August 8, 2022

New To Me Week Retrospective

So it’s been a while now since I started doing New To Me Week, I’ve done so many of them that I can barely keep track of them. I think the biggest reason to start it was to watch new actresses to make sure discussion posts were featuring different actresses; I would have never guessed it would come to be this big of a thing. I think one of the reasons I’ve enjoyed it so much is that I’ve found a number of new actresses that are absolutely wonderful. I think secretly though, I’ve been enjoying it because of the potential to do this exact discussion post and take a deeper dive into it.

That brings us to the topic of today’s discussion, reviewing New To Me Week. Since I’ve been tracking my initial thoughts and giving actresses a rating it’s easy for me to go back and assess how things actually play out. Did I watch everyone I said I was going to? Did some actresses turn out to be worse than I expected? What factors play into how good an actress turned out to be? Today we’re looking at all of this. The goal of this post is to try and figure out how I can watch actresses I’m more likely to enjoy in future posts.

As a note, the rating value I use is calculated using a combination of how many times I’ve seen the actress, how frequently I watch them, and how long it took me to watch them the second time. And as a reminder, the initial rating I gave an actress was based on my desire to watch them again. You can go back to my old New To Me posts to see what ratings I gave the actresses that appeared in them.


Best Actresses

First off let’s take a look at the actresses that performed the best based on the final ratings I came up with:

1. Hibiki Otsuki

Hibiki performed the best of anyone and is a strong contender to one day make my top 10 list. I’m not too surprised at this result, she showed a lot of initial promise and panned out exactly like I expected her to. I’d say I’m perhaps a little surprised at how well she did given she’s not particularly curvy like many of my favourites are but she makes up for that by being a wonderful performer and crazy pretty.

2. Touka Rinne

Touka was someone I had mixed initial opinions about and wanted to wait for her to improve. I can happily say that her performing improved very significantly and she’s one of the better performers around now. She’s also easily one of my favourites and, like Hibiki, someone who has potential to make my top 10 list one day. Honestly, Touka just has this indescribably quality that makes her perfect for porn, aside from having one of the most amazing physiques you’ll ever see.

3. Marina Yuzuki

So Marina does predate New To Me but I figured I’d throw her in since I did have some initial thoughts recorded about her, having picked her for my top debut of 2017 (which is kind of the beginning of New To Me). I still have some mixed feelings about her sometimes but I’ve seen more than enough of her for her to comfortably make this list. Her career has kind of been all over the place but I can’t say no to a pretty face and some big tits.

4. Akari Mitani

Akari was someone I didn’t particularly like at first but she’s quite high up on my list now, in fact she’s someone I have been regularly watching. I would say a lot of that is due to Akari’s performing being quite good now, especially her chemistry with Kurea Hasumi (they even recently dubbed themselves hasumitani as a contender to the Hibiki + Yui Hatano duo of hibihata). I also realized she has a much nicer ass than I initially gave her credit for. The industry has also definitely welcomed her with warm arms and given her every opportunity to shine.

5. Minori Hatsune

Minori was someone I had actually ignored for quite a long time after the first watch taking almost a year to watch her again. She was clearly a good actress but her being retired was a big part of not watching her. Once she re-debuted I pretty quickly became a huge fan of her. I think I’ve found Minori’s age plays quite nice with how cute I think she looks, and Minori has surprised me with just how good of a performer she actually is. I now look forward to watching her video every month.


Highest Shift Actresses

Let’s also take a look at the actresses who had the highest shift in terms of my perception of them, whether it changed for the better or worse.

1. Akari Mitani

Akari had by far the biggest shift in terms of how much I enjoy her compared to how little I enjoyed her originally. I thought she was pretty forgettable from the original video but now she’s someone I try to regularly watch. There’s definitely quite a few reasons to this but I think in general the industry has had a really positive take on her. The net result is just an actress that continues to excel and I think she’s been doing quite well as a result.

2. Minami Aizawa

Minami had by far the highest shift from a letter grade to how I perceive her now. At first I didn’t like her at all, giving her a D rating, but now I’m quite a big fan. I would say the biggest factor in that is how attractive I came to find her. She has this very particular charm of looking innocent but being far from it, and it always throws me forĀ  a loop in a good way. Her career has been a bit all over the place, especially with her taking extended breaks (especially this year), so hopefully she’s settled back now.

3. Riho Agatsuma

Riho was someone I was a pretty big fan of immediately but retiring after only four videos pretty much sealed her fate. I remember noting that I might give her a second chance but in reality having so few videos is just too much to bear. As attractive as I think she is and as much as she is the kind of actress I just can’t deal with watching her and being reminded there isn’t anything else to see.

4. Amina Nanjou

Like Riho, Amina retired very fast and I just haven’t had a desire to watch her since. I think I enjoyed Riho much more from a physical perspective and Amina just overall when including the video, and Amina debuted at a pretty considerable age at 38. Perhaps that’s a sign I should be cautious about debuts for Madonna since the chances of a lengthy career are pretty slim.

5. Kokoa Aisu

Kokoa was an actress I was on the fence of, not sure whether I wanted to watch her again or not. I think ultimately I came to enjoy her petite + thicc appearance, especially because it’s so unique.


Rating Breakdown

I think before we go too far it’s important to take a look at where actresses fall on in terms of ratings.


As it turns out, I tend to very rarely rate actresses on the extremes. That is, an actress is rarely impressive and also rarely someone I very strongly dislike. I also rate >50% of the actresses I watch C or lower, meaning I don’t necessarily have intentions to watch them again. That in and of itself sort of suggests that I don’t actually like the actresses I watch as much as I ought to. I tend to watch a mix of actresses I’m interested in, popular actresses, and actresses recommended to me, so I don’t actually have a strongly guided selection criteria. It seems like, if I don’t care about the actresses that much, that this whole thing is a bit of a waste. Hopefully something we come across later on will convince us otherwise.

That graph isn’t exactly the most telling though, because sometimes the initial review rating is wrong, and I find myself liking an actress more or liking them less. Let’s take a better look at how these ratings actually turned out.


Unsurprisingly we see that the lower ratings have lower percentages for viewing again. It is surprising to me that there are quite a number of A-tier actresses I never watched again. Drilling down further that list includes two debuts that retired and two more recent watches, so I’m not at all concerned by it. We see a very shocking result looking at B-tier, in fact it looks like B-tier is really the same as C-tier. I do admit that the two end up being muddled a lot, especially with B-tier being more open-ended about when I would watch them. I think, if anything, I need to come to stronger conclusions about the actresses I watch and then make a stronger commitment to watching actresses again when I say I will. There definitely are some B tier actresses that, looking back at, I’m surprised I haven’t gotten around to them yet.

The F-tier ranking is the one exception, which is brought on by the sole rating of Eimi Fukada. Astute readers will recall I mentioned one where I would watch her again, which was starring in GES. As it turns out, she did star in GES (which didn’t surprise me at all) and so I have seen her a second time; I have not seen her a third time and currently do not intend to.

How Accurate Were My Initial Ratings?

I think the most obvious metric to look at is to see whether I accurately rate actresses. If I can’t accurately rate actresses then this whole series really wouldn’t be worth anything, since I can’t really come to proper conclusions. We should expect to see the higher I initially rate an actress the higher the current rating is.

note: 1=F, 6=S

We absolutely see that the ratings and first ratings correlate quite well. The actresses scoring better are the ones I had strong initial preferences for. We do see a few outliers which I think I do expect; I’m not going to get it perfect every time. Generally speaking though, I’m good at assessing an actress from initial impressions.

I think an important thing has to be said about this, which is that it puts a lot of emphasis on getting the most accurate initial rating. Ratings can be biased by a lot of things such as bad appearance, a bad performance, a theme I don’t like, etc., so it’s important to make sure I do my homework before watching them and find a good first video. Speaking of which…


First Video Rating

I think it’s also worth checkout out what if the rating I give that first video amounts to anything.


To be fair, I think this metric was pretty much always going to show some positive correlation. There’s just no way I rate a video really high and dislike the actress. Performance is a significant indicator of how much I like both an actress and a video, so this just makes sense to me. As an example, I rated Hibiki Otsuki an A and gave the video a perfect rating, citing a really strong performance.

That being said, the correlation is quite strong and very similar between the initial rating and the current rating. We do see a bit stronger of a correlation to initial rating, something that’s also a bit unsurprising. The video rating isn’t the only thing that goes into how much I like an actress, and it’s possible to get someone really attractive in a bad video or vise versa.

It does suggest that I need to put some emphasis on picking a first video I’m likely to enjoy. I often ask for recommendations for videos to watch and I sometimes don’t put enough scrutiny on finding the perfect video. What someone recommends might not align with plots or themes I enjoy and it’s totally possible I just pick an awful video too. Even in some cases where I have put emphasis on the first video I wind up picking something that isn’t exactly what I expected. Perhaps skimming videos in the future will help.


How Do I Feel About The Actresses I’ve Seen?

I think it’s also important to try and look at my general thoughts on actresses. My goal is always to find actresses I want to continue watching, and if we’re not finding any then we might as well pack it up. Here’s how it broke down:

It turns out that I like less than half the actresses I watch, which I guess I’m not surprised about. I watch a lot of actresses, in fact I’ve seen over 150 different actresses this year alone! So finding actresses that that I want to continue watching, when comparing with other actresses, well that much I can see as being difficult. There are always actresses retiring though, so finding new actresses to take the reigns from them is an ideal situation.

The big takeaway here is the 12.5% favourite block. Roughly 1 in 10 actresses goes on to become a favourite of mine, and considering I’m watching around 50 new actresses in a year, there’s about 5 per year. That’s even crazier considering I didn’t label any of last year’s debuts as favourite, and any one Yuria, Kaho, or Ruka could wind up there at some point. I think this is pretty significant because it shows that it really is working out. Above everything else so far it shows that I am in fact finding actresses that I truly enjoy. I think this alone makes the series worthwhile for myself and something I should continue with. Hibiki was someone I literally mentioned I had no intention to watch and now she’s contending for a top 10 all-time spot, pretty crazy.

Physical Factors

A big thing for me to check out was physical factors and whether they mattered. A lot of people may notice that I tend to like curvier actresses. I even point out a lot in my New To Me posts that I don’t find actresses as nice physically. Do I see that actually being a trend in the results? Let’s take a look at the data

As it turns out, yes, physical qualities do matter. Each of them have positive trend lines indicating that they do matter. That being said, we see a lot of outliers on all of them and we also see a lot of the values clustered in the lower sections. This I find rather unsurprising, that these factors do matter and that I find bigger is better, generally speaking. I think I am a bit surprised that the results didn’t show a stronger correlation, and I think that goes to show that there are a lot of actresses I’ve come to like that aren’t super curvy. There really are a considerable number of outliers in each category. Names like Hibiki Otsuki, Aika Yamagishi, Minami Aizawa – actresses a few years ago I wouldn’t have bothered with but now are among my favourites.

I do think it’s also worth pointing out that the trend lines being essentially identical for each metric suggests that any curve is important, not just breasts. As someone who says they prefer tits in the ass vs tits debate, the data actually suggests I have no preference. I definitely find myself enjoying actresses with asses much more compared to a few years ago but I do still find it surprising. I think that follows from how much JAV I’ve seen and how I prefer more interesting plots and themes as opposed to just some big tits. Especially on the extremes for breast size, those actresses often don’t wind up at major studios and then their content is just so abysmal.

Another factor to look at was age. As I’ve pointed out in some of the posts that I typically prefer actresses around 30 years old. That is, actresses that aren’t old but also have a bit of maturity to them. I took a look at the average age among my favourite active actresses and it was dead on 30, so I think that’s a good baseline to use here. That being said, I do tend to watch actresses of all ages, from 20 year old debut actresses all the way up to much older actresses in their 40s. Looking back to my favourites, of the 30 active actresses I looked at, the youngest is 20 and the oldest is 45.

This one was pretty interesting where it basically showed no difference among age. I initially wasn’t surprised as I suspected that debuts were bringing down the age, however that wasn’t the case. As you can see, the graph looks virtually identical when I filter out debut actresses (the non-debut age series), so it’s actually just a general trend that age isn’t a factor. For the record, the average age is 24 (in both data sets), significantly less than what the average age is among my favourites. I think that is what’s so surprising, that the average is so much different from what my favourites shows.

It’s hard for me to actually answer why this is, though I have a few possible ideas. One is that I tend to watch favourites for many years, so even as they get older I still enjoy them but they’re now older. Actresses like Hitomi, Meguri, Julia, and Ai Sayama are all in my top 10 and have all been in the industry at least a decade now. I think that tends to bias that thought quite a bit, and the average does go down a fair bit if I try to account for it. I think another is that I tend to value performing skills quite a lot, and performing skills are something that improve as an actress remains in the industry. So naturally, I find myself enjoying actresses as they mature not because they’re older but because their skills improve over time.


Diving Deeper Into What I Liked And Didn’t Like

I think we can take a bit of a deeper dive and look at what things actually stood out in actresses I liked and didn’t like. While the stats are fine and dandy, we can see what major clusters I gave actresses. The stats below are relative to each other and include sample sets of actresses I did or didn’t like, just as an FYI.


Looking at reasons I continued watching I actually see careers being the most important aspect. Working for big studios and just getting the right opportunities matters a lot. I can tell you that I keep struggling to find great Nanami Matsumoto videos meanwhile I keep finding the most amazing Touka Rinne videos, and as a result I’ve seen around a dozen more Touka.

I’m also very inclined to watch an actress if they’re starring alongside another actress I like. For example, over a third of the Hibiki videos I’ve seen star Yui Hatano and three quarters star another actress, so I think it’s quite clear to me that getting those opportunities matter. Even looking outside of New To Me I’ve seen the same thing with other actresses, and really that isn’t surprising.

Generally speaking I do think that it’s hard for me to enjoy actresses if their careers are awful. When I look through videos and find nothing that jumps out at me it’s just so hard to be interested in watching them.


Looking at why I stopped watching it’s clear that careers also mattered the most, whether that was because their career was bad or more so that their careers had ended. I already pointed out two cases where I stopped watching but there are plenty more. Especially among debut actresses, there’s just no real enjoyment from an actress that packs it in so early in their career. This year I started a monthly column on ZENRA’s blog where I talk about sales results, and it has helped me be more aware of top debuts. I’m hoping that will help me do a better job selecting debuts to watch.

Another thing we see is that being attracted to an actress also matters. A few years back I was someone who would blindly watch a busty actress simply on the principle they were busty, but clearly today that turns out not to be a good selection criteria. In fact, big tits was the number one reason why I watched actresses used for this chart. Those who have known me for years will know that although I do still have a strong preference for big tits, that I’m nowhere near that old far cry of “big tits or nothing” mantra I used to have.



Something people may not know about the New To Me series is that I take a lot of recommendations for actresses. The series is all about finding new actresses to watch and my biases can easily steer me away from actresses that I really should be watching. If you didn’t know, Hibiki Otsuki was an actress that was recommended to me and now she’s one of my favourites. Anyway, with that said let’s take a look at whether or not recommendations actually work.

As it turns out people recommending actresses works out better than when I pick them myself. Looks like my friends know me better than I know myself! If you’re someone who has recommended an actress to me, thanks, and keep it up! The difference is actually quite significant, enough so that I probably should take even more recommendations than I currently do. I know sometimes people suggest actresses I won’t like for fun but as long as I’m filtering those out the results are great. I think a lot of that comes from friends recommending actresses that have had long, successful careers, which probably does make a difference. I think I’m a lot more likely to use something like big tits to guide my choices compared to friends, and a lot of actresses with big tits just aren’t that good.


Career Status

Career status was another interesting one to take a look at. Do I enjoy debuts more or less? Does being retired matter? Let’s take a look at what the results showed.

As it turns out, I care significantly less for retired actresses. This is something I have suspected even outside of New To Me, but I would guess that it’s exacerbated in this case. I think a good amount of my desire to watch actresses comes from seeing their content on display, and having a stream of new releases, social media presence, etc. all contribute to seeing more content. When they retire and disappear I just find myself not seeing as much of them and then watching them less, even among my all-time favourites. With watching an actress for the first time when they’re retired it’s just more difficult to get into them. Hype for upcoming videos is real, people chatting about new releases is real, and not seeing that does make my desire to watch them go down. I also find that when a favourite of mine releases a video once a month, it’s easy for me to keep up with them, and I’ll watch a monthly release even if the video doesn’t look good just to keep up with them. Conversely, when an actress is retired I no longer have reason to keep up with them and so the scrutiny on videos goes up.

Minori Hatsune is actually a very interesting case because she was retired when I watched her the first time but has since become active. I’ve found myself watching her quite regularly after returning whereas it took me almost a year to watch her the second time. In fact, I have been consistently watching her releases this year and I’ve been loving it. What’s even more strange is that Minori, at least in this community, isn’t as popular as I would have thought. That is, the amount of her content being posted hasn’t really changed much since she came back and yet the amount I watched her has gone up dramatically. Very interesting indeed.

I think also unsurprisingly we see debuts scoring slightly worse, which I think makes sense. I find in a lot of debuts their lack of experience makes a significant difference, and usually it takes a few months or even years in some cases to fully get on board with them; in a lot of cases I just find myself never bothering again. That’s due to a whole host of reasons, I think the two biggest being their performance skills haven’t developed and the video themes are all generic at the start.

The key takeaway here is that I really should focus on watching active actresses and not so much on retired actresses. I can think of a few retired actresses I’ve come to enjoy but that list is far and few. I think I would much rather be able to follow someone’s career rather than feel like I was late to the party. I think this also highlights that I probably should go back and check out debut actresses a little more than I do. 2019’s debut actresses actually fared quite well and I think it really highlights that there can be some good debuts that I don’t notice. I only started watching a large number of debuts last year so it will be interesting to how this goes going forward.



At this point I think it’s important to tie all the conclusions back to the initial questions we looked to solve. Particularly, what I wanted to see is if I could draw insight from the data to improve the process, with the ultimate goal being to find more favourites as a result. I think there was a mix of very obvious results, some meaningless ones, and some interesting ones. To highlight the conclusions:

  • Ass is just as much of a factor as tits are, so basically any curve is good
  • Physical factors do matter, although arguably not as much as I would have guessed
  • I should try using other factors like how good of a career an actress has as selection criteria instead of big tits
  • Age is a complete non-factor so don’t let that bias anything
    • Be cautious of any old debuts simply because they’re likelier to have a shorter career
  • Attractiveness is a decent selection criteria, so if I don’t find an actress at least somewhat attractive there’s a good chance I won’t enjoy them
  • First video rating matters a lot, so finding a video I’m likely to enjoy is important
    • It is advisable to find a video that highlights the best parts of an actress
  • Skip watching retired actresses as much as possible
  • Take more recommendations for actresses, others are better than myself at guessing
  • I need to do a better job of checking back on actresses I liked since there are quite a few I haven’t gotten around to


I hope you’ve all found this article insightful. I’ve really enjoyed taking a look at some data to try and see what factored in to me liking an actress. I’m excited to encorporate this feedback into future articles, especially the next batch of debuts. For those of you that watch a lot of new actresses, have you found similar results to mine or did the results turn out differently? I’d love to know! Remember that outside of Panpicks you can find some of my New To Me posts on ZENRA’s blog. Also don’t forget to check on the ZENRA blog in November when I start my 2020 debut actress post. Until next time!


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