July 16, 2024

Pan Picks: Top 15 Hitomi Tanaka Videos(Revisited)

I know I’ve already created a Top 10 list for Hitomi but that was a few years ago and since then some great videos have come out and displaced a few of the older entries. As such I figured why not go back and redo my list. This time I’ll do it in order as well. I’m not gonna put her bio info here like I normally do as 99% of you know Hitomi and her background and story. So without further ado let’s dive in.

15. MDYD-931

“The Ravaged Female Money-Lender With Colossal Tits



First off that cover art is amazing. Hitomi with a bunch of cash in between her cleavage? Hell yes! Anyway I was sorta surprised by just how good this particular one was as I’m usually not a big fan of rape/humiliation themed videos. The plot here follows Hitomi as she plays a money lender. Now I’m not 100% certain on the specifics but it seems as though Hitomi goes to collect money from a client with her associates but then they turn against her and have their way with her after drugging her and inducing her into a lust filled nympho practically. So there’s several reasons why I chose to add this to my list. One reason is the plot. Normally I don’t like rape videos all that much but I enjoyed seeing Hitomi start out on top and being super confident and then being reduced to a sex slave. Eventually turning into a horny slut. Next up is her exceptional performance. Hitomi plays her role very well. As said she’s very confident at the start but then she turns submissive and has a perfect look of hatred on her face. Of course then for the final scene she gets drugged up and alters her acting accordingly. She ends up loving it to the point of drooling and almost begging for more. Her acting is believable and not over the top like some actresses go for. 2014 seemed to be an awakening year for Hitomi as she really blossomed as a performer. One last note is that I loved her facial expressions. All around a fantastic video that even non-rape fans can enjoy.


14. MIDD-879

“Jcup Super Huge Titty Instructor



Who doesn’t love a good workout themed video? This one is very straightforward in its plot. Hitomi playing a fitness instructor and shoving her breasts into guys faces as she grinds all over them. I think I speak for most Hitomi fans when I say sometimes you don’t need a deep plot or premise. Just seeing her in tight workout clothes and a sports bra is good enough. Now that leads me to one big plus of this video which is Hitomi’s appearance. Since this was back in 2012 she was definitely more on the slightly chubbier side. And I would consider here her to be her physical prime during that era. Her wardrobe is just outstanding as every outfit showcases her magnificent cleavage perfectly. Anyone that loves a workout theme will love this. The action across the board is very good too. She’s often the one in control as she should be. The sex scenes themselves are mostly all winners except for one that’s a bit underwhelming. Even the non-sex scenes are terrific thanks to her look and the theme. Lastly her performance here is solid but I must admit she’s prone to frequent whining from time to time. Overall not terrible but if this were modern day Hitomi I have no doubt she would knock this out of the park. Still though if  you like workout themes and Hitomi then this a superb combination.


13. MIDD-751

“Defenseless Nipple Temptation – J-Cup Temp



This is the oldest video on this list dating back to 2011. MIDD-751 makes my list for a couple of reasons. One is the overall premise which sees Hitomi in various workplace situations such as a hairdresser, dental assistant and private tutor among others. And while doing so her cleavage unavoidably is on full display and ends up enticing her bosses and customers. This allows for various scenarios and outfits so every scene feels different and unique. The action is another factor in choosing this one. The runtime is three hours and features three full sex scenes plus some nice tittyfucking. Nearly every scene is worth watching overall. Her appearance is the other key reason to picking this video. The wardrobe here is varied and generally looks great. From a sports bra to a  dental assistant uniform and more every scene has a different look for her. Not every single one is an absolute winner mind you but for the most part they look very sexy. And with this being an older video Hitomi is of course a little chubbier and not as skinny so those that enjoy the older Hitomi you’ll love her here.This stands as one of my favorite vintage Hitomi videos overall. From a great plot allowing for a wide variety of scenarios and providing some nice wardrobe choices to some great action with nice tittyfucking and cumshots. I recommend every Hitomi fan to watch this one. Definitely a classic.


12. PPPD-788

“I Summoned A Succubus And Then She Possessed My Big Tits Big Sister-In-Law And From There, She Creampie Fucked Me Every Single Day In A Life Of Semen-Milking Sex S***ery”



Definitely one of Hitomi’s best covers in recent memory. What an attention grabber. Anyway PPPD-788 features a very unique plot with a spin on the traditional succubus theme. Here the guy summons the spirit of a succubus which then possesses his sister-in-law(Hitomi) and well you can guess the rest. It puts an interesting twist on the suc theme for a fun and entertaining premise. Helping sell the plot is Hitomi’s remarkable acting. She is very lewd here with fantastic enthusiasm and on point facial expressions making for a convincing performance overall. The action is incredible too with 3/4 scenes incorporating pov to great effect. The sex itself is mostly pretty great however one scene really just uses one position which is a slight bummer admittedly. However the last scene features a heavy element of risk and there’s also a fantastic paizuri scene. Rounding this out is her stunning appearance. While there’s not a lot of variety in her wardrobe her succubus makeover looks amazing for the most part. Makeup could have been a bit better in some areas but still great nonetheless. If you’re looking for something a bit different and memorable then look no further.


11. MIDE-003

“The Selfish Seduction of a Bra-Less Wife



While going back through my Hitomi library I re-watched this and I had forgotten just how good it was. The premise is self-explanatory as it centers around Hitomi playing a housewife who inadvertently leads random men on by showing off her tits off without a bra. Such as when a plumber visits her home and accidentally sprays her with water or when she’s out jogging and helps in working out a young man. A lot of the situations are quite silly but entertaining as well. Overall the action is a huge positive with several full sex scenes that all feature some clothed sex. My personal favorite being the plumber scene as she gets fucked while wearing a soaking wet t shirt. Even the non-sex scenes are solid as well and are worth watching. Now I will say her performance could be a bit better. She’s not awful per say but often times too submissive and whiny. Wish she would have engaged a bit more too. While her performance was a touch underwhelming, her appearance sure wasn’t. Every scene features a bra-less Hitomi wearing a tight shirt and letting her huge tits bounce and jiggle all around. I personally love this theme and Hitomi’s entry is far above average all around, minus the acting.


10. PPPD-766

“1 Week of Living Together With the Cold but Big-titted Girl Next Door”



2019 has been a stellar year for Hitomi imo and this is the first video from this year to make my list. This features a nice plot casting Hitomi as well, the girl next door. She ends up watching over you for a week and discovers you’re a virgin so she decides to have some fun with you. Gradually over the course of the film she warns up to you after starting out very cold. She’s basically a tsundere here. Part of the reason why this plot is so effective is her terrific performance. She plays the role very well with excellent progression from beginning to end with great engagement and energy. Her acting fits the scene whether she’s cold and distant or lusty and loving it. Next up is the top-notch action which features 6 scenes across 2 and a half hours so there’s plenty to enjoy here. There’s multiple sex scenes and some very good paizuri scenes as well all shot in lovely pov. They’re all well paced and handled near perfectly. Finally we have her appearance which is another highlight. Not only does she wear a few nice outfits but physically she looks pretty great too. In closing this is by far one of her best of the year and if you happen to enjoy pov it doesn’t get much better than this.



9. PPPD-796

“Fainting In Agony From Huge Tits Pressure! Pulling Out! Choking Ejaculation! Titty T*****e Masochist Sexual Club”



Femdom and Hitomi make for a masterful combination. There’s really not much to the central plot here besides Hitomi playing a dominatrix type of role and utterly having her way with the guys here. Such as making them cum multiple times, smothering them with her tits and even some pegging. Now a film such as this really depends on the quality of acting from the performer and thankfully Hitomi delivers in full. She’s very dominant here and really seems to enjoy herself as she teases these guys over and over. And for the most part her facial expressions are terrific too. All in all she nails her role and has fun with it. Next up is the action which is excellent. Now yes there is a pegging scene but it’s handles pretty well and does end with the guy cumming twice in a row. Beyond that the sex scenes are intense and feature some really sexy positions allowing for some great titty smothering from Hitomi. And while the creampies are fake I do appreciate that afterwards the guy cums for real, usually on her chest. Last but not least I gotta mention her outstanding wardrobe. There’s some really standout outfits here such as full-body fishnets, a corset and the cover outfit with the catsuit. They’re all very sexy and suit her wonderfully. I personally love this side of Hitomi and she absolutely delivers making for one of the better femdom videos in recent memory.


8. PPPD-712

“Sucking A Dick While Titty Fucking. Stopping Just Before You Cum While Keeping You In The Blowjob Hold”



Hitomi has had quite a few standout videos over the past year and imo one of the absolute best of the bunch is PPPD-712. It features a simple but genius premise in that it centers around Hitomi sucking dick while tittyfucking. I suppose you could call it “blowzuri”. Anyway this film exceeds in every aspect starting with the action. Not only is there plenty of sex scenes but you’re also treated to lots of amazing paizuri as well. Often times she actually makes the guy cum twice in a scene. And hell there’s even a whole hands free paizuri scene that should be seen by any and all Hitomi fans. In addition to that she looks fantastic. She wears some sexy lingerie, a nurse uniform, a sports bra and a maid outfit. Really great variety here and she’s in terrific shape as well. Complimenting all this is her acting which of course is brilliant. My one slight gripe would be that during some of the sex she gets a bit whiny. But other than that she boasts great enthusiasm, nice facial expressions and really seems to have a good time here overall. If for whatever reason you haven’t been keeping up with Hitomi for awhile this is hands down the film to watch. Great performance, Hitomi looks stunning and amazing action filled with pleny of paizuri goodness.

7. PPPD-618

“The Busty Teacher’s Allure



2017 for Hitomi was a mixed bag. Some great and some terrible videos along with a lot of average or “meh” ones in between. That being said she did have one real standout release for the year and it easily earns a spot on my list. The plot is as simple as it gets as Hitomi plays a schoolteacher who seduces her students with her big, round, lovely eyes. Oh and her giant boobs too I guess. Hitomi is no stranger to this seductive role and as a result she delivers a stunning performance. She’s very experienced in this area and it shows as she’s super engaging, expressive and just overall a lot of fun to watch. The action is equally as great with 3 full sex scenes and some fantastic paizuri which we all know Hitomi is a master at. Her appearance is perhaps the best aspect here though with a wardrobe consisting of the typical teacher uniforms that showcase her immaculate cleavage perfectly. Besides that Hitomi herself is in remarkable shape. Her figure is fantastic and of course her boobs look just as good. If I have any real complaints its that the lighting can be too bright and unnatural in some scenes and the middle sex scene is just average. Despite those nitpicks it’s still a near flawless film that any Hitomi fan will enjoy.


6. PPPD-494

“A Horny Slut With Big Tits Steals Her Best Friend’s Boyfriend The Elder Sister”



We all know this series by and how its definitely a fan favorite. All you need to know is that Hitomi seduces her best friend’s boyfriend mostly by showing off her massive tits and teasing her cleavage. This is a perfect example of improved her acting has become over the years. She plays the part excellently and is everything you want from this role. Seductive, lewd, devilish and dominant. She’s an ideal fit  for this role. One huge key component of this particular series is the risk factor involved. Its very hot seeing her fuck the boyfriend while her best friend is either right nearby or in one scene in the same damn room. There’s also multiple instances where she almost gets caught that makes the scenes exciting to watch. Also I should mention that each full sex scene ends in a creampie which is a nice touch. Before I end this I should mention her appearance which is stunning. Black hair Hitomi was always a favorite look of hers for me as it suits her very well. Beyond that her tits are massive and her body is in great shape. All of these things combined make this not only one of the best entries in this series but also easily one of her best videos of her entire career.


5. PPPD-534

“An Ultra Colossal Tits Titty Fuck Massage Parlor A Full Curse Of Titty Fuck Creampie Sex”



I love a good massage themed video and this by far is one of the greatest I’ve seen in jav. I don’t think I need to explain the premise a whole lot. Its just your typical massase theme with Hitomi playing a sexy masseuse giving her clients one hell of a happy ending. Where to begin with this one. Well first off I gotta praise the action. Now there’s only 2 sex scenes however both are outstanding in their own right with some outstanding positions. The other scenes are all paizuri. And lemme just say they’re all some of the best paizuri I’ve seen from her in recent memory due to her technique and performance. Not to mention there’s even some hands free paizuri too. Next up is her performance which is equally as good. She plays her role very well often taking the lead, at least in the paizuri scenes, and boasts excellent enthusiasm. Last but certainly not least is her appearance. Hitomi looks insanely sexy here. Her wardrobe partly consists of the typical masseuse outfits along with a bikini and sports bra. Every single scene she looks amazing. Not to mention that physically she looks fantastic too as her breasts are full and her body is in terrific shape. I can’t recommend this enough to anyone with a liking for massage themes. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


4. PPPD-729

“Popping The World’s Most Pathetic Boner While My Sister-In-Law’s Monster Titties And Vicious Tongue-Lashings Make Me Cum Again And Again…”


One of the most recent videos to make my list releasing earlier in 2019 but stands as one of her most memorable for sure. Also boasting one hell of a cover too I might add. It’s got a fantastic setup too as it revolves around Hitomi catching her brother-in-law sneaking a peek at her while she’s playing with herself. In typical jav fashion she punishes him by fucking his brains out pretty much through the rest of the video. I think I speak for most Hitomi fans when I say we all prefer to see her dominant side as that’s what she’s best at and you get a video full of that here. She delivers a superb dominant performance with great energy and matching facial expressions. It’s amazing to see her take complete control from beginning to end as she essentially turns this guy into her pet. It’s truly what she’s best at. To compliment that her acting is matched by her sexy and top-notch appearance. Whether she’s wearing some sexy lingerie or suspenders and a t-shirt she looks phenomenal. This is peak Hitomi for sure. Lastly the action is just as good all around with several sex scenes that all feature multiple cumshots and creampies. And there’s a nice sneaky paizuri scene where she makes him cum twice in a row. All this makes for a can’t miss video that EVERY Hitomi fan should watch. It’s Hitomi at her absolute best.


3. PPPD-402

“My Girlfriend’s Big Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits And By Saying She’ll Let Me Creampie Her”



We all know this series by now and most of you also are aware of this video. I don’t think I need to explain it too much but for those 3 people out there unaware here’s the rundown. The premise involves Hitomi seducing her sister’s boyfriend with her massive tits. Often time resulting in her teasing and fucking him right behind her back. We all know why this series is so great and its mainly contributed to the element of risk involved and her entry absolutely nails that. Whether it’d be tittyfucking him in the kitchen, fucking her in the hallway or Hitomi flashing her boobs through a window in near plain sight. Every single scene is exciting, memorable and absolutely worth watching. No dull moments here. Of course this would all be for nothing if her acting wasn’t up to par but she nails it here. She’s incredibly lewd, boasts exceptional energy and is very expressive. Plus she often takes the lead in every scene which is always a joy to watch. And of course I can’t forget to mention how damn good she looks here. She looks fantastic with her black hair here and phyiscally she’s in top-notch shape as her boobs are full and firm. All this makes for one of the best and most exciting videos in Hitomi’s career.


2. PPPD-511

“Face-Sitting Babe With Super Colossal Tits Get Ready For The Delicious Torture Of Crushing O Cups”



When it comes to solo Hitomi releases nothing can match the greatness of this particular film. The general premise is very simple with Hitomi smothering guys with her massive tits. However each scene contains its own unique premise that helps it stand out such as when she catches a burglar in her home and punishes him by slapping him in the face with her boobs. Or when she plays a yoga instructor who gets “hands on” with her clients. You’ll be entertaining from to finish here as not only are the scene scenarios great and varied but the action itself is terrific too. There’s several great sex scenes, excellent camerawork and tons of titty focus which is always a plus with Hitomi. It’s all backed up by her incredible acting. She takes the lead in nearly every scene with superb energy, fantastic facial expressions and really seems to enjoy herself. Last but not least in her appearance which is a home-run. Her wardrobe is outstanding with some standout outfits such as a tight, white dress with revealing cleavage and a sports bra. Still dunno how that thing held her huge tits together. Anyway on top of that she’s in near peak physical shape too. Everything from her face to her body and her boobs looks phenomenal. If I could only recommend one solo Hitomi flick it’d definitely be this one. Outstanding in every single aspect and is an easy 10/10.


1. MIRD-150

“J & L – Two Pairs Of Huge Tits Take Real Creampies



This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. You all knew this was coming. I’m sure 95% of everyone reading this right now knows of this video so I won’t go too in depth over it. It’s basically just Anri and Hitomi having sex together and taking creampies. MIRD-150 absolutely nails everything. Big tits? Check. Creampies? Check. Girl on girl action? Check. Group sex? Check. Squirting? Check. MIRD-150 stands as one of the best videos ever made imo. From the insane chemistry and performances they share to the top-notch sex with plenty of variety and quality camerawork and just Hitomi and Anri looking stunning. There’s so many things in this video you won’t see any happen anywhere else. One example being when the dude is about to cum while fucking Anri so Hitomi furiously jerks him off inside her and then proceeds eat her out afterwards. So many amazing moments that lead to MIRD-150 feeling entirely unique and very memorable. I feel like this a video that everyone should see at some point no matter what. After all there’s a reason this video topped the sales charts for nearly the entire year in 2015 at R18.com. Not only the best Hitomi video ever but also my personal all time favorite video.


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  1. All well-balanced overviews, though I’m sad not to see MIDE-271. Even though it’s a tad rapey, she’s smoking hot in it.
    I share your distaste for the raped-based storylines. Personally, I can’t watch them.
    I also agree: Black hair Hitomi is best Hitomi!!

    1. I’ll give MIDE-271 points for its ninja theme. Would love to see a dominant side of her with a plot like that.

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