May 18, 2024

Pan Takes: PPPD-828

PPPD-828(March 2020)

“I Got A Fuck Buddy With Big Tits For The First Time, So I Did Some Dirty Titty Play That I Couldn’t Do With My Flat-Chested Girlfriend”


Hitomi plays a call-girl of sorts who is hired by a guy looking to try some sex acts that he normally cannot do with this current flat-chested girlfriend. He also gets to be a bit more daring like when he blindfolds her, ties her up or puts a gag like device in her mouth. I didn’t really connect with this plot too much honestly. Overall it’s a fine setup and execution but bears some similarities to her previous release imo.


The action is one of the better aspects of this film. There’s 3 full sex scenes all together that all end in creampies. Beyond that there’s a paizuri scene and a masturbation type scene. On the plus side the paizuri scene is pretty great and ends in a very satisfying cumshot. The sex scenes themselves are also nice featuring some great lighting and camerawork, especially in the last scene with some use of a handheld camera making it feel more engaging. However there’s a mini shower scene before the paizuri scene that is relatively forgettable and the masturbation scene feels like a waste. She wears a sexy maid outfit and squirts…but then that’s it, not even a blowjob or tittyfuck. Also the position variety could’ve been a bit better as for example there’s no doggystyle here at all.


Hitomi overall delivers a solid performance. I will say I wasn’t really blown away too much though as she can be sorta hit and miss. Sometimes she’s super enthusiastic and really gets into it. Then at other times she’s a little whiny with mixed facial expressions. The highlights imo are the paizuri scene and the final sex scene. She’s at the top of her game there.  All in all a fine job that could’ve been better in some areas.



All in all PPPD-828 is a fine Hitomi release that probably isn’t gonna blow your mind but is serviceable enough. Hitomi looks pretty great here while sporting some super sexy outfits along with delivering a fine performance. In addition the sex scenes are terrific however a few scenes felt kinda wasted or unnecessary. Also the plot is pretty average and imo isn’t anything too special. Still worth a watch for any devoted Hitomi fan.












  • Sexy wardrobe
  • Fantastic paizuri scene
  • Solid sex scenes


  • Forgettable shower and masturbation scene
  • Average plot
  • Some lack of position variety

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