May 16, 2024

Pan’s Top 15 Nurse Videos

Feeling a little ill? Maybe a fever? Perhaps you need a checkup. What could be better than having one of these sexy ladies taking care of you. Nurse porn is a very universal and wide appealing genre.  I think it’s safe to say none of us enjoy going to hospitals. It’s because of that nurse porn is so effective. Turning an experience you normally dread into a sexual fantasy. Of course sometimes it’s over the top but it’s jav so it’s natural to suspend some belief.

Without further ado…it’s time to check in

15. BLK-211

“Kira Kira TANNED GAL – Dark-Skinned Nurse With Colossal G-Cup Tits Offers Sexy Services – Buckets Of Continuous Creampie BUKKAKE In The Hospital”

Combining two of my favorite themes/fetishes into one? How could I not pick this. Erika plays a slutty nurse who gladly services her patients by allowing them to gangbang her, creampie her and cumming all over her face. I personally love bukkake and combining that fetish with the nurse theme is a perfect match for me personally. Of course the action is terrific with plenty of sex scenes and great cumshots. Along with that Erika delivers a pretty solid performance as she plays her role quite well with excellent energy and engagement. Lastly I gotta mention her stunning appearance. Erika’s body is in remarkable shape and her wardrobe consisting of the typical nurse uniforms looks outstanding. All in all BLK-211 makes excellent use of the nurse theme and provides a unique spin on it leading to a very memorable video that is a bit niche but for those that enjoy said niche will love it.

14. MIDE-063

“Reverse Rape By A Nurse With Peach Breasts

Reverse rape, one of my favorite genres in jav. MIDE-063 casts Julia as a very lewd nurse who throws herself at her patients and ultimately has her way with them. The action here as a whole is very good. Three of the scenes consist of handjobs/paizuri but the hospital theme really adds to them. Such as her giving a patient in a wheelchair a tittyfuck or a nice pov blowjob scene. The other 2 scenes are full sex scenes with my favorite being the last one which happens to be a 3p scene with her fucking 2 patients in bed in the middle of the night. Julia’s performance is honestly not too bad but still a bit frustrating. Her acting during the non sex portions like the foreplay and even paizuri and blowjobs is pretty solid. Her facial expressions aren’t bad and she’s quite energetic. However during the sex scenes she can be too submissive and whiny. The reason I say its frustrating is that in this sort of plot you would expect Julia to be more dominant but that’s far from the case unfortunately. On the bright side she looks super sexy and gorgeous here. Julia is in her prime for this video as her body, face and boobs all look stunning. And her wardrobe is fantastic with most of it consisting of the typical nurse uniforms along with some sexy lingerie. Anyone that’s a fan of Julia will wanna check it out for sure.

13. IPTD-744

“Beautiful Erotic Nurse”

Nurses are one of my personal favorite themes so naturally I’m gonna include Minori’s entry on my list. It’s pretty routine as she plays a seductive and slutty nurse who fucks her patients and even the doctor too. The scene variety here is exceptional. One example being her fucking a patient who’s broken both his arms. Or milking a guy’s dick to get a semen sample from him. They all make pretty excellent use of the hospital theme. Even the filler scenes are quite enjoyable thanks to the variety. Also the technical aspects such as the lighting are top-notch. In addition Minori delivers a strong performance overall. While I can’t say that she’s perfect she does show off her seductive and lewd side very well with minimal whining. Last not but definitely not least is her immaculate wardrobe. Of course she mainly wears the usual slutty nurse garb but besides that she wears some sexy lingerie and nice fishnets too. In summary this is easily one of the best nurse/hospital themed videos I’ve seen in jav. Great variety, solid acting and sexy nurse outfits. What’s not to love?

12. MIDE-083

“Peachy Tits: Reverse Rape Nurse

This is from the exact same series as the earlier entry on my list, MIDE-063. It’s pretty much the exact same setup with her playing a very lewd nurse who has her way with her patients in various ways. Such as sneaking into a patients room at night and giving him a blowjob or having a threesome with 2 patients in their bed. Which leads me to my first point which is the action. As a whole it’s a bit of a letdown honestly as there’s only 2 sex scenes with the other scenes being JUST blowjob scenes. It gets bit old after while but the hospital theme does freshen it up a bit. Plus all the technical aspects are solid too. Moving onto her appearance which may be the highlight of the whole video. She looks stunning here in her various nurse uniforms and lingerie. They all suit her very well and she’s in remarkable shape. Finally there’s her performance which isn’t perfect but overall is pretty good. She can be too whiny in some scenes unfortunately but she boasts great enthusiasm and is super engaging. In closing this film makes excellent use of the nurse/hospital theme and if you like Anri Okita its a guaranteed good time.

11. SDDE-395

“Sex Clinic – Fan Thanksgiving Day 2015 Creampie Nurse Edition”

This particular video features quite the loaded cast with the likes of Ayumi Shinoda, Ai Uehara and Yui Hatano to name a few. Now if the title is to be believed the central premise revolves around these actresses roleplaying as nurses in a hospital having creampie sex with their “fans”. Regardless if their real fans or not it doesn’t affect the video all too much. What’s really great about SDDE-395 is the overall sense of professionalism, so to speak. The scenes all have a realistic feel to them and don’t give off that over the top porn vibe. It’s much more subdued for the most part but still very entertaining. Such as when Ayumi Shinoda is getting fucked from behind while attending a meeting. Or when Ai performs a night check up on a patient, notices he’s hard and offers to relieve it for him. There’s a great variety here. In addition all the girls look terrific here in their nurse uniforms. Performances across the board are solid too and are pretty fitting for the overall theme. All in all this is a memorable and superbly entertaining nurse video that should please any fans of the genre.

10. TYOD-342

‘An Obscene Creampie Nurse Who Satisfies Her Patients’ Sexual Urges With Baby Making Sex”

Yumi Kazama as a sex-crazed nympho nurse? Sign me up! The premise is simple enough as it revolves around Yumi playing an incredibly horny nurse who pretty much loses her mind whenever she sees a patient’s dick. This of course leads to her fucking them silly and getting creampied. I will admit this premise is way more over the top than almost any other entry on my list but I didn’t mind it too much as it’s a nice change of pace and Yumi pulls it off with her incredible performance. She’s masterfully dominant here and plays the nympho nurse role perfectly with amazing enthusiasm and energy. The action is just as good with several full creampie sex scenes with a pretty great handjob scene to boot. Plus one of the scenes is shot pov style which is always a plus. And the position variety here deserves a shout-out for sure. Definitely won’t get bored with this one. Lastly there’s her appearance which is another strong highlight. She not only wears the typical nurse garb but also some very sexy lingerie and stockings that look fantastic on her. Not only this is one of the best nurse videos I’ve ever seen but it’s also one of Yumi Kazama’s all time greatest. A must watch!

9. MIDD-970

“Reverse Rape Nurse”

This is in fact the 3rd time this series has appeared on my list and I saved the best one for last. I never would have thought that Hana Nonoka’s entry would be better than the likes of Anri Okita or Julia but here we are. The plot is exactly the same pretty much as the others with Hana playing a nurse who fucks her patients through different setups. One of the reasons why I rated this a bit higher than the rest is because how good Hana looks . Not is she pretty cute here but her wardrobe is on point too. But by far my favorite aspect of her appearance is ass and thighs. Hana has some super thick thighs and nice hips and you’re treated to some amazing shots of them here. Probably her best film in that regard. Moving on, her performance here is solid as well. While she’s not flawless she boasts great energy, facial expressions and takes the lead in every scene. The action is decent but much like the other entries is lacking in terms of sex scenes as there’s only two. The remaining scenes are just handjobs/blowjobs which are still worth watching though due to the setup and her acting. All in all a fine nurse video and if you wanna enjoy Hana’s thick thighs then look no further.

8. SDDE-514

“The (Secret) Handjob Clinic Complete Edition A Big Ass And Ripe Sex Clinic

The nurses are ready to see you now. The setup for this particular video takes place at a supposed handjob clinic where the nurses happily extract cum from their patients. They do this mostly through handjobs and also through full on sex. This theme definitely hits a couple different fetishes such as free-use and nurses/hospitals. When it comes to the action there’s a fair variety to be had here as there’s some solo sex scenes, outercourse scenes and a group sex scene with 3 of the actresses all fucking their own respective patient at the same time. What’s really nice is that most of the scenes feel very “professional” and as a result the plot seems more believable in a sense. As far as their acting goes they all do a fairly nice job at playing their nurse roles. They don’t overdo it and play their roles pretty well. Don’t expect a ton of enthusiasm here though. For their appearances it’s about what you’d expect really. Most of the wardrobe seen here consists of typical professional nurse attire which looks fine enough and fits the premise. In closing if you want something a bit more “realistic” and professional feeling then this is right up your alley.

7. BBI-147

“Reverse Night Visit Nympho Nurses

Kurea Hasumi as a nympho nurse practically writes itself. This film follows her as she absolutely has her way with various men around the hospital such as patients and even doctors. She does so in complete and utter dominance as she fucks their brains out. Such as in one scene where she ties up the security guard and rides him. The action overall here is fantastic with plenty of sex scenes and even a great handjob scenes. They all make excellent use of the nympho nurse theme resulting in each one being incredibly entertaining. A key ingredient in that is her exceptional performance. There is no better fit for this kind of theme than her. She absolutely nails the slutty nurse role with in convincing fashion. Her raw enthusiasm is unmatched and she dominates in every single scene. In addition her appearance is also on point. She wears some very sexy nurse uniforms along with some fishnets and stockings. This is truly nympho Kurea at her best and is certainly one of the most entertaining nurse releases out there. Especially if you enjoy femdom.

6. BEB-100

“School Nurse – M Cup Big Tits In White Robe. Slutty Nursing Academic Debate”

May be a bit of a surprise pick to some but Miho Ichiki really brings it here. BEB-100 features a slight twist on the genre as she plays a school nurse instead of your routine hospital nurse. It’s a nice twist that certainly  helps this film stand out from the rest. Each scene basically uses the same setup which features her checking up on a student and giving some “hands on” treatment. Such as in one scene when one student is having trouble breathing so she gives him mouth to mouth and well you can probably guess the rest. Which leads me to the action which is overall pretty fantastic with multiple sex scenes and a decent paizuri. The technical aspects such as the lighting and camerawork are all pretty great too. When it comes to her appearance she looks terrific. Now her wardrobe is what you’d expect really with the typical nurse garb and physically she’s in fine shape. I know some are turned off by her fake tits but personally I don’t mind them. Lastly regardign her acting she delivers possibly her best performance ever. She’s masterfully dominant, expressive and full of energy. There’s no dull moment at all here. A 10/10 performance from start to finish. Definitely one to watch for fans of nympho nurses.

5. WANZ-201

“Two Sluts Have A Threesome With A Nurse

I think this one nearly speaks for itself. Anri Okita and Kurea Hasumi together as slutty nurses? Absolutely! The premise for this is pretty much as the title states. Its just countless threesome scenes with the pair acting as well, slutty nurses. Oh and it’s all shot entirely in pov. This film really nails every aspect starting with the action. There are multiple threesome sex scenes that all strike a great balance of featuring each actress equally. All the technical aspects are on point too. Plus the added pov really enhances the overall experience. Next up is their appearance which is definitely a home-run. Not only do they each wear the typical nurse garb but also some very sexy lingerie, which you can see on the cover. And both Anri and Kurea look stunning in their own right physically as they’re both in peak condition.  Finally I gotta mention their acting. One of the best elements of this video is their frequent interactions. They’re constantly groping and kissing each throughout every scene. Beyond that they each boast excellent enthusiasm and are very engaging. From top to bottom this is one of the all time best nurse videos I’ve ever seen and is a very easy recommendation for any fans of this theme.

4. SDDE-377

“Rookie Nurse Takes 10 Real Creampies For Sexual Treatments

The nurse is ready to see you now. This is easily one of the more interesting and memorable videos on my list. In this Ai Uehara plays a nurse who goes around a hospital and has sex with an assortment of patients. There’s no cuts at all as it’s all just one long scene of her moving room to room having sex. Hell at one point she’s riding a guy in a wheelchair as he moves through the hallway. Overall it has a real sense of professionalism to it and Ai does a great job at playing her role. Which leads me to her performance which is solid for the most part. You won’t see Ai in her “semon demon” mode here as she’s more subdued but she’s still on point. Adding to that is her appearance. She of course is in flawless shape and her wardrobe is great too consisting of the usual nurse garb. What’s nice is that the nurse uniform isn’t overly slutty which helps make the premise more believable. Last but certainly not least is the incredible action. It’s nearly non-stop all the way through and features loads of creampies and entertaining scenes. There’s even a nice pov scene at the end. Definitely one to watch if you have a fetish for nurses, hospitals and creampies. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m feeling ill…

3. PGD-716

“Tempting Nurse Panties

One of my earliest favorite Yui videos ever. It boasts a fantastic plot as Yui takes on the role of a nurse of course who is very lewd and seduces you throughout this video. Did I mention it’s shot entirely in pov too? The first aspect I gotta mention is the action. Every single scene here is worth watching and I mean it. Each one makes excellent use of the nurse theme and incorporates some element of risk too making it all the more exciting. Such as when she’s flashing you behind the doctor’s back or sneaking into your room at night and fucking you. Thankfully Yui’s performance is just as good. She plays her role pretty well and does so in convincing fashion. With plenty of energy and lewd facial expressions she really nails it here. Perhaps the best thing about this video though is her wardrobe which is filled with plenty of sexy nurse uniforms and lingerie. Each outfit compliments her perfectly. Plus her ass looks pretty remarkable here too. I can’t say enough good things about this video. PGD-716 without a doubt a near masterpiece and is a must watch for any nurse theme fans.

2. MIAD-433

“Compulsory Man Chowder Spurting Clinic

Don’t let the title of this turn you away as you’d miss out on one hell of a video. The premise is your typical slutty nurse type theme but with a twist. There’s a big emphasis on squirting both from her and the males, as the title suggests. Seeing Rio gush is always a pleasure and combining it with a nurse theme is just incredible. First off I need to praise the superb action. There’s plenty of sex scenes and blowjob/handjob scenes. Each one contains a hefty amount of squirting for the most part as well. There are no weak scenes here at all. Even the handjob and blowjob scenes are amazing thanks to her outstanding performance. But the real standout is the pov sex scene. Starting out with you catching her giving a patient a blowjob in the middle of the night. Then she comes out in the hallway and proceeds to fuck you. Eventually leading you through the hallway and into a separate room and where she finishes you. The pov aspect is handled perfectly and makes this one of the best scenes she’s ever done.  Next up is her performance which is absolutely flawless. She is amazing from start to finish. Great enthusiasm, spot on facial expressions that are wonderfully seductive and sultry with very little whining. Again that pov sex scene features some of her best acting I’ve ever seen from her. The way she teases the poor guy is just insane. Last but certainly not least is her appearance which is stunning as always. Rio is in her physical prime here and her wardrobe is phenomenal consisting of the typical slutty nurse uniforms that look amazing on her. No doubt a very memorable release in the genre that can’t be overlooked.

1. IPZ-746

“An Erotic Slut Nurse Loves To D***k Down Cum Extreme And Stimulating V*****t Sex Techniques On Fire!”

By far this is the greatest nurse themed video I’ve ever seen. The general premise here has Rino playing a slutty nurse having sex with her patients and co-workers. Nothing too original but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. One of the best aspects is easily the action. Nearly every scene is a full sex scene. One of which is a fantastic pov sex scene. The others all implement an element of risk making them much more exciting. One such scene has her sucking a patients dick while his girlfriend is still in the room. Another scene features her fucking the doctor while he’s at the check in desk in the lobby talking to a patient. When it comes to her performance she knocks it out of the park. She really nails the slutty persona and often gives me Kurea Hasumi vibes at times. Mostly through her eyes as her facial expressions are quite good along with her enthusiasm.  As far as her wardrobe is concerned its quite nice with plenty of the standard slutty nurse outfits complete with some very sexy stockings. Rino herself looks sexy as well with her tight, fit and slender body. If you have a nurse fetish it doesn’t get better than this. Watch this immediately.


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