June 15, 2024

Pan Picks: Top 10 Kirara Asuka Videos



  • Born: October 2, 1988(29 years old)
  • Career Status: 2007-present
  • Measurements: JP 90-58-83 (US 35-23-33 )
  • Cup Size: D
  • Height : 162 cm (5 ft 4 in)
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brownkirara-asuka-02738485

Metric Score
Breasts 8/10
Face 9/10
Body 9/10
Ass 6.5/10
Acting 7/10

Best Videos


“Gaping Pussy”


When I first downloaded this I thought this was gonna be a very vanilla and unoriginal video. I was completely wrong. Yes the overlaying theme is just her spreading her pussy however the scene scenarios and premises turn this into an exciting and memorable film. Such examples include her seducing a plumber, giving a stranger a handjob in a public restroom, a fantastic pov scene where she seduces you at a cafe and another pov scene where she fucks you and a co-worker in an office. All these scenes allow for her to show off her slutty and lewd side which isn’t something we see from her too often. In addition she looks amazing and delivers one of her best performances. Only downside is that there’s a one or two mediocre scenes of her playing with herself but the other scenes more than make up for it. If you wanna see Kirara getting slutty then this is hands down the best one to watch.


“We’re Making A Popularity Ranking Check On Kirara Asuka At The AV Shop Surprise Interviews With Our Members Of The Public! If They Give Her Hate, She Shows Up From Behind! Kirara Will Attempt To Raise Her Ratings With Her Amazing Technique!”


Kirara Asuka having sex with fans inside a dvd store. What a fantastic premise. SNIS-789 excels in every key factor in grading a video. First off the plot is great and allows for some exciting and entertaining scenes. Speaking of, the sex scenes are all amazing. Nearly every single one features her fucking the fans inside the store with other customers around presenting a nice sense of risk. Not so much in the last scene where she fucks the manager in the backroom to secure more shelf space in the store but even then its still a superb scene. Of course more than likely its staged but the fantasy behind is still very hot. In addition her performance is very good. Expressive, flirty, bubbly and she really just seems to have good time overall. Easily one of her better performances to date. Truly this is hands down not only one of her best but also most unique videos and should not be missed.


“Lets Spend The Night In The Country And Fuck A Farmer’s Wife! We’re Slipping Our Married Cocks Into A Shimmering Shiny Ecstatic Wife For 2 Days Of Covert Sucking And Fucking”


This one here features one of the more interesting premises she’s ever done. Kirara is tasked with finding rural farmers and asking them if she and her director can stay the night with him. It’s under the guise of it being a t.v show or something like that. Once inside she begins flirting with the guy and ultimately fucks them while their wives are nearby. It’s a pretty daring concept and it certainly shows off a different side to Kirara. Also with subtitles this video is made even better. The sex is fantastic as each scene has a risk aspect to it as she tries not to get caught. She also delivers a stellar performance as she’s appropriately seductive and flirty.  Lastly Kirara looks absolutely amazing here and is in top-notch shape. In closing this is easily one of her most unique videos and is totally a must watch.


“Kirara Asuka And 10 Absolute Amateur Girls Cum Going Too Far!! Prestigious Fan Thanksgiving Bus Tour”


Here we have yet another very unique video on this list. This one works similar to a traditional fan thanksgiving type film but with a nice twist. 10 amateur actresses(who are also big fans of Kirara) also participate along her in having sex with the guys. This leads to some very entertaining sex scenes. Some of the highlights include her having sex with a guy while his girlfriend watches alongside and even kisses Kirara and just plenty of group sex and even girl on girl action with Kirara. There’s just a nice overall mix of more intimate one-on-one sex scenes and the more chaotic group scenes with all the actresses getting into it. One of the other big highlights is Kirara’s performance which is one of her best imo. Sometimes she can be a dead fish but here she is super engaging, bubbly and energetic. Not to mention she looks very good here and even the amateurs look decent but don’t steal the spotlight from Kirara. ABS-166 is easily one of her all time best and unique videos to date. If you enjoy fan thanksgiving videos and especially girl on girl action then this is for you. And with the 4 hour runtime you’ll never get bored.


“Raw Tits For A Cherry Boy A Masturbation Service Where You Get To See Raw Tits, Ass And Pussy To Jack Off To Kirara Asuka Gets Her Maternal Instincts Tickled When She Sees This Cherry Boy With His Rock Hard Cock, So Will She Pop His Cherry? Will She Give It Up For Him?”


You may be noticing a slight theme among all my picks so far. Each one is very loose on its premise allowing for Kirara to be herself and this one is no different. The premise is very simple as it’s just Kirara Asuka having sex with virgins and popping their “cherries”, hence the title. The biggest reason this makes my list is the freedom it gives for her to act natural and just have fun. No having to adhere to playing a role or character. As a result she’s quite engaging, flirty and doesn’t lay there like a dead fish like she often does at times. Plus she looks gorgeous here and the sex is even pretty solid despite the guys not being experienced at all. I must say though it’s a bit of a bummer that all the guys use condoms, no cumshots at all. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that enjoys virgin or “cherry boy” videos.


“No Matter Where You Go, You Always Have To Wear These Ecstasy Panties! If You’re Caught Squirting You’ll Have To Play The Quickie Punishment Game”


What a great cover to a great video. The overall premise here has Kirara wearing a vibrator inside her as she tries to resist the urge to squirt while performing various tasks such as working out, playing badminton and working as a hostess/waitress. It’s definitely bizarre but very entertaining and of course leads to some big squirts. Now while there are only 3 scenes each one is unique and features a different setup. Each one starts with her trying to perform her task until ultimately its too much and she lets loose leading to the actual sex. Which speaking of its pretty solid all around with some superb camerawork, lighting and nice positions. However my one critique is that it’s lacking a bit in intensity. Now unfortunately her performance is a mixed bag. Her facial expressions at times are nice, she’s not terribly whiny and in the vibrator sections she’s fun to watch. However during a good portion of the sex scenes she can be quite a dead fish, similar to how Julia once was. Barely showing any emotion or moving at all as she lets the guy do everything. It’s by far my biggest complaint but it’s not enough to ruin the scenes. Last but not least how is Kirara’s appearance? Well she’s in pitch perfect shape imo. Her body is in fantastic shape and all her outfits are stunning and memorable. If you’re looking for something a bit different from Kirara then this is the way to go. Entertaining premise, great action and Kirara looking fantastic. I strongly recommend it.


“The Leader Of A Girl Gang Who Picks Up Any Guy On The Street – From Hot Young Studs To Old Geezers – Rocking Hot SEX In Kirara Asuka ‘s Fuck Pad”


Here Kirara Asuka is in charge of a female gang who goes around and hunts down unsuspecting guys and brings them to their lair so they or Kirara can fuck them. It’s a really great plot and shows a side of Kirara that we don’t see too often. Now the best thing about this video imo is her appearance. She’s got this nice bitchy, tanned gal look going on and she is super sexy. Her performance is great as well as she takes control in every single scene. For instance in one scene she ties the guy down to a bed and rides the hell out of him. However there are moments where she’s kinda whiny which does hamper her overall performance. Now onto the action. I feel like overall the sex here is mixed. I like seeing her take control and the full sex scenes are alright but there’s just something off. The lighting is kinda dim throughout and one scene which is a tittyfuck scene is completely forgettable. I should also mention there’s a nice footjob scene if you’re into that. However the addition of having the other girls sit and watch certainly made a nice addition. If you wanna see a different side to Kirara then this is the way to go. Seeing a tanned and bitchy Kirara Asuka is worth it alone.


“Big Tits Female Teachers are My Sexy Pets”


A Kirara Asuka video starring my all time favorite actress? How could I not include this on my list. Anyway the basic premise centers on the two of them playing teachers who end up becoming sex slaves pretty much. Perhaps the most notable aspect is the action. Featuring a runtime of 3 hours and including a wide variety of scenes ranging from solo sex scenes to threesomes, foursomes and even a lesbian scene with the two as the kiss, grope and finger each other. Hell even a double ended dildo is used. Plus there’s squirting as well. Performances are pretty solid as well with a nice mix of dominant and submissive from the two depending on the scenes premise. They’re also not afraid to touch each other throughout the scenes which is very nice. Lastly they’re appearances are incredible. Rio Hamasaki is her prime and looks amazing and Kirara Asuka is in great shape as well. All of this adds up to creating one of her all time best videos. An absolute must watch especially if you’re a fan of Rio Hamasaki too.

Most Disappointing Video


“Princess Girlfriend: DMM’s No. 1 Selling CG Comics Brought To Real Life!”


While this is not quite her overall worst video it earns the title of biggest letdown. Before watching this I remember seeing pics of her on Twitter wearing the blonde wig and thinking this could be a real winner. Instead its very lackluster. The only real positive is how fantastic Kirara looks. Her wardrobe is top-notch and she’s in excellent shape. However the action is terrible with few sex scenes and some awful paizuri. The overuse of the fake cum is stupid as well. Finally her performance is pretty tame and unremarkable. Certainly my biggest letdown for Kirara personally and honestly one of the biggest disappointments of 2017.

Worst Video


“Celebrity Daughter With Big Tits Gets Tied Up And Raped In S&M”


Bondage, ropes and rape. Three of my least favorite things. Besides that Kirara’s wardrobe isn’t too appealing and also the sex scenes are very similar and don’t offer much variety.  I don’t have a lot to say really because I watched it once and never did so again. Some may enjoy this but I absolutely hated it and would advise most to avoid it as its completely awful with very little redeeming qualities.

Kirara Asuka is a fantastic talent and one of the top actresses over at S1 studio. Amazing body, great boobs and a beautiful face. Whether you’re a longtime fan or perhaps just discovering her hopefully this list will help you.


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