June 12, 2024

Pan Takes: CJOD-232

CJOD-232(Mar 2020)

“Sharing A Room With My 2 Female Bosses On A Business Trip – They Both Ride Me Cowgirl Style And Let Me Creampie Them Until Morning”


CJOD-232 features a familiar plot that has seen a surge in popularity lately. It’s centered around the pair playing two lewd bosses who while out on a business trip end up getting tipsy and fool around with their male employee. It’s very much like the rest of the series however this time around there’s some added girl-on-girl interaction between the two as they grope, finger and even eat each other’s creampies out. Overall I like this premise but worry it’s gonna get overused too much.


Definitely a big highlight of this film as it boasts a meaty runtime of 2 and a half hours with 4 scenes in all. 3/4 are full threesome, creampie sex scenes while the other is a forgettable blowjob scene. Besides that scene though the action all around is amazing. It’s incredibly intense as a whole and features some fantastic interactions between the pair that really helps keep the sex from getting too stale. The position variety is top-notch as well and one of the sex scenes is even shot in pov which is always a plus in my book.


Another (mostly) strong aspect. When it comes to their wardrobe it all mainly consists of the usual OL outfits so you know what to expect there. They look nice overall. Now physical appearance wise it’s all pretty good for the most part. Yui looks superb here and Eri Akira wasn’t too bad either. I will say that there was something noticeable off about her face, seemed a bit puffy/swollen. However her body is relatively nice and her ass is solid. Performance


Not a whole lot to complain about regarding the acting here. Both fair pretty well. My one big gripe is that Eri can be a bit stiff at times and her facial expressions leave something to be desired. Beyond that though they both deliver strong performances with excellent energy and engage very well. I would say that Yui is the better performer here as she brings a fierce intensity to her acting. One last note is that the chemistry between them is quite good. I wouldn’t say its one of the best in jav but they make a fine pair and really play off each other quite well.


 I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this one but I was very pleasantly surprised. CJOD-232 may actually be the best of this series so far. Featuring some intense action with tons of superb threesome sex along with stellar performances from both actresses. The added girl-on-girl interaction between them goes a long way and really makes this entry stand out. Definitely one of the better videos I’ve seen so far in 2020.












  • Girl-on-girl interaction
  • Great ass eye candy
  • Superb threesome sex scenes


  • Some stiff acting from Eri Akira
  • Lackluster bathroom scene

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