July 19, 2024

New To Me Week

New To Me week was a fun little idea to expose myself to new actresses. I watch a lot of JAV, but I tend to watch much more of my favourites than actresses I’ve never seen. There are plenty of actresses I haven’t seen that I’m interested in watching, but I keep going back to my favourites. This week was a great opportunity for me to expose myself to actresses I was unfamiliar with.

The premise of the week was simple: pick 7 actresses I had never seen any videos of and watch one video each. There were no restrictions on the videos except that I was going to post them on JDC, so if the video was already there it was no good. After watching the video, I’d post it along with my review, but unlike my normal reviews, I’d have a section outlining my thoughts on the actress, as some commentary on whether I’d watch them going forward.

This discussion post is a much more centralized and organized post with all my thoughts. I’ve got reviews of each actress as I posted them, and then my thoughts on everything/everyone at the bottom.

Saki Okuda

She Sucummbed To A Titty Loving Bad Boy With A Humongous Dick And Was Fucking Him From Morning Until Night Behind Her Husband’s Back

Saki is someone who had a few good videos that I’ve always been kind of interested in watching. Being from S1 I figured a lot of stuff would be kind of mediocre so I always kind of passed on her. Having gotten more into some S1 actresses last year (Aika Yumeno, RION, and Nana Fukada), I figured it was about time to get into Saki Okuda. I’m actually a little surprised it took this long to watch her but there’s always so much good content to watch.

Saki Okuda is really pretty, and I like the look she has now. She’s right in that ripe age of looking mature enough to do MILF themes while looking young enough to do everything else. I found her short hair to actually suit her much better than her long hair even if I typically prefer long hair. Saki’s breasts were also really great and fit her very well. Her body reminded me a lot of Aika Yumeno, as she’s small with big tits that aren’t humongous but look great for her body.

This video was the perfect sort of style for me to watch to really get into an actress. The risky theme is exactly what I love, and this video did a good job of it. I really couldn’t ask for much more for an introduction into an actress. There ended up being lots of variety, including a POV scene that did a good job of highlighting the good aspects from Saki. I wouldn’t say she was the best performer, though she was still pretty good. I think more so, it was just a well-directed video that had a theme that resonated with me. I ultimately ended up enjoying this video more than I anticipated.

Rating – S

Saki is actually an actress I’ve been interested in for some time, and surprises me a bit it’s taken this long to watch her. She’s pretty and has really nice breasts that fit her perfectly. I’m not going to go crazy watching her, but I’m pretty sure I’ll end up watching at least a couple more this year if not more, and probably one in the very near future. She has a few that look like they could be good and I do want to see more of her. I know there’s at least one Aika Yumeno duo I’m interested in, and a handful of some other S1 videos that don’t seem painfully vanilla. Count me in for more Saki.

Minori Hatsune


Clothed & Glamorous – Her Bursting Tits Will Whet Your Appetite Until You’re Ready To Fuck With Your Clothes On!

Minori is one of Pan’s top 3 actresses and it was kind of crazy I had never seen her. Minori is actually far more beloved than our subreddit would have you believe, as she placed in the top 50 all time actresses in a poll DMM did a few years back. Honestly, I’m not sure how I never saw her before, and this just seemed like the perfect opportunity to watch her.

Minori is pretty great physically, I’ll give her that. I don’t find her as attractive as others might, though she’s still quite attractive. Her breasts are nice, but of course everyone knows that I like larger breasts. I found Minori’s performing was overall enjoyable, though I do think there was some room for her to be a little bit better. As a whole package it’s hard not to enjoy her. She’s a well-rounded actress with plenty of good qualities.

This particular video did a good job of highlighting a lot of aspects of her. The clothed sex really worked out great at accentuating her body nicely and really reminding me that breasts aren’t everything. The performance was quite good and I quite enjoyed the last scene; the delivery guy walked in on her masturbating and she just made him join in. The video just kind of gave me enough of a lot of different things to find myself enjoying her. Rather than focusing on any individual aspect, great clothing and solid performing really diversified the action in a way that I did appreciate.

Rating – A

Minori certainly has a couple of videos that look good, so there’s a good chance I’ll check out more. I don’t think I’m checking out anything right away, but I’d be surprised if I didn’t watch one or two more this year. This video was good, there are some others that look good, and I’m sure there are plenty more I have yet to discover.

Hibiki Ootsuki


Hibiki Otsuki Vs Yui Hatano An Orgasmic Battle Royale No Scripts/No Mercy A Furious Fuck Battle!!

Hibiki is honestly someone I had no desire to watch. I actually have a fair number of her videos as a product of her being in a lot of videos with others I like, especially Yui Hatano. That being said, this was a week for me to find new actresses, and she came highly recommended by a friend so I figured why not.

Hibiki is a lot prettier than I initially thought. I actually found myself enjoying how attractive she was in this video. Maybe it’s a little early to really say anything, but she’s really quite pretty. Hibiki isn’t particularly curvy nor does she have large breasts, so I found myself enjoying the rest of her body less so. Performance-wise she was pretty great. I think her being in a video with Yui aided in that regard, as the two of them just seem to bring out the best in each other. I’ve been told they’re best friends, and having watched this video I’m inclined to believe it.

The video itself was really good. I mean, we’re talking one of the best I’ve ever seen. The chemistry between Yui and Hibiki was out of this world and there’s no way they’re not best friends. They looked like they were having a blast start to finish, and it was always smiles and laughter from them. The video was like one continuous scene, so you got all that in-between stuff where their friendship could shine. The content itself was also really good, you had a lesbian scene and a threesome with lesbian action. Watching them get fucked while playing with each other was super hot. I really love it when actresses go the extra mile in videos and that totally happened here. There are small moments where Yui would just flick Hibiki’s nipple and it just made the video seem so much more fun.

Rating – A

I enjoyed Hibiki, and yeah, I’ll probably look into some more of her stuff. The big thing though is that I’m totally on the lookout for another video like this with Yui. Their chemistry in this video rivals that of Anri and Hitomi in MIRD-150, and the best part is they’ve been in a ton of videos together. I’m certain I’ll watch another video with the two of them in the near future. As for a solo video, who knows. She’s plenty attractive but I’d like to see the duo video and get another chance.

Nami Hoshino


The Bus Tour With A Fully-Naked, Big Tits Tour Guide

Nami is totally someone I’ve wanted to watch for a while. She has such a nice ass, and every time I see a gif I wonder why I still have yet to see something. She’s exactly what the typical S1 actress is: young, pretty, slim, and solid curves, except of course her ass is more than solid, it’s amazing. I really can’t believe it took this long for me to watch her.

Watching Nami, I found I didn’t enjoy her as much as I hoped I would. She has a nice ass, I’ll give her that. All the photos and gifs I’ve seen were spot on and it’s definitely great. On the other hand, every other quality was not as nice as I expected. The rest of her physically just didn’t come across as nice as I had suspected. I think maybe I just didn’t find her as attractive as I thought I would. Her performing skills were not that good, I thought. Ultimately she lived up to the S1 stereotype of just not being a good performer.

As far as the video went, I had much higher hopes. The tour theme isn’t anything new or special, but it usually comes with the actress trying to have a fun time. Nami didn’t really perform well in that regard, and the video felt mediocre. She didn’t seem like she was having fun or enjoying herself, and it felt more like she was just there to do her job. Her moaning was far too much to properly enjoy the video and I found myself just wanting to see her ass while getting fucked. I can definitely see the appeal in Nami, but it just felt like she could be a lot better, or videos could be better. Who knows, maybe this video actually isn’t a good representation of her. Either way, I didn’t overly enjoy this.

Rating – D

I really wasn’t a fan and I really don’t have intentions to watch more of her. If someone told me a particular video was good, I might go watch, but I suspect I won’t find anything myself that looks good enough to watch. Physically she’s not bad, but the performance wasn’t good. I think ultimately, her physical aspects don’t stand out as being good enough to make me interested in her. She’s like RION with an ass instead of tits, but RION is oh so much more beautiful than her, and I prefer tits to ass.

Haruki Sato


Lust Filled Big Booty Sluts – Underwear Free

Haruki Sato is someone I’ve low-key been interested in for some time. She’s got a lot of videos that look sweet and has a really nice thicc body. I know Haruki has been on Pan’s top 10 list before (currently an honourable mention), but I figured hey, he was right about Kaho Kasumi (I became a pretty big fan) so he’s probably right about Haruki too.

Haruki was pretty good, I must admit. She had a lot of great enthusiasm and facial expressions. She definitely knew what she was doing the entire time and really drove home a great performance. Physically Haruki was the right kind of thicc. While her breasts aren’t the biggest I still overall enjoyed her body. She has just enough fat to look nice and not overweight, and I found I enjoyed her body more than I expected. Her ass was really nice, and I think the outfits really emphasized it. Top 10 ass? Maybe not. Top 20? Probably.

The video itself was really good. It was highly recommended to me and, well, it lived up to that expectation. Haruki performed quite well and sold the performance of a cheerleader who wanted to fuck the jockey. She was rightfully dominant at times and really took control of the scenes. She also looked great in those outfits, from the one on the cover to her cheerleader uniform to her see-through leotard. There’s squirting in it as well, and the video is basically chalk full of all sorts of goodness. I actually would highly recommend this video of hers.

Rating – A

I have a feeling this is one of her best videos, which is to say that I think this is probably the best she’ll get. This video is quite good though. Will I watch her in the future? Pretty clear yes. She seems to have enough qualities I like that I’m willing to watch more. Haruki has a lot of videos that look good, and I know there are plenty more I haven’t even come across.

China Matsuoka


Wild Orgies: Cocks Left Inside From Morning Until Night – Huge Dick Special

China is always someone who gets held to such high regard. Her JAV career was fairly short, unfortunately, but she still managed to capture a lot of hearts. She has such a nice figure with great breasts, breasts that remind me of Julia’s and Aimi Yoshikawa’s. I have a friend who is really big on her, so I figured why not watch her.

China proved to be more or less what I expected. She fits the typical JAV stereotype quite well: slim, busty, pretty, innocent-looking. She kind of strikes me as exactly what the industry looks for, which really drives home why people liked her so much. I wouldn’t say I was super impressed, but I’ll take a solid performer for sure. I found she was kind of cute, but I don’t find her insanely attractive like some may, and I’m typically not a big fan of short hair like hers.

The video itself had a really interesting theme. The idea was that China was at a shoot and would get constantly fucked. Scene’s done and she goes to shower? Why, there’s no better time to fuck her. She’s getting her makeup done? Perfect opportunity. The video kind of has this notion of her being fucked while everyone around interacting ignores that. Someone gets her to sign some autographs and they ignore she’s having sex, or the makeup artist ignores that as well. It’s an interesting take that I thought was solid. China’s actual performance was pretty solid as well.  I thought she did a reasonable job of going between engrossed in the sex and reacting to things going on around her.

Rating – C

Ultimately I thought the video was good, but I don’t particularly want to watch more of China. I see the appeal in her, but she just isn’t for me. Maybe it’s a culmination of nothing standing out to me from her, who knows. I’m not saying I’m never watching another video of hers but I don’t really plan on it (unlike some others here).

Arina Hashimoto


My Girlfriend’s Little Sister Adores Me And She Secretly Keeps Me Sexually Satisfied With A Daily Dose Of Full Powered Blowjob Action

Arina is totally not what you’d expect to see here, and you’re right. I had a friend of mine I kept trying to get to watch some actresses, but he never would. Eventually, I proposed a trade: he watches two of my favourites, I watch two of his. The trade we settled on was him watching Hitomi and Kaho Shibuya, and I’d watch Shunka Ayami (I watched her prior to this week) and Arina Hashimoto. Arina Hashimoto was actually the winner of 2018 best actress award, so I figured she had to at least be okay, right?

Arina kind of surprised me in a good way. I thought she was pretty cute, though typically that isn’t exactly what I go for. She wasn’t really curvy, though her ass wasn’t half bad. I wasn’t blown away by her performance, but it was better than I expected. She sold the younger sister role in a way that was actually enjoyable. I mean that in a good way, it came off as a very believable performance. She also did a really good job squirting; we’re talking like, I was very impressed and she’s one of the better squirters I’ve seen. So even while Arina wasn’t physically what I look for, she did have some good qualities that made me somewhat enjoy her.

So the video stars her as the younger sister. When her sister’s boyfriend is over and her sister passes out she takes the opportunity to suck and fuck him. He’s not into it at first but it’s hard to resist her charm. The video just goes on as she keeps blowing him and fucking him behind her sister’s back until finally they get caught one time. I really liked Arina’s squirting, she squirts a lot, and they even managed to put it to good use in the video. The performance was pretty solid too, a lot of good smiles/enthusiasm that actually surprised me. On the flip side, there was so much blowjob and no paizuri action (duh), and it felt a bit repetitive by the end. That’s kind of one of the downfalls of Arina, she isn’t busty, which for me kind of sucks. At least there was plenty of risky sex, that I did like. They did a pretty good job of it too, especially when they were fucking right outside of her sister’s room. When Arina comes up to the guy and has this demeanor like “hey look, I know you’re dating my sister, but I’m cute, let me suck your cock”, it’s the kind of action that you can only really react with “sigh, you win”.

Rating – C

Ultimately, I did enjoy the video, but I’m not sold on Arina. I knew coming into this I probably wouldn’t enjoy her as did my friend. I think I enjoyed her more than either of us would have expected. That being said, I’m not sure I’ll end up watching more of her. I think how much I liked this was a combination of a bunch of factors, like the theme and the squirting. I guess it was kind of a perfect storm. She certainly does have some good qualities though. I’m not saying I won’t ever watch her again, but there’d have to be another perfect storm of a video.


Most Attractive Saki Okuda
Best Tits Saki Okuda
Best Ass Nami Hoshino
Best Body Haruki Sato
Best Video XVSR-282
Best Performer Haruki Sato
Most likely to watch again Saki Okuda / Hibiki Ootsuki*
Least likely to watch again Nami Hoshino

I think I found Saki Okuda the most attractive. I’m usually not a huge fan of short hair, but sometimes it just works really well. Saki just has this appearance that lets her look both young and older at the same time, and it’s really nice. I definitely find a lot of appeal in actresses who are in that nice age range of being not too young and not too old, and Saki definitely fit that bill.

While Minori and China both had some great tits, I think I enjoyed Saki Okuda’s the most. They just seemed to really fit her body nicely. In the second scene where she was on her back, I really enjoyed her breasts; they moved really nicely and just looked fantastic. They remind me a lot of Aika Yumeno’s, as hers fit her body nicely as well, though Saki’s seem just enough bigger to really be quite amazing. I really think breasts that fit an actress is an underappreciated quality, and Saki’s just totally impressed me in that regard.

Nami Hoshino definitely had the best ass, hands down. She’s got nice legs and hips that really sell her ass well. It reminds me a lot of Asahi Mizuno’s ass, though I like Asahi’s a little more. Really not surprising she had the best ass when a lot of people put her on top 10 ass lists. As much as I found ways to not enjoy her, a proper ass-themed video is something I’d consider watching just because it’s that nice.

The best body was Haruki Sato’s. She kind of reminded me of Ai Uehara, except with a bit of extra thiccness. I quite enjoyed how she managed to have a decent amount of meat on her without looking fat. I think her curves also ended up being pretty decent too. Her breasts aren’t amazing or anything, but her ass is pretty nice.

The best video was hands down the Hibiki + Yui one. The chemistry the two displayed was nothing short of amazing. I’ve only seen one other video with comparable chemistry between female actresses, and it’s my all time favourite video. The fact this video had all sorts of stuff like lesbian and a threesome was super enjoyable. I actually rated it high enough to put it in my top 10 all time videos.

My pick for best performer is Haruki Sato. She totally owned that performance from start to finish. Great facial expressions, great enthusiasm, a really good dominant performance. There were some other great performances, and I think maybe Hibiki could contend with Haruki. That being said, I felt like Hibiki’s video had Yui doing a lot of the work in making the performance great, and I’m not convinced solo Hibiki would be better than Haruki. Haruki seems like a good enough performer that I would be interested in watching more. Perhaps she will end up like Kaho Kasumi, where I went crazy and really got into her. We’ll see as I watch more videos.

I’d say Hibiki is the most likely for me to watch, primarily because I’m absolutely going to watch another Hibiki + Yui video, probably in the near future. That video was amazing, and even if others aren’t quite as good, they’ll likely still be very good. That being said, I think Saki Okuda is the one I’m most likely to watch a solo video of. I found her much more attractive than I expected to, and I really loved how well her tits fit her body. She has some videos that look good, and I’m sure I’ll watch a handful before the end of the year. I’ve actually been interested in her for some time, and I’m not sure why it took me this long to watch her. Now that I have, I’m definitely going to watch more.

I actually think I’m least likely to watch Nami Hoshino. As nice as her ass is, I didn’t find her as pretty as I hoped. Maybe there was something I just can’t put my finger on. She had decent tits and a very nice ass, but those only go so far. When there’s better options for pretty girls or nice asses, it becomes difficult to want to watch Nami over them. Maybe this video wasn’t a good representation of her, and I’m sure someone will point out something worthwhile watching. It was a tough choice between Nami and Arina, but I think Arina has much more potential that makes me think there’s an outside chance I watch her again. Of course in saying that, I’m going to get bombarded by people saying I’m crazy for not wanting to watch more Nami, and also bombarded with Arina recommendations. In all honesty, I’ll probably watch another of each.

Overall Winner – Saki Okuda


Saki is definitely the winner for me from this week. I liked her a lot, she’s really attractive and has fantastic breasts. I’m definitely going to check out more of her in the near future, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up watching half a dozen by the end of the year.

So there you have my thoughts on some new actresses I checked out. There are still plenty of actresses I want to check out, so I’m sure I’ll do another New To Me week in the future. Believe me, I’ve got a ton of plans for videos to watch and discussion posts. I hope you enjoyed this week as much as I did. Make sure to let me know which actresses you liked and what your favourites from them are.

PS. Thanks to everyone on the JDC discord who helped me with the actresses and videos, and a special thanks to Pan and KCAJO


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