May 17, 2024


Bondage is this title's core theme.  Rino performs sex acts on the actors who are otherwise incapacitated and the whole film is driven by Rino and to an equal extent, her wardrobe.  Four chapters each one comprising of a different outfit, but generally the theme of the actor being tied down is present in all the chapters.  I am not the primary target for this theme, but I wanted to review it for a challenge, and of course, it's Rino Kirishima.  It's clear that the film really wanted to highlight the costume as for the opening of each chapter has her previewing the outfit for the scene, and as a spoiler alert, she looks terrific in each one.

First scene is a blowjob to completion in her mouth...and then into someone else's mouth.  The actor being tied down on the couch, is harassed by Rino.  Whether it's by the heels of her shoes, or her hand smacking his dick, Rino is making this guy earn the blowjob and the finish.

The good:
-Red patent leather outfit on Rino
-Not too many different camera angles

The bad:
-Snowballing into the actor's mouth

Second scene is using various vibrators and a handjob finish.  Nothing leaves Rino's mouth and into the mouth of the actor, but I will oppose the placement of the vibrator into the actor.

The good:
-Hair and makeup are very well done

The bad:
-Reliance on vibrators drag the scene
-Vibrator goes in THERE
-Rino rarely smiles in the scene

Third scene is a POV scene and sets it up with some French kissing followed by Rino having some fun with candle wax dripping it on the actor who is chained down and bound by tape (!).  After a 69 session, actual (with the actor still being tied down) sex takes place and finally Rino gets penetrated.  Finishing in her mouth, and the ejaculate stays in her hand (thankfully).

The good:
-Rino smiles a lot, and beads of sweat roll off her face
-Two-stage costume with the skirt coming off to reveal an even sexier costume
-Camera angles change slightly to get better views instead of being static

The bad:
-I'm going to be honest here, I thought there was nothing too major to nitpick at

Final chapter and of course the actor is bound and Rino does the work.  Rino does a rim job and eventually gets penetrated. Vanilla sex scene overall with nice soft lighting.

The good:
-Rino fucks only wearing knee-high stilleto boots, long gloves, and a necklace
-Rino controls every aspect of the scene

The bad:
-Twenty minute foreplay before she gets penetrated

So there we have it.  Rino performs like the professional she is.  Flawless skin just glows under the studio lighting and the costume and total package are very commendable.  Not my genre to keep on rotation, but it is very well shot and if you just skip ahead of all the butt penetration stuff, then what you have is something decent.  She owns the genre of bondage costume as far as I am concerned, and if the mood strikes you to watch someone that looks unbelievable in costume, this is something to keep in mind.  Or at least stashed away in the corner of the hard drive.  Scorewise I would give this a 2 out of 5.

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