July 18, 2024

Pan’s Top 10 Videos of 2018

Another year of jav has come and gone. We’ve seen some pretty big highs and lows this year. 2018 in particular has been a rough year when it comes to retirements. Some of the big names who have called it quits include Rion, Aimi Yoshikawa, Asahi Mizuno, Aki Sasaki, Kaho Shibuya, Karen Uehara and Aya Sazanami just to name a few. Now without further ado I’ll kick off my list of the top videos of 2018 with some honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions


“My Girlfriend’s Big Sister Is Prancing Around Without Her Bra On, Trying With All Her Might To Seduce Me, And I Gave In To Her Temptation, Because I’m A Piece Of Shit”


I’m not gonna go into deep details about this entry as Ohura/Oppaira has already done so. He made the claim that this is her best work to date and you know, he’s not far off. For those 2 people that don’t know of this general series it’s all about Rion seducing her sister’s boyfriend via her big tits. As a whole this video checks all the boxes. Great plot that leads to some exciting scenes. Rion delivering one of her best performances although that’s not saying too much. Her enthusiasm is noticeably higher here and she plays her role in convincing fashion. Last but certainly not least Rion looks stunning. Lots of great outfits that suit her quite nice. By far her best video of 2018 and one of her all time greatest.



“Tempted By My Boss’ Slut Wife!


Kaori’s 2018 was a little dry but she did have a few very good releases. This was definitely one of her best from 2018. In this she plays a married woman who seduces her husband’s co-workers. It’s a role that suits her and she delivers for the most part. There’s some really great sex scenes that incorporate an element of risk to them making them much more exciting. Her wardrobe is superb too as she wears some very sexy lingerie. In addition her performance overall is quite good and her facial expressions are spot on. My only gripes are that her enthusiasm could be better and physically she could lose a little bit of weight imo. Still this is one of her best videos in recent memory.


“A Peachy Ass Up Close And Personal Slave Maid


Who doesn’t love a good maid video? Throw in Yuu Shinoda and you’ve got a real winner. There’s next to no central plot here besides her just playing a slutty maid. Sometimes though that’s all you need. Yuu Shinoda looks absolutely amazing here as her wardrobe is on point. Her performance is solid throughout as well and the sex scenes are excellent boasting fantastic camerawork that captures all the best angles of Yuu and her glorious ass. However out of 6 scenes total only 2 are full sex scenes with the rest being all outercourse. Beyond that issue this is a great maid video and one I suggest all Yuu fans to check out.


“After 10 Years, My Personal Maid Has Developed Into An Amazing Woman”


Asahi’s 2018 was largely uneventful. Her career is winding down and it showed. However she did release this gem of a video. This is indeed a maid video with the premise circling around her trying to keep her job of 10 years by convincing her employer to keep her around. Spoiler alert, she’s pretty successful. If you love to see Asahi’s dominant side then you’re in for a treat. She’s constantly taking the lead and boasts great energy. Her appearance is a big positive as those maid outfits look killer on her. And finally the action is good with some very nice sex scene and an outercourse scene. My gripes are that 2 of the scenes here are super forgettable and her acting isn’t quite perfect. Still though if you wanna watch any 2018 videos from Asahi I highly recommend this. Especially if you’ve got a maid fetish.


“A Heavy Big Tits Pussy Pounding Cowgirl Titty Jiggling Huge Tits Bouncing Ass Shaking Piston Thrusting Fuck”


This one caught me completely off guard. I haven’t been keeping too up to date with Shiori Kamisaki but recently checked out this one and was blown away.  It features a pretty simple premise that is based around her playing the dominant role and lots of cowgirl. The action all around is solid and Shiori looks stunning as she’s in fantastic shape. Her ass and hips look especially good here. Plus her performance is superb. She boasts top-notch enthusiasm along with being quite dominant. Facial expressions are good too and she never goes too far like some actresses do. If you’ve been sleeping on Shiori Kamisaki like me then do yourself a favor and give this a watch. It just barely missed my list.

Best Videos

10. JUFD-943

“A Voluptuous Perverted Female Cosplayer Who Will Lure You To Temptation With Her Big Bulging Body And Lewd And Crude Dick Sucking”


Don’t let the title fool you. There’s really no “cosplay” here, at least not the kind you’re probably thinking of. However this particular video is indeed focused on her wardrobe and is imo her best release of 2018. Now the premise is loosely based around her seducing a random assortment of guys mostly through her wardrobe of sexy and revealing outfits. It does lead to some fun scenes such as the first one where she’s in a restaurant as she seduces the waiter. Ultimately the scene ends with her sitting on his face and jerking him off it while onlookers watch. Thankfully all the scenes feel distinct and unique thank to her outfits and the variety of themes used. My only real complaints are the lightning could have been better in a few scenes and some scenes overstay their welcome. Overall though the action is very good. Easily the best aspect of this video is Kaori’s appearance. As I’ve mentioned her wardrobe is a home run with a stunning array of outfits that showcase her juicy and thick body very well. One nitpick I have is that I think Kaori could afford to lose a few pounds. She’s getting a little out of shape. Nothing too major though. Finally when it comes to her acting she delivers a solid performance. She’s accurately seductive and lewd here and plays her role reasonably well. However it still feels like she’s holding back and her enthusiasm is a tad bit underwhelming at times. Still though this manages to be her best of the year and cracks my list at number 10.

9. PPPD-670

“I Was Brutally Forced To Cum Over And Over Again By My Big Tits Sister-In-Law… A Lowly Maso Orgasmic Cock Who Gets Brought To Full Erection Even While Getting A Serious Scolding”


Julia throughout much of 2018 was very underwhelming. With most of her releases falling under the rape genre or just being low-effort bland videos from Oppai/Wanz-Factory. However this one stands far above the rest. The premise is simple enough as most Oppai releases are. The whole setup revolves around her seducing and teasing her brother-in-law over and over throughout the entire video. All this because she catches him spying on her as she masturbates so she takes her “revenge” out on him. As a result Julia is very dominant here. She takes the lead in almost every scene and is very devilish as she relentlessly teases and uses him as she wishes. But she’s still not perfect as she is whiny at times during the sex scenes which is why this video isn’t higher up. When it comes to the action PPPD-670 nails it. Very little filler to get in the way and lots of sex with 3 full sex scenes and a solid paizuri scene. And finally I gotta admit Julia’s appearance here is remarkable. Not only does she wear some very sexy outfits(just look at the cover art) but she herself looks fantastic physically. No doubt I still wish her boobs were bigger like they used to be but beyond that minor issue she’s in terrific shape. In summary if you were to watch just one Julia video from 2018, make sure it’s this one. In a sea of mediocrity this video shines brightly.

8. SSNI-196

“This Alluring Big Sister Will Make Your Daydream Fantasies Cum True In A Sure Thing Erotic Situation”


Combining incest and pov is a winning formula imo and the outcome is one of the very best videos of the year. Here Aoi plays your sister who wants your dick very badly and lets nothing get in her way. Expect several “holdthemoan” esque moments such as one part where your father enters the room with you and her so Aoi decides to sit on your face to keep you quiet. Really great plot with plenty of exciting scenes. Which speaking of there’s plenty of great action here. There’s 3 full sex scenes, a blowjob scene and a paizuri scene. As I mentioned earlier a good number of the scenes include a risk element to them certainly making them much more entertaining. All the technical aspects are on point too such as the camerawork and lighting. Plus it’s all shot entirely in pov. There’s really nothing to complain about really. Great action from start to finish. Her appearance is another big highlight. When it comes to her wardrobe it’s mostly pretty simple but it suits her very well. And physically she’s in immaculate shape. Her ass, tits, face and body all look superb. Now Aoi has always been an average performer at best but here she really delivers one of her best performances to date. She engages well, boasts solid enthusiasm and plays her role reasonably well. Still not perfect though as her facial expression are a little off at times. All these factors combine to make for what could be Aoi’s best video to date and one that can’t be missed.

7. MEYD-447

“My Boss’ Big Tits Wife Is Luring Me To Secret Temptation With Dirty Talk To Defile My Ears And Creampie Sex”


As a whole Ai Sayama had a pretty solid 2018 and this particular video ranks as the best imo. The plot is pretty well summed up by the title. Ai Sayama plays your bosses wife who seduces you through dirty talk. As you may have guessed the whole video is shot in pov which is always a plus. All around it’s a terrific plot that certainly fits Ai Sayama and she delivers in full. When it comes to the action there’s a fair amount of variety. What’s especially nice is that each scene has an element of risk involved. Such as when she’s in the kitchen behind your boss on the couch and she’s constantly flashing you and teasing you. Or in another scene when a repair man comes over and you fuck her while he’s fixing shit. Every scene is exciting and the use of pov only makes it that much better. On the acting side of things she fully delivers. Everything from her facial expressions to her energy and enthusiasm is on point. She’s very engaging too which is vital when it comes to pov. Overall she knocks it out of the park. Finally this brings me to her appearance. She looks pretty amazing for the most part. One thing to note is that she has cut her hair which personally I think she looks better with longer hair but she still looks fine. Beyond that her wardrobe is solid and as always she’s in great shape. Ai Sayama is a true veteran of the business and even after 10 plus years in she’s still producing some truly incredible works.

6. PPPD-712

“Sucking A Dick While Titty Fucking. Stopping Just Before You Cum While Keeping You In The Blowjob Hold”


Can I just say this is one my favorite covers of the year. Near perfection. Anyway it should come as no surprise that Hitomi would make her way on my list somewhere. While her 2018 was rather average there were indeed a few standouts and this is easily among the best. Now there’s really no plot as it centers around Hitomi tittyfucking guys while at the same time sucking their dick. One of the best elements of this video is the scene scenarios as each scene contains its own unique theme that makes the most of this concept. Such as her playing a slutty boss, nurse and even fitness instructor. It’s a nice touch that helps keep things interesting throughout. In addition the action itself is amazing with several sex scenes and one of the best instances of hands free paizuri I’ve ever seen. One factor I gotta mention is that Hitomi makes a few of the guys here come multiple times a row. She’s truly on top of her game here. Which leads me to her acting where she delivers a truly superb performance. Through most of the scenes her enthusiasm is top-notch, facial expressions on point and she’s very engaging and fun to watch. She really seems like she’s enjoying herself here and it makes for one hell of a watch. And I can’t forget to mention how stunning Hitomi looks here. Every scene features a different sexy outfit from office lady attire to a nurse uniform. While most of Hitomi’s releases this year were painfully average PPPD-712 is a cut above the rest and deserves to be seen by any and all Hitomi fans.

5. CJOD-138

“This Anal Baring Big Assed Lady Is Grinding On Our Cock Tips And Hitting Us With Dirty Talk While She Teases Us Slowly”


Yuu Shinoda has been on quite the roll this year as her production level was nearly unparallel to anyone else. She’s had many great releases but I have to give the edge to this one.  It doesn’t boast much of a plot really. Instead it centers around her playing a mostly dominant role who loves to tease and seduce. It’s a simple theme but it certainly gets the job done and it leads to some super sexy scenes. Which speaking of the action overall is outstanding. There’s a few sex scenes of course along with a terrific outercourse and blowjob scene. All around the action is top-notch as every scene is intense and features a good focus on her ass with excellent camerawork that captures some exceptional shots of her. Even the blowjob scene is great thanks to some facesitting. Yuu’s performance for the most part is terrific. She boasts great enthusiasm, facial expressions and just overall is very lewd throughout. Easily one of her better performances to date. Not much to complain about here. Last but certainly not least is her appearance which is outstanding. In every scene she looks amazing as not only is her wardrobe fantastic with several stunning outfits but also she’s in top physical shape. Those moments when she arches her back and ass out…phew. Yuu Shinoda has certainly been one of the best actresses of 2018 and if you’re looking to start somewhere you can’t go wrong here.

4. DSVR-207

“Long VR The Industry’s First VR Lottery!? If You Win, Yui Hatano Will Visit Your Home… “


I watched quite a few vr videos throughout 2018 and there were 2 that really blew me away. One of them is this one which is a perfect 10/10. Basically it’s a “fan appreciation” type premise with Yui visiting you in your apartment while you’re checking out her VR videos. Of course she then offers to lend a hand and rest I’m sure you can guess. There’s several reasons why this video is perfection. One of those reasons is the incredible action which features cum swallowing, creampies and even squirting. Yes there’s a part where she stands over you and squirts all over your face. Beyond that there’s some great cowgirl and doggystyle sex. Now perhaps the best aspect of this is Yui’s flawless performance. Performances are very, very critical in VR as they gotta be engaging and maintain good eye contact to really make the video compelling. Thankfully Yui is every bit of that. Her enthusiasm is amazing along with being extremely playful. Such as when you cum in her mouth and you go to grab a tissue but when you turn back she smiles and swallows it without hesitation. Or when you’re fucking her with a condom on and halfway through she stops, takes it off and throws it across the room. It’s the little things she does that really help this video standout. Of course I can’t forget to mention how gorgeous she looks here. Honestly I believe Yui is in the best shape of her career atm. Everything from her face to her body is just on point. I really love the little extra meat on her too as she fills out quite nicely. Definitely looking a little thicker which is always a plus to me. DSVR-207 manages to be not just a top-notch vr video but also one of Yui’s all time best.

3. REAL-679

“This Female Teacher Is Teasing And Toying With Her Male Students In An Empty Classroom During Summer Vacation And Raping Them With Consecutive Rounds Of Compulsory Creampie Sex”


Sakura Kirishima was an actress that I just recently discovered in 2018 and I gotta say I’ve been missing out. This happened to be among the first videos I watched of hers and it still manages to be one of her absolute best and a top 5 video for the entire year. I don’t think I need to fully explain the premise too much as it’s pretty straightforward. Sakura plays a very lewd and slutty teacher who loves to seduce and tease her students eventually leading to creampie sex. Guess that’s a good segway into speaking about the action. As a whole there’s very little to complain about. My one slight gripe is that the position variety could’ve been better. Beyond that though the sex is fantastic. The two sex scenes are brilliant as they feature terrific lighting and camerawork and the intensity is superb. In addition there’s also a handjob and paizuri scene that are also great mostly due to her performance which I’ll get to shortly. Also one more thing is that in nearly every scene she makes the guy cum multiple times, sometimes inside her. Now her performance here is nothing short of extraordinary. Her enthusiasm is off the charts and her facial expressions are spot on to match. Plus she’s super engaging and just makes every scene extremely fun to watch. Lastly her appearance as well is just as good. She looks gorgeous in every scene. Her body especially is in optimal shape. Amazing figure with some of the best natural boobs around and just the right amount of meat on her. If you’ve been sleeping on Sakura Kirishima this is the video I recommend checking out. For those that like slutty teachers and flawless performances you’ll love this.

2. MDVR-026

“Hitomi And Her O-Cup Titties In An Ultra Three-Dimensional Full Course VR Experience”


Hitomi and vr. What’s not to love? It’s a perfect match that makes for what is easily imo one of the best vr videos I’ve experienced. MDVR-026 consists of three different scenes that each present a unique scenario. These are composed of a masseuse, hostess and what I assume is her playing your girlfriend. Now of those two are sex scenes while the other is a paizuri scene. I gotta say each scene is incredible. There’s a fair amount of variety in the positions which is always a plus. Of course Hitomi looks outstanding as well. Most notable are the masseuse and hostess scenes where her outfits are stunning and she looks super sexy in them. She’s in unbelievable shape overall and seeing her in vr is a whole new experience. You get a real better appreciation for Hitomi, or any actress really, in vr. The sense of scale is unprecedented compared to regular 2d releases. You get a much better appreciation for just how large her boobs are here. Compounding all this is her excellent performance. She’s incredibly engaging here with maintaining solid eye contact throughout which is vital for vr. Plus her energy and enthusiasm is great too. There’s nothing quite like having her smack you around with her boobs and shoving them in your face. MDVR-026 is by far one of the best vr videos I’ve watched and is an absolute must watch for every Hitomi out there.

1. STAR-905

“A Seductive Teacher Who Will Whisper Into The Ears Of Her Students’ Boyfriends And Has Her Way With Them”


Oh Marina. As of the time of this post she in still on hiatus. Rumors are that she was told to get in shape and lose weight and that’s why she’s taking time off. Here’s to hoping she makes a triumph return as her 2018 was solid and this particular video takes the cake as my personal favorite of the entire year. The premise revolves around Marina playing your highschool teacher in various scenarios as she seduces you right behind your girlfriend’s back. And did I mention it’s all shot in pov as well? This video nails every single aspect starting of course with the excellent plot. There’s enough variety in the scenes and setup to keep things interesting plus seeing Marina take on a slutty and seductive role is always a treat. Which leads me to her incredible acting. I cannot stress enough when I say that Marina is hands down one of the best performers around atm. Everything from her facial expressions to her enthusiasm and her engagement are just perfect. Another thing to note is that she feels very natural, not overly fake or going too over the top which is always great. Next up is the action and I gotta say this video knocks it out of the park. There’s several full sex scenes all ending in creampies and shot in glorious pov. In addition every scene features an element of risk involved due to the girlfriend. Such as when she takes you into the hallway and goes to town on you while the girlfriend is writing on the board in the room still. Lastly I can’t forget to mention how gorgeous she is here. Her wardrobe is stunning consisting of typical teacher garb and a very sexy pair of glasses. But above all else she naturally is incredibly beautiful as ever. I still stand by my statement of her being the prettiest actress in jav right now. In summary STAR-905 is my pick for best of the year and anyone that’s a fan of Marina, pov, slutty teachers, creampies and risky sex should without a doubt watch this. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


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