July 20, 2024


I’m going to save you a long winded read just to get to my score on UMMA001, it is a perfect 5 out of 5 for me. I didn’t waffle for too long on whether this is a 4 out of 5 because of minor things I particularly didn’t care for, this is a perfect score because the things I didn’t like aren’t too major to harp on and doesn’t detract me from enjoying this film from start to finish.

As a naked masseuse she plays the part to a level of convince-ability that made me like her professionalism for this job of hers, that everything else is delicious icing on a cake. She’s not out to get the “D” from her clients (save for one client), she works the massage rooms naked just because.

The acting is nice, the moans sound lovely, the lighting is wonderful and play a role in the different rooms, she looks divine while naked in heels and a scarf, while in sandals, and just overall naked.

The first scene is a daytime massage session with the client being worked on and she’s treating it like a regular massage session, in other words, she’s all business. Plenty of daylight shining through really cast a nice light on her body as she’s working around the table. Camera has some weird positioning but that’s only before the BJ starts. Client eventually coerces her for some extra attention by way of a paizuri and a BJ to completion on her chest and spilling on her neck. I love the little teases she gives as her pseudo leg stretches are meant to press against her nipples and really get the attention of the client as if he needed more motivation to focus on her. Nice warm up to her acting job as a masseuse and light BJ skills. I liked her subtle glances at the door indicating she shouldn’t be doing these things in the room.

Second scene is a favorite of mine, and it is because of the click clack of her heels on the hardwood floor. Shot as POV from the massage table, she walks in with only a neckerchief and a lightly oiled body. As she passes through the ambiance lighting you just get so many reflections of her glorious body and know the show will be good. She gives dirty talk as she glides her pussy over your covered dick and works herself over to climax. Her positions change rather fast as she does her leg stretching technique on you so you can see her in full frontal glory then on to a cowgirl for the finale. I wished she stayed in doggie position longer so you have more time to spend back there. She has an amazing smile and thoroughly enjoyed bringing you to climax.

Third scene is back to the daylight massage room and the client is super handsy with her and eventually penetrates her on the table. She continues to massage his leg as he’s fingering her and I liked her commitment to this masseuse role even though she’s being finger banged. All the action takes place on the table and one particular note to watch for is when she arches her back while in doggie and the camera positions itself for a magnificent titty bouncing exhibition that is pure heaven. Not too varied in the positions: cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and doggie for the most part and climax is outside on her tits.

Fourth scene is a BJ scene and we’re back to the ambiance of scene two. As she’s gliding her tits on him, she realizes he’s ready for some mouth action and her combination of smile and dirty talk gets the actor primed for some paizuri and BBBJTCIM. Little bit of semen play and she goes right back to sliding her tongue on his dick. Scene could’ve wrapped at the pop, but it went on for a little longer as she works his dick some more. She looks so good with the semen still in her mouth as she carries on small talk.

Fifth scene carries a story on its own. She is massaging him and getting turned on at the same time. Her caresses were meant for her own enjoyment as well as the client, and during the lead up to the sex scene, her flirty smile and dirty talk are so good to see play out in this scene. I could play-by-play this scene since it’s so good, but just know the camera work, lighting, her moans are all top notch. Much more views from behind while she’s in doggie are finally in this scene. I could, if I had something negative to say, do without the exaggerated french kissing moments where very audible slurping noises are made.

If you’re new to her, you won’t be disappointed. She has this role down to a science and while her physical proportions are phenomenal, her acting in this is bar none the best I’ve seen.



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