May 17, 2024

Panking’s Top 10 Favorite Actresses – Revisited

We all have our favorite actresses and now is the time to share. I’ve done this discussion a few times in the past but I feel like it’s always nice to revisit it as we all discover new favorites over time. This will be my personal list in order starting with a couple honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions

Erika Kitagawa


She just barely missed my list. Mostly due to the fact she hasn’t had any worthwhile releases in quite some time. Still though she produced some top notch videos and her petite body and boobs are fantastic.

Kaho Kasumi


The complete package. Excellent performer with a stunning proportional body. Nice tits, ass and face. She’s slipped off my previous top 10 list mainly because the other actresses are still active and I haven’t seen anything of Kaho’s in awhile.

Haruki Sato


One of my first loves of jav personally. When she was in her prime she had perhaps the best “thick” body ever. Those hips, ass and thighs were amazing. In addition she was a massive squirter. Would love to see her return some day…

Yuu Shinoda


Missed my list by just a bit. Beautiful face, thin waist and of course her godlike ass. While she may not boast the biggest ass in jav she sure knows how to flaunt it. Plus she’s incredibly flexible and a solid performer.

Aimi Yoshikawa


One of my biggest guilty pleasures. Now while I can’t defend her acting her body is stunning. Love her tiny, petite body and her large natural boobs are easily among the best jav has ever seen. Not to mention she’s cute as hell. She’s even looking better than ever now that she’s gotten thicker.

Top 10

10. Ai Uehara


A true legend. One of the most unique actresses jav has ever seen. Huge squirter, phat ass, thick thighs and could ride like a pro. Plus she’s done nearly every fetish under the sun and is an all time greatest performer. Her enthusiasm is off the charts. Gotta love her.

9. Ai Sayama


A new addition to my list. After revisiting her library I’ve realized just how incredible she really is. Curvy and voluptuous with a great smile. But no doubt one of her best aspects is her flawless acting. She’s very energetic and expressive. While her past year with Oppai has been mostly forgettable her older videos especially with Moodyz were all classics.

8. Julia


No surprise here with Julia. She’s one of the most recognizable actresses in jav ever and is still going strong.  She makes my list for her near perfect boobs and fantastic body. Pretty, slender, and busty coupled with nice legs. It’s just unfortunate how her boobs have shrunk over the past year or so due to her weight loss. They still look nice but not what they once were. Hopefully she’ll take a cue from Aimi Yoshikawa and thicken up a bit.

7. Marina Shiraishi


Over the past year she’s really grown on me and has easily become one of my top favorites. While yes her boobs aren’t too great I adore everything else about her. She’s got a bubbly and fun personality coupled with a unique and engaging performance style. In addition she of course has a nice ass and she’s one of the most beautiful actresses I’ve ever seen. Those eyes and her smile are just incredible.

6. Kaori


One word to describe Kaori, T H I C C. It’s no secret how much I love Kaori and it’s easy to see why. Her thick and juicy figure is super sexy and she’s got one of the best asses in jav period. JUFD-570 still stands as one of my all time favorite videos. She looks insanely good in every scene. As of recent she’s started to put on a *bit* too much weight but hell that ass is still amazing.

5. Hitomi


You either love her or hate her. She’s probably the most recognizable jav actress to the west and anyone that has a slight interest in japanese porn knows who she is. Obviously she’s on my list because of her huge boobs but also because of her fun personality and excellent performances. Not to mention her slim waist is amazing.

4. Kurea Hasumi


Coming in at number 4 is none other than Kurea Hasumi.  Now the main obvious reason she’s here is of course her insane ass. She boasts one of, if not the best ass I’ve seen on a jav actress. Going beyond that her stomach and abs are also very nice. And of course I can’t forget to mention her super sexy legs. Couple that with her phenomenal acting and you’ve got a something truly special.

3. Minori Hatsune


Anyone that knows me is aware that I am a MASSIVE fan of Minori and she is probably my number one bias. I absolutely love her. Now when it comes to her body she may not have the biggest and best assets but she’s very solid all around. Her boobs are nicely shaped and have some of the best nipples I have ever seen. But perhaps my favorite aspect of hers is her face. Easily the cutest actress imo. So adorable. Love everything about her.

2. Anri Oktia


A big congrats on her recent child and marriage. That being said I weep at the dead dream of her ever returning to jav. Anyway it’s a no brainer having her on my list. Boasting one hell of a body with amazing curves, great waist and of course her fantastic boobs. Easily among the best I’ve ever seen. Not to mention she was a terrific performer. A real legend of the industry and she sure left her mark.

1. Rio Hamasaki


Rio Hamasaki or “Queen Rio” as she’s often referred to as. She was my first love of jav. The very time I saw her I was blown away and realized just how amazing jav truly can be. For starters I really love her face. She has nice eyes and a great smile but perhaps my favorite aspect is her pouty lips. Also her stomach is quite nice too. But clearly her best asset is well…her assets. Imo she has the best pair of boobs out of any jav actress ever. All natural, perky and excellently shaped and sized. Anytime I see them I’m just blown away. Of course she’s a top notch performer to boot and can squirt like crazy. By far my all time favorite.


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