July 19, 2024

Pan Takes: MIAA-236

MIAA-236(Feb 2020)

“Her Sex Muscles Get A Workout! – She Grinds Her Ass Left And Right And Makes Me Cum…”


Lets get down to it as I’ll keep this part short and sweet. There’s no plot here whatsoever. Instead it’s all about Kurea’s glorious ass. The only major emphasis within that is on ass flexing and insane hip motion(hence the title). What more could you want?


Overall the action here is very good but not without a few flaws. In total there’s 5 scenes featuring a mix of full on sex, some outercourse and lastly a soloplay scene of her flexing and showing of her ass. Now on the positive side those 2 sex scenes are amazing and feature some gorgeous lighting and camerawork. And the positions are on point too as they highlight her ass in the best way possible. Can’t forget to mention the fact that in the last scene she makes the guy cum several times a in a row. However on the downside there’s a handjob scene that is “meh” at best and imo the worst scene which is just an outercourse scene that is absolutely forgettable. Thankfully though for the most part the action is top-notch.


What can I say? Kurea’s performance here is electric and full of passion and energy. I can’t tell you how great it is seeing Kurea Hasumi back in her prime after a rather miserable 2016-2018. This is grade A vintage Kurea as she rides and fucks with incredible enthusiasm. There’s not a single thing to complain about in this area. Completely flawless from start to finish.


Another strong highlight of this film for sure. Kurea’s body is in impeccable shape. Her super fit and toned body look amazing and of course her ass in is prime form. And in the wardrobe department she wears a few nice outfits that highlight and showcase her ass wonderfully. Kurea really hits the mark here.


MIAA-236 is a near perfect showcase of Kurea’s talents. She delivers an enthusiastic performance coupled with some amazing action and all the while looking better than ever. While I wasn’t too keen on the outercourse scenes they weren’t too big of an issue overall. Kurea Hasumi has been knocking it out of the park lately and this video continues that trend.










  • Lots of ass eye candy
  • Vintage Kurea Hasumi performance
  • Stellar sex scenes


  • Weak outercourse scenes

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