June 16, 2024

Top 10 Worst Performers

We’ve already looked at the best performers so naturally it’s time to take a look at the worst performers. There can be many factors defining bad performers. Some include a lack of energy/enthusiasm, low engagement, excessive whining and static/unchanging facial expressions. Every actress has turned in a bad performance every now and then, even the greats like Ai Uehara and Kurea Hasumi. However the performers on this list more often than not are consistently underwhelming. Time to kick it off with…

10. Shouko Takahashi


Can’t say I’ve really watched a whole lot of Shouko but from what I have seen she’s pretty forgettable as a performer. I’ll admit she has a fine body but is quite boring overall lacking in enthusiasm and engagement. Perhaps she’s improved over time since I’ve last watched her…

9. Aimi Yoshikawa


Aimi is one of my favorites actresses but even I have to admit she was a real lackluster performer. Constantly wearing the same frowny face in almost all of her videos and her high pitched whining can be very grating. Once in awhile she’ll turn in a solid performance but that’s relatively few and far between.

8. Nana Fukada

nana fukuda

She had a hell of a body in general and her boobs were amazing. However her acting left a LOT to be desired. She suffered from pretty weak facial expressions, whining and just an overall lack of connection to the scene. Very dull overall.

7. An Kitajima


She’s not active anymore  but she managed to be one of the most boring performers I’ve ever seen. No acting ability at all. Always having the same exact facial expressions and being very lethargic through all her scenes. Easily one of the weakest performers.

6. Shiori Tsukada


She may be the queen of thick but she’s far from the queen of acting. Suffering from loud whining and a severe lack of engagement. Plus her enthusiasm is almost non-existent. I’ve never seen a performance from her that honestly impressed me. While not the worst offender on my list she’s still in the bottom tier for sure.

5. Nami Hoshino


Blessed with a booty but dull as a piece of wood. She never commits to any scene and is always low effort and low energy. She’s got such an amazing body overall but she’s so boring to watch. Facial expressions are typically underwhelming too. She could be a potential 10/10 if she had any acting talent at all. She’s the classic S1 actress trope.

4. Rion

rion 4

We all knew she would land on this list somewhere. Often times behaving like a dead fish and just laying there. Not to mention her facial expressions are terrible. An example being when she’s getting groped and ends up breaking character and smiling which happens quite often. She just flat out cannot act at all. Once in a while she’ll churn out a decent performance but even then sometimes it feels forced. Classic example of “too pretty to act” syndrome. She’s at least showing some signs of improvement but it’s taken way too long.

3. Eri Sasaki


Some of you may be unfamiliar with her as she recently came back out of retirement with a new “gal” look. What I can say is that she has a decent body at the very least and some solid fake tits but she is AWFUL at performing. Best way to describe her is that she’s like a living doll. Built with plastic and devoid of any emotions. And again I do still like her but she is just completely lifeless when she “performs”

2. Kirara Asuka


I really do enjoy Kirara Asuka but I can’t deny what a mediocre performer she is. While she has a few good performances under her belt most of her work is very underwhelming. She never seems to give any effort at all as most of the time she just lays there and does nothing. She gives off that “too pretty to try” vibe where she knows she can give the bare minimum effort and it won’t matter due to her appearance.

1. Mika Sumire

mika sumire 2

Mika Sumire comes in at #1 as my pick for the worst performer I’ve ever seen. She has one of the coldest and most lifeless glares out of any actress imo. She often conveys very little emotion and boasts next to no enthusiasm. Facial expressions are also nearly non-existent with her. All around a complete and absolute dead fish truly deserving of the worst performer ever title.


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