July 20, 2024

2020 Wishlist

Last year I did a 2019 wishlist where I listed off a bunch of things I hoped would come true this year. I’m not sure if I’ll continue doing it every year but I’m at least doing it again this year. So first let’s go over my 2019 wishlist and see what came true then do a 2020 wishlist.


Recapping Last Year’s Wishlist

10. Asahi Mizuno does anal. Unfortunately Asahi did not do anal before her retirement. A bit unfortunate because I love Asahi’s ass and I thought it would be awesome to see. It was number 10 on my list mostly because I had little faith it would come true and it’s also not that huge of a deal.

9. GES gets some more big names. Ding ding ding, we hit the mark on this one. I listed three primary names I wanted to see and three secondary names. I got none of the primary names but one of the secondary names, Nanami Matsumoto, starred in it. On top of that there were some other great actresses who starred in it, Sana Matsunaga and Touka Rinne. I would have preferred to see them wait a little longer before doing it, but if the option is them or someone I don’t like, I’ll take it. Additionally, two newcomers who received A tier or higher ratings starred in it – Kanna Shinozaki and Yuria Yoshine. While again I would have loved to see them wait longer, it’s nice to see names I can enjoy in it.

8. Marina Shiraishi goes freelance. We hit the jackpot on this one too. Marina Shiraishi “graduated” from SOD, which is a term they use when the actress moves on from a studio. I don’t believe there have been any announcements about what studio(s) she’ll be working with, but it’s safe to say she’ll continue being the Marina we’ve all come to know and love. Considering she was absent for over a year I’m just stoked she’s back in any capacity doing porn.

7. RION comes back. RION had a weird turn of events last year as she just suddenly nuked her social media and disappeared. A year later and she’s finally returned! Now under the name Rara Anzai, the name she used during her gravure days, it looks like she hasn’t missed a beat. She’s back at S1 as if nothing happened.

6. No more of my favourite actresses retire. Oof this was a bad year for me. I knew of some retiring since they announced in advance, such as Aki Sasaki and Asahi Mizuno. I was not ready for the rest of who would retire, which included Erika Kitagawa, Kaori, and Rena Fukiishi. Not just them but Yuri Oshikawa took an indefinite hiatus as she’s currently chilling in America. Big miss here, especially to have another top 5 of mine in Rena retire.

5. A good 2019 debut actress. I’m leaving this one a little open to interpretation because I’m not quite sure how the dust will settle, but I have a feeling someone will turn out well. 3/21 debuts scored S tier which leaves me with a positive outlook on this. I feel like debut actresses are the sort of thing you want to wait an extra year to comment on. For example, I can comment pretty easily on 2018 debuts now. Speaking of which, Touka Rinne has done quite well for herself and I’ve been enjoying her a lot, so I would say 2018 had a good debut. Anyway, to recap the three top actresses were Yuria Yoshine, Kaho Imai, and Ruka Inaba. Only time will tell with them and I’ll remember to come back to this in 2020.

4. Kaho Shibuya / Anri Okita work abroad. This one we absolutely got. While Anri didn’t do anything Kaho not only worked for Nadine’s site but in a lesbian with Hitomi! I must admit that the video wasn’t quite as good as I had hoped, though that’s probably due to the fact that I had such high expectations for it. Regardless, Kaho working with Hitomi after she had retired is exactly what I was hoping for here.

3. Julia does a lesbian video. Not surprised this didn’t happen all things considered. Julia doesn’t want to do it and it’s mostly just fans praying at this point. I’ll continue to point out that Julia said she would do it but I still feel like it won’t ever happen.

2. Hitomi switches studios. I think given where Hitomi falls right now Oppai doesn’t want to lose her. She’s quite popular internationally and I think they’re happy keeping her making them money.

1. Meguri comes out of retirement. I put this at the top, partially because I love Meguri so much but partially because her tweeting made it seem so likely. Of course, we now know that Meguri did in fact come back and is an exclusive for Tameike Goro. While I’d love to see her freelance again, I’m more than happy just to see her somewhere. Tameike has a couple of good videos I’d love to see her in including one series entitled She Doesn’t Look It, But She’s A Super Horny Slut Who Is Fucking The Shit Out Of Me where the actress wears glasses and has uncontrollable desire for her neighbour. There’s also another video they released this year that had a wife swapping theme, and maybe we could get Ai Sayama back there for a video, and if not then maybe pairing her with a newcomer like Kaho Imai or Nao Nakano.


All in all, I managed to have 6 of my wishlist items come true (or maybe 5 if you count a couple of them as only being partially true). My wishlist was a mix of things I thought were both likely and unlikely, so it’s not all that surprising that I got it. I’m not sure I’ll do quite as well this year but I can certainly hope. Without further ado here’s this year’s items.


2020 Wishlist

10. Nanami Mastumoto grows her hair long

Over the past year I’ve become a huge fan of Nanami. She’s had short hair for most of her career, and while I like several actresses with short hair (most notably Kaho Shibuya), I certainly do prefer actresses with long hair. Nanami’s been growing her hair out recently, and it’s gone from less than chin length to shoulder length. I would absolutely love to see her with much longer hair, and I can only hope she keeps growing it out.


9. Yuri Oshikawa comes back

Yuri’s been having fun in America and while I’m happy for her I’m starting to miss her. Knowing that it will take 3-4 months after she comes back to have something released, I’m just hoping for something at all in 2020. I don’t think Yuri has announced any intention to retire but it’s hard not to think that way when she’s been away for so long.


8. One of my favourite series gets a big name

There are plenty of actresses starring in my favourite series and plenty from my favourites that have already starred in them. I’d say my two favourite series are GES and Wanz Factory’s 10 Min. There are always plenty of actresses to star in these videos but not always the names I’m hoping for. With that said, here 5 names each I’d like to see:

  • Mako Oda in GES
  • Reiko Kobayakawa in GES
  • Yumi Kazama in GES
  • Arisa Hanyu in GES
  • Marina Shiraishi in GES
  • Hitomi in 10 Min
  • Aika Yumeno in 10 Min
  • Shiori Tsukada in 10 Min
  • Mao Hamasaki in 10 Min
  • Marina Shiraishi in 10 Min

I really put a lot of value in Marina Shiraishi starring in one of my favourites because she’s such an unknown quantity right now. Outside of that, a lot of it is me seeing favourites in series that make sense. Someone like Shiori Tsukada and her insane body make so much sense for 10 Min as does someone like Mao Hamasaki who’s crazy performing seems right at home. I’m actually very surprised they haven’t given that both of them freelance and Wanz Factory gets freelance actresses for that series. For GES I’d really love to see some more motherly actresses make it in and do the mother version, so names like Yumi Kazama and Reiko Kobayakawa strike home there.


7. Marina Shiraishi goes freelance (and stars in one of my favourite series)

So Marina Shiraishi announced she’s graduating from SOD. That’s a term that means she’s leaving them and going elsewhere. It’s not entirely clear if she’s going to freelance or not yet, I think there are several studios that would love to have her as an exclusive considering how big of a name she is. I, for one, would love to see her freelance. There are a lot of series I like that are pretty famous, for example Oppai’s GES, Wanz Factory’s 10 Min, Rookie’s semen overload, and Das’s The Moment I Met This Pornstar She Demanded Raw Creampie Sex that I think she would be wonderful. Last time one of my favourites went freelance, Meguri, she starred in all of those videos (she starred in GES when she was previously exclusive to Oppai). I can only hope Marina releases a ton of stuff and I get to see her in my favourites.


6. I discover a good non-debut actress

As people are aware I do a series called New To Me where I review actresses I’ve never seen. As people may not be aware, I watch plenty of actresses I’ve never seen outside of these weeks, and I’ve seen around 100 new actresses this year. It’s always a gamble watching a new actress, some of them have turned out quite well and others have just not been enjoyable at all. A lot of them fall into a middle ground where I enjoy them and watch their videos but don’t go crazy for them. They’re the kind of actress where I’ll watch a video every now and then and nothing more. Then there’s Hibiki Otsuki, who is by far the best actress I’ve seen in any of these weeks. I’ve seen around 4x as many Hibiki videos as I have the next most among New To Me actresses which is insane. I’m really hoping next year I can find an actress I enjoy this much in one of my New To Me weeks.


5. A good debut actress turns up

Good newcomers are hard to come by, even when watching 21 actresses. While 2019 had some great newcomers, I feel like they won’t necessarily compete with favourites from years past like Nanami Matsumoto, Marina Yuzuki, or even Touka Rinne. Considering that I’m planning to watch 21 debuts again this year there will be plenty of opportunities to find someone great. 2020 is a new year and I can only hope that the next Anri Okita or Ai Uehara is out there ready to join the fray.


4. Hitomi does another lesbian JAV

People already know MIRD-150, her duo with Anri, is my all-time favourite video. While there’s more than just the lesbian action that makes it wonderful, I would absolutely love to see her in another lesbian video. She’s starred in a number of softcore lesbian videos for Nadine Jansen’s website, even a topless lesbian video with Kaho Shibuya! It’s hard to tell who works at her agency and I don’t think there’s anyone who would fit the bill, but there are some actresses at Oppai that could do well with her, particularly Yuria Yoshine. Julia would be quite awesome as well but that’s definitely a pipe dream; they definitely are friends but I know Julia doesn’t want to do lesbian with Hitomi due to the difference in breast size. Even outside of her studio there are plenty of actresses to pick from, Hana Haruna is a friend of hers who would do well paired with her. While I also don’t expect Oppai to do lesbian any time soon, one can always hope (it is a wishlist after all).

3. Julia does lesbian

I feel like I’ll be saying this for many years but I definitely want to see it. There are plenty of good actresses who could be her first including names like Mao Hamasaki, Kurea Hasumi, Akari Mitani, or Yumi Kazama. If we’re looking at her agency (because that’s more likely), Ruka Inaba or her friend Matsuri Kiritani would be great. If I could have it how I preferred, I’d have her working with Yui Hatano and Hibiki Otsuki. The pair of them are great together and are great at bringing out the best in others, and I know they’re at least friends (albeit I don’t think they’re particularly good friends). Julia strikes me as the type of person who could absolutely be convinced by the duo the same way AIKA was. While AIKA being convinced was partially influenced by their friendship, I think Julia would be influenced heavily simply by the fact they’re two of the biggest names in the industry. Regardless of who breaks her lesbian cherry I’m going to keep praying for it year after year until it happens.


2. Hitomi works for a new studio

Hitomi becomes a duo studio exclusive. So I think at this point it’s unlikely Hitomi ever freelances, there’s just no point to it. That being said, I would love to see her do what Julia does and work for another studio at the same time. There are a number of good opportunities at Wanz Factory like the 10 Min series I desperately want to see her do. If she went back to one of her old studios, like Moodyz or Tameike Goro, there are some good series there as well she could star in. I think the biggest issue for Hitomi right now is just how long she’s been at Oppai. They’ve become really lazy at utilizing her and focus almost entirely on her breasts rather than a cohesive story or theme. I think going somewhere that can bring about fresh stories and simply have her breasts be an asset instead of the entire focus would be great. I’m really hoping Hitomi decides to take the plunge in 2020.


1. Ai Uehara comes out of retirement

This year Ai Uehara randomly reappeared on social media. Since then, she’s been very active posting regular content, even a nude photo book. I don’t know if she has any aspirations to come back, and I’d wager she doesn’t, but considering a few of people I like have come back recently (Meguri, Minori Hatsune, RION), I’d say JAV comebacks are trending. While I’d certainly prefer to see Kaho Shibuya or Anri Okita return instead, I’m a huge Ai Uehara fan and would be beyond ecstatic to see her return.


There you have my 2020 wishlist. Hope to see some people comment on what they want to see in 2020 as well as if anything from 2019 came true for them.


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