June 15, 2024

Pan’s Top 40 All Time Favorite Videos Part 2/4

30. STAR-905

“A Seductive Teacher Who Will Whisper Into The Ears Of Her Students’ Boyfriends And Has Her Way With Them”


Marina has plenty of amazing videos and this particular one topped my best of 2018 list. The premise revolves around Marina playing your highschool teacher in various scenarios as she seduces you right behind your girlfriend’s back. And did I mention it’s all shot in pov as well? This video nails every single aspect starting of course with the excellent plot. There’s enough variety in the scenes to keep things interesting plus seeing Marina take on a slutty and seductive role is always a treat. Which leads me to her incredible acting. I cannot stress enough when I say that Marina is hands down one of the best performers around atm. Everything from her facial expressions to her enthusiasm and her engagement are just perfect. Another thing to note is that she feels very natural, not overly fake or going too over the top which is always great. Next up is the action and I gotta say this video knocks it out of the park. There’s several full sex scenes all ending in creampies and shot in glorious pov. In addition every scene features an element of risk involved due to the girlfriend. Such as when she takes you into the hallway and goes to town on you while the girlfriend is writing on the board in the room still. Lastly I can’t forget to mention how gorgeous she is here. Her wardrobe is stunning consisting of typical teacher garb and a very sexy pair of glasses. But above all else she naturally is incredibly beautiful as ever. Just an absolute joy to watch from start to finish. Oh and this won’t be the last time you see Marina on my list.




29. IPZ-746

“An Erotic Slut Nurse Loves To Drink Down Cum Extreme And Stimulating Violent Sex Techniques On Fire!”


By far this is one of the greatest nurse themed videos ever. The general premise here has Rino playing a slutty nurse having sex with her patients and co-workers. Nothing too original but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. One of the best aspects is easily the action. Nearly every scene is a full sex scene. One of which is a fantastic pov sex scene. The others all implement an element of risk making them much more exciting. One such scene has her sucking a patients dick while his girlfriend is still in the room. Another scene features her fucking the doctor while he’s at the check in desk in the lobby talking to a patient. When it comes to her performance she knocks it out of the park. She really nails the slutty persona and often gives me Kurea Hasumi vibes at times. Mostly through her eyes as her facial expressions are quite good along with her enthusiasm.  As far as her wardrobe is concerned its quite nice with plenty of the standard slutty nurse outfits complete with some very sexy stockings. Rino herself looks sexy as well with her tight, fit and slender body. If you have a nurse fetish this is a absolute must watch.





28. PGD-716

“Tempting Nurse Panties


Yes this is yet another nurse themed video. Out of all the Yui videos I’ve watched(which is a lot) this one is still among the absolute best not only for Yui herself but also the nurse/hospital genre. It boasts a fantastic plot as Yui takes on the role of a nurse of course who is very lewd and seduces you throughout this video. Did I mention it’s shot entirely in pov too? The first aspect I gotta mention is the action. Every single scene here is worth watching and I mean it. Each one makes excellent use of the nurse theme and incorporates some form of risk too making it all the more exciting. Such as when she’s flashing you behind the doctor’s back or sneaking into your room at night and fucking you. Thankfully Yui’s performance is just as good. She plays her role pretty well and does so in convincing fashion. With plenty of energy and lewd facial expressions she really nails it here. Perhaps the best thing about this video though is her wardrobe which is filled with plenty of sexy nurse uniforms and lingerie. Each outfit compliments her perfectly. Plus her ass looks pretty remarkable here too. I can’t say enough good things about this video. PGD-716 without a doubt is one of Yui’s all time greatest videos and should be in every fans library.





27. BLK-268

“The 3 Older, Creampie-Loving Gals In The Office Are Educating Me!!”


Personally office themes are a big favorite of mine and imo this is among the very best of the genre. The premise is straightforward enough with you working in an office with the 3 actresses here acting as your co-workers. Over the course of the video they relentlessly tease you and fuck you silly. Combining the office setting with this slutty acting style really hits the spot. Which leads me to their performances with all 3 absolutely nailing it. Unfortunately there’s very little girl on girl action between them here but that’s a very minor issue. They’re incredibly engaging, lively and expressive as they really bring these scenes to life. Thankfully those scenes are all outstanding for the most part. With the exception of just one every single scene is a group sex scene. There’s very little filler to slow down the action too which is a huge plus. The last scene in particular is my favorite as it stars all 3 actresses as they fight over who gets to fuck you next. A fantasy for just about any guy, right? Of course it’s all bolstered by their amazing wardrobe consisting of sexy office wear such as pantyhose, skirts and high-heels. The stellar cast of Aika, Karen and Yuki Jin is one hell of a lineup and they all look superb. Whether you’re into the “gal” look, office settings or slutty acting you’ll find something to love here.





26. IPZ-001

“Honey Trap


The “honey trap’ series is one of my favorites from IP and this is easily the best entry. Jessica Kizaki plays a sexy, female spy who uses her “feminine ways” to seduce her targets into sex to accomplish her mission. What a brilliant plot. It certainly makes for some very entertaining scenes. That leads me to my first point which is the outstanding action. First off each scene contains its own unique scenario making each scene standout such as one where she sucks off a security guard from under his desk just so she can get his keys. Then there’s my favorite scene and also imo one of her all time best. In this scene she plays a pizza delivery girl and fucks the shit out of her target just so she can get into his apartment. It’s quite intense and she gets very, very sweaty. In addition her acting throughout is flawless. She really nails her role here and does so with exuberant energy and enthusiasm. Truly one of her best performances to date. I can’t forget to mention how utterly amazing she looks here. She’s in perfect shape with those long, slender legs and gorgeous overall body. And as I mentioned before she gets super sweaty which just makes it her look so much better. Without a doubt this is one of her greatest videos and boasts a very memorable and entertaining plot. Also don’t be surprised to see Jessica again on my list…




25. JUFD-418

“The Teasing, Pull Out Slut Who Tempts With Dirty Talk- The Neighbor’s Wife Enjoys Keeping Me In Anguish”


JUFD-418 was one of the first videos I ever watched from Kaho Kasumi and still manages to be one of my top favorites and a must watch. The premise here is told entirely through pov as she plays the slutty wife next door who endlessly teases you over and over until eventually having her way with you. All this going on while your wife is home so risk plays a major role. The action is easily one of the best parts of this video. Not only is the pov aspect handled excellently but overall the sex is well paced. Starting out with just an “air handjob” while she teases you nonstop. Then she gives you a blowjob followed by an assjob before finally having full on sex. Fitch does a fantastic job at building up to the action so that when the sex does happen it makes it that much better. And of course I gotta talk about Kaho’s acting as its one of the best performances I’ve ever seen from her. Seductive, slutty, devilish and super engaging. Not to mention she’s incredibly active as evident by how sweaty she gets to the point where its dripping from her body. Her facial expressions are also some of the best. Finally Kaho looks damn good as well. Of course she’s in top notch shape but also she wears some very sexy lingerie. Factor in her body glistening from the sweat and she’s just breathtaking. Kaho Kasumi was a legend and you can expect to see her again on my list shortly.




24. PPPD-501

“My Girlfriend’s Big Sister Seduced Me With Her Big Tits And Her Offer To Let Me Give Her A Creampie”


We all know how great the GES series is and Erika’s entry stands as a top favorite of mine. For those unaware the premise of this series revolves around the actress(Erika in this case) seducing her sister’s boyfriend via showing off her tits and promising to let him creampie her. A big factor as to why this series is go great is that risk involved. This particular entry does a fantastic job in that regard as she tittyfucks him while he’s bed with his girlfriend and in another scene fucks him while she’s  in the next room. Backing up this incredible action is her top-notch acting. She delivers one of her all-time best performances to date here. Everything is flawless from her facial expressions to her enthusiasm and to her moans. Plus I can’t forget to mention how utterly amazing Erika looks. Her petite body looks outstanding here and her wardrobe isn’t too bad either. Couple all this with some solid camerawork and lighting and you’ve got a perfect 10/10 video. If you’ve somehow never seen a video from Erika this is definitely the one to watch.




23. ABP-566

“Absolute Classic Situation”


Shunka Ayami for me personally can be hit or miss. A lot of her work with Prestige feels and looks the same, especially the covers. But this one really surprised me and is imo her all time best video. The premise here revolves around several different scenarios all shot in pov. There’s 4 in all but one is largely forgettable as it’s just a blowjob scene in a library. But thankfully the other scenes are fantastic. Starting out with you eating at a ramen bar and her pulling you into the bathroom to fuck her. Then in another scene you’re in the hospital with her playing your girlfriend. While she’s there visiting you end up having sex right in the bed. During all this the doctor comes into the room a few times so there’s a great risk element to it. The last scene is a bit strange as it has you watching Shunka getting fucked by your friend, at least I assume. But then after that he falls asleep and she turns her attention towards you and proceeds to have her way with you. It’s a little odd but honestly it may be the best scene of the bunch. Her performance throughout is quite good as well. From seductive to submissive and even a little dominant she plays it all. Can’t forget to mention how utterly amazing she looks here. Shunka Ayami’s body is incredible and she’s in top form here. Slender, beautiful and great boobs. Superb action, varied scenarios and Shunka looking stunning. What’s better than that?




22. CJOD-067

Sweaty Colossal Tits: Creampie Fuck”


This is hands down my favorite solo Asahi Mizuno film and also boasts one of her best covers. Asahi Mizuno and sweaty sex, what more do you need? I’m not 100% sure on what the exact plot is but I believe it revolves around her seducing and having sex with her roommates or friends. More than likely I’m off the mark here but the premise isn’t super important. Now what is important however is the action which is absolutely fantastic. There’s several full sex scenes along with an outstanding outercourse and handjob scene. Another thing of note is there’s a great intensity to the sex making it much more exciting In addition there’s creampies of course(hence the title) and the camerawork is flawless capturing some breathtaking shots of Asahi’s gorgeous sweaty body. And boy does her sweaty body look insanely good here. In every single scene she gets completely drenched and soaking wet. It’s made even better in some scenes as her clothes stick to her body too. Truly mesmerizing. Compounding all this is her immaculate performance. Her enthusiasm is through the roof here and her facial expressions are great as well. She’s just super intense and dominant from start to finish although in the last scene she’s not perfect. By far one of the all time best sweaty sex videos ever .




21. MIGD-674

“Schoolgirls Love To Get It Deep From Behind!


Loli is definitely not my favorite genre by any stretch but I gotta admit I was completely blown away by this video and Kokoa Aisu. The premise is relatively simple with Kokoa playing a schoolgirl(shocker huh) who gets creampied…a lot. That’s really all there is to it. What’s especially nice is that they’re all legit. No fake creampies here or cutaways to mask it. Nearly all the scenes here are creampie sex scenes except for one that features a group of guys sticking their dicks inside her for about 10 secs each and then cumming. Basically just dumping cum into her. The others are full length scenes with lots of action and creampies of course. Also I gotta mention the terrific camerawork that does an incredible job at showcasing her amazing ass and thighs. Her performance is mostly submissive which isn’t too bad though as she doesn’t overdo it at least and in the last scene she does loosen up a bit. Overall though I would have liked for her to be a bit more engaging but it’s not a huge issue. On the bright side her appearance is a big plus. Her wardrobe consists of the typical schoolgirl uniforms as you’d expect. She herself looks particularly stunning. No doubt in my mind she has the best ass and thighs of any loli actress I’ve ever seen. She’s incredibly thick and plump for such a petite girl. I can’t recommend this enough. If you love creampies, schoolgirls and thick actresses then this is made for you.




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