June 18, 2024

2017 In Review Part 1

2017 was a crazy year for me when it comes to JAV. I just wanted to keep up with everything and then inadvertently found myself watching too much JAV. While it started out as just my favourites, I began to just watch anything good this year. By the end, I had seen and reviewed over 300 videos. That’s a lot of JAV, too much in fact. At times, I found myself just watching for the sake of watching. Forcing myself not to watch pre-2017 videos felt bad at times, and favourites of mine like Ai Uehara, Ayumi Shinoda, and Anri Okita got left behind this year. I stuck to my 2017 only rule pretty heavily, and I’d say 98% of the JAV I watched was from 2017. Not only that, but the vast majority of porn I watched was JAV.

Last year, Pan and I did a top 10 picks for 2017; this year, you guys get a nice two part series out of it. Part one has my picks for actress of the year, newcomer of the year, MILF of the year, my 2018 wishlist, and a rise and fall section where I go over actresses I’m more or less interested in going forward. Part two (which will come out next week) has my pick for AV Open video as well as my top 10 for the year. So sit back and enjoy the post.


Actress of the Year

Early on I recognized I’d be able to do something like this, so I decided I’d just watch a ton of videos from actresses I liked and see what the results were at the end of the year. A majority of the 300 videos I watched were from actresses who were considered for actress of the year. Some of those actresses were favourites of mine already, some of them were actresses that I found myself enjoying this year.

When it came to deciding actress of the year, there were two main rules I used:

  • I wanted to watch a good amount of videos per actress while watching a variety of actresses
  • I wanted to make sure one or two bad videos from an actress didn’t completely ruin their ability to be picked as actress of the year

For the first rule, the idea was that I needed to watch enough videos per actress to make sure I could properly assess their year, while watching enough videos as a whole to be able to assess them relative to other actresses. That number ended up being 10 videos, so for each actress I considered for actress of the year, I watched at least 10 videos. There ended up being 25 actresses that I watched 10+ videos of.

For the second rule, the idea was that sometimes actresses have bad performances. There’s no sense in a bad performance dropping down your entire year, sometimes it might be the fault of a bad director or whatnot. My calculations simply ended up allowing for me to drop some of their worst performances, and I did this for each actress.


Actress of the Year Runner Up: Chitose Saegusa


Chitose wasn’t someone I expected to do this well. She’s always been a favourite of mine, and I know she’s a good performer, but she exceeded some expectations and snuck into second place. She had some really poor videos this year, but the latter half of the year really helped when she found herself in some virgin killer sweater videos; my god does she fill them out nicely.

It was definitely Chitose’s strong performances that plunged her into second. The biggest thing for me is how she always remembers to keep up the act. A lot of actresses sort of forget they’re acting and start moaning incessantly, but not Chitose. Even when she starts moaning, she remembers to smile or say something to prevent herself from moaning too much. It goes a long way in making me enjoy her videos.


VOSS-051 had Chitose as a shogi tutor, but the guy was too fascinated by her tits. One thing led to another, and Chitose ends up fucking him repeatedly and taking creampies. One of the biggest reasons I enjoyed the video as much as I did was her infectious attitude. She was always smiling and having a good time. Whether or not you find Chitose attractive, it’s pretty hard to disagree that she’s a great performer. Even while in cowgirl, she’s always remembering to keep up the act. I’ve come to really enjoy Chitose because she looks like she enjoys what she does, and you can really tell that in this one.

Even while I didn’t expect Chitose to do this well, it ultimately doesn’t surprise me. Chitose’s a very good performer, and honestly, she’s always someone who will be competitive in this category. Being a good performer and doing freelance work always gives you a good shot.


Actress of the Year: Meguri


Meguri is my pick for actress of the year. She did such an amazing job throughout the year, and I ended up watching more Meguri than anyone else as a result. While she sadly retired in September, she had already whipped up such a storm. I don’t think many people will be surprised by this result, if they’ve been paying attention to what I’ve been posting or talking about they’ll know I’ve been big on Meguri in 2017.

Meguri was typically a 1-video-per-month actress. Before her retirement, she decided to quadruple her output; she basically crammed three years into one. And while there are other actresses who quite regularly produce as much content or even double, you knew it was going to be a good year for her with so many videos. Meguri also took this as an opportunity to remove her exclusivity contract, and she worked with a variety of studios.

One of the biggest things for me with Meguri is how wide an array of videos she can act in. Whether she’s being raped or reverse raping, being blasted by fake cum or popping some cherries, she’s good at it all. A lot of actresses specialize in certain genres and get stagnant, but Meguri surprised me with how good she was at everything. I definitely found rape/reverse rape to be her best, but she did quite well at other things as well. I actually found that the less direction a video/director had for her, the worse she performed; as it turns out, she just needs a little push. The fact that she was working as a freelancer was huge for this, because she didn’t get stuck doing the same thing over and over like some actresses do *cough Hitomi cough*.

Meguri starred in some series I’ve enjoyed over the years, such as Raw Creampie Sex – If You Can Handle It, The Moment I Met Her, This Pornstar Demanded Raw Creampie Sex, and Tropical Night. I was really glad she worked with many studios and got to put an entry in some of these series.



Tropical Night was just a very good sex-focused video. Meguri’s brother visits her and her family and before long, the two of them are just fucking like wild animals. While the performing wasn’t the best I’ve seen from her, the video made up for it with the sex. It looked super fantastic the entire time. The video takes place in the middle of the summer, and Meguri gets sweaty during the video. Watching Meguri’s breasts move nicely while covered in sweat is a sight to behold. If you just want some quality sweaty sex, look no further.



Meguri’s entry in The Moment I Met Her, This Pornstar Demanded Raw Creampie Sex was as good as anyone’s, and this series has produced a lot of fantastic videos. Meguri definitely understood exactly what she was meant to do here, and it worked well with her performing capabilities. This year, Meguri often performed in a way where it seemed she was childish and going over the top, but those qualities worked out well here. Meguri bursting into a scene and starting to fuck a guy was really quite awesome, and her constantly yelling at him that it’s alright and stuff is great. This is just the kind of video that an actress can really have some fun with, and you can tell she enjoyed herself.

I’m bummed out that Meguri retired this year as I’m one of her biggest fans. That being said, I’m at least happy that her last year was such a memorable year. Removing her exclusivity contract and producing as much content as she did was great. Being actress of the year isn’t an easy feat, but Meguri definitely deserved it this year.


Newcomer of the Year

Newcomer of the year was a little more tricky to figure out. There wasn’t anyone who wowed me this year, so it was a much more involved process than just watching enough videos and using ratings. I looked at a variety of aspects, including what types of genres they performed, if they’re still active, how many videos they released, etc. The number of videos they released was a big help, because it helped me weed out a bunch that just didn’t release that many videos.

There ended up being very few actresses that I strongly considered for this. I watched a fair share of newcomers this year, but as it turned out, there just wasn’t much that was impressive. The variety in content was also a huge factor, as a lot of newcomers just stay very vanilla in their debut year. In the end, I narrowed it down to just two actresses: Rika Goto and Marina Yuzuki.

I think Marina and Rika both had very comparable years, and picking between them was tough. Marina and Rika both released more than one video per month, which was quite impressive. Another thing I looked at was what types of genres they were performing in, particularly genres that are less common. They both starred in group scenes as well as lesbian scenes. It was particularly interesting that they both starred in Glory Quest’s Shota-kun’s Lewd Prank series, and I rated those videos about the same as well.

In the end I had to pick someone, so…


Newcomer of the year: Marina Yuzuki


In the end, I ended up settling for Marina Yuzuki. It was a very close decision, though I do think that Marina definitely deserves it over Rika. There were a lot of factors that went into this decision, so let me go over some of them.

Comparing Marina and Rika physically, I think they’re pretty even with maybe a slight edge to Marina. I think Marina has a better body, her figure is slim and her ass is nicer. I find Marina is prettier as well. Where I like Rika more is her breasts. While Marina’s breasts have a nice shape, I find I like Rika’s more.

As for non-physical things, Marina starred in more videos and started a couple months later than Rika. It puts Marina at doing around one video more per month at over three videos per month. Three videos per month for a newcomer is a lot, and I certainly welcomed it. Secondly, Marina starred in a wider array of content. Marina starred in a BBC video as well as a group lesbian video, things Rika didn’t do. Looking forward to 2018, Marina looks like she’s continuing the trend of having a wider array, as she has a lesbian wrestling video that co-stars Hana Haruna and Yui Hatano. Marina starred in probably the best group video involving newcomers this year, AVOP-304, which also starred Mizuna Wakatsuki, Eren Fujisaki, and Nene Sakura.


This video wasn’t terribly impressive, but I still enjoyed it simply because it has a good cast. None of these actresses are well known for their performing capabilities, but put four busty, attractive girls together and it’s hard to go wrong. There isn’t much lesbian content, but they make up for it by creampieing all of them. There’s just a ton of different scenes with the video being 4.5 hours long. Getting to see Marina in solo, duo, and group scenes in a single video is a treat. I think one point that stands out to me is that these are all up and coming actresses, and Marina starring with some promising new talent is a great.

One of the biggest factors for me was the peak performance from Marina. I don’t think either of them are that good, but I think Marina shows more promise. To me, it felt like Marina’s best moments were better than Rika’s best moments. In Rika’s lesbian video with Kaho, I felt that she didn’t perform very well, and it mostly got propelled by the fact it was a lesbian video with Kaho. Marina’s BBC video showed some good promise from her, and perhaps maybe in the future she might become a good performer.



JUFD-804 was one of the absolute best from Marina this year. Of course I’d watch one of the promising newcomers get fucked by some BBC, and this movie definitely didn’t disappoint. Marina was very good throughout it, and I thought she did a surprisingly good job performing. I expected her to take a back seat and let them do all the work, but she definitely didn’t. She was great throughout the foreplay, often seeming excited. Even while she was having sex, she did a good job of not just laying there and taking it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was just really surprised by how good of a performance it was.

The world of porn can be an intimidating place, and it’s hard for a newcomer to stand above the rest. This year didn’t produce anyone who wow’d me, but Marina certainly stood above the rest. 2018 looks to be promising for her already, and I can’t wait to see as she blossoms into a great actress.


MILF of the Year

MILF of the year was a category I didn’t put too much mind into. Simply put, I just picked the MILF actress who performed the best this year. Even though performers like Chitose or even Meguri have starred as MILFs, I tried to keep this category reserved for someone classified as a MILF.

MILF of the year: Marina Shiraishi


Marina’s always been a really good performer, there’s no doubt about it. I really wish she’d leave SOD Create because I think it’s holding her back a lot. Time and time again she proves why she’s deserving of this title though. She frequently stars as a mom, stepmom, aunt, etc., and always provides great performances. Marina would probably be in my top 10 if I liked her breasts more. Still, it’s difficult to ignore just how well she performs and how easy it is to enjoy her and her videos.

One thing that surprises me is Marina’s willingness to take creampies and fuck black guys. At SOD she could probably get away doing neither, but she shows that she’s willing to put herself out there. Almost half her videos this year are labelled creampie, and she was in two videos with black guys. Not just that, but she even did a video with Nishikun where he fucks her – she definitely didn’t have to do that one. It makes me hopeful she’ll one day leave the studio, and there are some series I’d love to see her in, but I won’t hold my breath.



STAR-843 was definitely one of my favourites from her this year, and a lot of that just came down to what the video actually was. Marina has a black nephew (who speaks Japanese) who comes to visit. Being able to watch a standard JAV video that happens to feature a black guy was much more enjoyable than it may seem. Most videos involving a black guys focus around the fact that the guys are black, so it’s quite different like this. The guy still had American tendencies you see from typical black guys, but he came off somewhere in the middle that was more enjoyable than it seems. The two of them just have sex around the house, whether it’s on the couch or in the shower, is plenty enjoyable, and Marina was as adorable as ever. The whole thing came together much better than I would have expected.


STAR-797 was a much better video than I thought it would be. It featured Marina playing a divorced lady who started visiting love hotels with other divorced men. It had three scenes where they started from going on a date to fucking in a hotel room. One thing I really liked was how Marina’s personality progressed. At the beginning, she acted like this timid housewife who really had no idea what she was doing and was quite nervous. Later on, you could see she’d become more comfortable with the idea of fucking some guy in a love hotel, and her personality did a complete 180 where she was much more dominant and engaging.
At the end of the day, Marina is a wonderful performer. While I doubt she will ever break my top 10 list, the numbers don’t lie – Marina is exceptional. 2017 was a great year for her with some really good videos, and hopefully 2018 is more of the same.


Rise and Fall

Rise and fall is a new thing I’m doing this year where I basically point out a few actresses that I like more or less after 2017. After having watched so many videos in 2017, I have a much better opinion of many actresses, and I have a better idea of what actresses I want to watch going forward. These could be actresses that I didn’t watch before and are now on my radar, actresses I did watch before and are now favourites of mine, or actresses that I was disappointed with and want to watch less of. All the actresses on this list are ones I’ve seen 10+ videos of.

Rise: Ai Sayama


Prior to 2017 I was never that big on Ai Sayama. I’d seen a few of her videos, but I’d always thought she wasn’t super attractive and never had a strong desire to watch that much of her. When I watched her GES (PPPD-408) last year, I was blown away by just how good it was. It wasn’t just the performance, but she looked fantastic. I couldn’t believe how attractive I was finding her, and her kitchen scene in GES is one of my all-time favourite scenes. I knew in 2017 that I’d be watching more of her.

2017 definitely didn’t disappoint. She quickly rose to the top of my list, and I ended up watching all of her releases. She performed quite well and looked amazing the entire time. I was really blown away by just how stark of a difference I found in her, particularly in her appearance; it really is a night and day difference how much more attractive I find her now.  She was one of the early frontrunners for actress of the year, and at one point I actually thought she was going to be my pick for actress of the year. I’m surprised she ended up in 4th place, but it just goes to show how good some of the other performers are. At the end of the day, Ai just provided a lot of great performances while looking great.

PPPD-571 was definitely my favourite from her. She performed very well and the video was chalk full of good content. Creampies, threesomes, risky sex, everything I could have asked for in this video. I very much so enjoyed the scene where she was getting busy with someone in the other room, a few feet from where they were having a birthday party. The busty tutor theme seems to be one of my favourite video archetypes, and with a good performance it’s no surprise I enjoyed this so much. If you’re an Ai fan, I highly recommend checking this one out.

I’m definitely looking forward to Ai in 2018. I found Ai’s videos largely felt very similarly, and my biggest hope for her in 2018 is that she has a bit more variety. Her 2017 performance has made me want to go back and watch some of her old goodies, so I’ll be doing exactly that. I’ve always been a bit hesitant to watch more of her, but she’s certainly convinced me.

Rise: Yuri Oshikawa

15534621_346196259084206_3528469058485747712_n.jpgLast year I rated all the GES, and Yuri made my top 10 list. I thought she was attractive and knew I wanted to check out more of her, but somehow that never happened. 2017 provided a really good opportunity for that. I actually had no plans to watch a bunch of her, and just randomly stumbled through her videos until I had seen enough that I made a point to watch 10.

Yuri’s got a nice package: slender, nice breasts, fantastic ass, and an attractive face. She’s a fairly timid actress in terms of what she’s willing to do, but she certainly puts in a good effort. She’s done a fair number of group videos this year, and has worked with household names such as Shiori Tsukada, Kaho Shibuya, and Mei Matsumoto. I think more than anything, 2017 just had me discovering Yuri and really just wanting to explore what she had to offer.

SW-493 was definitely my favourite video she starred in. Granted she was one of three, but her performance was still good. The video involved a guy visiting his mom in the hospital and then fucking other women who were staying in the same room as his mom. I found that the amount of inappropriateness really made me enjoy it more, from fucking in a hospital to doing it while his mom was sleeping right beside them. I think by now most people know that I enjoy risky sex, so this video was definitely right up my alley. A final group scene involving all these lovely ladies really sold me on it, even if that scene didn’t include intercourse.

I’ve been quite impressed by Yuri this year, she was definitely a hidden gem I was missing out on. Yuri released over 50 videos this year and there are definitely a few more from this year I want to watch. I’m definitely going to keep watching Yuri in the future.

Rise: Aki Sasaki


Wait, what? No, you’re not reading this wrong. I know that you’re thinking Aki has small breasts, and wondering how I could like her. Believe me when I say I never thought I’d enjoy her either. I had no intentions of watching her at all, but as I kept seeing covers I eventually broke down and decided to watch her. I think she’s plenty attractive, and that combined with some of the different series she starred in was enough to get me to at least try her.

Aki proved to be a very good actress. While it’s true her breasts are small and that I don’t like them, I liked basically everything else. She’s smoking hot for someone who’s 38 and she’s got a nice body with a pretty good ass. Her performing capabilities are quite good, but what stands out to me is what fetishes she’s willing to do. A lot of people are really timid and don’t put themselves out there, but Aki did lots of things this year including lesbian, deepthroat, fake cum, BBC, and anal/DP (you can see the last three below). I value variety in an actress quite a lot, and it’s one of the main reasons I like Ai Uehara so much. Looking back, it’s unsurprising that I like Aki so much, because she’s basically a MILF version of Ai Uehara.

RKI-453 was a surprisingly good video. While a lot of people don’t like the fake cum, I quite enjoy these videos. One of the main reasons I enjoyed this one was her attitude toward the fake cum. A lot of actresses just completely shy away from it, turning their head when they’re being blasted, but not Aki. The other main reason was that Aki got creampied a bunch of times, and they didn’t pull out early. Normally they spray more of it on their stomach after creampieing in missionary, but Aki taking many creampies and in different positions was a welcomed breath of fresh air for this genre.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what Aki has to offer. I’ve only just scratched the surface with her, and I know there’s got to be much more where that came from. I ended up liking Aki far more than I would have ever guessed, and I can only hope the rest of her catalog is as good. Aki is a little on the older side, so hopefully she gives us some good content while she still can.

Rise: Wakaba Onoue


Of anyone on this list I’m surprised about, Wakaba is actually probably the one I’m most surprised about (yes, even more than Aki Sasaki). Last year when I watched her GES, I not only thought it was bad, but didn’t think she was that attractive. I really didn’t want to watch more Wakaba at all, and admittedly had absolutely no plans to this year. And yet, here we are and I’ve seen 10 videos from her. For someone to rise so much in my rankings is really a feat.

Wakaba was someone I just stumbled onto this year. For actresses that I watched 10+ videos of, some of them are just actresses that I was impressed by and naturally watched more. I watched one video early on and was so impressed I knew I had to watch more. After the second video, that was it, I knew I was watching 10 videos from her. Her stuff definitely didn’t live up to that initial impression, and she had one of the highest variances among actresses. Being consistent is a really great quality, but having a very high peak is also a great quality, and Wakaba’s peak was really high.

HMPD-10017 was absolutely my favourite from her. It involved Wakaba having all sorts of drunken sex with her neighbour even though she was in a relationship. She stumbled home drunk after work, and her neighbour took her to lie down on his bed, and things just went from there. The performance was really quite something, and Wakaba blew past my expectations. It wasn’t just her act during the sex parts, but even the parts where she was being neighbourly or trying to manage all of this while being drunk. I really enjoyed all the effort they put into this one and I think the final product came together exceptionally well.

There are a couple from 2016 that are super high up on my list to watch, and I can only hope they live up to the hype. Wakaba definitely didn’t impress the last time I watched her, but actresses don’t get this much better overnight, and I’ll have to find her older gems. Count me a Wakaba fan going forward.

Rise: Aika Yumeno


Aika was never someone I expected to enjoy as much as I do now. I watched some of her stuff, it was okay but nothing really jumped out at me. And yet, here we are at the end of the year, I’ve seen 10 of her videos and she’s one of the highest scoring performers. Aika’s been incredibly consistent, in fact she was the most consistent of the 25 actresses I watched 10+ videos of.

Aika’s been around since 2013 and has spent her entire career at S1. It makes me kind of sad because S1 is so vanilla, I can always hope she’ll move away. I find Aika’s consistency is high, but her ceiling is low, so she’s hardly ever super impressive. I think leaving S1 is the only way she’s ever going to truly become great. Aika’s really tame and doesn’t do a huge variety of stuff, but she makes up for it with her bubbly personality. She’s always smiling, and boy does she have a great smile.

SSNI-013 was unsurprisingly my favourite video from her. I know a lot of people dislike NTR, but the theme really took a backseat here, and felt more like an afterthought; there was almost none and it didn’t directly involve Aika either. The video was simply Aika on a trip with some friends where she got wasted and then fucked a bunch of them. The video came across as very well directed, having Aika drinking alcohol, appearing drunk, and just the whole party aspect they found themselves in. I thought Aika was very believable as a drunk, and with the alcohol she was drinking, she very well might have been. They really drove home the tone of the video when some guy just casually walks into the kitchen while she’s getting fucked, grabs a drink, and leaves. Just a very solid video on this theme, and the best I’ve seen of this type.

I can only hope that 2018 continues to provide more good content. I’m looking forward to the day she leaves S1 and finds herself in some more varied performances. I think she has a lot of potential and I’m just waiting for her to explore it. I’ve been told a lot of her older stuff is better, so hopefully I’ll find a few good things when I go exploring.

Rise: Mako Oda


Mako Oda was someone I’ve enjoyed for a long time, and she was even someone I made a point to post in my first JAV subreddit. However, she was definitely someone that fell through the cracks. As much as Mako makes sense for me, I found myself enjoying others more, and Mako just wasn’t someone I watched that much. 2017 definitely changed that.

Mako has everything I want in an actress. She’s attractive, not too old/young, has a good ass, great figure, and nice large breasts. Her performing isn’t at the same level as Hitomi or Ai Uehara, but I still found she was quite solid this year. I think one of the bigger things was her variety was surprisingly good for someone who produced only 11 videos. Among them there was gokkun, fake come, lesbian (strap on sex), and a femdom video. I was just overall impressed at how I never felt she was stagnating or repeating things over and over.

JUFD-780 was one of my favourites from her this year. I enjoyed the theme far more than I expected, which had Mako as an employee at a restaurant where you can get full service (wink wink). She’s seen having sex with customers in the middle of the store, even while people are eating. The fact that they had a scene with customers eating around them like nothing was unusual, but cheering for the guy, it was quite something. I find they almost never put people not involved in the sex in videos, and I ended up liking it in this one.

For next year, I hope Mako Oda just tries to improve. Her variety was actually really good this year, and I think her performing capabilities are the thing she needs to work on the most. With her fantastic body though, I’m really looking forward to what 2018 brings for her.

Fall: Shiori Tsukada


Shiori’s someone I’ve always been a fan of, and it’s easy to see why. She’s got a stunning body, massive breasts and one of the best asses in all of JAV. Unfortunately for Shiori, I think that’s where it ends; good looks can only take you so far. And even though I’m now a mod over at her subreddit, and still continue to enjoy her, I can only enjoy her so much.

There were a lot of videos this year that were underwhelming. She just didn’t prove herself to be a good performer, and in fact, I came to realize she’s not very good. She tends to do the Aimi Yoshikawa thing where she moans the entire time and just doesn’t act. For all that Shiori’s body is, she makes sex look quite bad. She lets the sex consume her, so she not only doesn’t act and moans too much, but she gets quite lazy and doesn’t move around a lot.

Shiori’s someone I was happy to watch 10 videos of at the start of the year, but I started regretting it as time went on. While Shiori’s still someone I like, I’ve come to realize I should be a bit more selective with what I watch. If it doesn’t look amazing, it probably isn’t going to be worthwhile watching. Shiori’s proof that a nice body can carry you, and I just really hope Shiori improves in the future.

Fall: Tomoe Nakamura


Tomoe’s always been someone I’ve liked; I think she’s pretty and has a fairly nice body. However, having watched so many of her videos this year, I was just super unimpressed. She’s a downright awful performer, and most of her videos are just really bad. She scored the lowest of any actress I watched 10+ of, by a considerable amount.

She had some videos that looked like they would be surefire things as well. There’s a workout video, amateur house visit, and even a GES. Boy was I wrong, all of them stunk. GES is by far my favourite series, but it’s also one that I’m looking for very specific things. It’s easy to have a bad GES performance, and that’s what happened with Tomoe. And while some of the factors are related to directing that are out of her control, her performance really didn’t do much for me.

I’m definitely not planning to watch any of her next year. Maybe if a good video or two comes along, but from the get go I’m not expecting to watch anything. She really let me down this year, and the one good video wasn’t even that good. The stuff I’ve seen from her that I’ve enjoyed has been group stuff, and solo releases just haven’t been much of anything. If I find some good stuff from her next year, great, but if there’s nothing, no love lost.

Fall: Yumi Kazama


In 2016, I put Yumi Kazama in my top 10 actresses. She’s always been a very respectable performer, one of the best milfs in the business. This year, she did a complete 180 and let me down. She almost scored lower than RION, and I think if it weren’t for a couple of stand out videos, she really would have.

Yumi got propelled by a good AV Open bukkake with Kaho Shibuya, and outside of that, had one good solo video I watched. The rest of her stuff was all very mediocre. The biggest thing was that her performing wasn’t good. I have much higher expectations than what she provided this year. She had one of the absolute best videos I saw in 2016 from a pure performance standpoint, but completely dropped the ball this year. I think with Yumi, I’m finding that her ceiling is very high, but her floor is really low, in terms of acting. What that means is that she’s very capable of performing well, but that she typically doesn’t perform as well as she’s capable of.

I’m still a fan of hers, and she still has a ton of videos over her lengthy career. I think maybe Yumi’s getting tired of performing, she’s been in the industry for like 20 years now. Nobody would ever question her if she finally decided to call it quits. I think Yumi’s not going anywhere, but I think she’s past her prime performing. If I were looking for videos to watch, I’d look at her older stuff before her new stuff for sure.


2018 Wishlist

This is a wishlist of 5 things I hope for in 2018. I’ve tried to limit it to things I think have a chance of actually happening rather than ask for things like an Anri Okita comeback.

5. Asahi Mizuno doing anal. We’ve seen a lot more actresses do anal lately, including Shiori Tsukada, Mao Hamasaki, and Kaho Shibuya. I know it’s not popular in Japan, but I’d love to see Asahi do it. Her ass is fantastic and I’m sure many would agree with me in saying her doing anal would be aweomse. Asahi is someone who I think might actually have a shot at doing it. She’s reasonably flexible when it comes to genres, and I think someone might convince her one day. I admit this one’s probably the least likely to happen, which is why it’s 5th on my list, but this is a wishlist after all.

4. Marina Shiraishi leaves SOD Create. I think Marina is a fantastic performer and I really do think she could do well outside of SOD. She’s not afraid to do creampie, fuck black guys – hell she even fucked Nishikun. I know how scary being a freelancer can be, and it’s easy to just keep taking guaranteed contracts with SOD. She doesn’t even need to be a freelancer, just take opportunities with other studios that might provide some variety, like Tameike Goro for instance. I’d love to see her explore some more fetishes and perform in some other series. Just imagine Marina in “Raw Creampie Sex – If You Can Handle It!”.

3. Chitose Saegusa / Kaho Shibuya star in GES (My Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits, Saying It’s OK To Creampie Her). We all know it’s my favourite series, I even did a top 10 GES post. I love that series and think these two would be perfect for it. They’re great performers with large breasts, I couldn’t ask for anything more for this series. It honestly surprises me they haven’t done it, and I think Hana Haruna starring is a good sign that they’re trying to find people who will fit well. Both have worked for Oppai in the past, and I think Oppai will come around and realize they’re perfect. This one has long been on my wishlist, so here’s hoping that 2018 will provide.

2. Julia does lesbian. Let’s face it, everyone wants to see this. At AVN when I asked, Julia said she had no plans but she was interested. She’s said she prefers being fucked and isn’t so sure about playing with someone else’s pussy. She ended up asking for some recommendations of who she should work with, and that makes me hopeful. She didn’t want to perform with Anri, Kaho, or Hitomi for fear that their breasts would dwarf hers, but recommendations of Asahi Mizuno, Erika Kitagawa, and Yumi Kazama are all great and won’t dwarf hers at all. I think that if Julia’s going to keep performing until she’s old and frail (she said this at AVN), she can at least do one lesbian scene in her career. Hopefully 2018 is the year!

1. Hitomi x Kaho. They’re my #1 and #2 rated JAV actresses, so of course this is my number one request for next year. I know they want to work together, they both independently said so during AVN 2017. AVN was only their second time being together, but they’ve been hanging out together more since then. I’ve seen at least two instances of them together, one a dinner that included Anri, another where Kaho was staying at Hitomi’s house. With Kaho being a freelance worker, I think there’s a possibility of it happening. I can only hope they continue becoming good friends and push for a studio to let them do it.



2017 was just a ton of JAV for me, way too much. It’s cool I could make a post like this as a result, but I’ll probably never do something like this again. It’s difficult constraining yourself so hard to watching only brand new videos and to watch/review with such consistency. 300+ reviews of JAV all from the current year is just downright insane.

As a tl;dr, the results are:

  • Actress of the Year Runner Up: Chitose Saegusa
  • Actress of the Year: Meguri
  • Newcomer of the Year Runner Up: Rika Goto
  • Newcomer of the Year: Marina Yuzuki
  • MILF of the Year: Marina Shiraishi
  • Actresses I’m looking forward to going forward: Mako Oda, Aki Sasaki, Wakaba Onoue, Ai Sayama, Yuri Oshikawa, Aika Yumeno
  • Actresses I’m less excited about going forward: Shiori Tsukada, Yumi Kazama, Tomoe Nakamura

Stay tuned for next week where I count down the top 10 videos of the year!


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