June 17, 2024

Beginner Series: Teacher

We’re back for another beginner series, this time a theme I think everyone’s had some experience with: teachers! Teacher is one of my favourite themes and I think one most people enjoy as well. I think a lot of that is because everyone has gone to school and had a female teacher. If you’ve been lucky you’ve had a hot teacher or two so you know what it’s like to be interested in your teacher. The theme is extremely evocative because it brings back memories and allows your mind to go wild with fantasies. You might think about your hot English or math teacher and suddenly you’ve got a dozen different ways how things could play out. Anyway, porn is no stranger to the teacher theme and JAV is no exception. There are plenty of great teacher themed videos and plenty of different ways to go about it. Here are a few different ways JAV spins the theme, I hope you both enjoy the videos and variety.


Ai Sayama


Busty Teacher’s Allure

Why This Actress / Video?

Teacher is a very easy theme to do, just have sex in a school while someone is pretending to be a teacher. You don’t have to try and do anything special to sell it because of how evocative the genre is. Not all porn is evocative, but when you bring out genres that people can easily identify such as office lady or teacher, it tends to not need anything more than the theme to be enjoyable. That’s exactly where this video fits in. It doesn’t try to do anything special, just a few scenes that wind up with the student and teacher engaging in sexual activities. Sure, the content looks nice and Ai delivers a solid performance, but that’s just what makes it a great video; it would still be enjoyable even if the performance was mediocre or the teacher theme wasn’t as prominent.


Kurea Hasumi


Female Teacher In A Tight Skirt

Why This Actress / Video?

One of the things that strikes you immediately with teachers is their outfit. Teachers present themselves with a more sophisticated look with things like high heels, pencil skirts, and blouses. Especially when you have actresses that don’t look mature in a school, sometimes it’s not immediately clear they’re the teacher. I think you can tell right away with the way they dress sometimes that they are, and looking at the cover it’s clear that Kurea is the teacher. Furthermore, it’s that sophisticated look that often arouses people. Seeing Kurea in tight skirts and pantyhose is really enjoyable, especially for Kurea who has one of the best asses in the industry hands down. Teacher is one of those themes where the visuals matter just as much as the concept. As hot as it is fucking your teacher, fucking someone who has that look in a school creates some really great visuals.


Reiko Sawamura


This Married Woman Teacher Was Having In Orgasm In Class And Couldn’t Make A Sound, So She Started Dripping 10 Times The Amount Of Pussy Juices That She Normally Sprays When Cumming

Why This Actress / Video?

There are two big things about this video that make it noteworthy: the married woman/MILF theme and the risky theme. Teachers come in all ages, whether they’re young and fresh out of school or an older lady who has started a family. Reiko is a very popular MILF, and above that, she definitely looks the part of a MILF. I think making sure the viewer identifies them as a mature woman is key for that look. Having a video highlight someone in that age bracket is particularly important to make sure you’re covering all the types of teachers. Especially with the outfits she wears, it really cements that sophisticated look that the previous video identified. As for the risky theme, I think that’s also a big thing people identify with teacher themes. When they’re having sex at school, I think there’s an expectation that some of it is while others are there. So having risky sex in ways that are clearly risky make a difference. With this video, you get a few instances of some risky action, such as them coming out of the bathroom stall in the morning, a blowjob in the stall during the day, or sex just outside the classroom. Those really go a long way in setting some good risky action that feels very real.




A Current College Girl With Big Tits Does Some Private Creampie Tutoring

Why This Actress / Video?

So tutors aren’t exactly teachers but they’re the next closest thing. In fact, many teachers actually tutor for extra cash, or tutors wind up as teachers. I felt that tutor would be an excellent variety to the teacher theme and also one that was close enough to feel fitting. This video features Meguri who plays as a college student. That sort of young age helps with the idea of different ages among teachers, even if she’s not exactly a teacher. The previous video had someone the exact opposite – mature and poised, whereas Meguri is young and energetic. The concept of tutor videos tend to be very similar in that the tutor trades sexual activities for the student trying their best. One of the great things is that it’s often very easy to follow the plot when you see the student bring home the aced test, or even just their inability to focus on studying and instead staring at their chest.


Aki Sasaki


This Married Woman Librarian Is Quietly Luring Me To Temptation In The Library

Why This Actress / Video?

Just like the previous video, Librarians aren’t exactly teachers either. That being said, thinking about librarians and libraries in general always takes me back to school days. While librarians aren’t the most popular theme, it really goes to emphasize that the teacher theme video is really open. It really starts to extend in ways to any person imparting knowledge or faculty at the school. You might have the nurse or principal who have some position of authority at the school doing things that continues the school trend. I also think this kind of video highlights the environment better than anything else. When you’re doing it in a classroom there tends to be a strong bias toward it being a teacher and then those thoughts take over, but other locations like the library can be just as hot if not hotter. Just like a classroom, a library is one of those settings that has such strong visuals to ensure you never forget the theme. It’s also another setting that feels really risky because everyone knows to be quiet in the library and sex, especially in JAV, isn’t traditionally quiet.


Chitose Saegusa


Baby Making Sex With A Voluptuous Female Teacher

Why This Actress / Video?

Teachers have all sorts of personalities but it’s not always easy to convey personality in a two hour video. One of the ways that actresses can convey it is through being dominant. Having a teacher push the action themselves, really enjoy themselves, and totally take over the content is pretty key. Everyone has different fantasies about their hot teacher, and one is having that teacher force themselves on you. Yeah, maybe it’s unlikely to happen, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t hot as hell. Even looking at that cover, Chitose looks hot as hell riding her student like that. That kind of content is exactly what this video brings, over and over and over. Speaking of Chitose, she’s a perfect actress to highlight being dominant. She’s excellent at dominant themes in general, particularly because she never forgets that she’s being dominant. She’s always smiling and laughing and it’s perfect for this kind of theme and in this video.


Yua Mikami


The Rape Of A Big Tits Female Teacher A Massive Gang Bang Rape

Why This Actress / Video?

Whether you like rape videos or not there are plenty of them. Teachers also happen to be a very common theme to be combined with it. It’s easy for studios to create scenarios in which a student rapes a teacher, such as with blackmail. That’s exactly the scenario that happens in this one, Yua finds herself blackmailed by some students that turns into her being raped. This video highlights that factor nicely, from her being fucked by a group of students after school to a blowbang in the washroom. Having it highlight different areas in the school as well as different degrees to where she’s used brings attention to how varied the rape theme can be. It also happens to highlight that teacher videos aren’t exclusive to students only, as there is a scene involving one of her coworkers. Seeing small additional details like them taking pictures on their phone brings on a certain amount of realism that I think videos often miss. Again, not everyone likes rape videos but it’s such a prevalent theme both within the teacher genre and outside of it that it had to be included.


There you have my beginner series on teachers. I hope everyone got to see what great options there are for this theme and has some direction of where to go with it.


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