May 16, 2024

Oppaira’s Top 10 MILFs

Ah yes, time for another top 10, and this time I’ve decided to do MILFs. 2019 was a year filled with a lot of MILF videos for me. While I’ve always enjoyed MILFs I found myself watching an unusual amount of videos featuring MILFs last year. Ironically, most of those MILFs didn’t make the cut, but it did remind me just how much I enjoy them. Before I get on to my top 10 list, here are some that I watched last year that didn’t make my list:

They are Reiko Kobayakawa, Reiko Sawamura, Chisato Shoda, Azusa Hagi, Yu Kawakami, Mitsuki An, Saeko Matsushita, Minori Kuwata, and Minako Komukai, respectively. Among them I watched around 50 videos last year. I’ve come to enjoy these MILFs but they’re just unfortunately not my favourites. I wouldn’t count any of them out as they all have qualities that I enjoy, and maybe in the following years some of them might make my list. Anyway, let’s get on to my top 10 list.


10. Nozomi Mikimoto

Nozomi is pretty much textbook definition thicc MILF. She’s not only got large, natural breasts, but also a very nice ass. Nozomi has a fairly mature face that serves her quite well, and I find I really like seeing her in mature roles. Nozomi is just one of those MILFs who has everything you could want: she’s hot and doesn’t seem too old, has nice large breasts, and a nice ass. Most MILFs tend to faulter in some category but Nozomi really has it all. When I watch her videos I’m always able to enjoy every aspect of it, which is really quite rare. Even her performances are sometimes quite good as well. She’s 10th on my list and I think she’ll be unseated at some point, but for now I’m happy to put her on my list. PS. she now goes by Miki Yamase.


9. Hotaru Mori

Hotaru Mori is the newest addition to my favourite MILFs. She debuted in 2018 and rather immediately made an impact on me. She was one of my top three debuts from the year and is among my favourite debuts from 2017 forward. One of the best parts about Hotaru is that she looks quite young still so she fits quite nicely into the young MILF niche she’s often cast in. I think my favourite aspect about Hotaru is how upbeat she tends to be. MILFs are often not as enthusiastic or energetic but Hotaru absolutely is. I would not be surprised to see her climb up my ranks eventually and I think that’s just a matter of her starring in more videos and making a bigger name for herself.


8. Mako Oda

Mako Oda has been one of my favourites for as long as I can remember. She’s a good amount of thicc and has a wonderful mature charm to her. Mako Oda has actually been cast as a MILF from fairly early on in her career, which comes as no surprise considering she’s 36! She looks phenomenal for someone that age and if I didn’t know better I would never have guessed it. Mako is someone I enjoy for the same reason I enjoy Nozomi: she’s very well rounded. Having good qualities across the board is a truly underrated aspect in actresses, and between Mako’s large breasts, thicc body, and hot face, she’s got a lot to love. I find I enjoy Mako a lot more physically than I do as a performer, but the fact I keep going back to her is evidence enough that I do enjoy her a lot.

7. Kaho Kasumi

Kaho is fairly new to me and I really only got into her after she retired, however I’ve come to enjoy her quite a bit. It’s actually quite telling when you become a fan of an actress after they retire, as it’s a good indication of just how good they were. Kaho has quite a nice body and it’s really awesome seeing it get sweaty when she’s having sex. I’ve also found her to be a spectacular performer, far better than I would have ever guessed. Most actresses tend to excel at very narrow set of themes or personalities but Kaho is quite good across the board. I think there are two reasons she isn’t higher on my list, one is that she isn’t as curvy as others and two is that I just haven’t seen enough of her yet. I’m quite usually impressed when I watch her and who knows, maybe she’ll unseat some higher entries on the list in years to come.


6. Marina Shiraishi

Marina is probably the most adorable MILF out there, and while that’s an unusual way to describe a MILF it’s the perfect way to describe Marina. She’s cute and bubbly and always seems to be having a genuinely good time. Marina has always been good at sweet talking and really seeming like a comforting mother. Marina is honestly quite good in general as a performer, even when fucking BBC as she has been known to do, though I do find her unique motherly personality to be particularly special. Marina’s ass is quite nice, I think second only to the next entry on the list (who has my favourite ass in all of JAV), and she’s very pretty as well. I think those two factors go a long way for me in terms of offsetting how much I don’t enjoy her breasts. You don’t always enjoy every aspect of an actress and that’s definitely the case with Marina. That being said, she’s quite nice all around and absolutely deserving of a spot on my list.


5. Kaori

Kaori is basically the queen of thicc MILFs so of course she’d make my list. Kaori is all kinds of hot but by far it’s her ass that stands out. Thicc MILFs are rare enough on their own as are asses as nice as Kaori’s. Kaori just brings so much thiccness to the table it’s hard not to enjoy. I’ve always found Kaori’s face quite attractive, really hitting the hot MILF visual quite nicely. In her videos I do find myself wanting to see more and more of her ass, but with an ass like that it’s really not surprising. Kaori blossomed into a rather enjoyable performer at the end of her career, especially in roles where she got to the the dominant one. Easily one of my favourite MILFs.


4. Yumi Kazama

It’s pretty difficult to have a list of favourite MILFs and not include Yumi Kazama. Yumi’s one of the greatest of all time with a career that has spanned decades. That’s right, plural, she’s been around since the 90s. Even though Yumi started well before she was a MILF I don’t think anyone remembers her as anything other than a MILF. She is, without a doubt, the first name I think of when I think MILF. Even if she isn’t my favourite she’s the epitome of the term. She’s hot, she’s thicc, and she’s all kinds of wonderful. Especially recently, Yumi’s put on a little bit of weight that has made her quite juicy and I must say I’ve been loving it. Yumi has also always been a fairly good performer. The fact she was previously on my all-time top 10 list and then made my top 25 videos of 2019 is a good testament to how good she has always been.


3. Ayumi Shinoda

Just like the last entry it’s pretty hard to have a conversation about best MILF and not talk about Ayumi. Ayumi, at the height of her career, won the award for best MILF. If that doesn’t demonstrate how good of a MILF you are then nothing will. Ayumi really rose to fame when she took the industry by storm. Ayumi starred in a ton of stuff and had few reservations, doing stuff like anal, BBC, and uncensored. Coupled with how attractive she is it’s hard not to put her high up on my list. She spent some time on my top 10 list and it’s really not surprising why. I enjoy actresses that have a wide array of content to watch and Ayumi fits that bill perfectly. As I mentioned she had a lot of variety, but she also just had a ton of content, easily over 400 videos. It’s just so easy to find whatever type of content you’re looking for and Ayumi is truly a treat.


2. Aki Sasaki

Aki Sasaki recently made my top 10 list and I couldn’t be more delighted to put her on this list. Aki Sasaki came out of nowhere and really took the industry by storm. It’s no surprise when she was a MILF full of energy and as pretty as she is. I find in general that MILFs tend to have a more mature look to them but Aki is one of the few that still has a youthful appearance. In fact, it’s interesting looking at her because you can certainly tell she’s older, but at the same time she really doesn’t look as old as her age suggests. I think that’s one of the reasons I like her so much, because Aki really isn’t as curvy as others on the list but she really is quite beautiful. Aki, just like the next entry on my list, had quite a large number of good releases in a short period of time that really propelled her fame. She was easily one of the industry favourites at the height of her career, consistently ranking within the top 50 and even in the top 10.


1. Rena Fukiishi

Rena Fukiishi has been in my top 5 for a while and putting her as my favourite MILF is a no brainer for me. Rena is someone I find myself strangely attracted to. It’s rather mystifying that I find her so attractive because I really can’t put my finger on why. I guess I really do like MILFs… Anyway, Rena is most known for her strong tan lines. I think the reason I really enjoy Rena is how she put herself out there. She starred in a lot of videos when she came back to the industry, which was right when I was peaking in JAV. She had a release almost every other day in 2016 which is absolutely insane. It allowed her to star in such a wide variety as well, meaning there were tons of great options to choose from. Even later on in her career she started exploring less common genres like BBC, anal, and uncensored. I’ve also always enjoyed her performing, and even if she was never the best at expressing herself she always managed great scenes with expert moaning.


And there we have it, Oppaira’s top 10 MILFs. I’d love to hear from others who their favourite MILFs are. Do you enjoy the same as I do? Are there others I’m missing out on?


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