July 19, 2024

Pan Takes: SSNI-618

SSNI-618(Nov 2019)

Total Domain A Voluptuous Thighs In Uniform Peek-A-Boo Show A Bare-Legged Idol In The Ultimate Temptation A Little Devil Beautiful Girl In Knee-High Socks


Overall there’s no concurrent plot here. The general theme is on Yua’s thighs in revealing outfits tempting random men. What’s nice is that each scene features it’s own scenario. However most of the scenes all use the same school setting and theme. There’s at least a solid variety in the setups though which helps to some degree.


With a runtime of 3 and a half hours this is a rather meaty video. Personally I feel rather mixed on the action. The sex scenes themselves are pretty good although I wasn’t a huge fan of the last scene as it was dragged out a bit much(more on that soon). The camera angles are all great and captures some real nice shots of her thighs and legs. My issue is that it gets rather repetitive. The non-sex scenes all feature the same act of the actor rubbing his dick on her thighs. Once is enough but nearly every scene features it so it gets old real fast. And just as a whole the runtime is quite bloated and should’ve been trimmed down imo.


I thought Yua’s performance wasn’t too bad for the most part. She conforms to the theme and scenes nicely and boasts some nice facial expressions. However during the sex scenes she can be a bit underwhelming. All in all it’s a pretty average performance from Yua that at best gets the job done.


By far one of, if not, the best aspect is Yua’s appearance. She mainly sports knee-high socks, skirts, schoolgirl uniforms and even a swimsuit. All of this suits her quite nicely and does a wonderful job at showcasing her thick thighs. She’s in remarkable physical shape here and her thighs look terrific.


In summary this was one of Yua’s better videos from 2019. I enjoyed Yua’s appearance and the highlighting of her thighs is a great theme. The sex is solid and she delivers a serviceable performance. But the theme wears a bit thin sometimes, the runtime is a bit bloated and overall the non-sex scenes are a tad repetitive. That being said I still enjoyed this film and if you’re a thighs lover then you’ll wanna give this a watch.












  • Outstanding wardrobe selection
  • Solid sex scenes
  • Top-notch camerawork


  • Average performance
  • Repetitive filler scenes
  • Bloated runtime

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