July 16, 2024

Pan Takes: PPPD-824

PPPD-824(Feb 2020)

“The Seductive Techniques Of A Luxury Lingerie Sales Lady With O-Cup Tits”


The plot for PPPD-824 is simple but effective. Hitomi plays a traveling door-to-door saleswoman selling lingerie. She ends up using her feminine ways to seduce her customers and increase her sales.  It’s a terrific premise that certainly fits Hitomi’s wheelhouse and allows her to play a more seductive role which is something she’s great at.


You get a lot of bang for you buck here. The film is a lengthy 2 and a half hours spread across 5-6 scenes in all. There’s a solid variety here with 3 sex scenes and the rest being outercourse/paizuri scenes. One notable aspect is the pacing. For example in the first scene when she first meets the guy and tittyfucks but doesn’t let him cum. Instead, in the next scene pushes for him to make a purchase and then gives him the full experience. None of the scenes really overstay their welcome either. One of the outercourse scenes was a tad underwhelming and the last sex scene was a little lackluster too. But beyond that the action as a whole is superb.


I found Hitomi’s performance to be pretty good throughout but nothing in particular blew me away. She plays her role fairly well with adequate enthusiasm and does a solid job at engaging with the actors. Her facial expressions can be hit or miss at times though. But on the other hand she generally takes the lead in every scene which is certainly fitting for this type of plot.


Without a doubt the best element of this film. The selection of lingerie here is absolutely incredible and highlights her assets in the best way possible. There’s no weak outfits here at all. Each one is memorable and suits her perfectly. Physically Hitomi looks good as always. She’s in great shape but I can’t help but notice her decreasing cup size. Seems like her boobs are getting slightly smaller with each release. The title calling her “0-Cup” is a bit of a stretch now to be honest.


PPPD-824 is yet another terrific release from Hitomi. The premise is enjoyable and suits her rather well. Seeing Hitomi in a wide range of sexy lingerie is worth the price of admission alone. Couple that with a solid performance and some great, well paced action and you’ve a got a great time. Always prefer this videos with an actual theme to them instead of just bland vanilla action. Thank you Oppai!













  • Sexy selection of lingerie
  • Nicely paced action
  • Interesting and seductive theme
  • Solid performance


  • Weak facial expressions at times
  • Lackluster final sex scene
  • Underwhelming paizuri scene

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