June 13, 2024

Pan’s Top 10 Asses in JAV

Actresses come in all shapes and sizes. Determining whose got the best ass in a tough question as there are many factors to take into question. Is it the overall shape? The size? Hips, waist and thighs? Well with this list I’m gonna do my personal top favorite asses in all of jav. To kick it off I will start with a few honorable mentions.



Some will be surprised to see her here but she’s actually got a very nice ass. Just a shame that S1 never gives it the proper spotlight it deserves.

Aya Sazanami


She may be petite but there’s nothing small about her ass. A true testament to the statement of big things come in small packages.

Haruki Sato


Her ass may not have been the largest but combined with her incredibly thick thighs and wide hips it all makes for a stunning combination. No doubt that in her prime she had a top-tier body.

Now we move onto the real meat of this list with my top 10 starting with…

10. Akari Takagi


Just discovered her last year after watching one of the best videos of 2017, AVOP-371. While I will say her body isn’t in the best of shape there’s no denying she’s got a phat ass. Definitely someone to watch if you’re into thicker milf type actresses.

9. Ai Uehara


What list wouldn’t be complete without the legendary Ai Uehara? Everyone knows who she is. A big ass combined with those huge, thick thighs and amazing hips. A true one of a kind body for a star that will never be forgotten.

8. Marina Shiraishi


Gotta love Marina. She has a great thick figure along with her big and round ass. Imo she’s a bit underrated in this regard but she’s easily one of my favorites. For anyone in the dark I strongly recommend STAR-563. You won’t be disappointed.

7. Nami Hoshino


Haven’t seen a ton of her videos but her ass is definitely special. It just fits her body so well. Plus her legs and hips are incredible. She’s really got it all and is the complete package.

6. Yuki Jin


She’s the complete package. Her ass is fantastic but the rest of her body is equally amazing. From her legs to her thighs and of course her hips. From head to toe she’s in peak physical shape. Truly a shame she’s kinda fizzled out as of late but here’s hoping she makes a comeback.

5. Yuu Shinoda


I’ve only started getting into her videos last year but I gotta say I’m impressed. On one hand her ass isn’t the biggest but that super slim waist certainly helps it stand out. Plus when she gets on all fours and arches her ass up in the air it’s jaw-dropping. Definitely will leave you speechless.

4. Asahi Mizuno


Boasting some of the absolute best and widest hips ever and a ridiculously slim waist. And of course her ass is just as good. Also helps that she’s incredibly fit with a nice pair of legs to boot.

3. Kaori


A no brainer. One of the thickest actresses around boasting one hell of a big ass. Easily one of my top favorites actresses period. Anyone that doesn’t include her on their list needs to watch JUFD-570 asap. One of the best ass focused videos ever.

2. Shiori Tsukada


The thick queen. Her juicy thighs and of course that huge phat ass are just godlike. Easily one of the best asses to ever grace jav. Although I wish her performances would live up to that body. Still though she is the embodiment of “T H I C C” and I never tire of her.

1. Kurea Hasumi


If she isn’t on your list somewhere then you’re doing it wrong. Period. Those amazing sexy legs combined with her flawless ass make for a perfect combination. Throw in her signature dominant acting and you’ve got the perfect combination. Choosing my number one wasn’t easy but there’s just no topping Kurea imo.


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