June 14, 2024

Pan Picks: Top 10 Rio Hamasaki Videos



  • Born : 08/11/88 (30 years old)
  • Career Status: 2006-2012
  • Measurements: 90-59-86 cm (U.S 35-23-34 in)
  • Cup Size: F
  • Height: 158cm (5 ft 2 in)
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown



I don’t think Rio Hamasaki needs much of an introduction. She’s my overall favorite jav actress of all time and is truly a legend and one of the all time greats. If there was ever a jav hall of fame she’d be a first ballot nominee. Now I usually try to provide some history of the actress here but there’s unfortunately not a ton of info that I could find for Rio. She got her start debuting in 2006 at the age of 18 as a freelance actress. And actually throughout her career she’d remain a freelance actress not tied down to any particular studio. She would go on to work for many different studios such as Oppai, Moodyz, Wanz Factory, Dogma and Deeps just to name a few.

What was truly special about Rio was a few things. One is her impeccable acting. For the most part she always brought it with every performance and never really phoned it in. Plus she could play a variety of roles too. Of course the other aspect is her all time greatest set of tits. All natural, perky, firm and just all around absolutely perfect. Imo she had the best boobs of any actress in jav, ever. And of course I can’t forget to mention her astounding squirting ability. She could gush like a geyser. All these things combine to make for a one of a kind top-tier talent. There will never be anyone quite like “Queen Rio”.

Honorable Mentions


“Pervert Delivery


This is one that just barely missed the cut. The premise is simple as it features Rio traveling to fans homes and indulging in some sex acts with them. Such as watching them masturbate and ultimately lending a hand. Or in my favorite scene when she dresses in a cat maid outfit and squirts absolutely everywhere and completely soaks him. Possibly one of my all time favorite scenes of hers but unfortunately the rest of the video is just average.


“Extremely Hot Women in Uniform


This stands as one of the first Rio Hamasaki videos I ever came across. It’s a got a little something for everybody as it features a robust variety of costumes and outfits. With everything from cheerleader to nurse and to office lady. There’s a fair amount of sex too and her performance is just as varied as her wardrobe. You can’t go wrong with this one.


“ROCKET First Anniversary Time Stopping Watch


RCT-072 was my introduction to the timestop genre. And what an introduction it was. This particular one involves several different scenarios such as where Rio plays a schoolteacher who uses the watch to stop time and grope a female student. Then a male student catches her, takes the watch and uses to then fuck the two of them. It’s typical Rocket wackiness and if you’re a fan of this genre I can’t recommend it enough.


“Young Wife Dancing in a Strip Club”


What could be better than watching Rio squirt on stage in front of a crowd? Not much I’d say. Here Rio plays a stripper who is struggling with her marriage due to her being a stripper and having sex with men on stage. It may not sound terribly exciting but I assure you it’s very good thanks to her great acting, nice plot and Rio looking super sexy.


“Women Raping Men!! Colossal Soft Titted Sluts Suddenly Reverse Raping Men!”


Nothing like some good ol’ fashioned reverse rape right? The pairing of Rio and Naho Hazuki seem like an odd pairing but it works out pretty well overall. The premise centers around Rio and Naho in everyday situations as they have their way with various men. Seeing them take absolute control is exciting and makes for some fun and entertaining scenes. Plus they look amazing and delivers superb performances.

Best Videos


“Lesbian Fan Thanksgiving Day!!


I’m starting out my top 10 list strong with what is easily one of her all time greatest videos. The fan thanksgiving genre is a favorite of mine and this film takes that theme and puts a twist on it. Instead of pleasing her male fans this time it’s all about the ladies. Sometimes lesbian videos can be quite boring and dull but this one delivers on all fronts starting with the action. Most of the scenes involve Rio being on stage and drawing numbers out of a box that correspond to a lucky fan from the audience. Afterwards she engages them with a different act ranging from light stuff like groping and kissing to motorboating her and fucking her with a strap-on. The variety is surprisingly fantastic and will keep you entertained all the way through. One of the most important aspects of a fan thanksgiving film is the actresses performance. Thankfully Rio is absolutely perfect and delivers one of the best I’ve ever seen from a video in this genre. She’s so incredibly friendly, warm, inviting, bubbly and just so natural. It really seems like she’s enjoying herself and having a good time. It doesn’t feel forced at all. And her facial expressions are incredible. Very lively and expressive. Finally I can’t forget to mention how insanely gorgeous Rio looks here. Besides wearing a few nice outfits she herself is just in flawless shape. She’s really in her prime here as her teeth are fixed and her boobs are as firm and perky as can be. I could go on all day about this masterpiece but I’ll stop now. This is an absolute must watch for everyone. Don’t miss it.





“Compulsory Man Spurting Clinic”


Don’t let the title of this turn you away as you’d miss one of her best videos ever. The premise is your typical slutty nurse type theme but with a twist. There’s a big emphasis on squirting both from her and the males, as the title suggests. Seeing Rio gush is always a pleasure and combining it with a nurse theme is just incredible. First off I need to praise the superb action. There’s plenty of sex scenes and blowjob/handjob scenes. Each one contains a hefty amount of squirting for the most part as well. There are no weak scenes here at all. Even the handjob and blowjob scenes are amazing thanks to her outstanding performance. But the real standout is the pov sex scene. Starting out with you catching her giving a patient a blowjob in the middle of the night. Then she comes out in the hallway and proceeds to fuck you. Eventually leading you through the hallway and into a separate room and where she finishes you. The pov aspect is handled perfectly and makes this one of the best scenes she’s ever done.  Next up is her performance which is absolutely flawless. She is amazing from start to finish. Great enthusiasm, spot on facial expressions that are wonderfully seductive and sultry with very little whining. Again that pov sex scene features some of her best acting I’ve ever seen from her. The way she teases the poor guy is just insane. Last but certainly not least is her appearance which is stunning as always. Rio is in her physical prime here and her wardrobe is phenomenal consisting of the typical slutty nurse uniforms that look amazing on her. No doubt this is one of her best solo releases and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.







Moodyz’s “Dream Woman” series happens to be the best bukkake series imo and Rio’s entry is nothing short of perfection. I don’t think I need to explain the premise too much. It’s a typical bukkake video so expect lots of cumplay and facials. Now one of the main reasons this particular entry is so damn good is due to the scene variety. Every single scene feels unique and memorable. Such as one featuring her as a dominate teacher getting covered in cum while having sex or another where she’s made up to be a gyaru or “gal” with a tan receiving multiple facials. In addition there’s plenty of squirting too and some cum swallowing to boot. Once again as I’ve mentioned before on this list Rio is in top-notch physical shape. She wears a variety of sexy outfits as well that all look great on her. Rio Hamasaki’s acting is another highlight. She delivers a performance that is just as varied as the scenes. Whether she’s dominant or submissive or anything in between she nails it with ease. She takes all these facials with a smile and boasts great enthusiasm. Just an absolute pleasure to watch. All this adds up to a perfect 10/10 video that is a little niche but if you’re a bukakke/cum fan then download this immediately.





“Temptation of the Young Wife’s Colossal Tits”


There’s nothing like seeing Rio play a lewd housewife. That’s essentially the premise here as she’s seemingly in a sexless marriage with a busy business man and has had enough of it. So she decides to remove her bra and tempt and seduce guys into sex in various ways. Such as dropping her bra off the balcony and giving the guy who returns in to her a tittyfuck. And in another scene she purposely orders a brand new couch, removes her bra and fucks the two delivery guys. Every single scene features a different spin on the “housewife seduction” premise and it’s fantastic. All around the action is superb with great sex scenes and lots of squirting. Plus she keeps some of her clothes on during sex which is always a nice touch imo. I doubt it needs to be said but Rio’s appearance here is a home-run. While her wardrobe is mostly minimal consisting of typical housewife garb she looks stunning in every outfit. It’s mostly due to how much her nipples poke through her clothes which I’m always a fan of personally. And when it comes to her acting she nails her performance like a pro. She plays the lewd and devilish housewife role perfectly with excellent enthusiasm and facial expressions. Plus she generally takes the lead in every scene too. All this combined makes for a top-notch video that scores highly in every area. Can’t go wrong with this one.





“Fan Appreciation Day


The fan thanksgiving genre is a big favorite of mine and Rio Hamasaki has several entries in it under her belt. But this particular one reigns as the best imo. This one takes the standard premise and puts an interesting spin on it. Rio stands up on stage in front of a crowd of fans and draws a ball out of a box. Each ball has a number on it that pertains to a fan. The activities start out pretty mild with just the first guy getting to grope her tits through her shirt. Then the next guy makes out with her and it keeps building and building until a few lucky guys get to fuck her while the other guys cum on her. The pacing is very well done here starting out small and leading to some great paizuri and sex scenes. What would a truly great fan thanksgiving video be without a great performance? Well thankfully Rio delivers in spades here. She’s very engaging and flirty with the fans as she eases them into the scenes with her terrific facial expressions. And as you can guess Rio looks absolutely gorgeous here. This is pretty early in her career so her boobs are perfectly perky and in flawless shape. Not to mention her figure is amazing. This was one of the first full videos I ever watched from Rio and it still stands as a top favorite of mine. Anyone into fan thanksgiving videos absolutely should give this a watch.





“Mother’s Real Sex Education


What could be better than having Rio Hamasaki as your mom teaching you about sex through first hand experience? Nothing that’s what.  It’s a typical mother/son incest based video for the most part. What really sets this one apart is just how utterly amazing Rio looks. She’s a bit older here so she nails that mature/milf look perfectly. Everything from her face to her boobs is in phenomenal shape. In addition her performance is pretty solid all around. She plays her part well without going too overboard. Her energy is good throughout too. Finally there’s the action which is fantastic. There’s a few sex scenes alongside a nice paizuri scene. The scenes all features excellent camerawork as they capture some really incredible shot of her body. My one gripe is that about 3/4 of the way through there’s a mediocre scene of the son groping her in the kitchen. Beyond that minor issue the action is excellent. As a big fan of incest I absolutely loved this video. While it’s a little more niche than other entries on this list it’s very much worth checking out for any avid fan of the genre.





“The Ideal Older Sister, Slimy, Wet, and See through, The Defenseless Colossal Tits Married Woman With No Bra”


Rio Hamasaki and Oppai make for a perfect fit. That’s made very clear here with this standout entry. The premise with this one revolves around Rio playing a married woman who purposefully goes out without a bra and tempts random men into sex. Whether that be by asking her brother’s friend for advice on outfits and then fucking him, seducing the masseuse or even just straight up having creampie sex with her younger brother. The action overall is amazing with tons of great positions, good camerawork and lighting and really fun moments such as when she’s getting fucked by the masseuse and she talks to her brother on the phone. Compounding this is her immaculate performance. Her acting is brilliant as she’s full of energy and she brings these scenes to life with her spot on facial expressions. I personally love those pouty faces she makes. She really nails the flirty, lewd married woman role excellently. Lastly we have her appearance which is yet another huge positive. This is from near the tail end of her career so she has a slight mature look to her. Beyond that she looks absolutely gorgeous and is in flawless shape. Every aspect of this film is top-notch and makes for one of her best and most memorable videos in her library.





“It Feels to Good She Rolls Her Eyes Up


Do you enjoy squirting? If so said yes then this is right up your alley. There’s really no plot to speak of with this video. Instead it all focuses on over the action, lots of sex and plenty of squirting. It’s all pretty simple and straightforward for the most part. The sex is outstanding with little filler to get in the way. Plus each and every scene is a full sex  scene, except for one, with Rio getting very wet. Compounding this is Rio’s equally over the top performance. Her moans and facial expressions are both equally eccentric and entertaining. While you could say she overdoes it at times that’s the main theme so it makes sense. Moving on to my last point which is her appearance. Rio looks stunning here and she wears a few nice outfits that compliment her well. That about sums up this video as there’s not a lot to say really. If you love squirting and over the top sex then I guarantee you will like this. It doesn’t get much better than this.





“Sperm Lesbian x W Creampie Raw Footage


At first glance Rio and Hitomi Kitagawa seem like a bit of an odd combination. But after seeing them in action together I gotta admit I was blown away and they made for an outstanding video. To summarize the main overall theme is centered around cum and lesbian play. Each scene features the two having a threesome as they swap cum, swallow, lick it off each other, take creampies and receive facials together. All the scenes feel distinct with a good variety to them. Such as when Hitomi gets a facial and uses the cum as lube when she fucks Rio with a double ended dildo. The constant interaction between the pair is fantastic. Which leads me to their acting. While I would give a slight edge to Rio, both ultimately deliver a strong and enthusiastic performance. They boast excellent energy, frequently grope and interact with one another and have solid chemistry which is always important. On the appearance side of things they both look terrific and make a great pair. I’ve never been a huge fan of Hitomi K. but she looks good next to Rio and as always Queen Rio is in perfect shape. MVSD-148 checks off a few different fetishes that is sure to appeal to many. Whether you got a cum fetish, enjoy lesbian play or of course you’re just a massive Rio Hamasaki fan there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy this.





Teach Me! Ms. Boobs”


Wouldn’t we all have loved to have Rio Hamasaki as a teacher in high-school. That’s the central premise of this video as she plays a rather lewd school teacher who seduces and fucks her students. This leads to some entertaining and fun scenes. Such as when she prevents a student from jumping off the rook and killing himself by giving him a blowjob. Or when she rewards her class for getting good grades by giving them all tittyfucks. Nearly every scene features a unique setup and great action overall. Especially the last scene which is a gangbang with her getting creampied and coated in cum. In addition her performance is pretty spot on as well. She often takes the lead in every scene and brings great energy. She can play the lewd teacher role quite well. While she can be a little too whiny and submissive in the final scene it’s not enough to ruin it. The final point to mention is her appearance. Now this is fairly early on in her career so her teeth haven’t been fixed yet which some may find unappealing. Beyond that though her boobs are in perfect shape and her wardrobe consists of the usual teacher uniforms which look nice on her. If you’re someone with a teacher fetish you can’t go wrong with this video.




Worst video



By far one of the strangest concepts for a video I’ve ever seen across jav. The premise tasks Rio with getting her hymen stitched back together and losing her virginity all over again. It’s rather hard to watch at times due to her crying at several points throughout and they also show the actual surgery as it happens. While Rio still looks great and there’s some squirting it’s best to avoid this unless you’re extremely curious.

I could go on and on about Rio Hamasaki but I’ll end it here. Whether you’re a long time fan or just discovered Rio I hope this guide will lead you in the right direction. She’s taken part in many different fetishes and themes over her career so no matter what you’re into you’ll find something to love. Long live Queen Rio!


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