April 18, 2024

Pan Picks: Top 10 Yuka Minase Videos


  • Born : 09/10/90 ( 29 years old)
  • Career Status:  2011-2014
  • Measurements: JP 90-58-86 cm  (US 35-23-32 in)
  • Cup Size: H
  • Height : 165cm (5ft 5in)
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color:  Brown


Honorable Mentions


“Massive Fuck Crazed Orgy


If you like gangbangs then this is right up your alley. No plot here whatsoever. Just several gangbang sex scenes. Yuka looks outstanding here and the action overall is quite intense which is exactly what you want from a video like this. Not to mention she wears some great outfits like full body fishnets. Any gangbang fan will wanna check this out for sure.


“Strip Club Dancer Young Wife


This series has always been a favorite of mine from Madonna and that trend continues here. The premise casts Yuka as a stripper who is also married and struggles with her marriage while dancing and fucking strangers on stage. It leads to some entertaining scenes and her performance overall is solid. Plus she looks fantastic. Definitely give this a watch if you want something a bit different.

Best Videos


“Breast-loving Shota-kun’s Lewd Prank”


Starting off my list is a “shota” video which is a bit of a niche genre I’ll admit but a favorite of mine. The premise is about Yuka Minase becoming a tutor to a “young” boy. Soon afterwards the pair start to have a sexual relationship as it starts with him groping her boobs and then she gives him a blowjob. Eventually it culminates with the two having full on sex at the end. It’s a standard plot for a shota video and it’s handled fairly well. Now perhaps the best aspect of this is Yuka’s stunning appearance. Every single outfit here suits her very well and highlights off her amazing cleavage. Not only that but physically she’s in prime shape and her boobs have never looked better. Especially those nipples. Now the action is a bit on the light side as this film spends a decent amount of time building up the plot and guy’s attraction towards Yuka. However the actual sex scenes are great and one even ends in a creampie. A reoccurring theme you’ll probably notice within this post is Yuka’s acting. As much as I adore her I’ll admit her acting was never been her strong suit. She’s mainly just average here with a few highlights here and there. Not awful by any means but mainly lacking in her facial expressions. Still though that’s not enough to ruin this otherwise terrific shota themed releases that should please any fan of the genre.


“The Selfish Seduction of the Bra-less Wife


I’m sure most of you know the plot to this already judging by the cover and title but here’s a brief rundown. Yuka plays a married woman who inadvertently seduces men via her protruding nipples. Some examples being stealing a cherry boy’s virginity or having sex with the repairman just to name a few. Every scene presents a different scenario and for the most part they’re all entertaining and worthwhile. There’s several sex scenes and even a threesome at the end. Each one has an emphasis on her boobs of course and some clothed fucking which I’m always a fan of personally. Regarding her performance she is mostly submissive here which is a slight bummer but makes some sense given the plot. I will say though at times she loosens up somewhat which is great. Now just like the last video the best element here is easily her gorgeous appearance. One look at the cover should give it away. Every single outfit she wears features her boobs and nipples on full display and it’s amazing. No doubt one of the best showcases of her body and boobs. I am a huge fan of this series and this entry does not disappoint at all. A far more broader video than my last choice and can be enjoyed by anyone.


“Slimy, Wet, and See Through 98cm & H-Cup Braless Big Tits Female Teacher”


Who doesn’t love a good teacher themed video? This one is all about her seducing her students and having sex with them mostly through showing off her boobs and cleavage. Seems to be a reoccurring theme huh? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. PPPD-166 is pretty by the numbers so to speak. Nothing too unique as far as this genre goes but sometimes you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. There’s a fair amount of variety in the scene scenarios as a whole but mostly all involve seduction. Whether she’s a gym teacher, tutor or a nurse it all boils down to her leading the students on via her tits. The action all around is quite good actually with minimal filler and plenty of sex scenes that are all solid. As you can probably guess her appearance is once again one of the features of this film. Her wardrobe mostly consists of typical teacher attire but best of all she goes bra-less leading to some incredible shots of her and those flawless tits. Not to sound like a broken record but her performance once again is relatively average. She’s not terrible whiny or anything but her facial expressions are often flat and unchanging. In the end this is  a pretty great teacher themed release that won’t set the world on fire but it certainly gets the job done.


“OPPAI Angle: Scold Me Gently – The Defenseless Huge Titted Wife Next Door who Doesn’t Wear a Bra”


This entry bears a similar premise to the video a few spots up on the list. Yuka plays a housewife who goes bra-less and in the process ends up leading men into sex. Such as when she catches a guy from the neighborhood stealing her panties and decides to have sex with him(makes perfect sense, right?). Each scene presents a slightly different scenario. Yuka’s performance throughout all this is solid but nothing too mind-blowing honestly. She plays her role fairly well for the most part but her enthusiasm is a bit lacking. However one thing that isn’t lacking in her appearance. She looks incredibly gorgeous here and in remarkable shape. Every single outfit highlights her flawless tits and allows for her nipples to poke through making for a jaw dropping sight. Not only that but the action is pretty damn good too. There’s several sex scenes here that all feature some amazing camerawork, lighting and positions. Only one scene I would call underwhelming and it’s at the very beginning and doesn’t last too long. Besides that the action is superb and doesn’t disappoint. Not much else to say here. This is hands down one of her best videos period and is an easy recommendation.


“Fucked By A Building Manager With Big Tits Who Is Always Serious And Kind”


PPPD-182 boasts a somewhat unique plot as it casts Yuka Minase into the role of a building manager who checks in on her existing tenants and tries to make offers to potential new ones as well. For example in one scene she’s vacuuming and cleaning a room for a tenant while in her panties and a thin shirt when the tenant walks in and well you can guess the rest. It’s not the deepest plot(it’s Oppai so what do you expect) but it’s different enough and makes for some great scenes. Which speaking of the scenes the layout is pretty similar to other Oppai entries on my list so far with several sex scenes and some paizuri to boot. The lighting and camerawork are all excellent as the main focus is entirely on her boobs and it’s handled very well. They capture some truly amazing shots of her here. When it comes to her appearance her wardrobe is nothing too fancy but it gets the job done and certainly suits her. However physically she’s looking as gorgeous as ever and in flawless shape. Her body is just out of this world. Now the last aspect to mention is her acting which is pretty average for Yuka. While not a terrible performance she’s still lacking in enthusiasm and her facial expressions aren’t the best. But if you’re a fan of hers already you shouldn’t be too surprised by this. In closing PPPD-182 is yet another very good release from Oppai that easily makes my list.


“Dirty Older Sister’s Beauty Clinic Breast Slave


Don’t take the title literally. There is no incest here whatsoever. Instead it’s a typical run of the mill massage focused video with her playing a sexy masseuse who runs a massage clinic as she “handles” her clients. It’s pretty simple and straight to the point. After all it is Oppai so don’t expect a very deep plot. That being said Oppai does a fine job with the setup here and makes for some great scenes. Which speaking of the action here is fairly standard but well done. As per usual there’s multiple sex scenes and some nice paizuri to boot. They do re-use the same room for a few of the scenes which is a negative but not enough to ruin the experience. Imo the best scene is easily the last sex scene mainly due to the sexy lingerie she wears. It’s easily one of the best outfits she’s ever wore imo. That being said the rest of her wardrobe is fairy minimal but it suits the plot at least. Physically she looks as stunning as always. Now finally regarding her performance it’s about what you’ve to expect from her. Pretty average across the board. Not very whiny at least but her facial expressions and engagement leave a lot to be desired. Still though with a body like hers I can live with it. In closing this is a terrific massage themed video that perhaps won’t completely blow your mind but is certainly worth a watch for any die-hard fan of hers.


“Sketching A Nude Model Covered In Aphrodisiac Oil


This is a really fun series that makes for quite the entertaining video. The concept revolves around Yuka Minase playing a nude model for an art class who ends up getting covered in what she though was regular body oil but was in fact an aphrodisiac of sorts. This leads to her playing with herself in front of the class and then led to the backroom where she gets fucked. It eventually all culminates with a threesome sex scene while several students watch. Now on one hand the action overall is a bit on the light side with really just 3 scenes for the most part. First is mainly for setup and introducing the general plot. The next scene is a  somewhat pov sex scene which is all around fantastic. Then at last there’s the previously mentioned threesome scene that ends up being my favorite scene of the bunch. Now usually her performance is underwhelming but here she doesn’t do half bad really. She ends up playing a mostly submissive role but does so in convincing fashion as she tries to resist but ultimately gives in to the pleasure. And how is her appearance you may ask? Well lemme just say this, Yuka Minase and tons of body oil. I think that speaks for itself. Plus just look at dat cover. If you’re looking for something with a rather interesting premise then you can’t go wrong here.


“Taboo Wish Coming True! Yuka Minase ‘s Sexy Visit


Here’s a video that I nearly missed out on. But thankfully I gave it a watch and it turned out to be a real winner. Most of you are probably familiar with this type of setup already. For this video Yuka Minase goes to meet several different “fans” in their homes/apartments and films a scene with them. I’m personally a big fan of this premise and this particular entry puts a slightly unique spin on it. Each scene is very different than the last. Like in the first scene where visits a guy and gives him a blowjob while his mother is home and just a mere few feet away. Then in the next scene she visits one fan but then his friends drop in as they take turns fucking her and giving her creampies. Every single scene is worth watching and is very entertaining. Compounding this is her surprisingly solid performance. It’s no secret that I’ve been down on her acting on this list but I’ll give her credit here. She does a remarkable job and boasts great energy and even her facial expressions are better than usual. These fan thanksgiving setups always allow for an actress to be more natural and it shows here. Can’t say a whole lot about her appearance. Of course she looks as terrific as always and her wardrobe is mostly minimal and a non-factor. However she does wear a sexy “slingkini” or whatever you wanna call it which is feature on the cover. If you’re a fan of fan thanksgiving plots then you’ll definitely enjoy this one.


“After Suntan


This particular video is very straightforward and simple. It’s all about Yuka Minase with a suntan…that’s pretty much it lol. There’s no real plot to speak of as it’s all just several sex scenes. Easily one of the better aspects here is her appearance. I gotta say Yuka looks super sexy with a tan. Not only that but her wardrobe here is terrific too. Nothing too out of the ordinary but she does wear some nice bikinis and gets covered in body oil in another giving her a stunning glistening look. The action is also pretty great with several full sex scenes that all feel different from one another including a threesome scene and an intimate pov scene at the end. Not to sound like a broken record but as is often the case her acting is barely average honestly. She has a few good moments here and there but more often than not she’s too laidback and submissive. Not awful but not very impressive either. Overall this is a terrific video giving us a slightly different look from Yuka Minase and it turns out quite well. If you like tanned gals then you’ll be interested in this one for sure.


“Super Perverted Stepmom’s Sweet Sex Training!


Ready for something completely different? WSS-240 casts Yuka as a dominant and cruel stepmom who upon finding her stepson sniffing her panties and masturbating with them decides to take matters into her own hands, so to speak. Throughout the whole video she toys with him, teases him and of course fucks him silly. Now I typically rag on Yuka a bit for her acting but here she does a surprisingly good job at taking on the dominant role and does so in convincing fashion. She takes control in every scene and really brings a lewd and devilish energy to her acting. It’s a breathe of fresh air seeing her like this and it’s incredibly fun to watch. Next up is her appearance which is also top-notch. She wears a couple hot outfits like the one featured on the cover and physically she’s looking as good as ever. Lastly regarding the action it’s superb with a couple sex scenes that all feature Yuka Minase taking control. Plus there’s even a few nice outercourse scenes like an intense handjob scene. WSS-240 is one I’d recommend to nearly all Yuka fans. Seeing her take on this dominant role is refreshing and a joy to watch.

In summary while Yuka Minase was maybe just an average performer there’s no denying her gorgeous good looks. Her body is remarkable and her boobs are some of the greatest jav has ever seen imo. It’s a damn shame she didn’t stick around for longer but thankfully in her rather short time she managed to release some really standout videos. Hopefully after reading this you’ll have discovered some new favorites. 


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