly what you wanted. Some might complain that there are only ass-focused positions, but honestly, that’s all I’ve ever wanted from Kaori. And when Kaori squirts the second time, that’s just the icing on the cake.


At the end of the day, Fitch delivers probably the best ass-themed videos with the best ass in JAV, and this scene takes the cake from that video.








7. HND-351 I Gave The Teacher A Creampie While A Schoolgirl Was Watching starring Asahi Mizuno, Scene 3


This video was one of my top 10 videos last year, and this scene was easily one of the best scenes. The video had a great theme that this scene utilized perfectly, and Asahi’s performance was nothing short of breathtaking here.

HND-351_1The scene starts out as the guy is spying on some girls during gym class. When he gets caught, Asahi decides to humiliate him in front of her class by having her way with him. She teases the hell out of him in front of the entire class, but she’s not totally heartless as she does fuck him and even lets him creampie her.

Like I said, Asahi’s performance is incredible. I think performance-wise, Asahi is one of the best at playing the dominant role. She’s good at knowing what to do, being aggressive, leading the content, and you can see all of that here. She teases him in all HND-351_2sorts of ways and really rides him like no tomorrow. At one point during doggy, he’s fucking her slowly and she doesn’t like it, so she just grabs his arms and starts grinding into him, which is absolutely perfect. Her facial expressions are also on point as she’s smiling and laughing along the way, but also looking at him sternly where it makes sense to.


I also really enjoyed the theme of this video. The idea of her doing it all in front of her class is hot. The whole risky sex thing is nice, but every once in a while you want to see people get caught. And while they’re not exactly hiding from anyone here, doing it in public while people are watching can be just as hot. Seeing her students giggle is just icing on the cake.

This scene was pretty easily one of my favourites. Great theme, fantastic performance from Asahi.










6. MIRD-150 J & L – Two Pairs Of Huge Tits Take Real Creampies staring Anri Okita & Hitomi, Scene 1


It’s no secret that MIRD-150 is my all-time favourite video, so you better believe this video was going to have one of my favourite scenes. It stars two of my top 10 actresses, Hitomi and Anri, Hitomi being my number one. This video is chalk full of one good scene after another, and the first scene is amazing. The amount of passion, enthusiasm, and chemistry they have is unparalleled, and makes this scene special.

MIRD-150_3Normally in threesome scenes like this, the actresses don’t interact whatsoever, however Hitomi and Anri flip it on its head. The two of them not only mess around, they do it a lot and look like they love every moment of it. From kissing to sucking each other’s tits, this scene really has it all. They spare no expense to really give you a true threesome.


The scene is also shot in POV, so you can feel like you’re there with them. Trust me, you definitely want to be there with them. Hitomi and Anri look great, as does the sex. Watching the two of them kiss as they blow you or Hitomi spank Anri’s ass as you fuck her doggy, it’s hard to make it through the scene without blowing your load.


I’ve probably recommended this video over a hundred times, but there’s a good reason I have, and it’s scenes like this that prove my point.



5. MEYD-094 The Faceless Serial Rapist Who Only Attacks Ovulating Married Women starring Meguri, Scene 1


This has always been one of my favourite scenes since the very first time I watched it. Now I know a lot of people dislike rape scenes, but I’m here for high quality scenes. Good performances go a long way for me, and Meguri absolutely delivers. It’s not just Meguri’s performance, they really do a good job at framing it so it appears very realistic.

MEYD-094_1I’ve said this a few times, but I think Meguri might be the best rape performer. In rape videos she just seems to get it, knowing exactly what to do. In this video, everything about it from her is on point. At the beginning, she has such a genuine look of surprise and terror on her face. She makes me fully believe that she’s being raped. As the scene goes on, you can see her fighting back at times and pushing him off of her. Even later you see her try to escape. While all of this ends up being for not, it’s how I think rape scenes should look.

MEYD-094_2The scene has just a lot of good content. There aren’t any portions where the sex looks bad, which is surprising given it’s a rape scene. The rape aspects are done well, he ties up her hands and even shoves her panties in her mouth at one point. When she’s trying to escape, the guy has no problem just grabbing her and shoving her back on the couch. Even as she’s squirming to get away, they end up fucking in all sorts of positions. It seems much more realistic to just fuck her in whatever position she ends up in, and honestly, the variety in positions that creates is super enjoyable. JAV likes to stick to the three big positions (missionary, doggy, cowgirl), so the variety here is absolutely welcomed. Honestly, they just do such a good job of making it look realistic, never going overboard and looking like it’s porn.


This is, in my opinion, the pinnacle of rape scenes. I know it’s not for everyone, but this is absolutely one of my favourite scenes. Everything about the scene just comes together for a perfect storm.










4. MIRD-150 J & L – Two Pairs Of Huge Tits Take Real Creampies staring Anri Okita & Hitomi, Scene 3


Hitomi and Anri’s lesbian scene is the best lesbian scene ever. If you disagree then you’re wrong, because it really is that good. MIRD-150 is my favourite video, without a doubt, but this scene in particular is something special.

MIRD-150_6What makes it so good is the raw passion the two have. Normally in lesbian scenes the two actresses try their best to make it look good. Sometimes that works out, sometimes that doesn’t. In the case of this scene, they don’t try, because they don’t have to. Hitomi and Anri are best friends in real life, and their on-scene chemistry is amazing. Anri and Hitomi don’t do anything you wouldn’t expect to see, but it just looks so great because of their chemistry. The fact that they’ve done this off camera before just speaks volumes to how good this should be, and it really does live up to the hype.

MIRD-150_5The performance the two have here is what sets this so far apart from the competition. Their facial expressions, especially Hitomi’s, look like they’re having an absolute blast. Nobody ever looks awkward or uncomfortable, it’s always just pure bliss for the two of them. You can really feel the passion and energy the two of them exude during this scene.

MIRD-150_4Now for the content, what can I say, these two lovely ladies fucking each other had to be good. Watching them suck on some nipples just looks so hot, especially with the two amazing pairs they have. Hitomi’s breasts are my absolute favourite, and watching the two of them each suck on one of hers is just perfect. Watching Hitomi eat out Anri and tongue fuck her, or Anri slowly lick Hitomi’s pussy, it’s just an incredible sight to behold.

The scene really speaks for itself. Decent lesbian content is easy to come by, everyone loves lesbian stuff. But good lesbian content is rare, and they really nail the performance here without even trying. Turns out loving someone outside of porn makes the porn look great.






3. STAR-681 We Made Marina Shiraishi Go Out And Get Fucked… staring Marina Shiraishi, Scene 1


This is the first Marina Shiraishi video I ever watched, and while it’s not my all time favourite video from her, this scene definitely is. It has everything I could want in a scene in the best way possible. Marina goes out to some batting cages and they make her do the whole “nude in a trench coat thing”. She finds a lucky guy, an empty spot, and fucks the guy.


STAR-681_3The public/risky nature of this scene is incredible. Watching Marina strip down in public and walk around in just a trench coat is something else. Then watching them go at it in public is crazy. Marina having sex with her trench coat is seriously hot. There’s even one point where the camera pans out to across the pitch, and you get to see them from a distance. It’s positions like this that really sell the scene.

Marina performs incredibly as well. She does such a good job of looking both excited by the idea yet nervous and scared. It’s as if she’s some masochist coming out of her shell. At times you see her cowering from the thought of others seeing her, or deciding she doesn’t want to do it. And yet later on, you see her riding up on the guy like this is the most fun she’s ever had. It’s really quite a performance from her.


Marina might not knock the ball out of the park but she definitely knocks this scene out. The risk, the facial expressions, the enthusiasm, everything just works together so nicely.







2. PPPD-408 My Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits, Saying It’s OK To Creampie Her starring Ai Sayama, Scene 1


I credit this scene with making me a huge Ai Sayama fan. Prior to this I wasn’t so sure on how attractive I thought she was, but she’s super hot here. She provides a slam dunk performance to go along with everything I love about the Girlfriend’s Elder Sister series.

They’re all eating when Ai starts coming on to him, teasing him with her foot under the table and showing him she’s not wearing any panties. Ai decides to take advantage of him when he’s cleaning up and things go from there. She sucks him, gets him to eat her out, and soon enough they’re fucking when the girlfriend gets up.


PPPD-408_1Ai’s performance here is brilliant. She has some great facial expressions the whole time, looking super seductive and like she’s loving every second. One of my favourite parts is how good she’s able to play things off, as at one moment she drops the bowl in her hand while being eaten out. They end up having to scramble after it to avoid being caught, and it just looks so natural. Throughout the rest of the scene, Ai’s always the one leading the content, willing to grind up on him and be super sneaky behind her sister’s back. She’s often looking over her shoulder just to double check and it just fits so nicely.

PPPD-408_2The content is also great. I thought the sister sitting at the table right there provided a great amount of risk to the scene. She was just a couple of feet away but sitting the opposite way and the counter made it so easy to fool around. There’s a lot of him eating her out, but honestly, Ai looked so fantastic here that I quite enjoyed it. The dress she had on was super hot, and I found myself just appreciating how attractive she looked. At the end they scramble once again, just for good measure.

This is no doubt my favourite Ai scene and one of the best scenes from GES. Ai looks stunning and her performance is incredible, all to go along with a fantastically directed scene.


1. PPPD-340 My Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits, Saying It’s OK To Creampie Her starring Julia, Scene 3


Who would have guessed that my favourite scene would be from GES? Probably everyone. Who would have guessed my top scene would be from Julia? Probably nobody. And yet here we are, Julia having my favourite scene.Julia’s scene here is easily one of the best GES scenes. It’s got absolutely everything you could want in a GES scene, from some super risky stuff to some fantastic looking sex, all wrapped within a rather good Julia performance.

The scene starts off with Julia’s sister playing video games, Julia and the boyfriend watching. Julia then decides she wants him and gets on top of him. She starts fooling around but they almost get caught and retreat back to separate couches. Julia’s still horny though, and starts tempting him by touching herself. Soon enough, neither of them can take it so they go out to the balcony.

PPPD-340_2On the balcony they start getting into it, sucking and fucking him. Julia gets fucked up against the glass on the sliding door. You better believe that it looks terrific, especially with her sweater partially on. They later take it back inside to another room where Julia then gets creampied; a great end to a great scene.

PPPD-340_1I quite enjoyed Julia’s performance here. The early parts where she was teasing him looked very good from her. She provides some enjoyable expressions and makes it come together nicely. Whether she’s on top of him or looking at him while touching herself, it all just looked great. While her enthusiasm lowers when having sex, I think the foreplay being really long gives her a lot of time to perform well, and it definitely stands out to me.


Julia’s GES is one of my all-time favourites and my favourite Julia video. It’s unsurprising the best scene in that video of my favourite scene. Julia delivers a great performance with some fantastic content.



So there you have my top 10 scenes. Do you agree with my choices? Do you have others that you enjoy? Who would have thought Julia would be first? Who would have thought both Kaho Shibuya and Chitose Saegusa wouldn’t make the list? Who else isn’t surprised seeing MIRD-150 on the list?

I’d love to hear what others think and I’d also love to hear what you thought about this new format. If people enjoy this countdown format, it may be something I do again in the future for other discussion posts.


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