May 16, 2024

Top 10 Best Performers


The range of performers in jav extends high and low. Often times an actresses performance can make or break a video. When it comes to rating an actress as a performer there’s many elements to take into consideration. For one there’s facial expressions and body language. Nobody wants to see an actress with the same facial expressions in every video and just look completely out of it. Another thing to consider is how flexible can she be? As in does she perform the same in every video or does she change it up according to what the role or plot dictates. Finally there’s her energy and enthusiasm. As in is she lethargic and just lays there like a dead fish or does she get involved and engage  with the actor. For this post I will be listing my personal picks for the 10 best performers overall complete with a few recommendations for each actress. Stay tuned for a post counting down my picks for the worst performers. Until then it’s time to kick this off with some honorable mentions…

Honorable Mentions

Chitose Saegusa

When it comes to dominant performances she’s among the best. Great energy and very expressive. Can also play a wide variety of roles.

Asahi Mizuno

Always a pretty reliable performer. Often boasting solid energy and engages really well. Not to mention she usually has great chemistry with any actress she’s paired up with.

Jessica Kizaki

She can be incredibly engaging and energetic resulting often times in her working up a sweat. In addition her facial expressions are good and she’s reasonably flexible. All around a very capable performer and deserving of a spot here.

Azumi Chino

May be a bit of a surprise but she definitely deserves to be on here. Her facial expressions are incredible and she’s very lively as a whole often working herself into a sweat. She never mails it in and almost always delivers an energetic performance.

Hibiki Otsuki

A true professional. Never phones it in and always give it her all. Her grinding technique is second to none and her chemistry with Yui Hatano makes for one of the best pairings in jav bar none.

Best Performers

10. Ai Sayama


No doubt her enthusiasm is top notch but more impressive is her facial expressions. So very sultry and seductive. Often times just oozing confidence in every scene. It all feels very natural with her. Never really feels forced. Whether she’s playing a nympho boss, lewd sister-in-law or a workout instructor she gives it her all.

9. Yuma Asami



Her charming, bubbly personality creates a warm, positive aura that’s completely unrivaled. Her facial expressions are always on point and she’s undeniably adorable. There’s an element of goofiness to her performances which make her super lovable. Yuma is always a joy to watch and she’s easily got one of the best and most memorable personalities jav has ever seen.

8. Rio Hamasaki


Here we have the queen herself who is easily one of my favorite performers. When she first debuted she was a bit rough, but she managed to improve to become one of the most exciting actresses to watch. From her facial expressions to her enthusiasm and of course her excellent body language she nails nearly every aspect. And when it comes to dominant roles she’s fantastic.

7. Anri Okita



Anri can sometimes be a bit hit or miss. But when she’s on, she’s ON. She can definitely hang with the best of them thanks to her terrific seduction skills and passionate and fun energy on set. Plus she works well with almost any actress. If anyone has any doubts on her all you have to do is watch MIRD-150, nuff’ said.

6. Hitomi



When she first debuted and hell even for several years after she was quite mediocre. However she eventually improved and blossomed into one of the very best performers around today. Along with being energetic and engaging she seems to just really enjoy herself and loves to play dominant roles. And her paizuri technique is easily the best in the business.

5. Kaho Kasumi


She’s everything you want out of a performer. She’s extremely active and very engaging. She can be submissive or dominant depending on what the plot dictates. Also she boasts some incredible enthusiasm and always give it her all. Kaho Kasumi is a seasoned veteran who knows what she’s doing and does it extremely well.

4. Sakura Kirishima



What can I say about Sakura? Put it simply she’s one of the most charming, bubbly and energetic performers in jav right now. She often reminds me of Yuma Asami and another upcoming actress on my list. So full of energy and is very expressive. Plus she can often excel at nearly any role. You can always count on her for a solid and reliable performance.

3. Marina Shiraishi



She came onto the scene with a slow start into easily turned into one of the best and most unique performers. One of her key strengths is her facial expressions. You can always count on her being super expressive. Her bubbly and inviting personality shine in nearly every performance of hers. All around she is a lot of fun to watch and always gives it her all no matter what.

2. Kurea Hasumi

kurea hasumi3

Definitely one of the most intense and dominant performers out there. While she can play a more submissive role and do an adequate job she really shines when she’s free to take control and let loose. One of her strengths is cowgirl for sure. When she’s riding on top she just owns the scene, as well as the guy. The fact that she’s in amazing shape also helps as she’s incredible active and engaging.

1. Ai Uehara


How could I not put her at number 1? Boasting insane energy as well as being one of the most intense performers ever including her here was a no brainer. PLA-045 still stands as one of my all time favorite videos mostly due to her flawless acting. Now I will say that at times she can make some really awful frowny faces but for the most part she delivers. Plus she’s done nearly every fetish imaginable from interracial to anal to bukkake and even shemale. A true legend.


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