June 18, 2024

Beginner Series: Lesbian

Today we’re back for another beginner series, this time picking up a popular category, lesbian. Lesbian is such a ubiquitous theme in porn and the industry in Japan is no exception to this. While there are certainly actresses who don’t do it most actresses find themselves doing it at some point, some quite regularly. I’d be remiss not to do an entry on it.

I think lesbian is so highly regarded because the only thing better than one hot woman is another. Particularly in the Japanese industry, there’s so few guys and a good portion of them are a bit older. I find people have a hard time enjoying a lot of traditional boy/girl content as a result. They often don’t care about the plot or theme and only see that some hot chick is with a mediocre guy. Pull out the guy in favour of another nice lady and now you’ve got the makings of something great. Without further ado here are the seven picks.



Flowers Become Reality. Lesbian Partners

Yui Hatano, Yuki Jin

Why this video?

First off it stars Yui Hatano who’s probably the most well known actress right now. She does a lot of porn in general and is really all over the map, but she certainly does a ton of lesbian (as you’ll see in this post). Secondly, it’s from studio U&K, a studio known for only doing lesbian content. I think that’s one of the big things about lesbian as a genre (as you’ll also see through this post) is that there are even studios who exclusively do it. There’s certainly a lot of studios that have lesbian videos every now and then but I think it’s quite important to point out the few that exclusively do it.

For the video I think the passionate theme really resonates with lesbian watchers. I think one of the things about lesbian porn is that people expect more passion inherently, probably because a guy thrusting creates something that visually seems more rough. There’s a lot of sensuality from every aspect and it really starts with how much making out there is. This video absolutely delivers on that increase in passion as Yuki and Yui really work well together. The kissing is definitely what does it here but also the camera angles do a great job of capturing it.



Mature Lesbians, Animal Ecstasy

Ayumi Shinoda, Rena Fukiishi

Why this video?

First off let’s look at the cast. It stars Ayumi Shinoda and Rena Fukiishi two ladies known as mature in the industry. Lesbian is one of those genres where people seem to prefer much younger actresses and so this more mature look here really throws that for a bit of a loop, but in a good way. I find that mature woman tend to have significantly reduced variety in their videos so lesbian is a good way to circumvent that reduction. It’s also a good way for them to get out of the milf plot stereotype they typically find themselves in. Seeing them out of their natural habitat is quite refreshing, both on the side of the mature actresses but also lesbian genre.

Another great aspect about this video is how active the pair of them are. It actually really contrasts the video before it quite nicely because it’s quite the opposite of it. People tend to look at lesbian videos as being really passionate but this video is more animalistic in nature.

The last reason to highlight this is that it’s from the studio Les Re. Les, short for lesbian, is indicative of what they’re known for: lesbian. The second lesbian only studio definitely had to make the list. There aren’t that many lesbian only studios so highlighting them is definitely a check for this post.



Stepmother And Daughter Secret Lesbian Adultery

Ai Uehara, Yumi Kazama

Why this video?

First off let’s talk about the cast. The cast in this one is fantastic for a few reasons. To start it has Ai Uehara and Yumi Kazama, two of the best in the business. Ai Uehara is someone who was really popular among the fans and was a great performer, but also had very few filters in terms of the content she did. Yumi Kazama, while not nearly as popular, is someone so well known because of how long she’s been in the industry. Individuals aside, I think another nice aspect about this cast is the age difference between them. There’s a nearly 15 year age gap and I think that disparity really plays nicely with the lesbian theme. I think people tend to look at lesbian as a theme suited to younger individuals so it’s nice to see that it isn’t. Unlike the previous entry with mature women I think this video having someone younger and older makes it appeal to a wider audience.

Another big reason this got included was due to the presence of an actual plot. JAV is definitely known for telling stories in their videos and that’s what transpires here. I think people tend to look at lesbian and think much more about the content rather than other aspects, but a story provides an extra layer of depth that can be enjoyable. This particular story has a lot of depth to it that’s easy to follow along with. Yumi plays Ai’s mom and Ai catches Yumi with another woman. Ai then becomes interested and fucks her mom herself. You get to see the story go full circle when Yumi starts off against it and slowly starts to enjoy it. That kind of plot is really typical in boy/girl scenes and seeing some familiarity in the plot is nice.

Lastly, this video got picked because it’s from a studio called Bibian. Bibian is another of those lesbian only studios and I think they are by far the best at it. They have tons of great casts, a nice variety among themes, and just generally have the best videos among lesbian-only studios.



An Orgasmic Battle Royale No Scripts/No Mercy A Furious Fuck Battle!

Hibiki Otsuki, Yui Hatano

Why this video?

First off the highlight of the video is the cast. Hibiki Otsuki and Yui Hatano, often known by their collective title Hibihata, is a treat to see. The two are hands down the best duo in all of JAV. Their chemistry stems from them being best friends in real life and it’s unmatched. Studios are keen on capturing their chemistry on film and they star in videos together all the time, in fact they even have multiple series premised around the two of them starring together. It’s rare to think about a pair of female actresses starring together in lesbian videos being so common and so wonderful that it deserves mention on its own but such is the case of Hibihata.

For this video the real highlight for the theme is about how the lesbian content actually manifests. You see, sure, there’s dedicated lesbian action but there’s also action that is a boy/girl threesome that has lesbian action. Most threesomes of that nature are very strict about the women not interacting and you often wind up with such halfhearted content because someone is playing a third wheel. I find that little bit of interaction goes a long way. What was once an actress standing around waiting her turn is now really hot action. Of course, Hibihata does more than a little but the point still stands that a little does a lot.



Uncut Scenes Of Aggressive Lesbian Action

Rena Aoi, Ririka, Mao Hamasaki

Why this video?

First off it has a great cast highlighted by Mao Hamasaki. She’s a pretty well known actress who is known for doing just about everything. While the theme of this video is rather uncommon it’s not the least bit surprising to see Mao as one of the stars. She’s someone who, if you’re into lesbian, is definitely someone to keep an eye out for.

The theme of the video is also important here. The lesbian action here is aggressive but it takes it quite a bit further. The video is downright punishing for Ririka who takes an absolute beating from Rena and Mao. They’re grueling as they slap her around and treat her as an object. Even more so are the strapons they wear in the second half. Strapons are a rather uncommon theme for lesbian but something I personally enjoy a lot. Boy/girl scenes are enjoyable for a lot of reasons and I can really enjoy seeing a guy fuck a girl, something you totally miss out on in lesbian scenes. Strapons are a way to add that type of sex back into the mix. In this case, instead of a couple of guys fucking Ririka you get a couple of chicks. You still get everything that makes boy/girl scenes great but with the added benefit of more things to enjoy.



Non-Stop Four-Play Lesbian Action

Hibiki Otsuki, Yui Hatano, Yu Shinoda, Yuri Oshikawa

Why this video?

First off let’s talk about what a wonderful cast it has. It’s obviously highlighted by Hibihata but adding in two other really great actresses in Yuri Oshikawa and Yu Shinoda is big. They’re two quite popular names that are just all-around lovely. It’s rare to get foursome lesbian scenes with a cast quite like this. Personally I’m a fan of each of the actresses so that definitely made me enjoy the video a lot more, but I think just the general popularity of all of them helps sell the cast. It also highlights something about Hibihata in that they work with other actresses as well. As much as the pair is known for working together they’re always open to inviting friends for more fun. Allowing them to extend their performing talents and chemistry to another pair of actresses is quite awesome to see.

The main reason I included this video was actually because of the group cast. I think most scenes are generally just two actresses but this video adds in a couple more actresses to the mix. Group scenes are definitely a beast of their own as they provide you with an overwhelming amount of great action to watch. You often can’t focus on everything and have to constantly pick and choose what to focus on. While that can be easy to do when you don’t like some of the actresses it’s much harder and more overwhelming when everyone is great. Seeing all the types of positions that open up with a group like this is really nice as well.

The video is also by a studio called Serebu No Tomo (sometimes Celeb No Tomo) who are known for some excellent lesbian content. While they don’t do lesbian content exclusively they do tend to do a lot of it. I would say that I enjoy their lesbian content more than both U&K and Les Re so they’re absolutely worth checking out.



Real Naked Lesbian Battle

Honoka Orihara, Kaho Shibuya, Mei Matsumoto, Yu Shinoda

Why this video?

First off the video is by Rocket. If you haven’t heard of Rocket yet they’re an interesting studio to say the least. They do all sorts of random and wacky videos that are so different from what everyone else is doing. Rocket tends to value how weird and wonderful something is as opposed to the individual theme or plot. As a result, Rocket tends to do a wide range of lesbian stuff.

This video is probably the most iconic lesbian series I can think of from Rocket. It’s literally a wrestling battle where the goal is to get the other girl to orgasm. They pit all of the actresses together in round robin fashion to declare a winner. It’s honestly so unique compared to a two hour love story and it’s worth a watch just on that premise alone. It being that different is what got it on the list. I think the fact that lesbian videos carry such a strong stereotype in terms of the variety makes videos like this more enjoyable than they otherwise would be. The actresses are so actively engaged but engaged in a way other than making love and it’s a great reminder of the variety that JAV has in general. JAV really sets itself apart from western porn with how many weird things they’re willing to do and this is really the perfect example. Porn in general is something that allows for people to have such unique preferences, especially when it’s something you often keep to yourself, so highlighting such a unique title is great.


That concludes the beginner series on lesbian, I hope you enjoyed. If you’re a fan of lesbian but don’t know where to start in JAV I hope I’ve identified a few actresses and studios to take a look at as well as given a taste of what’s out there.


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