April 18, 2024

New To Me – Old To Me Edition

Alright so I bet you’re wondering what the heck old to me is. Well, it’s the basically New To Me series except the actresses are all actresses I first watched a long time ago. A friend recommended this spin on the series and I must admit it’s a wonderful idea. It can be difficult to do something like this for my favourites and get an interesting opinion, but for these actresses I picked I rarely watch them anymore and they’re all retired as well. My reviews are a bit of a mix of what I remember about them as well as what I saw when watching a video of them. It’s been a while since I’ve watched anyone on the list as well. Anyway, without further ado here’s the set of actresses.


Anna Ohura

I’m sure I’ve said this story a bunch of times now but Anna Ohura was the first JAV actress I ever watched, and was also where my original name Ohura came from. Anna was just this gorgeous, slim, busty Japanese girl that I couldn’t get enough of. She managed to be one of the few actresses that had some international fame and she sparked me going down the rabbit hole.

Physically I’m a fan of Anna. I find she’s very pretty, something I’ve always thought. I remember just being so enthralled by her that I did everything I could to find her videos back in the day, and believe me, it wasn’t easy when some of her stuff came out on VHS! I think after her face her breasts were also quite captivating being as big as they are on her slim body. I’d say her ass really isn’t nice but I had more than enough to enjoy with the rest of her.

From a performance standpoint Anna wasn’t that enjoyable. She wasn’t really able to do much at any point other than just feel a bit awkward and moan. I think the theme of the video forced that a little (it being a girl going to a male soapland and how awkward an experience that must be), but I don’t know her as being good from any of her other videos. Videos tended not to have a real plot back then the way porn does now and so Anna never really got asked to perform. Especially in the sex scene at the end, Anna really just moaned and made unpleasant facial expressions.

Overall – C

I’d say I have a soft spot for Anna because she was my first JAV actress. While I know video quality wasn’t good back then and that Anna’s performance was bad, she’s at least attractive. There’s a good chance I’ll never watch her again but I wouldn’t say never. As an interesting side note, Anna has a large number of photoshoots that are great and could supplement for a video.


Maria Ozawa

Maria is definitely a blast from the past for a ton of people. She was active in the mid 2000s and was one of the first actresses for most people. Somehow she was one of those actresses that just permeated the international markets. When I knew only a handful of actresses, Maria was one of those actresses. Maria retired before I fully got into JAV.

Physically I’m actually not a fan of Maria. Maria is only half Japanese and I find I don’t vibe with her facially since she doesn’t really look Japanese. In fact, you might not actually guess she was Japanese if you didn’t already know. I find Maria’s curves to not be quite what I like to see either. She’s got a nice enough body but her breasts and ass just aren’t as curvy as I prefer. Especially later on in her career where she embraced more western looks with tattoos and piercings I just found that wasn’t what I wanted. The video I watched was before that time, but even still she just wasn’t that attractive in my opinion.

From a performance standpoint Maria resembles actresses of that era: not enough performing skills. Maria felt like she wasn’t really participating in the video the way others would in the current age of JAV. I think the video itself de-emphasized any sort of plot and focused on her being some sort of attractive idol. It meant that all she had to do was show up and be hot and not actually need to do anything else. As a result, I felt like she just didn’t have to show anything from a performance standpoint and didn’t. I found she just went with the flow and moaned a bunch during intercourse.

Overall – C

I’d say the biggest thing Maria has going for her is some variety with things like uncensored or the bukkake announcer series. Things that make an actress stand out like this make me interested in watching them when other qualities don’t quite stand out. I doubt I’ll bother with her uncensored when plenty of others I actually like have uncensored, but you never know.


Ran Niiyama

Ran was someone I took an instant liking to when I got back into JAV. I also remember myself loving her physically and disliking the videos. Turns out even back then I could tell S1 videos were lame. Anyway, Ran worked pretty close to her entire career at S1 and it was a relatively short career at only a couple dozen videos (which actually might be a decent career length compared to some on this list). As much as I remember enjoying her, I wasn’t following things like I am today and her disappearing was something that manifested in me not watching her anymore.

Physically Ran is great. Right off the bat she’s rather pretty and that’s definitely why she was in S1. On the flip side, she had a bit of meat to her, more than what S1 typically has in their actresses. It definitely set her up as an atypical S1 actress physically. Continuing down that trend, Ran’s breats are very big. RION is the only current S1 actress that can compare. Ran’s ass really isn’t anything special. Ran is definitely thick and I would compare her more to someone like Chitose Saegusa or Hana Haruna, of which Hana is a funny comparison since the one duo video Ran has involves Hana.

Ran’s performance is definitely what I expect from an S1 actress: nothing special. It gets the job done but you’re not thrilled about it. At times I could enjoy her but for the most part she really wasn’t remarkable. She would often go with the flow of the video and moan and it wasn’t anything special. The theme of the video was risky sex but never translated well into any of the scenes in terms of causing her to hold her moan, so she never tried to perform. I was really hoping that an identifiable theme would give her something but I was wrong.

Overall Grade – B

Ran is someone with a lot of positives and a lot of negatives. I like her from a physical perspective, even if her ass isn’t that great. I also think the variety of her videos are fairly low and that I might perhaps get bored quickly. I know I find myself preferring active actresses in general and Ran doesn’t strike me as compelling enough to watch older videos of. When I can draw similarities to actresses like Chitose Saegusa (one of my all-time favourites) and Hana Haruna (who is still active) it’s just hard for me to see myself watching her. That being said, she’s prettier than either of them and I think that creates a perspective that makes me interested. She also manages to have a BBC video for S1 of all things, and the couple dozen she has in total is enough to give some options.


Chichi Asada

Chichi Asada is someone I watched way back in the day when she was still active. She was a favourite of mine back then though I didn’t watch all that much JAV. While I have always enjoyed her large breasts, she fell off my favourites as time went on and I found other actresses.

Physically my favourite aspect of hers are her breasts. She has large, natural, saggy breasts. That’s definitely in my wheelhouse when Kaho Shibuya and Hitomi are among my favourites. As far as her face goes, she looks a little bit older and I’m not unhappy with that. She doesn’t look all that old that she seems forced to play MILF roles but I’m far happier when she does. Her ass definitely isn’t that nice though, and I think in general she’s not as fit as actresses are these days.

From a performance standpoint, Chichi is exactly what people think about with JAV. She can act when she’s tasked solely with acting, but not when she’s required to act during sex. She just totally zones out and starts moaning far too much. It’s really hard to enjoy her videos when she’s that loud. Even among more recent actresses there are plenty that have the same issue like Aika Yumeno. I think ultimately there just isn’t anything special about her performing skills.

Overall Grade – C

As much as I liked Chichi in the past, most of what I liked about her was her breasts. It was always hard to find actresses like this because the industry wasn’t what it is today. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Chichi and I’m not sure I’ll watch her again. Maybe I’ll find myself wanting to watch her, maybe I’ll find she’s just not what I remembered and take more current actresses instead. Her performance just doesn’t live up to what I hope to see and her catalog isn’t as extensive as I’d like or even easy to find.


Seri Ishiguro

Seri Ishiguro was someone I watched way back in the day. As I cared way more about large breasts, Seri was someone who fit naturally into my wheelhouse. I honestly didn’t care about anything other than she was busty. She had very few releases and retired in 2007, so she pretty much dropped off my radar completely.

Physically Seri was mostly just a pair of tits. Her body wasn’t particularly nice nor was her ass and you could see she was a bit heavy. She wasn’t pretty either. She quite literally is someone who’s only redeeming physical quality is the large breasts. I suppose maybe if you like bigger girls she might be enjoyable, I tend to be okay with it more because it comes with the territory of large breasts rather than actually enjoying it. While I’m still someone who enjoys large breasts, I’ve come to enjoy less busty actresses as well, and Seri just doesn’t bring other qualities to the table to compete.

As a performer Seri wasn’t half bad. While performing wasn’t what it is today, Seri actually seemed engaged in the content. She could understand to be excited and upbeat at times, and I did actually believe she was having a good time. I wouldn’t say she was great during intercourse, but compared to some of the actresses on the list she was actually not half bad. Her moaning was fairly reasonable and she managed to have instances here and there that were okay.

Overall – D

Seri doesn’t have any videos I haven’t already seen. If she brought something special I might reconsider watching her, but there are plenty of newer actresses just as busty as she is. Even if her performance was alright, the themes of videos just don’t give her enough of an opportunity to make that a selling point. I honestly am not going to go watch her again.



Yuna is another, like Seri Ishiguro, where I watched her for her boobs. Yuna, however, was much more like Anna Ohura where she had a slim figure and pretty face to go along with them. Yuna was more like a one-hit wonder because she was in very few videos and just disappeared. Especially with the name Yuna, it wasn’t easy to source content.

Physically I enjoyed Yuna. She’s reasonably attractive and has very nice breasts. I think what shines about her breasts the most is how large they look on her slim figure. Yuna’s ass really isn’t anything special but I think you can enjoy her from the front enough to give her a pass on her rear.

From a performance standpoint she wasn’t good. I think when I look at the era she performed in along with the studio and how new she was, she just didn’t really need to act. I think at the same time, I found her being new made me feel like she didn’t need to act. That isn’t to say I enjoyed her performing but more so to say that I understand why it wasn’t good and that I expected it not to be great.

Overall – D

Yuna has less than half a dozen videos that I’ve seen over the years. While I haven’t seen them in several years (aside from the one for this series), she doesn’t bring anything special to the table to make me want to watch them again.


Rika Fujishita

Rika is someone I enjoyed when I first got back into JAV. There’s always room for some older women and with Rika’s large saggy breasts, of course she’d be someone I’d get into.

Physically I find Rika alright. Her face certainly has some age to it, which is a little more than I would like but also good to scratch an itch for a more mature actress. Especially given recent trends in who I’ve been watching, older women have been creeping up on my list. Rika actually looks quite a bit older than she actually is, especially in her earlier videos where she was under 40, though in her later videos she looked a lot better. Rika’s breasts are quite nice, even if they do show some pretty significant signs of aging. The rest of Rika is pretty uneventful, she’s your typical MILF without any other shapely body parts.

From a performance standpoint Rika just isn’t what I want to see. While she certainly did well when forced to act, she couldn’t really hold it together during sex. It seems to be a common trend from back in the day that women would be extremely submissive during sex. Rika seems to have that down pat because she just gives up and lets the guy do whatever he wants. It’s a real shame to see her moan so loudly, even if it made some amount of sense for the video itself.

Overall Grade – B

Despite Rika not being as great as I remember her, she does have some good variety for an old school MILF including lesbian, wife swapping, and even BBC. I think that variety really pushes her over the edge and I’m sure with all the other factors combined, I’ll find myself watching one of them at some point.


And there we have the end of Old To Me. Looking at the results, it’s clear to me my old favourites just weren’t that good. I think this is the worst results any set of New To Me has ever gotten, although I think a lot of that has to do with my willingness to watch them again. Actresses just didn’t have long careers back then and with a few of them having only a handful of videos it’s unsurprising I don’t want to watch them anymore. Couple that with just poor quality videos, even one of the videos I watched was from VHS time! I think a big reason is that the industry has just gotten a lot better. Yeah the video quality matters, but the quality of performing and makes a huge difference and actresses today blow older actresses out of the water. There’s just no comparing videos from over 10 years ago (which many of these were) due to advances in technology.

I hope you all enjoyed walking through a blast of my past in this one. Expect one more New To Me post later this year, some debut New To Me posts at the end of the year, and a deep dive analysis on New To Me later this year as well. Until next time!


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