June 17, 2024

New To Me – 2019 Debut Edition Part 1

Alright everyone we’re back for another New To Me, this time for 2019 debuts. I’ve come to really enjoy New To Me as it’s a great opportunity for me to explore new actresses and collect my thoughts about them. I especially like the debut post because I think it’s nice a blend between me exploring and finding new actresses while providing valuable information to everyone else about the next generation of stars. When I review veterans, well, a lot of people already know about them. With debuts people just don’t know as much and it serves as a great way to recap the year and provide some insight on some promising young stars.

Keen observers may have noticed that it says part 1 in the title. Indeed, I will be doing more than one post – in fact three! Last year was the first year I started New To Me and I liked the concept a lot. This year I decided to pay close attention to debuts and really follow what was going on. I was proactively looking for debuts to watch and wound up with more to watch than I could count. Seriously, I spent a lot of time looking at debuts and there were just so many. For this year we’ll get three posts with 21 actresses in total! Inevitably there are a few I missed, maybe next year we’ll have to do four weeks hahaha.

One of the interesting things for this time around is the rating system I’ll be using. I always try to get feedback on my posts and how I can improve them, and people pointed out that I’m not really rating the actresses. They were right that what I was doing was rating the video and just giving a little bit of additional commentary on the actress. This time around I’ve prepared much more thorough commentary and provided a letter grade rating ranging from S – D. This way I can really give people a clear indication of how I feel about the actress. A breakdown of the rating system is as follows:

  • S – I absolutely loved them. S tier are the creme of the crop and my favourites. An S tier actress is typically someone I was excited to watch and I’m excited to watch again. I anticipate S tier actresses being ones that will go on to be my favourites, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I watch them again this year. Particularly with S tier, I’m going to go looking through their videos for more to watch because I thoroughly enjoyed them. While I’d like to say that I don’t need to wait to watch them again, with debuts I do enjoy being a little selective just because of how much variance there can be. That being said, I expect to have a much lower threshold for what I’m willing to watch.
  • A – They were very good and I’m a fan. An A tier actress is someone I quite enjoyed and I want to watch them again. The main difference between S tier is that I wasn’t super excited about them. S tier actresses are ones I anticipate watching soon whereas A tier actresses I’ll be a little more selective with. I’m still definitely going to watch A tier actresses again.
  • B – They’re good but need some experience. These are actresses that I enjoyed but that I didn’t find particularly captivating. There likely was some good quality about them but nothing was truly impressive. With this kind of actress I expect myself to wait for a good video to come along before watching them again. I watch so many videos across so many actresses that it’s not worth it for me to force myself to watch something I might not enjoy. So if you’re a B tier actress, expect me to watch you again but expect me to be picky about the next video I watch.
  • C – I didn’t hate them but I also didn’t like them. These are actresses that just aren’t impressive enough. Likely there was something about them I disliked that made me not interested in them whether that was a particular physical attribute, something about their performance, or something else entirely. These are actresses that I could really go either way on. I wouldn’t be opposed to watching something if something good came around, but I also don’t have plans to actually watch them again. Actresses in this tier might become more enjoyable after gaining some experience.
  • D – I didn’t like them and likely won’t watch them again. These are actresses where there were several things I disliked and I probably disliked them both physically and from a performance standpoint. I’m not saying I will never watch them again, but it would take something special for me to watch them again. Starring in something like GES or a video with Hitomi would be a way for me to watch them, since I’ve seen every GES and Hitomi video.

I’ve gone ahead and updated my original post but a summary of past ratings can be found below.

  • Monami Takarada – S
  • Yua Housaki – D
  • Mikuru Shiiba – C
  • Mia Masuzaka – B
  • Kaho Aizawa (Mirei Morishita) – C
  • Touka Rinne – S
  • Hotaru Mori – A

I hope people enjoy the extra care for the review and the final grades I’ve given actresses. Anyway, without further ado let’s get down to the first seven 2019 debuts!


Riho Agatsuma

Riho wound up being the first debut actress I watched this year. After seeing just her cover and how attractive she looked I knew I was interested in watching.

The first thing I noticed about Riho is she’s much prettier than the cover suggests. She looked nice on the cover and that’s why I watched it but I was pleasantly impressed with how she turned out. Not quite thicc but certainly good enough curves to be enjoyable. Still overall her face is what I valued the most as she’s very pretty. She was in that nice sweet spot of looking old enough to play MILF roles but still fairly young.

On the performance front there isn’t much to say. Bland video with not much of anything from her performance. I’d say it was pretty typical of newcomers. She wasn’t bad but I’m not going to remember anything about the performance. Riho was entirely about the looks.

Overall Grade: A (C)

Overall Riho is someone I’d watch again. She was nice enough, especially from her overall beauty, that I’d check her out again. I don’t particularly get vibes from her that she’ll become a good performer but she’s really attractive. I think waiting until she becomes a better performer is good, or at least until some good theme comes around because the video was pretty lackluster.

Current note: It seems Riho retired after four videos, which is a shame. There’s probably a good chance I won’t watch her again because of it. I wouldn’t say I for sure won’t ever watch her but with how many great actresses there are I just don’t see myself caring about someone who was basically a one-and-done.

Yuria Yoshine

Yuria screams Oppaira-girl with her amazingly huge M Cup breasts. You better believe she was going to be on my list this year. Like most others I decided to wait until she had something great to watch because I’d rather have a good first impression of her. Her duo with Marina Yuzuki was a good contender but once I saw she had a GES entry that was that.

Physically I’m a bit conflicted about Yuria. Her curves are great and she’s super slim which is amazing. Her breasts are very large and move around nicely and I absolutely love them. Her ass is nothing to scoff at either and she just overall seems great there. What I’m not sold on is her face. She has this really cute look that honestly I just don’t enjoy all that much. I kind of thought I wouldn’t going into the video and I wasn’t wrong. I actually strongly disliked how she looked when she smiled and her eyes seemed really small. Her face might grow on me if I watch more but as far as I’m concerned right now I just didn’t enjoy it all that much and it was easily her worst physical quality for me.

From a performance standpoint she was okay. She recognized to give some variety in her expressions but it was mostly between neutral to a single smiling expression. There were times where she kept her voice down the way you need to in this style of videos but also other times where she didn’t. To me it screamed that she was new and not ready to compose herself well. The performance also lacked the sort of assertiveness I like to see in this series and it felt like Yuria was too new to get that. The director seemed to understand that as well by taking opportunities to be risky where Yuria didn’t need to be dominant. Ultimately her performance wasn’t awful but it was really lacking for this series.

Overall Grade – S

I’m definitely going to watch her again sometime soon. That video with Marina Yuzuki looks really nice and has been recommended to me. There’s no way an actress with breasts like that isn’t someone I watch at least a few times. Only time will tell if she becomes a favourite of mine or not but I’m certainly going to watch videos to find out.

Current note: I’ve seen Yuria a second time (in fact the duo with Marina aforementioned) and she seems nice. While it’s hard to tell how much I’ll end up liking her a year or two from now, I’m certainly going to follow her career.

Maho Kanno

Maho Kanno was among the actresses I was less interested to watch this year. She certainly looked nice on covers and I got a real Saki Okuda vibe coming from her. With her starring in a number of videos for Madonna I figured I could give her a shot.

Physically she wasn’t as nice as I had hoped. She’s certainly about as pretty as she looks on covers, which is good but not great. I did think she looked a little like Saki Okuda, which is a good thing. I found her breasts weren’t as nice as I had hoped. It seemed like their size was due in part to her being a little bit bigger and so that made them not so nice. I feel like I could see how they were getting fat from her weight as opposed to just being completely naturally big. Especially when on her back it really wasn’t a flattering position for her. Her ass was okay but nothing to write home about. I did find she had a decent thiccness to her, although I think her weight did contribute a little to that, for better or worse.

From a performance standpoint she was quite bad. She didn’t really do anything the entire time and it was just so massively underwhelming. I kept hoping she’d have some expression or enthusiasm or anything but it was just blank. It wasn’t even like she was doing wrong expressions she just wasn’t expressing. It seemed like her inexperience really got the best of her here. She absolutely makes you realize she’s a newcomer.

Overall Grade – D

Maho isn’t someone I’m particularly interested in watching again. There just wasn’t a lot of good and there were a lot of negatives. I’m not saying I’ll never watch her again but she needs to do a lot better before I’m going to watch her again. I’d love to see her lose a few pounds just so her breasts can stand out a little nicer. She’s got a lot of performance improving to do as well.


Sachiko was one of the actresses I was on the fence about watching. She seemed reasonably nice from covers but I also had a feeling covers were going to bamboozle me. I did like that she came off kind of cute and the glasses were an interesting touch as there are rarely actresses who wear glasses all the time. When I decided to do 21 debut actresses Sachiko ended up making the cut.

Physically I wasn’t as impressed as I hoped I would be. I admit that she did have a cute vibe and she was nice for someone who wears glasses. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a new actress who wears glasses consistently, Nene Sakura being the one that comes to mind. Most actresses just wear it for a scene or something so to see Sachiko wear them the entire time is nice. It also looks like she does that in many of her releases. I’d say that she really did come across as an amateur in her appearance which felt rather nice. The rest of her wasn’t as nice though, her tits were definitely embellished on the covers. I was hoping she’d be much more thicc but in actuality she didn’t seem that thicc. Compared to some others that I’ve seen this year I was just a little underwhelmed by her.

I was really let down by Sachiko’s performance. She basically didn’t participate at all, no emotion or expression. It seemed like her mind was elsewhere and she just let the guy do what he wanted with her. That sort of light moaning she did was really annoying when she wasn’t participating at all. I just really couldn’t enjoy this performance.

Overall Grade – D

I don’t think I want to watch Sachiko again. Sachiko just doesn’t really do much for me. Her body isn’t as nice as others and her cute, amateurish vibe only goes so far. I honestly had trouble finding a video of hers I was excited to watch and I’m anticipating that will likely continue to be the case. Maybe in a year when she’s gotten some experience I might be willing to watch something again but for now I’m happy to pass on her.

Chikako Maru

Chikako Maru was someone that was recommended to me. She looked decent and I was certainly intrigued by her. She kind of reminded me of Chitose, though a little less curvy, a little slimmer, and a little cuter. I had always wondered what Chitose would be like if she had different proportions with a prettier face, so I was down to watch Chikako. Especially after I saw her doing BBC so early on it felt like she was ready to become a star.

Physically I thought she had some good and bad qualities. Chikako was fairly pretty and I felt the covers did a great job capturing that. I wasn’t let down by them nor did I think they were setting me up; she definitely did look like she did. Her breasts were unfortunately not what I had hoped they would be. They’re big enough to give paizuri but they’re not as big as I tend to like. I think, if anything, they seem smaller than they actually are because of her frame. She’s definitely got a bigger frame and feels like a bigger person though I wouldn’t exactly say she was fat. Her ass was fairly nice though, I enjoyed that it matched up to her thiccness quite well. It definitely did seem like a big ass more than it seemed curvy, though there were some positions where it did seem decently curvy.

Chikako’s performance was better than I anticipated. I really had low expectations given the theme of the video I watched but she actually didn’t turn to some bumbling mess. She certainly did moan a good amount but that’s not unexpected. I felt like she could hold her own which says a lot. Chikako had some good facial expressions at time, really coming off like she had the inklings of being quite good. So many newcomers struggle with facial expressions but Chikako was able to do some that seemed a bit over the top the way I like. Wide-eyed expressions at the BBC really showed a sign of her performance being good.

Overall Grade – B

Chikako has a nice office lady video coming out that I’ll plan on watching. It’s hard to get a good grasp on her with this kind of video but there were certainly some good qualities. I’m definitely willing to give her another chance and I don’t even need to wait as something good is just around the corner.

Jun Kakei

Jun is one of S1’s debuts this year. S1 is always known for having very attractive actresses so she was someone on my radar at the very least. She kept getting recommended to me by some people and I figured those two things combined was enough to watch her.

Physically Jun is nice. She’s fairly attractive in total, I thought. She’s pretty while still being a bit on the cute side. Her breasts were very nice, a good shape and size. I do admit that the video I watched wasn’t ideal for determining how nice her breasts was given they weren’t exposed all that much. Her ass also seemed decent, but they similarly didn’t do a good job of promoting it here. Still, I think it’s clear that she does have a nice body. It reminds me a lot of RION’s and RION is smoking hot.

Jun’s performing skills were fairly mediocre. I found she did a lot of the typical things you see out of newcomers, like a lack of engagement and expression. She largely failed to do much of anything to be appealing and she just kind of went with the flow. That’s really indicative of someone who simply lacks experience. Her moaning wasn’t bad though and I thought it was largely tolerable. While I would say she wasn’t impressive, she didn’t really display negative qualities that upset me.

Overall Grade – B

Jun seems nice and I think I want to watch her again. I think I do want to wait a little, a lot of her earlier videos seem to have no clear theme or concept going. While I kinda liked her, I don’t think I like her enough to watch videos that are bland. I’m sure she’ll be around for a while longer and I’m willing to wait until something better comes along. Giving her some time to get some experience and star in one of S1’s better series just seems like the right call here.

Reira Natsuki

Reira was someone I picked out of the crowd. She was definitely one of the less exciting debuts. She had a number of videos and I think it was her tits that stood out the most to me. I’d say she came across like the average young MILF type, but when I enjoy actresses like Natsuko Mishima (who Reira does remind me a lot of), I’m not going to argue.

Physically Reira was nice in some departments and mediocre elsewhere. I had very mixed opinions on her facially from the covers and in the video I was a bit let down. I think I had hoped she would be the best she was on her covers but she turned out to be on the worse side. I wouldn’t say she’s unattractive by any means but that I thought she would be more beautiful. I found her breasts were very nice though, a good mix between some sag and firmness that allowed them to move around very nicely. Her ass was pretty bad though, nothing much going on there to enjoy and definitely one of the worst of this year’s bunch.

Reira’s performance was similarly good in some aspects and bad in others. I found that her moaning wasn’t good, it was excessive and whiny. I also found that she didn’t really participate during intercourse, her inexperience really shined through and you could tell she needed the guy to really push things. On the flip side she did have a couple of shining moments, like when she grabbed her boobs during the shower scene while sucking him off. It felt like she was very aware in that moment and in general. Those kinds of things stick out a lot, partially because it’s so much better than the rest of the content but also partially because being aware like that is difficult for newcomers and signs of good qualities.

Overall Grade – C

I’m not sure if I want to watch Reira again. I wasn’t totally unhappy with her but there are definitely better qualities in others. I feel like I would want to wait a while on her to see if she can improve her performing skills. She’s very clearly new and inexperienced and I feel like there’s so much more she could be doing.


So that’s the first seven debut actresses down. If your favourite from the year didn’t make it there’s a good chance they’ll be in a different post, but then again there’s so many to watch. The next post will go up in two weeks, the final two weeks after that. I’ll be giving my final thoughts and best in categories in the final post so stay tuned for that.


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